Poll Driven Story: “The Academy: Burnouts” Episode One Part Three

Alright perverts, the third part of episode one of “The Academy: Burnouts” story is ready for you to read! You can find it, and the voting for what happens next, below the cut off. You can also find the story in its current entirety HERE.


* * *


Angela begins to wake with an angry grunt as the alarm on her cell phone continues to ring. The persistent beeping grows ever louder as she moves her hand around her small bed, blindly searching for her phone so she can silence the alarm. Finally she finds it, forcing her eyes open enough to find the snooze button.

“Fuck,” she growls, seeing the time. She realizes she must have already hit the button a few times and is now almost late for class. She rolls out of bed, quickly zipping her bodysuit up. She has to tuck her small breasts into place as she does, but once that is out of the way she is easily able to slip her shoes on and head out the door.

She makes it to her next class just as the last few students are arriving. Breathing heavily after running, she finds a seat near the back of the class and sits down, prepared for her first lesson of “Beginning Superhero Sexual Defenses”.

The classroom looks much like the last one she was in, with one notable addition: besides the teacher’s desk at the front of the room there is a small makeshift room, three white walls around a single chair, the fourth wall missing and open to the class obviously so they can see in. The back wall of the little room has a single hole about the size of her palm in it at about crotch height. As hard as Angela tries she can’t imagine what the strange set up could be for.

A girl nearby is whispering loudly to another girl. “Isn’t weird that they are making us start with the two classes all about, you know… fucking?”

“I know, not what I was expecting,” the second says. “But… I mean, it’s all stuff we need to learn I guess. That last class was pretty informative. I was starting to think something was wrong with me, the way I’m always horny now.”

“Yeah,” the first girl says, “but ‘sexual defense’ before we have any classes about actually being superheroes? What are they trying to tell us? Maybe being a heroine is a lot tougher than—”

The girl stops talking as a tall, thick bodied woman with superhuman curves walks into the room, calling for quiet. “Hello class,” she says, giving the students a penetrating and stern look. “I’m Professor Smith, but like most of the other teachers here I’m okay with you all calling me simply ‘Ms. Smith’.”

Angela stares at the woman. She’s by far the oldest woman she’s seen since coming to the Academy but her age is hard to place. She looks like she’s perhaps in her mid or late 40’s, but still incredibly attractive and in spite of her thick build looks to be in really good shape in spite of having some extra weigh on her.

Her facial features have an implacable old-timey quality to them that makes her look even more mature. And her face looks vaguely familiar to Angela, like a movie starlet from a black and white movie she saw once, although she can’t quite remember which. Her hair, long and brown and kind of plain, is styled in a manner that went out of fashion at least a few decades ago if not longer and only adds to the appearance of the woman being much older than she really looks.

“Before we get to our first lesson let me tell you a little about myself,” she begins. As she speaks she stands with perfect posture, her arms tucked behind her back as she paces back and forth before the class. “A long time ago I was a superheroine. And no, none of you would have heard of me; I promise. I was very young, about the same age as most of you. But this was a LONG time ago, long before any of you were even born. But I learned a lot. And I’ve been teaching young heroines like you all since I retired, even before the Academy was opened.”

Heroines, not heroes, Angela thinks. She looks around after Ms. Smith chose the odd wording and realizes all of her classmates are female. She hadn’t realized this was a gender specific class till that moment.

“You all really have no idea how lucky you are to have this place,” Ms. Smith is saying, looking about the room as if to take in the whole of The Academy. “You’re going to learn things here in the safety of these halls that you would have otherwise learned out on the streets. Things that, if you hadn’t been prepared for, might have broken you.”

She lets out a deep, weary sigh, sitting on the edge of her desk at the front of the class. “I’m sure you’ve already been told what a ‘burnout’ is, yes?”

There are murmurs from the class, students nervously mumbling that they do in fact know the term.

“Seems like a harsh term to have, probably scares some of you knowing how few of you will make it to graduation. Well, it shouldn’t. You should feel reassured knowing that those of you that won’t be able to make it as superheroines get to learn that in a safe environment and not out there,” she says waving towards the wall as if to imply the world outside The Academy.

“Because out there? You make those kinds of mistakes there and no one ever finds out what happened to you.” Her words hang in the air like a dark forbidding cloud. The female students all shift nervously, not really wanting to think on what the words mean.

