Poll Driven Story: “The Rings of Corruption” Episode Five Part Four

Alright perverts, the second part of episode Five is ready for you to read! You can find it, and the voting for what happens next, below the cut off. You can also find all the other ring stories in there entirety HERE.

And sorry that updates have been coming so slow. I’ve been struggling with health problems, but hopefully next week things will be coming back out in a more timely manner. Also, my long term goal is to down to just five of these poll driven stories. With seven of them in progress its just far too long between posting them all. Not sure which stories I’ll drop when they get finished, perhaps I’ll have you my loyal perverts help me decide when the time comes.

* * *


The group made good time on the road to Cliffshield but around midday Shiira stops the party, demanding they leave the main road. “I know this area well, and up ahead there is a vicious band of Orcs loyal to Elduni that has taken to raiding this part of the road. We’ll need to leave the road here, and take to the wilds for a day or two worth of travelling to bypass them.”

Camneveth thanks the Orc for being such a helpful guide. Shiira smiles, pleased at just how gullible the stuck up leader of the Sisterhood group is. The fact is she is only telling the fire mage a half truth: there really IS an Orc band loyal to Elduni in the area, but they only rarely sending raiding parties all the way to the main road. Instead, they keep to their territory off the main road and it is into this area that she now leads the Sisterhood band.

Nur-Ayya knows all of this. Her face twitches as she struggles to warn her partners of the danger they are riding into. She even wants to warn Shiira that the allies she’s betraying them to will soon betray her in turn. But the deal she made with Nolo ensures she keeps silent, having to ride forward and face the same fate as her partners.

The four women ride for another stretch of day, but traveling through the woods where there is no good path is hard riding. They decide to stop early, all of the women and their horses needing the rest. “Besides,” Shiira says, “once it begins to get dark riding through these woods will be much harder. We wouldn’t want any of the horses tripping and hurting their legs. That would slow us down much more than stopping to make camp early will.”

Soon the four have set up a small camp near a crisply running stream. All four of them are tired from a day’s hard riding and each are unwinding in their own way.

Lyithion, wanting to clean herself and commune with nature, has gone to the nearby stream to bath. Once out of sight of the others she strips naked then enters the stream and lays down, allowing its cool water to flow over her bare skin. Her green tattoos glow as she soaks up the natural energy of the earth all around her, filling her with druidic strength.

Meanwhile Camneveth sits by the party’s campfire, perched with perfect posture on the edge of a large overturned tree. Her spell book is open in her lap and she is busy studying the magical enchantments within its pages, trying to memorize any and all spells they may need as they get closer to Cliffshield.

Nur-Ayya sits nearby, her legs crossed and her back to a tree. Her eyes are closed and she mutters prayers to her goddess. She’s praying for release from the deal she made with the god Nolo. She’s praying that all she has seen won’t actually come to pass. And as her mind dwells on the perverse mental images of her and her partner’s fate she feels her body growing aroused.

Her nipples harden. Her slit grows moist and warm. Her breathing increases. She tries her hard to ignore her body, praying more fervently. She even thinks that her goddess is listening, as she feels the pleasant tingling sensation she associates with Ynara’s blessing. But a few moments later the feeling seems to shift, filling only her massive breasts and making them hungry for stimulation.

Shaking, she takes a deep calming breath. Her body, especially her breasts, are hungry for sexual stimulation and release. And if her goddess does not intervene she knows they will all soon have more than they can handle.

And finally there is the Orc, Shiira. She sits near the fire, nervously watching Camneveth and Nur-Ayya. Everything has been leading up to this moment: her betrayal of the Sisterhood members. She’s done what she was tasked with, earned their trust and now walked them into the Orc tribe’s territory. She knows the Orcs should discover them soon, and hopefully they will manage to get the drop on the women. She’s seen what they can do if they have the chance to gather their strength and Shiira does not want to face them in open combat.


* * *


The cool water flows over Lyithion’s naked Elven body, washing away all the sweat and filth from the day away. The water running over her bare skin also washes in the power of the forest around her. She closes her eyes, concentrating on that power flowing into her. It is so pure, so primal, so powerful…

But wait, there is something else there that she can feel. A strange feeling… something that doesn’t belong. She concentrates on it, trying to place what the nameless feeling is. It feels like someone else tapping into the natural magic of the forest, a single powerful caster or perhaps a number of lesser ones. Yet there is a taint to the power this other being or beings are siphoning off; a hint of red energy in her mind’s eye mixing with the green of the earth.

