Poll Driven Story: “Mr. Amazing Strikes Megatropolis” Part One

Alright perverts, I had an idea I just needed to start for a new poll driven story! You can find it, and the voting for what happens next, below the cut off. As you’ll soon see its a none canonical heroines perilous world story, so at least at first everything on the table. And for now its not going to be part of the rotation, I’ll just be working on it whenever I feel like it. But don’t worry, I’ll still be making my way through the rotation and TRYING to get a new upload done every weekday.

A scrawny, nerdy white boy lays naked in his bed, lube and tissues on the nearby counter and ready for when he blows his load. He’s just downloaded the newest ebook form his favorite erotica author: Philo Hunter. And best of all, the new story is one of his Heroines Perilous World books, a setting full of horny fat-titted superheroines always finding themselves defeated and sexually used by their foes. It’s the kind of one handed read he lives for.

The young man lifts his Kindle up and opens the ebook, diving into the first digital page of the new read. A moment later he is shocked and confused as he reads a clear description of himself, laying in bed and preparing to read what seems to be this exact dirty story.

“That’s silly,” he mutters, lowering the Kindle. “There are plenty of horny, nerdy white boys that read this kind of jerk off fiction. It’s just a coincidence that it sounds like me.” With a laugh he lifts the Kindle back up and finds a word for word description of what he just said to himself.

Terrified, but now unable to look away, he keeps reading. “The young man doesn’t know it, but he’s about to be sucked into the very story he is reading,” the digital screen reads. “This lucky, horny reader is about to be transferred into Megatropolis where he will find he has the superpowers he needs to defeat and fuck any of his favorite superheroines. In a moment a portal will open and he’ll be able to choose the powers he’ll have for this none canonical tale.”

He blinks, his heart racing. He tries to read the next passage, but as he does so the screen begins to glow purple, the bright unnatural light obscuring the words on the screen. A moment later the glow is overpowering, filling the entire world around him and making him shut his eyes against its oppressive brightness.

A moment after that a powerful feeling of vertigo overcomes him and he can no longer feel the bed under him. The bright purple light fades, allowing him to open his eyes and see that he is now in a swirling void of purple energy.

Looking at himself he can see that he is still naked, but that purple energy covers his body. He suddenly is filled with the knowledge that whatever power is transporting him to Megatropolis now wants to change his very being and give him superpowers of his own. He’ll have to choose carefully though, as once his choice is made he’ll be stuck with it as long as he remains in Megatropolis. And he has the sense that his choice is not unlimited, that no matter what his power is there WILL be limitations to it.

Choose up to Three options form this poll:

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