“I have no doubt that every one of you has heard the rumors, seen the news stories about all the superheroines that go missing and the speculation about what happens to them. There’s a darker, dangerous side to being a heroine the press doesn’t cover in much detail. And I bet you’re all thinking the same thing now: that won’t be me. Well, I’m here to tell you that if you’re not prepared it WILL be you.

“Now I bet some of you are thinking it still won’t be you. You’ve got amazing superpowers, after a few years at The Academy you’ll even know how to use them. Well, I’ve got some more bad news, ladies: if you don’t know how to defend yourself from the sexual advances and tricks of the criminal element those powers won’t mean anything.”

For a moment she remains sitting on her desk, defiantly staring out at the class as if challenging them to argue with her. But no one does, no one in the entire room makes a single sound. All of the young women’s faces are dark and fearful.

“Does anyone know the first unwritten rule of the ‘villain’s code’,” Ms. Smith asks, standing up from her desk. The question seems to come out of nowhere and catches the class off guard. There are a few nervous muttered responses but none of them are correct.

“No, of course you don’t. The tabloids like to cover heroines when they win. They like to cover them when their wardrobes malfunction. I’m sure you’ve even seen some of the seedier papers or websites with video footage of heroines temporarily defeated and using their sexuality to get the upper hand against their foes. But all of that is just the tip of a very big, very perverse iceberg.”

She walks around her desk to the white board behind it and begins writing something in big letters. As she writes she reads the words to the class. “Rule one: any defeated heroine is fair game sexually.” She underlines the words then proclaims, “That is the first unwritten rule of the villain’s code. Some criminals, some supervillains, it is the sole reason they are criminals: so they can fuck superheroines.”

Ms. Smith turns back to the class. “You heard me say the words. You can read them on the board behind me. But do you know what they mean?” She points to a girl sitting in the front of the class. “You, get up here with me.”

The girl slowly gets to her feet. Angela can see that she’s shaking slightly. When she turns to face the class Angela realizes she’s noticed the girl before. She’s small, short and with a petite build but with HUGE breasts that look even larger on her small frame.

If not for her overlarge breasts Angela would have questioned if the girl was even old enough to be at The Academy. The girl’s features are just too young, too cute, too innocent; making her look more like a girl who’s barely a teenager rather than a full grown woman. She looks like she’s half Asian and half white, her mixed parents giving her a pale complexion and large almond shaped eyes set above a small button nose and tiny lips. Her hair is a tussled blond mess, thick and long in the front but short in the back.

“What’s your name,” Ms. Smith asks her.

“Beth Curtis,” the girl says quietly, staring down at her feet.

“Well Beth, tell the class what you think the words on the white board mean.”

“Um…” she starts, her eyes darting nervously up at the sea of faces before her. “I guess… that… well, that if they defeat you they are going to fuck you.”

“That’s right,” Ms. Smith says, putting a hand on the nervous girl’s shoulder. “They will. And this is why you all need to be prepared, because a goon won’t have to beat you into submission to get you to drop your costume or suck his cock.” She looks at Beth. “You’ve already had your first Sexual Education class, yes?”

Beth nods. It’s clear from her face that the girl wants to sit back down, but Ms. Smith keeps a firm grip on her shoulder and keeps her up at the front of class.

“Well then, you’ve all already gotten an idea at how important controlling and managing your sexuality is going to be. That class will be all about how to understand and manage your urges, how to prevent them from getting you in trouble. But you should think of the knowledge you gain in that class as ‘preventative’.

“This class will not be about prevention. No, this class will be about defense in the heat of the moment. This class will be about how to stop yourself from giving in to a criminal’s advance when your body is hot and worked up from fighting off ten of his goons. You can’t imagine it now, none of you, but the hunger to submit you’re going to feel… it can overtake you. Betray you. RUIN you.”

She steps behind Beth, placing both hands on her shoulders now and leading her to the side. “This way, if you please. You’ll be participating in our class’ first ‘practical’ exercise, practicing the skills you’ll need as a superheroine in a way that can instruct the whole class.”

Beth is led to the strange little makeshift room, forcing her down into the chair and turning it so she is facing to the side, one cheek to the class, the other to the back wall with the strange hole in it. Sitting in the chair the small hole is left level with her face.

“Good,” Ms. Smith says, pulling away from the confused and nervous looking girl. “Now, you just stay in that chair. We’ve got a guest I need to introduce to the class before we continue.”

She walks to the door into the class and opens it up, calling out for someone to come in. A tall, attractive, older black student walks in. He gives the first year girls sitting anxiously at their desks a kind, but nervous, smile.

