Poll Driven Story: “Dyson City” Part Five

Alright perverts, the fifth part of Dyson City is ready for you to read! You can find it, and the voting for what happens next, below the cut off. You can also find all the story in its entirety HERE.

“If I’m going to do this,” he says to himself, “I should do it right.” He starts stripping, taking all of his clothing off and placing it all in a neat little pile on a nearby table. Once naked he stretches then really starts taking a close look at all the attractive caffeinated women all around him.

Again, he notices that the average breast size here in Dyson city is pleasantly larger than he is used to. Almost every woman seems to have at least a handful hanging off their front with not a single flat chest in sight. And more than half of the women are well endowed, some of them with impressively large breasts.

His eyes fall on one of the women with breasts more than big enough to impress. The woman looks like she’s in her early thirties and is wearing a tight wife beater and clearly no bra on underneath. She’s Caucasian and the darker flesh of her nipples can clearly be seen through the thin white fabric of tight top. Keith starts to drift towards the woman, grabbing his cock and beginning to stroke it as it starts to swell. His mind is already filling with countless sexual ideas involving the busty woman.

She’s attractive, but in a way he wouldn’t normally notice. The woman has a fairly large pointed nose with a sharp chin, and although she is wearing some dark eye makeup she has a masculine air to her, not just in how she looks but how she reclines in the large comfy chair she’s sitting in.

Her hair more than anything gives her a strongly masculine feel that’s somehow very feminine at the same time. It is dark and short, in a style that he’s always associated with women who aren’t into men. While thinking that everything snaps into place. “She’s got to be a lesbian,” he mutters, getting closer to her. “Shame,” he continues, “with tits like that it’s a totally waste for her to spend her time muff diving… Although I suppose lesbians like tits nearly as much as I do, it can’t ALL be about pussy for them.”

The woman is sitting in one of the coffee shops large, fancy, comfy chairs; leaning back and talking on a cell phone. Keith decides to stand for a bit and stroke his hardening cock as he listens to her conversation.

“Yeah,” she’s saying, “this city is AMAZING. No, not a single man in the whole place. Not even the cops or politicians, although I suppose they are really more company administrators? I don’t know, the local government is weird. Yeah, the whole place is owned by the company, but they run it like it’s just a normal U.S. city.”

She stops for a moment, listening to the woman on the other end of the phone then throwing her head back and laughing loudly. “I know, right? I tell you, it’s fucking amazing. Not a man in sight, just women everywhere. And I swear, they must be putting something in the water here cause they are ALL built like me. Yeah, that’s right, top heavy girls. God, I fucking love me some big ole’ titties.

“And check this shit out: without any men in the whole place even the straight girls are starting to come over to our side. Yeah, going to bars is AMAZING. You don’t have to worry if anyone is straight or not, if they are looking for action pussy is their only choice. If they didn’t want what I have to offer they wouldn’t be out looking, not here.”

“So I was right,” Keith mutters, staring at the woman’s big tits. “She is a total dyke. Well, I suppose that makes sense in a city full of woman. Sounds like she’s having nearly as great a time as I am.”

As he talks to himself he leans over, reaching into her shirt and pulling the woman’s large breasts out. She shifts slightly and furrows her brow in momentary discomfort, but makes no other sign that she’s aware of what he is doing. A moment later her tits are hanging out the front of her shirt, the white wife-beater pulled around and under them.

Her breasts are a glorious sight to behold, large and soft and full. Her skin is pale, ensuring that thick blue veins are visible on the ample surface of her large breasts. And her nipples an enticing light shade of pink, her areolas large and their edges beautifully lacking definition while the nubs in the center look extra large, although at the moment they are soft little pancakes of pink flesh and not yet engorged and hard.

The sight ensures that his cock hardens all the way. For a moment he tries to just stand in the middle of the busy coffee shop and jerk off to the sight of her big tits, but his body quickly starts to demand more. Feeling as if he’ll lose control if he doesn’t act soon he starts climbing up onto the comfy chair, planning on sitting on her chest and fucking her tits as she continues her conversation.

Even as he spits down onto her chest and then slams his cock down into the moisture she gives no sign of recognizing his presence, she simple continues on with her conversation ignoring the naked man now on top of her.

YES,” she says loudly. “I swear, not a single cock in sight,” she tells the woman on the other end of the phone.

Keith chuckles at this. At that very moment there is a hard cock resting on her chest, a man sitting on her preparing to grab her tits and wrap them around it.

“I know,” the woman continues as Keith presses her big soft tits in around his cock. “Can you believe the shit I put up with before I accepted I was gay? YES! What was that freak’s name? No, not that one. That guy that all he ever wanted to do was fuck my tits. Yes, Holden, that was his name. God, it’s so nice to never have to put up with that again.”

Keith moans in pleasure, fucking her tits now as she talks about how much she hated having it done to her.

“God, it was the most humiliating, grossest thing ever. I mean, it doesn’t even feel good for the girl! It’s JUST about pleasuring the man.”

