Poll Driven Story: “Rangers of the Galactic Republic” Episode One Part Three

Alright perverts, the third part of episode one of the Rangers of the Galactic Republic story is ready for you to read! You can find it, and the voting for what happens next, below the cut off. You can also head HERE to read the story in its current entirety.


* * *


One of the two Humans sends a suspicious look towards Voifta. “And who is this? Why’s SHE here,” he asks rudely.

Brown Jim waves a hand dismissively. “She ain’t nothing to worry about. She’s my new pet, my Little Blue. She’s keeping me happy when I’m bored, if ya know what I mean.”

“Oh,” the man says, his eyes growing wide in realization. He looks Voifta over once more, this time not suspiciously but appraisingly. “Looks like she’s got a nice pair of tits on her,” he says.

Voifta is internally torn. Part of her wants to grit her teeth at the way the men are talking about her like she isn’t really there, like she’s more a piece of fuck-meat than a sentient being. Another part of her is reveling in the humiliation of it. She rubs her thighs together, enjoying the moist feel between her legs. It’s all part of this little game she plays, all part of why she enjoys playing this part so much. But none of this shows on her face. Instead, she simple sits on a nearby box smiling stupidly at Brown Jim and the two men he’s in the middle of selling drugs to.

“So what will it be today,” Brown Jim asks, returning the conversation to the business at hand. “What are you boys in the market for? Something to make yourselves feel good? Maybe something to escape the world for a little while? Life must be hard working down here in maintenance, place is shittier then the part of the station I normally stick too. Or maybe you’ve got a little pet of your own and you’re looking for something to make HER feel a bit more, oh, shall we say ‘agreeable’?”

The two men snicker. “The last one, we were thinking,” one of them says.

“Yeah, but she ain’t our pet yet. But she will be once you help us out. We seen what Jaei-17 can do if you use it right. Had our eyes on this one for a while, hot little green skinned alien. Killer ass. Nice and big and firm. But she won’t put out for us, no matter what we tell her.”

“Well,” Brown Jim says with a smile, reaching into his jacket and pulling out a vial of neon pink liquid, “sneak a dash of this into her drink and I think you’ll find things will be working a bit differently.”

One of the men starts to reach out for it, but Jim pulls the vial back. “Not so fast, boys. You know the Crellian policy: credits first.”

The two men mumble, but they don’t object. They each pull out cylindrical sticks, devices that hold their personal credits. They also pull out a small metal disk, each touching their credit sticks onto it and transferring some money into the disk.

“Smart,” Voifta whispers. If they men had just transferred the credits straight to Jim’s credit stick the transaction would have been traceable. But using a credit chip removed that possibility, the devices were too small and simple to keep track of where the money in them came from. She figures this is probably how all black market transactions worked inside CS12, it is in most other places.

She’d been following him for days now, but this was the first time he was letting her sit and watch an actual transaction. The confirmation of how things worked was important for her mission, even if it was just confirmation of what she had already suspected. When Jim had been bringing her to the meeting he had been acting weird, she had thought at first that this was going to be some kind of test. But now that things are playing out normally she starts to lose that suspicious feeling and let her guard down.

Voifta is so intent on watching how their illegal transaction works she fails to recognize that all three men noticed her mutter the word “smart”. The three exchange knowing looks, something they previously discussed seemingly now confirmed.

The truth is that this IS a test. Brown Jim, although a street level pusher, is not as stupid as Voifta figures. He’s noticed that she’s a little too smart, a little too well spoken, a little too nosy to really be a simple refugee. And he’s certainly noticed she’s not the inexperienced lover she claimed to be.

“Here, let me show you a trick for slipping this into a woman’s drink,” Jim says loudly. He steps closer to one of the men, but turns so his back is to Voifta.

She wants to see this, wants to know the trick so he can’t ever try it on her. She knows what Jaei-17 can do. Get just a taste and you’ll be floating inside your own mind. So high and happy that you’ll gladly follow any order given to you, and because of the drug you’ll remember any command as having being your idea from the very start. A powerful high, but one that leads to ruined lives ESPECIALLY if the user isn’t aware that the high comes with more than just good feelings. Worst of all, most people won’t realize they are even on a drug if they didn’t know they took it in the first place.