“This is Archer Bliss. He’s a third year student that’s agreed to help out with our demonstration today in exchange for some much needed extra credit.”

At this comment the boy gives the class an embarrassed smile. There is a smattering of giggles as a few of the girls in the class point out that he’s a third year and still in his school uniform. “He’s so close to graduation yet he doesn’t even have a hero name yet,” one girl says in an intentionally loud whisper.

“That will be enough of that,” Ms. Smith firmly says, glaring out at the class. “It may be true that Mr. Bliss here has so far shown no real aptitude at being a hero, yet he’s willing to come help all of you out. For that you should be thankful.” She turns to the boy. “Alright Archer, its time. Just like we talked about.”

“Uh… sure Ms. Smith,” he mumbles, giving the room of now young girls one final nervous look before walking to the make shift room and disappearing behind it.

Ms. Smith walks to her desk, standing with perfect posture and her hands once more tucked behind her back. This causes her large breasts to be pressed out, quite a sight in her tight bodysuit, and a few of the girls snicker at the sight. She ignores them and begins talking.

“Now, you are all about to witness just hard it is for one of your number to resist what the criminal element is going to be throwing, or more likely shoving, in your faces. Notice I did not ask young Beth what her sexual preferences are. That all stopped mattering the day her powers activated. All of your bodies now crave cock, whether you want to admit it or not.”

The room gasps then, not at her comment but at what happens in the boxed room. Just as Ms. Smith says the word “cock” a large, long, thick black cock is pushed through the small hole and left hanging inside the white room. Beth lets out a girlish squeal of surprise and backs away from it. But the class can see that her eyes lock onto the slab of man-meat and that her body tenses; as if the presence of a cock so close to her body has a real, tangible physical effect on her.

“As you can see, Beth is already responding to the sight before her.” Ms. Smith walks across the front of the room, pointing to the young girl. “See how she stares, see how she licks her lips. Notice her thighs rubbing together, her body aroused just at the sight of a large cock.”

Her words have a powerful affect on the class. There are confused, half muffled moans as girls sitting around Angela start to feel their own growing arousal. Everyone seems to be breathing heavily and leaning forward in their seats. But it’s not just the students who the teacher’s words are affecting. Clearly the description of the aroused Beth has excited the man standing hidden behind the wall as well as his large cock has begin to grow thicker, standing slightly erect now.

“Ah, see how she leans forward… her mouth open slightly?” Ms. Smith turns back to the class. “Strange as it might be to most of you, especially those who are inexperienced in sex, the sight of a large cock will probably fill you with the desire to take it into your mouths, at least at first.” She turns back to Beth. “Is that what you are feeling now?” she asks.

“Y-yes,” Beth stammers. “I don’t understand… and I feel… other urges,” she says, shuddering slightly and reaching up to grab her large breasts, giving them each a gentle squeeze then pressing them together and doing so makes her moan slightly. Looking confused and distraught she turns to Ms. Smith. “Ma’am, I’m not comfortable with this.”

“Too bad,” Ms. Smith says firmly. She whirls around to face the class, looking sternly out at all the girls sitting at their desks. “You’re going to have to get comfortable with situations like this. This class will be about practical lessons where you practice controlling your sexual urges when faced with things that will try and make your body betray you. Yes, this includes being faced with men’s cocks. But later on in the year you will be faced with much worse, such as practicing to resist having orgasms forced from you.”

By the end of this little speech Archer’s black cock is standing tall and fully erect. Beth is having a harder and a harder time resisting its apparent call, a call every woman in the room now feels.

The teacher steps into the small makeshift room, placing two hands on Beth’s shoulders and leaning in close. She speaks into the young girl’s ear, but does it loud enough for the class to hear. “You’re trying to look away, but you can’t. That dick before you is just too gorgeous, isn’t it? Never realized how amazing they were till now. So hard… the shaft enticing, the bulbous cockhead like a beautiful fleshy crown on the head of a majestic king you need to worship.”

Beth moans loudly, a sound of desire and frustration that rings out through the tense and silent classroom.

“It’s okay,” Ms. Smith says, her voice quieter now. “You can give in. Just lean forward, take it in your mouth. Suck on it. You know you want to, know you want to give it what its owner wants.”