“The Corruption,” she whispers, realizing what it is she feels.

She starts to sit up, knowing that she needs to warn the rest of the party. There is a caster nearby, one touched by The Corruption. They must be on their guard against this evil!

But before she has fully sat up in the stream there is a rustling in the trees next to her. Just as she turns to look at the sound a blast of magical mist shoots forth from the trees. It flows quickly towards her, potent druidic magic but laced with the sparking red energy of The Corruption.

Lyithion starts to open her mouth to scream a warning to the rest of the party, but just as she inhales for her scream the mist hits her. It surrounds her head, tendrils of magical vapor pouring into her mouth and nostrils. The smell sends her world spinning around her. The Elf loses her balance and falls back into the stream as an orgasm explodes from her loins, the sudden forced pleasure making her forget that she was about to scream a warning to her friends.

A moment later a massive hand reaches into the stream, grabbing her long hair and jerking her naked form out of the water even as the forced orgasm continues to rack her body. Lyithion barely understands what’s happening, the spell that hit her has stupefied her completely. The smell of it still fills her senses, heady and strong and male, yet sweat and addictive.

Soon she’s on her knees, looking up at a number of large muscular green skinned figures. They are all covered in tribal trinkets and armed for battle with primitively forged hand weapons, but other than that the band of Orcish warriors before her are all naked. There massive green cocks hang between their legs, menacing and freighting to the stupefied Elf.

“Pretty Elf,” the one holding her hair says in guttural, heavily accented common speech. “Small tits but pretty mouth.”

Another of the Orcs guffaws and elbows the first. “Tits aren’t everything. Like you say, Elf has nice mouth. Why not use it?”

The first Orc turns, looking to a figure that still stands on the edge of the tree line next to the flowing stream. The figure takes a few steps forward, revealing itself to be an older Orc shaman. His back his bent with age and he leans on a gnarled staff for support. The staff is covered in feathers and bones carved into shapes that look like large dicks.

The shaman nods at the first Orc. “Yesssss,” he hisses in a deep, creaky voice. “Let us test this one. Clearly these are the warriors Elduni wanted us to capture. We shall test this one’s worth as a vessel to worship the dick god. Put your mighty cock in her, Garb-Zul, and see if her body pleases Azel.”

Garb-Zul, the Orc holding Lyithion’s head, growls in pleasure. With his free hand he grabs his cock, holding it up to the Elf’s face. Her eyes grow large as she sees the massive slab of green man meat swelling before her face, growing ever more large and thick.

“Suck, she-Elf,” the Orc grows as he shoves his now hard cock into her mouth.

Lyithion has to struggle to get her mouth open wide enough for the Orc’s cock to fit in. The cock isn’t just far longer than a Human or Elf’s cock, but nearly double the circumference around. If not for the way the Orc shoves it so violently into her mouth it might not have had any chance of fitting at all.

Once his cock is in the Elf’s mouth the Orc grabs her head with both hands. A moment later he is pumping it up and down his shaft as he moans and growls in pleasure. “Yesssss,” he says, “her mouth is very pleasing.

The stupefied Elf gags and chokes, saliva falling from the side of her mouth around the massive cock. The other Orcs laugh and slam their weapons against their naked thighs, goading Grab-Zul on. Lyithion can think of nothing but the cock in her mouth. It’s so large, and smells so strong and good. It smells is exactly the same as that of the spell that stupefied her. It’s a smell she’ll learn well over the next few days, the enchanting smell of the cocks of those blessed by Azel, the dick god.

The shaman steps forward, looking at the Elf with a penetrating gaze. “Yes, this one will please Azel. She shall make a good cock-sleeve for the tribe. But there are others nearby. We must capture them all, for that was the deal we made with the sometimes-woman Elduni.”

“Perhaps they will all be as easy as this one to capture?” one of the Orcs asks. “Perhaps you can use the same spell on all of them?”

“No,” the shaman says, shaking his head. “Won’t be able to use it again for some time. And we need them alive, that was the deal with Elduni. We must use brains for this, not brawn.” He stares at the Elf. “These women are not Orcs, they will be weak as all none Orcs all. We shall use this. They will be unwilling to endanger one of their own.”

He turns to Grab-Zul. “She has a good mouth, but we all know Elf pussy is small and tight. Perhaps you try that hole now? Impale her on your mighty cock, Grab-Zul, and we shall go forward as you fuck her into utter submission and use the sight to cow the others.”