Hopping down from the shipping box she sits on Voifta moves to get a better look at what Brown Jim is showing his client. She wants so badly to see the trick that she fails to notice the second Human shifting behind her, preparing to grab her.

All at once there is a flurry of action that takes Voifta totally by surprise. The man behind her is upon her, wrapping strong arms around her and pulling her arms painfully behind her back. Brown Jim spins around, jumping to the side and giving the man he was talking to an opening to punch her hard in the gut, knocking the wind out of her. She doubles over in pain, knocked off balance and giving the man behind her a chance to get a good hold of her arms and twist them tightly behind her.

“Thought you’d get one over on ole’ Brown Jim, eh? Well, not a chance. I don’t know who you really are, but we going to find out pretty fast here.” He puts the vial of Jaei-17 back into his pocket and pulls out a larger bottle, clearly filled with an illicit drug but its effects unknown to Voifta.

Voifta tries to struggle. She knows it’s too late to try and play the innocent, somehow Brown Jim has seen through her disguise. The man behind her tightens his grip on her arms, pulling them painfully back to try and stop her from struggling. She screams in pain and frustration, but doesn’t stop. She gets ready to throw a kick back, but the third man is upon her, slamming a fist into her stomach again.

Again the wind is knocked out of her. As she pants and groans in pain she finally stops struggling. They have the upper hand for now, she’ll need to wait for a new opening if she wants to escape.

The three men chuckle, pointing out that during her struggling her tits have fallen out of the tight rags she wears as clothing. “Her tits are nice,” one of the men says. “Big and saggy and soft, I like that in my tits.”

“Yeah, I’ve been having a lot of fun with them,” Brow Jim says. “But her pussy, mmmmm, now THAT is nice. And this one? Reall kinky little slut. She likes to be degraded during sex. Gets off on it. That was my first big clue SOMETHING was up.”

She sends a defiant, angry glare at Jim. “So, what are you going to do to me now?” He doesn’t know she’s a Ranger. There’s a chance she can get him to believe something else, something that will allow her to get out of this.

“Now?” Jim asks, holding the bottle up. “Now you take some of this and we figure out who you really are and who you’re working for.” He unscrews the lid and moves to pour some of the liquid into her mouth.

She tries to turn away and close her mouth, but he grabs her face and turns her to face him. The man behind her, who now has a firm hold on her arms with one hand, reaches up and grabs her chin, pulling her mouth open. Jim then tips the bottle to her mouth and begins pouring the liquid inside into her open maw.

Voifta struggles not to swallow, but the liquid tastes amazing on her tongue. Every fiber of her body is screaming to swallow what’s in her mouth, to take the delicious fluid deep inside of her. But her will is strong and she resists, at least for a little while.

The liquid pools in her mouth, finally overflowing and beginning to pour down the front of her face. It’s thick, more like oil than water. It drips down onto her exposed breasts, her skin warming where it lands. Still Jim keeps pouring; more and more of the fluid overflowing form her mouth and spilling down onto her breasts. Her breasts are heating up, a strange uncomfortable tingling filling their insides as her blue skin burns wherever the liquid touches her.

The taste in her mouth becomes too much for her to deny, and finally she begins to swallow. The cool, oily liquid making its way down her throat sends waves of calm flowing through her tense body. She feels her muscles relax, feels her body start to go limp. And strangest of all is the way this cool calmness seems to interact with the burning in her breasts, the two forces meeting and each growing stronger in her tit-flesh.

The three men back away from her, the one behind her letting go of her arms and letting her collapse limply to the floor. For a time Voifta lays on the ground, breathing slowly and feeling totally calm and at peace. She’s awake, yet feels disconnected from her body. During this time she’s vaguely aware of the three men standing above her, speaking animatedly and arguing about something while pointing at her.

She’s also aware of the burning in her breasts growing both stronger and more muted, as if the level of intensity remains the same but is being spread out over a larger area. At the same time she feels something growing gradually heavier is pinning her to the ground, a massing weight on her chest that keeps growing and growing. Something thick and warm and fleshy, part of her yet hanging off her chest at the same time.