The young girl is shaking now, everyone in class can see it. She sobs slightly. “No… not like this, my first time doing that? In front of everyone? Please Ms. Smith, I don’t want to…”

Ms Smith stands up, turning to the class. “I don’t want to,” she says, saying each word with deliberate slowness. “I. Don’t. Want. To,” she repeats even slower. “It’s something you’ll all find yourselves saying a lot. And you’ll mean it. Yet like poor Beth here it will also be a lie. Do any of you have any doubt that she wants to start sucking on that big black cock just as much as she wants to go back to her seat? Hmmm?”

They can see Beth leaning closer, reaching up to grab the cock before her. Her hands are trembling as she grabs hold of it. Tears are running down her cheeks. It’s clear she doesn’t want to do this, but that she doesn’t have the self control NOT to do it.

“You’re all going to find yourself in situations just like this. Your body wanting something your mind doesn’t. And without the right training you’ll all be like Beth here, pathetically giving in.” She points behind her just as Beth takes the cock into her mouth and begins to give him sloppy, awkward head. It’s clear that it’s something she’s never done before, but with every bob of her head the primal sexual animal that lives inside her takes over little by little, directing and leading her body.

Angela can’t take any more; someone needs to help this poor girl! She shouts out at the teacher. “Then why aren’t you teaching her all of that! This is humiliating; don’t make her keep sucking that guy off!”

“Humiliating?” Ms. Smith asks. “Of course it is. Humiliation is something you all have to get used to, that you need to steel your selves against. Your enemies will humiliate you. They will shower you with verbal abuse and when you are beaten slap your face with their dicks and make you service them. And if you are not prepared you will happily go along with it all.”

Beth is noisily sucking cock behind her, the man behind the wall moaning pleasantly as she does. Yet the young girl is also still crying, clearly traumatized by her lack of self control in front of the class.

“This is cruel,” four identical voices ring out in unison. Angel turns, noticing four pretty blond girls all sitting together that she hadn’t noticed before now. They each look incredibly identical, with the same pretty Barbie doll features and long blond hair. She blinks, realizing they aren’t four similar looking girls, but four identical looking girls. Their faces move as if one, all four speaking at once. “Let her stop!” they all shout, their synchronized voices echoing loudly in the classroom.

“No,” Ms. Smith says, glaring at the strange identical girls. “You all need to learn how perilous the world is out there. YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU ONCE YOU LEAVE THE SAFETY OF THIS SCHOOL.”

“Then teach us,” Angela says, angrily getting to her feet. Her hands begin to glow red as her anger flares. “But not this way! YOU don’t need to humiliate us,” she says. There is a burst of red magical energy, both on her temples and the teachers. Her magic, out of control and working on pure instinct, allows her to see temporarily into the woman’s mind. “You don’t have to humiliate us just because that’s what happened to you!” Angela yells.


* * *


“I can’t believe you said that to her,” one of the blond girls says.

“I can’t believe you used your powers on a teacher and didn’t get expelled,” another of the others says.

“Ms. Smith was so angry,” one of the others says. “You could see it on her face. But she just told Beth to stop and told us class was over!”

“I heard her talking to that boy, the pretty black one,” the fourth blond girl says. “She told him to stay behind, said she’d finish what Beth started.”

Angela does her best to ignore the four identical blond girls crowding around her and Beth. They have been talking fast at the two of them since the end of class. But Beth, the short girl is still shaken up, still shivering. The six of them are sitting together on and around a couch down the hall from the class they just left. Angel has an arm around Beth, holding her in an attempt to help calm her.

“That was really cruel,” she says, trying to find the right wards to sooth the distraught girl. Staring at her face and watching her wipe away tears she’s reminded again at just how young Beth looks. It was strange seeing someone so young and innocent looking doing something so lewd before so many people.

Beth sniffles a little. “I’m going to be fine… it was just… I mean,” she struggles to find the right words, staring down at her feet. “What she said, Ms. Smith, it was right. As much as I wanted to stop I also wanted to keep going.” Her voice gets lower. “I know this will sound gross, but, like, I wanted him to finish in my mouth. I wanted to see what it tasted like.”

She looks up, her cheeks blushing. “And… I wanted to do other things with him. Can I tell you five? It’s been in my head for weeks, ever since I got my powers, it would be nice to finally tell someone.”

“Two,” the four identical girls say in unison.

“What?” Angela and Beth say, looking at them all with confusion on their faces and distracted from the secret Beth was just about to reveal.

“You’re only talking to two of us. Angela and us, Gloria,” one of them says, an annoyed look on her face. “We’re ALL the same girl,” they all four say in unison.

