Poll Driven Story: “The Rings of Corruption” Episode Three Part Seven

Alright perverts, the seventh and final part of episode three is ready for you to read! You can find it, and the voting for what happens next, below the cut off. You can also find all the other ring stories in there entirety HERE.

Time passes as the two women explore and pleasure each other’s bodies. And just as Ahloral had hoped, after a time Bestla begins taking the initiative. For a woman who until very recently had thought of two women together as something sick she’s grown quickly adept at how to both pleasure another woman and how to lead another woman to pleasure her.

Minutes turn to hours as the night passes. Ahloral knows that now it is the time to enact her master’s true plan.

She shifts her body so that she can whisper in Bestla’s ear as she fingers the young barbarian. “You like my tits,” she says. “You love my pussy. Love how wet it is for you. Love the way that moisture feels on your fingers. Love the smell and taste of it, don’t you?”

Bestla moans in agreement, pressing her body in closer to the other woman’s.

“But it’s not enough, is it?”

“What,” Bestla asks in the dark, suddenly confused. “What do you mean?”

Ahloral places three fingers tightly together and jams them into Bestla’s tight little cunt. “This, THIS makes you want more, don’t you?” Bestla moans, pressing against Ahloral’s hand as she starts finger-fucking the barbarian hard and fast. “This reminds that even though women are amazing, cocks are better. MEN are better for fucking, aren’t they?”

At first all Bestla does is moan and buck against Ahloral’s hand. She seems confused, yet her body knows exactly what she wants. Eventually her mind catches up with her body.

“Yesssssss,” she hisses in the dark. “I love what we are sharing, but I can’t deny it… I need cock. I swear to Azel the dick god that there is no greater pleasure than feeling a man’s cock inside of me!”

She stops then, her body suddenly tense and tight. “No… no, I don’t mean that! I’m a member of the Sisterhood, not some over-sexed slut.” But when she’s done with her denial Ahloral presses her fingers back into Bestla’s sopping wet cunt. The red haired barbarian moans, her tense body melting in pleasure.

Ahloral pulls her fingers out of Bestla’s pussy, lifting them up before the young woman’s face. She raises her other hand, summing a handful of green mage’s fire to illuminate their small hiding place. Bestla is faced with the sight of the woman’s three raised fingers dripping with her cunt juices.

The mage spreads her fingers, the thick cunt fluid sticky and dripping between her spread fingers. “Look at just how wet and gooey your cunt got once you were thinking of Bal’s cock. Think of that cock now; think of how great it feels in you. Do you REALLY want to leave him? CAN you leave him?”

Bestla howls in despair and confusion, her hips still rocking as she lays pressed against the naked mage and thinking of Bal’s cock.

“Stop denying your true self, your need for cock,” Ahloral says.

“Cock is just so great…” Bestla says then bites her bottom lip as she struggles with the decision before her. Can she continue forward, truly try and escape Bal? Does she even really want to?

The dim green light of the mage flame is joined by the pulsing red glow of the ring of corruption. The power of the Corrupt gods flows into Bestla’s mind, pushing her to turn away from the Sisterhood and accept Bal and his religious zeal of the cock god Azel.

“And Bal’s cock is the best,” she mutters, her will finally broken. “By the gods, what have I done? Why have we left him? We must turn around… we must go back so I can renounce my loyalty to the Sisterhood and give myself to his cock!”


* * *


Bal sits naked upon his throne. Around him are the members of his harem. Lizzoznaih and Ahloral each stand behind the throne, lovingly stroking their master’s shoulders. One the ground on either side of the throne sits Reh and Thezros, both looking beaten down and miserable, yet starting to finally accept their fate. Floronia stands nearby, armed and ready to protect the man she recently came to kill.

On the floor below Bal’s dais kneels Bestla Arwenbright, former member of the Sisterhood of Righteousness. She is naked and looking up at her new master with love and adoration in her eyes. “I renounce my former life,” she proclaims loudly. “I will live, this day forward, to serve only you.”

“Gooooood,” Bal coos. “Then come forward to receive my seed and seal your servitude to me.” Bestla starts to rise, but as she does he holds a hand up, signaling for her to stop. “But as you come forward use your barbarian’s rage to grow your tits larger for me. I wish to fuck them now, that is how you shall earn my seed.”

The small framed red haired woman begins to breathe heavily, her cute small face twisting in rage. With each step she takes forward her body grows. Taller. Stronger. More muscular. And her small breasts swell and grow larger, heavy saggy lumps of flesh that droop more and more down the front of her increasingly large torso.

By the time she is standing before Bal her tits are huge, which is good for Bal’s cock seems to have grown huge as well. As she drops to her knees and lifts her massive, soft, saggy tits to Bal’s shaft it’s clear that a woman with smaller breasts would not have been able to tittyfuck his inhumanly massive cock.

Ahloral and Lizzoznaih slip from their posts behind the throne, slinking to behind the kneeling Bestla. They each hold a small vial of oil which they pour onto her large breasts and Bal’s cock, lubricating both just as Bestla begins bouncing her tits up and down around Bal’s member.

Soon they are both on the ground by Bestla, one behind her holding her massive breasts and helping her better please their master, the other snaking her hands down to Bestla’s pussy to finger her as she pleases Bal.

The three women glow with pleasure and unadulterated joy. Joy from pleasing their master. Joy from pleasing each other. Joy from receiving the blessing of Azel, as in each of their minds the sexual acts they are performing are as much about praising the cock god as they are about pleasing their master.

When Bal does cum he ensures Bestla’s mouth is wrapped around the tip of his cock so her servitude to him can be sealed forever. A moan of complete and utter submission leaves Bestla as she drinks down his ample semen. As she does the ring of corruption falls from her finger. Its work here is done, this member of the Sisterhood doomed to a life of servitude. But there are always new members of the sisterhood… new heroines that need to be corrupted and brought low.

So the ring begins its journey back to the sisterhood where a new tale of corruption will soon begin.


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