“Oh god,” Keith moans, humping her chest faster now. He had never imagined just how hot it would be fucking a chick’s tits as she talked about how much she hates the act.

“Yeah, and that freak would ALWAYS cum on my tits and beg me to leave it there for a while. One time he even asked me to, like, put my clothes on walk around all day with his smelly gross cum on my girls. Well, what do you think? Of course I said no!”

Keith groans, a delicious idea popping into his head that pushes him over the edge. With a groan of pleasure his body tenses and then he begins to cum. He makes sure that he does so all over the woman’s big tits. When he’s done he gets up, standing on shaky weak legs and looking at her. He’s amazed that even after having just gotten off twice his load is at least three times as big as it was before he came to Dyson city. “Looks like a bunch of guys came on her big tits, not just me,” he mumbles happily.

As he had been cumming he had zoned out of her conversation, but now her words catch his ear again. “Yes, semen is the fucking worse!”

The words make him smile. “Time to put this cum hating lesbian in her place,” he says then snaps his fingers in her face. She jumps slightly in her seat, her eyes opening wide in surprise almost as if someone had just slapped her. The little jolt makes her big tits jiggle presently, causing the oozing cum to run down them even more.

She stares blankly ahead, like a stunned robot. Keith can hear her friend on the phone. “Hello? Leslie? Are you still there?”

“Tell her you’re sorry, but you have to go. Then hang up,” Keith tells the lesbian named Leslie.

“I’m sorry,” she says in a slow monotone, “but something’s come up and I have to go. Goodbye.” She then turns the phone off and places it on a nearby table next to her drink before sitting straight up and staring at Keith with a blank, emotionless expression on her face.

“Look down,” he tells her, “and tell me what’s all over your tits.”

She looks down and her blank expression twists into one full of disgust. “It’s cum,” she snarls, no longer sounding robotic and instead her voice full of rage.

“That’s right,” Keith tells her. “MY cum. And you know what you’re going to do with it? You’re going to leave it there for the rest of the day. And you’re going to leave your tits hanging out too and if any one mentions that they are you will deny it. After I snap my fingers you won’t be consciously aware of any of this, but subconsciously you will be. And it will humiliate you. And that humiliation will turn you on and make you horny for cock and cum.”

“No,” she gasps. “Not that.”

YES,” he says firmly then snaps his fingers in her face. Again, she jumps a little in her seat. She then blinks and looks around, confused at first then picking her phone back up. She opens an app and starts reading something, grabbing her coffee cup from nearby table and taking a drink.

Keith watches as the woman, Leslie, shifts in her seat slightly; clearly uncomfortable but not being able to tell what is making feel that way. She also starts to rub her thighs together slightly, moaning in confusion as her pale cheeks flush. Keith smiles, knowing his commands are working perfectly.

Happy that the lesbian will be sexually suffering for the rest of the evening he turns from her and looks around the coffee shop again. He can see a few of the patrons giving her scandalized glances. It’s clear that at least SOME of them can see her tits hanging out covered in cum, yet they are clearly not reacting as they normally would. It’s as if the women of the city have been conditioned to not just ignore his presence, but ignore the things and people he affects.

For a moment he wonders how the corporation is accomplishing all of this, and again wonders WHY. He knows he’s taking part in some kind of grand experiment, he just doesn’t know for what purpose. But after a few moments one of the greatest distractions ever walks into the coffee shop, making him forget all of this.

The distraction is in the form of a woman, a tall thick bodied black woman with the most magnificent ass Keith has ever seen. He searches for the right word to describe it and remembers an obscure Greek one he learned in history class: callipygian. The woman has the largest, most perfectly shaped ass he has ever seen. And she’s wearing leggings that are so tight and thin that they are practically transparent.

He dashes across the room, wanting to simply bend the woman over the nearest counter and fuck her from behind. Her ass calls to him, ensuring his cock is rock hard in mere seconds, throbbing painfully with the need to be inside of her. He’s lost control of himself, the sight of her perfect huge ass making him lose all control.

When he reaches her he grabs her and spins her around, pushing her front end down on the counter where the sugar and cream is located. She makes a sound of alarm, not understanding what is happening to her. Keith doesn’t care. He grabs the back of her leggings and rips the feeble fabric open, revealing her massive perfect dark colored ass. He looks down at it, salivating at the sight.

He can see that she has a g-string wedged in between her ass cheeks. He had wondered about that, as there had been no apparent panty line seen through the tight leggings. He reaches into her ass cheeks, grabbing the g-string and pulling it up and to the side and leaving her pussy and asshole bared to him. He lifts his hand to his face, sniffing the smell of sweaty ass on his fingers as though it was a fine wine. The smell, primal and gross yet highly arousing only makes him harder.

His cock is dripping precum as he prepares to fuck the woman before him. The only question is which hole does he want to fuck: her asshole or her pussy? Unable to decide he simply starts acting, using one hand to spread her ass cheeks open and grabbing his cock with the other. He then starts rubbing his throbbing cockhead into her back end, smearing the dripping precum up into her puckered asshole then down over her taint towards the dark lips of her labia.