“She must be having some kind of weird, freaky reaction to the truth drug,” Brown Jim is saying as he paces back and forth. “I ain’t never seen it used on a Tluepraxu before, must be something in their biology that reacts badly with it.”

Voifta blinks, wondering what he’s talking about. She feels so calm, so at ease. What could be wrong with her?

“Maybe its cause so much spilled on her tits,” one of the men says, giving her a nervous glance. “Shit man, look how big they fucking got.”

Big? What does he mean. Voifta looks down at her chest and gasps. Her breasts, always a healthy size, are now massive. Two huge fleshy pancake shaped masses of flesh resting on her chest and oozing down the sides of her torso as she lay on her back.

“Fuck man,” the other Human says. “Look at the size! Bigger than her head… hell, twice that big maybe and they are still growing! And they ain’t gotten any firmer. Still all soft like Abraxian jelly or some shit. Bet if she stood up they’d sag down to her fucking knees.”

“Mistake or no, we can’t let this go to waste,” the other Human says. “They might not stay this way for long, and I for one always wanted to fuck me some titties that big. Not many species grow ‘em that big, ya know?”

“Fine,” Big Jim says. “We can fuck her, but then we have to ask her some questions. Hopefully, even with all this breast growth stuff, the drug will still work right. I’d just ask now, but she looks so loopy I don’t think she’d be able to answer. Even without the weird things it’s doing to her tits, I think it’s REALLY affective on her, almost too affective!”

They then pick her up and move her onto a nearby pile of boxes that puts her body on level with the men’s crotches. Being picked up and moved only adds to the feeling Voifta has that she is floating in the world. She’s fully aware of what is being done to her, but she feels so peaceful and relaxed she simply doesn’t care. Besides, her body is so calm she isn’t even sure she could move if she wanted to.

The three men begin undressing. Jim, who had shown over the last few days to be a real pussy lover above all else, takes a position standing between her legs. He spreads them open, sliding two long slender fingers into her slit. “Damn… rarely have I felt her so fucking wet!” A moment later he’s sliding his long, thick dick into her. “Fucking nice when their wet…” he moans in appreciation at how easily he slides into her.

Meanwhile the two Human men have taken up place on either side of her torso. They each lift one massive, soft tit up and slide their dicks under it. When they let go of each breast they fall down, pressing heavily down on their cocks and sandwiching them between her rib cage and fat tit-flesh. A moment later both men are humping, fucking her tits form the sides.

“Oh god, this feels even better than I imagined,” one of the men says. “Her tits are just so fucking big and soft, yet there is so much here that it’s so thick and heavy on my cock… and that blue skin, man, so fucking hot.”

Her voluminous, soft breast flesh jiggles and shakes every time their bodies slam forward. Ripples run through her flesh, like waves across water. And As Jim fucks her cunt it causes her tits to bounce and flow back and forth along with his thrusts into her body as well.

“Alien sluts are the best fucking sluts,” one of the men says, staring at her massive tits and watching them flow and bound fluidly.

Brown Jim laughs. “You know, we say the same thing about slutty Human women on my home planet.” A moment later he grunts, cumming inside Voifta’s cunt. As always, he’s quick to cum. He takes a step back, admiring the sight of his cum leaking from her cunt between her open legs. “Really hope she ain’t a fucking Galactic Ranger or some shit. Cause then I’d have to bring her to the bosses and who knows what they’d do to her. I’m hoping she’s just working for station security, that way I can keep her all to myself. Either way, though, she’ll need to ‘disappear’.”

The two Humans don’t seem to hear Jim. They are too busy fucking Voifta’s massive, enlarged breasts. After a little bit both of them cum, one after the other. They cum under her tits, pulling back from her and leaving their semen under their fleshy mass.

Voifta is coming down from the strange, relaxed high the drug truth put her into. And as she does all she is able to think about is how horny she is. The feeling of cum running out of her pussy and oozing under her massive tits as they rest on the middle of her torso only makes things worse. She wants to be fucked, wants MORE cocks in and on her, and wants MORE cum in and on her. She wants to be showered and covered in sexual degradation.

“Alright, Little Blue,” Brown Jim says, stroking Voifta’s hair. “What’s your real name?”