Beth looks painfully confused. “Wait… what? I thought you were like quadruplets or something.”

“No,” all four say together. Then just one of them continues. “We’re the same person, or were. When our powers activated we… split? I don’t know, it was confusing. But one night there was one of us, the next day four.”

“But we’re still all the same person,” a different one of them continues. “Our minds are connected, separate but one all at the same time.”

“We can all hear each other’s thoughts,” another adds. “And sometimes the thoughts come from all of us at once.”

“And,” another says, excitement in her voice. “We can feel everything all the others feel.”

“Oh,” Beth says, clearly impressed. “But… is that it, do you have any other powers?”

All four of the Gloria’s shrug. “We don’t know,” they say.

Angela stares at them thinking about how strange the four of them are. They are all so pretty and blond, but that kind of generic pretty she associates with the mean girls from high school. Yet here they are, hanging out with her and Beth.

From that day forward the three girls, Angela, Beth, and the Glorias, will be nearly inseparable at The Academy. It’s something all of them can sense, that this was a moment of bonding.

“We should all go to the cafeteria together,” one of the Glorias says. “We can talk about the classes we have tomorrow while we eat.” The other three then add, in unison, “We love eating!”

“Sure,” Angela says. “I think a distraction is just what we need.” She starts to get up but Beth remains seated.

“You all go ahead,” she says, wiping the last of her tears away. “I’ll catch up in a bit, I want to, uh, talk to the teacher for a minute when she finishes up in there with that boy.”

Angela looks at her, her brow furrowed. “You sure? We can stay and make sure everything goes okay.”

“No, please, I need to do this. Go, all of you, I’ll catch up. I promise!”


* * *


Beth feels bad about lying to her new friends, especially after they stuck up for her in class. But she doesn’t want them to see what she’s going to do. Once they are gone she finds a nice dark corner to hide in, watching the door to the classroom and waiting.

Before long the pretty black boy comes out, his face looking sweaty but his expression relaxed. Ms. Smith follows him out into the hallway, thanking him for his help in class. “No,” he says quickly, “it was my pleasure. And thanks for, uh, helping me out afterwards.”

After that he starts heading down the hall. Beth follows behind, far enough back that she’s certain he hasn’t noticed her following him. He turns at one point, disappearing into a men’s bathroom.

“Score,” Beth mutters excitedly. Quickly looking around to make sure no one else is watching she then slips into the bathroom after him.

Peeking around the corner she can see that he is standing by a urinal, pissing. Even from across the room she can make out his big cock, the sight of it already making her feel warm and moist. She waits till he’s done pissing then leaps into the room. “Wait,” she says, “please, don’t put it away yet.”

The boy, Archer, jumps back and screams in alarm. “What the fuck! This is the men’s bathroom,” he says, looking at her with alarm and confusion. Then he realizes his cock is still hanging out and places both hands over it, starting to tuck it away.

Beth rushes forward with superhuman speed that catches the older boy off guard. She grabs his wrists and painfully pulls them away from his crotch. “I said don’t put it away.”

His eyes are big now, scared. But then he has a moment of realization. “You’re the girl, from class! The one that was in the white room. Please, I was just doing what Ms. Smith told me to do. Don’t hurt me!”

“What?” Beth asks, confused as she looks up at the tall boy. “Oh, no, I don’t want to hurt you,” she says quickly, letting go of his wrists. “I’m not mad, not anymore!” Now she looks down, intending to look at her feet but her eyes falling on his cock hanging out the front of his bodysuit. Her hand lifts up, gently grabbing hold of his shaft and giving it a gentle, loving squeeze. “I just wanted to finish what we started,” she says.

“What?!” the boy says, obviously not expecting her response and caught off guard by her grabbing his dick. “But… I… we…”

“Shhh,” Beth says, placing her free hand softly on his chest. “Come on, it will be fun. Let’s just go into one of the stalls in case someone comes in. I know Ms. Smith just helped you finish, but I bet I can get you hard again.” He mumbles an incomprehensible response, but doesn’t object when Beth lets go of his cock and grabs his hand, starting to lead him into a nearby stall.

Once inside and with the stall door closed behind them he sits on the toilet, spreading his legs so she can get to his cock easier. Beth, for her part, gets down onto her knees. Once there she grabs his cock and lifts it up, leaning forward and taking it into her mouth. She starts sucking on it, holding his shaft with both hands as she does.