She moans in pleasure and confusion, looking all about with alarm on her face. “What’s happening to me?” she asks. No one responds at first, everyone simply walking by. A few women even come up and reach past her to grab some milk or sugar packets. The black woman calls to them for help, but they ignore her acting as if she is invisible or simply not there.

By this point Keith’s cock has found a home: the way she is bent over the counter makes it so her pussy is easier to enter. His cock soon becomes wedged into the folds of her labia, which are dry and tacky at first but as he continues to move his cock up and down the precum leaking from it makes them feel smooth and well lubricated.

Soon his cock is resting on her cunt hole. Keith takes a deep breath in then with a primal, aggressive animal grunt of aggression rams his cock as deep as he can into her with one savage thrust. The woman howls in pain and a confusion, but as Keith grabs hold of her magnificent ass and starts fucking her hard and fast the howl turns into one of pleasure and confusion.

Yasmin, the cute barista he had fucked earlier comes over to refill the milk on the counter the woman is bent over. The black woman looks to her, begging for help. “Please, something is happening, I don’t understand! HELP ME!

Yasmin simply gives her a polite smile. “I wouldn’t worry about it,” she says. “Happened to me earlier, it will pass soon.” She refills the milk pitcher then turns to head back to the main counter.

During this all Keith is fucking the woman hard and fast, staring down at her ass and watching the ripples of flesh move up through her ample backside every time he slams into her body. He’s fucked a lot since showing up at the coffee shop, and all of it over a fairly short time. His cock is growing raw and sore, yet his body is filled with a primitive need to keep fucking and fill this woman’s cunt with cum.

He slams into her harder, watching her ass and concentrating on just how good her cunt feels. It’s tight and wet now and he enjoys the way it feels from this angle. “Always loved doing chicks from the back,” he mutters. A few moments later he feels his body start to build towards orgasm. The animal part that’s in control of him pushes him on, ensuring he pumps into the woman’s back end even faster and soon cums.

When he does he presses as deep into her as he can, grabbing her ass tightly and pulling her body back into his. He lets out a loud, animal howl of pleasure and release another load of cum deep in her. His howl is as cathartically releasing as his orgasms.

A moment later he is stumbling back from the woman, his cock quickly growing soft as it drips cum all over the coffee shop’s floor. He falls into a nearby chair, breathing heavily and his heart racing. He feels suddenly tired and part of him is scared. He lost control of his actions again and although in the moment it was amazing it’s not something he thinks he likes happening to him.

The black woman with the massive perfect as is standing now, looking around even more confused than before. She seems to have realized the back of her pants are ripped open and is quickly rushing from the building, horrified and confused.

For a time Keith simply sits, sated and tired. The sun outside sets and the people in the coffee shop all start to leave. Yasmin and her fellow coworkers start to clean the shop and prepare to close.

By the time Keith gets up and puts his clothes back on Leslie, the lesbian with her tits hanging out covered in cum, is the only customer left in the store. The cum on her chest has all run down and dripped off her chest, staining her shirt and pants. He smiles at the sight, pleased by his handy work. Staring at her he realizes how hot the woman really is and the fact that without the strange mind control powers he now seems to have she would never be with him only increases how into her he is.

Acting on impulse he walks up to her and snaps his fingers. “Get up, put your tits away, and come with me. You’re joining my harem,” he tells her. “But don’t worry, you won’t hate it. That’s a command. Besides, you can keep yourself busy when I’m not around fucking all my other harem members. In fact, I COMMAND you do that! Yes… I want you to keep them all happy and fucked while I’m gone, understand.”

“I think so,” she says, her brow furrowed. “But what about my job? My girlfriend? The rest of my life?”

Keith waves his hand dismissively. “Forget about all of it. If I ever get bored of you, you can go back to all of it but for now you’re only reason for existing is keeping me and the women of my harem pleased. Understand?”

“Yes,” she says.

When they get back to his apartment and Leslie sees the other naked women there he thinks he sees the hint of a smile on her emotionless face. “See,” he says, “not all bad.”

“Now, I’m tired,” he proclaims to the gathered women. “I’ve had a long day and I need to eat something then get to bed. I plan on sleeping alone tonight, my cock is sore and needs a rest and I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off any of you if you were to join me. You all can sleep wherever you want as long as it’s in the apartment and NOT in with me. And you can fuck each other all you want, in fact if you’re bored I command you do just that. Leslie, you’re in charge of that.”

“My only other command tonight,” he says, a tired but pleased grin on his face, “is that I be woken up in an interesting sexual manner. But I leave it up to you all to decide what that is. I want you all taking some initiative, understand?”

In unison the four current members of his harem all say, “Yes, sir!”

Pleased, Keith eats a quick dinner from the fridge then heads to bed, tired and sated and eager for his next day in Dyson city to start. He wonders where he’ll go to look for more members of his harem tomorrow as he lays in bed. The coffee shop worked out really well, and he thinks about returning there. But he’s not sure. His last thought as he drifts off to sleep is that he’ll decide in the morning.


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