* * *


“Would you stop fidgeting so,” Camneveth says without looking up from her tome. “It’s ever so distracting.”

“I’m sorry,” Shiira says, her voice obviously distracted. “I guess I’m just nervous.”

“Why,” Camneveth says, looking up at her. “We’re out here in these woods because you said it would be safe. Is there something you’re not telling us?”

The Orc bites her lip, as if struggling over whether to reveal some hidden secret. But before she can speak there is a not so distant sound of weapons being banged against flesh and vicious cheers. As one the three women all began to stand, reaching for their weapons.

“It’s beginning,” Nur-Ayaa says, a hint of despair in her voice. She’s drawn her mace, but she holds it with no enthusiasm and seems to know she won’t get a chance to use it.

Camneveth, on the other hand, leaps to her feet with her spell book in one hand and her other raised in the air with magical energy already emanating from it. There is a faint blue glow that then erupts into blue magical flames that slowly turn red and cover the mage’s hand in large flames. “Could you have been wrong about those Orcs,” the Camneveth asks Shiira, staring ahead at the tress where the sounds are coming from.

Before the green skinned woman standing beside her has a chance to respond a number of hulking figures emerge from the tree line. The large, savage Orcs all have crudely forged weapons drawn and at the ready. Swinging between their legs are their large cocks, large enough to be almost as menacing a sight as the weapons held in their hands.

Leading the pack is the largest of the Orcs. Standing a few paces behind him is the old shaman, his back hunched over as he leans on his staff and cackles happily. The Orc before him stands tall, holding the limp body of Lyithion by the waist as he pumps it up and down his massive shaft. Her body faces her friends and they are able to see the weak, stupefied expression on her face as her head sways and bounces back and forth as the Orc pumps her body up and down. Her limbs bounce too, like those of a small child’s doll.

Camneveth screams in horror and anger at the sight, lifting her hand and pointing a flame covered finger at the Orcs. She is filled with righteous anger and summons all of her magical power to send a massive fireball blasting towards the Orcs.

The shaman leaps forward, swing his staff in the air and casting a magic ward that blocks the fireball Camneveth sends flying towards them. It explodes in a burst of flame, swirling green and red energy forming a protective shield around the Orcs.

The Orc shaman cackles loudly then gives the mage an evil grin. “No more spells,” he says, “no more magic or this one dies.” As he speaks his threat he moves the tip of his staff to the Elf’s neck. The Orc fucking her stops for a moment, holding her still and impaled on his cock as the shaman’s staff glows with red energy.

Shiira steps up beside Camneveth, a sword in her hand. “You better lower your hand,” she whispers to the mage. “I’ve dealt with these Orcs before, they mean any threats they say.”

For a moment Camneveth glares at the shaman, but then her gaze shifts to Lyithion’s face. She looks so weak, so beaten down from what the Orc fucking her as has already done. With a sigh of defeat she lowers her hand, shaking the magical flames from around it and dispelling her prepared spell.

“Gooooood,” the shaman croons. “And don’t fight, or we kill the Elf too. All you women drop your weapons, NOW!”

With another sigh of defeat Camneveth drops her spell book and a moment later Nur-Ayya does the same with her mace. The dark skinned, large breasted cleric comes to stand next to the mage. Shiira, on the other hand, draws a second sword. With alarming speed she ducks behind the two Sisterhood members, placing the blade of a sword on each of their throats as she stands behind them.

“What is the mean—” Camneveth starts to say, but her voice cuts off as Shiira moves the blade closer to the soft skin of her exposed neck.

“Silence,” she hisses. “By the gods, how great this moment is.”

“I don’t understand,” Camneveth rasps.

“She’s betraying us,” Nur-Ayya says in a weak and defeated voice. “She’s working with Elduni, has been from the start. She earned our trust then led is into a trap.”

“Yes,” Shiira says, a wicked cruel smile spreading on her green lips.

The band of Orcs standing before them all began to laugh and shout jeers in their own guttural language. The one holding Lyithion begins fucking her again, grunting in pleasure as he pumps her body up and down his massive shaft. The others begin moving forward tentatively, the shaman in the lead and now pointing his magic staff at the captured women.

“You women are now our captives, our spoils war. We shall test your holes here, see if you are worthy of being brought back to our village and helping us worship Azel,” the shaman says.

“The god of penis?” Camneveth yells in alarm. “No, never!” But even as she screams her protestations two of the large Orcs grab hold of her, forcing her down onto her knees and tearing her red robes open to reveal her large, full breasts.

