Poll Driven Story: “The Rings of Corruption” Episode Four Part Six

Alright perverts, the sixth part of episode three is ready for you to read! You can find it, and the voting for what happens next, below the cut off. You can also find all the other ring stories in there entirety HERE.

Weakly she calls out to him. “Fulthic,” she says, her voice enfeebled and desperate.

The Dwarf moans and shifts slightly, his eyes fluttering open. “Adreh,” he croaks, his voice sounding even weaker than hers. “Captured… Lord Pixyium…”

“That’s right,” a third voice says with a cruel laugh. Both chained figures turn to see Lord Pixyium, his coin covered robe jingling as he approaches their cells. He has a gloating smile of triumph on his face. His staff is in hand and the sound of its base impacting on the stone floor echoes around them with every step he takes forward. “Glad to see my two special guests are finally awake.”

“You fiend,” Fulthic says, his voice as full of anger as it is exhaustion. “You may have the better of us now, but it won’t last. Before long the world will be rid of your evil. If not by us, then by someone else who serves the powers of good!”

“Yes,” Adreh adds quickly. “If it is not one of us that make you pay for all of your perverse crimes then there will be others. The Sisterhood will keep sending agents to stop you, and if enough of them disappear they will march an entire army here to deal with you!”

Lord Pixyium begins stroking his long, pointed beard. “A whole army? Oh my… that would be a challenge. Then again, think of all the fun I could have with an ENTIRE army’s worth of Sisterhood sluts.”

In unison Adreh and Fulthic snarl together, “Perverse fiend!”

The wizard’s responds with a mocking laugh. “So defiant you both are. From the Dwarf I expect nothing less, but from you Adreh, my beautifully full titted future pet? I had hoped for so much more. Haven’t you learned all about the parts of life you have been missing out on as a member of the Sisterhood? Haven’t you learned these last few days how great sex can feel, how marvelous those fat udders hanging off your chest are? How your life has been wasted NOT sexually serving men?”

Adreh turns from the wizard, her pale cheeks blushing bright red. “Not true,” she mumbles, but even Fulthic can tell that she barely means the words.

Lord Pixyium erupts into laughter again. “Tell you what; I’ll give you both a chance to escape.” He begins waving his staff through the air, the purple stone at its top glowing. Tendrils of energy begin to flow from it, passing through the bars to the jail cells and into both of the imprisoned figures.

“What are you doing to us now?” Adreh wails, thrashing weakly against her chains as she tries to escape the magical energy moving into her. All this accomplishes is making her massive breasts bounce and shake back and forth, a sight that draws both men’s eyes to her. Noticing this she immediately stops, her cheeks flushing even redder as she turns away from their unmistakable male gazes of desire.

A moment later Fulthic leans forward as if in pain, groaning. “What… what did you do to my balls,” he moans.

“Oh just a simple enchantment to keep them full of cum for the foreseeable future. For the next few hours you’ll find yourself hard and able to cum as much as you want. Really, a true blessing in most situations. Although, maybe not THIS one.”

As he explains this to the Dwarf Adreh feels shooting pain spread through her overlarge breasts. She too leans forward and groans in pain. Her body is suddenly filled with the need to perform a very specific task, although she is as yet uncertain what it is. Her hands strain to grab her breasts, but they are unable to reach. “What did you do to me?” she calls out, confusion and fear in her voice.

“Ah, see, this is my genius at work. You, I’ve enchanted to need to tittyfuck the Dwarf till his balls are empty.” He takes a few steps back, waving his staff again. All at once the doors to their cells open, the shackles holding them both in place releasing them as well. “The way to your freedom is open,” he says, pointing to the stairs out of the dungeon behind him. “My men have instructions to let you both pass, at least for the next three hours. After that if you are still here you will be imprisoned once again.”