Archer moans in pleasure, his cock starting to swell in her mouth. She keeps going till he’s hard again, but then she stops, pulling away and looking up at him.

“Why did you stop,” he says, his breathing heavy. “You were doing a really good job for someone that’s never done that before.”

She stares at him with her big, innocent eyes, pushing some of the long blond hair hanging in front of her face back behind one ear. “Well, see, there’s this thing I want to try… I was thinking you’d let me.” She pauses, as if waiting for a response but then seems to change her mind, starting to talk before he has a chance to say anything.

“I’ve always looked really young. I mean, look at my face. I look like I’m thirteen at the oldest, but I’m nearly nineteen! But because I look like a little girl boys were never interested in me. Then I got my powers, and almost overnight I went from being totally flat chested to having these,” she grabs her large breasts as she says this. “I mean, look at them, they are huge! I finally look like a woman!”

She stops, breathing deep and gathering her thoughts. “Ever since I got them, though, I’ve been fantasizing about doing this thing I saw in a porno online.” She blushes at this.

The boy gives her a skeptical look. “What is it you saw that you wanted to do? Something really freaky?”

She shrugs. “I don’t know… I was able to find a ton of porn where they do it.” She starts unzipping the front of her costume, slowly revealing her overlarge breasts to him. They are large and thick and firm, yet unmistakably natural. Once her front is unzipped enough they practically fall out, bouncing into view before him. Her nipples are large and hard, the areolas around them like two great fleshy pebbled pancakes. On a normal sized girl her breast would have looked huge. But on her small, petite, short body they look positively overwhelming in size.

She grabs her breasts and lifts them up. “See,” she says, moving forward and placing them on his bare thighs, “they take their breasts and do this.” She then presses her tits in around his large cock then starts to bouncing them up and down. His dick is still covered in saliva, lubricating the titty-bouncing action.

Archer laughs. “Oh, you want to give me a tit-job! I was worried it was going to be something weird! No, sure, go ahead. Your tits are amazing.” He leans back, putting his arms behind his head and relaxing. “This is the fucking life,” he mutters. “I don’t ever want to graduate from this damn school.”

“Yeah,” Beth says, a happy smile on her face. Her breasts are highly sensitive and doing this feels amazing to her. But there’s a pleasure she’s getting that’s more than just the pleasant physical sensations she’s enjoying. It’s a deep, emotional one. In that moment while giving her first tit-job she realizes this is how she likes to fuck best.

Happily she finishes Archer off with her tits, squealing girlishly in joy when she feels his big cock convulse in her tits and spurt cum into her pressed flesh. “Here,” he says, leaning over to get some toilet paper, “let me clean you off. I just came with Ms. Smith so there wasn’t too much, but still I—”

“No,” Beth says firmly, getting up and quickly zipping the front of her costume up. “Leave it. I… I like the way it feels running down my front. And like you said, there isn’t much. It’s all between my tits and won’t get on my uniform, I want to leave it.”

“Damn,” he says, getting to his feet and putting his cock away. “You are a freaky little first year.”


* * *


By the time Beth catches up to the other girls they are deep in conversation, enjoying their evening meal. Angela asks if everything went okay, and Beth grins at her.

“Yeah, REALLY well. I think Ms. Smith was right, even if she was kind of a bitch about it. We need to be prepared.” Again, she feels bad misleading her new friends about what she was doing, but she’s not ready yet for them to know what it is she thinks about doing with her breasts all day long.

“Okay,” one of the Glorias says a little later. “We know that we’re four instead of one, but beyond that have no idea if we have any other powers. We know Angela has magical powers, the limits of which are untested. But what about you Beth, what can you do?”

“Well, I’m fast when I want to be. Not like a speedster, but much faster than a normal person. And I’m strong. Again, not massive super strength but far stronger than a bodybuilder. And I’m really agile. Never took gymnastics when I was little, yet once my powers activated I was able to leap and roll and do all that crazy stuff.” She smiles cutely after that, proud of her powers.

“Well, I guess we’ll see you in action later in the week during our ‘Introductory Exploration of Super-Powers’ class,” Angela says. “I’m nervous about that one. You all saw me today, sometimes I lose control of my powers and they do weird things.”

“Don’t worry about it,” the Glorias say in unison. “Tomorrow should be easy,” just one of them says. “We’ve got ‘Early Superhero History’. That should be a breeze compared to what we’ve had already.”


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