She begins to struggle, screaming again. “Off of me you fiends!” But it is all in vain, the two Orcs are both far stronger then her and easily manage to keep her under control. One stands behind her, grabbing hold of her head and holding it in place with both hands as the other grabs its semi-erect cock and prepares to force it into her mouth.

“No!” she screams again, struggling for a moment to pry the large, strong hands form her head. She then gives up and starts muttering a magical incantation, her hands starting to glow. But before magical fire can erupt from them the Orc before her takes its massive cock and swings it at her face as if it were a blunt weapon.

The fat, long cock slams into her face with a meaty “swap” that echoes through the small forest clearing they are in. She screams in pain, her incantation interrupted by the massive dick slap. The Orc then slaps her in the face again and again till the curvy, soft bodied mage is sobbing in pain.

“No more,” she begs. “Please, I submit! The pain, the humiliation… I’ll do what you want.” A moment later the massive rock hard cock is being forced into her small mouth.

Not far away Nur-Ayya in on her knees before a small crowd of Orcs, her cleric’s robes ripped open leaving her lightly colored dark-skinned chest fully exposed. One of the Orcs stands before her, fucking her huge tits. Two are on either side of her, their own massive cocks pressed up under her huge udders as they fuck the undersides of her tits as well.

The three Orcs chatter in their native language, talking about how amazingly large her tits are. “Surely she has been sent to us by Azel himself, how else could a human cow’s tits grow so large and fuckable?” one asks.

Nur-Ayya doesn’t understand the words, but in her vision when she had seen this moment the meaning had been translated to her. She sobs slightly, hating how good it feels to have her breasts savaged in such a way. Ynara DID bless her, that she can feel, but all the blessing has done is make it so her breasts are highly sensitive. The savage three way tittyfucking now brings her so much pleasure she soon has an orgasm forced from her.

“And this,” she says between sobs as she kneels and lets the Orcs do as they please, “is only the beginning.” She looks over to Shiira, seeing the Orcess looking at the Sisterhood members being fucked into submission with joy in her eyes. Even though the woman betrayed them Nur feels sorry for her. She has no idea she too is about to be betrayed.


* * *


“What a truly satisfying sight,” Shiira says, walking up to Camneveth. The fire mage is now on all fours, an Orc fucking her from behind while another kneels before her and forces its massive cock into her mouth.

Both her face and cunt leak ample amounts of cum as these are not the first Orc’s to test out her fuck-holes. Shiira kneels down beside her, using two fingers to collect some of the cum leaking from her mouth and tasting it. “Mmmmmm,” she says. “Nothing like Orc cum. So tasty when compared to the seed of all the other races. And as you’ve now discovered, compared to that of a Human or an Elf, Orcs give forth at least three times the amount of cum with each orgasm.”

Camneveth moans something in response as her eyes roll up into her head, but there is no way to determine what the sound means.

Getting down closer to Camneveth’s cock filled face Shiira continues talking. “I’m happiest to see you fucked this way,” she says. “I’ve always hated Humans, especially magic users. And you, you’re the most stuck up bitch of a Human slut I’ve ever encounter. And look at this body! Tits bigger than mine and big, fat, wide ass. You were MEANT to be fuck meat. I was only helping make your inevitable fate a reality.”

“Of course, I did it all because Elduni commanded it,” she adds. At this Camneveth moans again, struggling to look at the Orc as she’s reamed from both ends. “Yes, I serve her. Those bandits you saved me from? All part of her plan and in her employee too. It was a way to earn your trust. She knew you stupid cows would trust any woman you saved that way, even an Orc like me.”

She pulls back, smiling wide and flashing her tusk like teeth. “And that’s what you’ll all be before long: cows. It’s what happened to that fat-titted slut Sasha. After Elduni’s agent revealed the truth about her massive breasts she was taken to Cliffshield and put to work in one of Elduni’s brothels, The Milk Farm to be exact. Lovely place where all the ‘cows’ are enchanted to have huge milky tits for the men to drink from before they fuck them senseless.”

She stands, a look of triumph on her face. “It’s your fate as well,” she says. “These Orcs will get to fuck you all for a day or two, but then I’ll be taking you three to Cliffshield to become the Milk Farm’s newest cows.”

At this the Orc shaman sidles up to Shiira. “This is what Elduni has told you?” he asks, a curious smile on his face.

“Yes,” she says, not looking at the shaman and continuing to stare at Camneveth as she’s fucked.

“This is not the deal that Elduni has made with us,” the shaman says.