The calmness still fills her, even if it is subsiding. She has to tell him the truth, anything else would be too stressful, to… turbulent. She HAS to remain calm. “Voifta,” she says in a soft, distant voice. “My name is Voifta Skalyt.”

“Very good,” Jim says, continuing to stroke her hair. He looks up at the two Humans. “Looks like the drug is doing what it’s supposed to do.” He looks back down at Voifta. “And why are you spying on me? Who are you working for?”

Even as the words fall from her mouth Voifta knows she’s dooming herself. “I’m here to find out everything I can about the Jaei-17 trade. I’m a Ranger form the Galactic Republic here to pinpoint everyone involved in the sale and production of the drug.”

“Well, fuck,” Jim says, pulling away. “Now I got to take her to the bosses.”

“I don’t know,” one of the Humans says. “Do you?”


* * *


Thadeus Creetch and Jelika Betly sit in a large bed, naked. Between them lays a third figure, a middle aged women who is convulsing as the parasite they recently infected her will dissolves into her body, beginning to rewrite her brain chemistry and make her part of the growing hive mind.

“We are now twelve,” Thadeus says in the high pitched voice of the Hive Mind. His eyes bore into those of Jelika, their thoughts telepathically connected as one.

“No,” she says, in the same voice. “We are now fourteen. Elsewhere in this station we are adding yet another to the Hive.” She stretches, reaching her arms out and tilting her head back. She opens her mouth and an inhuman screech of joy comes from her mouth. “We can breathe! Finally, room to think…”

The woman lying between them is still convulsing. Thadeus looks down at her. “This one is a fighter… her mind does not want to meld with ours. She has such a great sense of self… I can feel it…” he strokes the woman’s hair as he talks in the strange voice that is not his.

“Perhaps her will is too strong?” Jelika asks in the same voice. “We have seen it in the past… some beings sense of self is too strong and they can fight off the parasites.”

“No,” Thadeus responds in the same voice. “Not this one. She fights, but it is a fight she is losing.”

“Goooooooood,” they coo together. As they do the woman stops convulsing and her voice joins them, but as it does its tone shifts and becomes the same as theirs.

She sits up, blinking and looking at the dark room around her as if seeing it for the first time. The three figures fall back into the bed, their limbs becoming entangled as they begin caressing and fingering and kissing each other.

“Such pleasures of the flesh,” one of them says.

“Yes, when last we tried to grow we did not pay enough attention to this aspect of these bodies.” The voice is the same as the last, but comes from a different mouth. But which mouth doesn’t matter, for it is a conversation the Hive Mind is having with itself.

“These sentients are so trusting… thinking that anyone that wants to fuck them can’t possibly mean them harm, possibly have other motives. This one is a security agent, she should have known better!”

“No…” the other responds. “No, they are suspicious of those things, this one at least was. But they are all so… thirsty for sexual release. They overlook those dangers if it means they get to fuck two as attractive as the bodies we inhabit.”

There is a pause while the figure between them continues to adjust to being a member of the Hive Mind. “This one is the most important we have joined to ourselves. She is one of the most prominent security officers here in CS12, I can see it in her mind. Through her we will be able to infect all who act to protect this station from threats such as us.”

“Yessssssss,” the voice says through a different body. “It will be easy for her. She is older, yes, but her body is still desirable. She can seduce the young males; offer them sex for the prospect of advancement in their careers. And then with them we can seduce the women. And any that follow none binary sexuality can be hunted down and brought into the Hive as well, using members of the same sex or couples like us. The security forces shall fall to use quickly…”

For a time there are only moans of pleasure in the dark room. Someone walking into the room then would see nothing wrong, only one man and two women busy making deep, passionate love to each other.

But eventually the three figures pull apart, inhaling deeply.

“See that?” one of them hisses.

“Yes,” both other figures respond to the first.

“In her mind… there is a vast criminal organization here in CS12. One that produces and sells drugs illegally. She was… is, on their payroll!”

“They have ways to get things from here to other population centers out in the galaxy without it them being searched. We could use them to spread the Hive Mind easily, spread it without ever being caught. They smuggle drugs and people, why not the infection as well?”

“But we’ll still need to bring the security forces into the fold first,” one says.

“Yes,” another replies. “But then we will need to infect this Crellian Cartel…”


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