Adreh weakly gets to her feet, wanting nothing more than to dash past the evil wizard and out to freedom. But her feet do not take her in that direction. Instead she stumbles out of her cell and into Fulthic’s. She can see that the Dwarf is far too weak to try and get up, all he has done is lay down on his back. This leaves his huge cock standing hard and tall, enticing her foreword.

Or, more accurately, enticing her breasts forward. For it feels as though it is her breasts that are being drawn to the Dwarf’s cock. She stumbles across the cell, dropping to the ground and crawling the last few feet to him. She then grabs her tits, leaning forward and placing them around his cock. She left laying face down between his knees, her back arched and up on her elbows so she can work his cock with her tits. “Can’t… help myself,” she says through gritted teeth as she presses them around his cock and then begins to bounce them up and down causing Fulthic to moan weakly in pleasure.

“You’ve got three hours,” Lord Pixyium says, waving his staff and making a spectral sand timer appear in the cell above their heads. Sand slowly begins to flow from the full top into the empty bottom. “Manage to drain his balls with those glorious tits of yours and make him soft before time is up and you’re free. If not,” he pauses, shrugging. “Well, then you’ve no one to blame but yourselves.”

He turns, the coins on his robes jingling. The evil wizard cackles madly as he shuffles away, leaving Adreh and Fulthic behind.

“Got to… to… get you off fast,” Adreh says. She tries to remember all she has learned over the last few days about what men enjoy. She presses her breasts in tighter around his hard shaft, bouncing her tits up and down faster. Fulthic has no words for her, he is far too weak, but he does moan and after a bit his hips begin to move.

Soon her hard work is rewarded. He groans loudly and then there is an explosion of semen as his cum bursts up into the air like an exploding volcano. There is a lot of it, a much larger load then she expected. It showers down on her tits and face and hair like a thick muddy white yogurt.

For a moment Adreh has hope. She’s made him cum, drained his balls. She moves to pull away, but finds she can’t. Fulthic’s cock is still hard. The other spell! His balls must still be full of cum… She’ll have to work harder, make him cum more, and faster.

She returns to tittyfucking him, the movements of her bouncing tits now lubricated by the Dwarf’s own cum. He cums faster this time, sending another explosion of thick cum up into the air that showers down onto Adreh’s massive tits once more. Still he’s hard. She keeps going, leaning forward and sucking on the tip of his large cock to help him along. He cums again, filling her mouth till it overflows with cum and the goop runs down her face. Still he’s hard.

With desperation she keeps using her tits and mouth to work his cock. More and more cum builds up and soon every inch of her large tits are covered in semen. A thick oozing layer of semen covers her breasts, running down their massive form and onto the Dwarf’s naked body and the jail cell below them. Even her face and hair has plenty of thick cum dripping from it. Still more cum comes from his cock, his balls seeming just as full as when she started.

Looking up she can see that the sand timer is now half empty. She returns to her work. As the minutes pass she begins to enjoy the work, looking forward to the moments when Fulthic moans in pleasure as his cock gives forth oh so much beautiful cum. She starts reveling in the way it tastes, happily sucking the top of his cock clean as she uses her tits to keep pleasuring him.


* * *


The ring of corruption on Adreh’s finger pulses, pushing her mind and body to enjoy the enchantments on both her and the Dwarf. The sexual pleasure she feels in pleasing another allows The Corruption to flow into her, warping her mind and body.

Unseen by her, but none the less watching intently, are the corrupt gods. They are pleased by the sight, happy with what they see. But an argument soon breaks out.

“Surely she’s been through enough. Let us shatter her mind now and end her suffering. Let us make her a mindless fuck- pet like the one that came before her. Then she will no longer suffer from the perversion of this dark wizard, and simply enjoy it.”

“No,” one of the other gods exclaims. “It is that she suffers through it all that makes it so enjoyable! We must ensure she continues down this path for a little longer, make sure she escapes only to suffer more.”

In the end Baedor, leader of these gods, calls for silence. He puts things to a vote, letting the collective will of the gods choose Adreh’s immediate fate.


Choose up to three options in this poll:

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