“What are you talking about,” the Orcess says in annoyance, turning now to face the shaman. As she turns to him he swings his staff, impacting her in the forehead and sending her crumbling limply to the ground.

“Elduni promised us the mighty Shiira in exchange for these cock-sleeves,” the Orc says. He then jabs her body with the staff, send a blast of magical energy into the Orc that weakens her even further than the savage blow to her brow had.

“We only make a deal with Elduni because she has the powerful magic of her god that gives her a mighty cock,” the shaman says, pinning Shiira to the ground with his staff. “Azel has commanded we deal fairly with all who have cocks. But those that don’t, they must be shown no respect. And any without cocks that defy the honor or an Orc tribe must be put in their place.”

“Every Orc in this region know of Shiira, the un-tamable She-Orc that follows the command of no man, be he Orc or not. Such an affront cannot stand in face of my tribe’s honor renown, not while we worship only Azel the cock god. Your life was what we wanted in exchange for helping Elduni the sometimes woman.

“But Elduni, while powerful, is no true man. Now that we have these new cock-sleeves, see how pleasing they are to our mighty Orc dicks, we think we will not hold up our end of the bargain.” The shaman turns to the other Orcs as a few flip Shiira over, holding her down and beginning fuck her. “The tribe shall keep them all,” the Orc shaman says loudly. “And if Elduni the only sometimes woman has a problem let her come and challenge the might of our tribe!”

The other Orcs cheer, fucking the four women with savage abandon. After an orgiastic release of sexual energy that leaves the raiding party all tired and unable to fuck any more the women are all gathered. Each one has been fucked into totally submission, their temporarily shatter minds hovering somewhere between consciousness and unconsciousness. Their eyes are rolled back into their heads as their mouths hang stupidly open.

All of them are covered in and leaking cum as they are thrown into one large pile of naked flesh in the center of the camp. The defeated heroines are piled like the treasure horde after a successful raid, for to the Orcs that is exactly what the women are. They all lay motionless, their eyes open in shock after their savage fucking. Their gaping holes all leak ample amounts or thick Orc cum onto the dirt or bodies below them.

The Orcs begin to chant in their native tongue, praising their cock god for the gifts he has bestowed upon them. The Shaman leads the chant then calls for silence. “Now, my tribe, we take our spoils back to the village to make them vessels of worship!”

FOR THE COCK GOD,” the Orcs all respond in sexual joy and religious excitement.


* * *


In the center of the Orc camp are a number of stone alters, each carved into the rough shape of a massive sized cock. They lay on their sides, each with a flat cock shaped top. Four of these alters now contain the captured heroines, each chained or tied to them.

Day in and day out the Orcs of the tribe come to worship at these alters, using the captured women as vessels for this ‘holy’ act praise. Sometimes they step up one at a time, other times multiple Orcs step up to use every hole on the imprisoned woman at once. They mutter their prayers to Azel as they fuck the women, filling and covering them with load after load of cum.

Once a day one of the subservient Orc women will come and dump a bucket of cold water on the captured women, washing away the past day’s semen and filth. These women are happy for the new arrivals, happy it is these foreign women helping the men of the tribe worship the cock god and not them. Only when times are hard and no foreign women have been captured in some time do the women of the tribe have to take places on the cock alters.

By the third day the heroines lay tied to the alters they have found that certain members of the tribe have chosen favorites. Those into vaginal sex head for the Elf first, joking and muttering in their native language but in the common speech using the phrase “tightest cock-sleeve” over and over again.

The majority of the Orcs crowd around Nur-Ayya the most. It seems that the Orcs have both never seen a human with tits so impressively large, nor have they ever seen a human with skin the same color as hers. She’s a an oddity they are sexually and religiously fascinated with. Because of the tribes fixation with Nur her massive tits see almost round the clock “worship”. In fact, the tribe is so fixated with her breasts that after a couple of days the shaman declares all but her breasts off limits.

At first Nur-Ayya wails in display. But her goddess is watching over her and is pleased with what she sees. She renews her blessing on her, keeping her breasts highly sensitive. The constant tittyfucking forces orgasm after orgasm from the helpless cleric, and before long she starts to forget a life that isn’t centered on serving cocks with her huge breasts.

Only fear keeps Nur sane. She knows as horrible as this ordeal is, that there is far worse in store for them. She knows that very soon the three Sisterhood members will escape, but that before long they will all be faced with even more sexual indignities, some of them even worse.

Camneveth seems to be almost as popular as Nur is with the Orcs. Her curvy, soft body is exactly what the Orc men like. And her breasts, although not nearly as large as Nur-Ayya’s, are far larger than the Elf’s and far firmer than the saggy tits of the captured Orc.

But the Orcs are not solely fixated on her breasts the way they are on Nur’s. No, for the Orcs Camneveth offers the whole package. They all enjoy fucking not just her tits but her cunt and asshole and mouth. And unlike the hearty Orc, or magically resilient Elf, or blessed cleric Camneveth’s body is barely able to handle the Orc’s massive cocks as they are forced repeatedly into even her tightest of holes. If not for the mild physical protection the ring of corruption she wears gives her body she most certainly would not be able to endure her ordeal for much longer.

And if not for the creators of the cursed rings the three Sisterhood members wear this would have been their ultimate fate. But the dark gods, they have other plans for the trio. The problem is they are now in disagreement over what the women’s fates should be.


* * *


“This is not a fitting end for haughty women such as these,” one of the Corrupt gods is saying to the others as they all watch the Orcs savage them over and over again.

“Indeed,” another chimes in. “If they were allowed to escape now it would only raise the hope in their souls, making it all the more delicious when they are finally beaten and broken.”

“I don’t know,” Azel, the cock god says. “I find this a satisfying end to their short journey. And with the rings so close to their keep think of how quickly they could be returned.”

There is then a girlish, feminine laugh. “Oh, you only say that because their endless fucking fuels you with delicious faith. Even now we can see your divine being aglow with the fresh power the Orc’s faith is bringing you!”

Azel glares angrily at the female deity. “And what about your own glow, Ynara? Do not doubt that I saw how you manipulated the shaman’s mind so that they would ONLY fuck you’re cleric’s breasts. Tell me that isn’t making faith flow into you and I shall declare you a liar.”

ENOUGH,” a deep, menacing voice bellows, silencing the gathered gods. All eyes turn to the red skinned, horned god known as Baedor. “There is an easy way to solve this argument.” He turns to face a burning, shadowed figure standing nearby. “Nolo, is this the final fate you showed that cleric?”

The glow in the god’s eyes intensifies, momentarily lighting his narrow pale face. “No,” he says simply.

Baedor spreads his hands open. “See? Their fate lies elsewhere. We shall use the rings to ensure they manage to escape, but we’ll leave the traitorous Orc bitch behind. Will that please you, Azel?”

“Oh yes,” the cock god says, a wide predatory grin on his face. “Breaking her will make my Orcs VERY happy, especially once all these other distractions are removed from the situation.”


* * *


Camneveth and Lyithion are both surprised by the change that comes over the Orcs around a week into their imprisonment. All at once, as if directed by some divine power, the tribe as one turns their attention from the three Sisterhood members and begins “worshiping” their foul god only through Shiira.

After a day of being ignored they are even removed from the stone alters and tossed into an empty tent. All three women are so exhausted, so physically and mentally shattered from their ordeal that they barely move for a full day. But some of the female Orcs come and visit them daily, feeding them food and water and even giving them a bitter tasting draught that magically heals their bodies and minds. After a few more days of recovery the women even bring them some soiled Orcish clothing for them to wear.

Slowly the three women regain their strength, at least enough to try and escape. They are not chained or bound in any way and their tent has no guards posted in it. The only thing keeping them imprisoned is the Orc tribals moving about the village at all times of the day. For a short time the three plot, planning on waiting till night when there are few of the Orcs awake and about. They hope they can simply slip form their tent without being noticed and escape captivity.

Nur-Ayya contributes little to their plans. She knows their escape will go well, but she also knows what will happen after that. Part of her wishes this had been their final fate, things would have been so much simpler if so.

Finally the night of their escape arrives. Together the three women slip from their tent, crawling along the ground and keeping low and out of sight. They can see a few Orcs still in the center of the village, crowded around the single occupied stone alter. They can’t help but stop and get one final look at the woman that betrayed them.

Shiira has been turned into a living cum dump for the tribe of Orcs. It looks as if she is not being cleaned every day, and now has day’s worth of ample Orc cum covering her naked form. In the dim torch light of the night they can see more white on her body then the green of her skin.  Her eyes are rolled up into her head, the look on her face making it clear that she is beyond saving. With a shiver of fear they realize the once mighty woman has been fucked into mindless madness, a fate they were so very close to meeting.

Together they slip away from the Orc village, disappearing into the dark forest. They have escaped, but do so physically weakened and mentally demoralized.


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