“The Defeat of Little Red v0.1” Visual Novel Game Released!


Most Current Version of Game:

PC Download

Mac Download

Hey all, this is my first attempt at a ren’py game set in my Heroines Perilous World setting. It will be very similar to the “Defeat of” Choose Your Own Adventure books I’ve published on Amazon, only with pictures. The point of the game will be to direct the heroine, Little Red, into defeat during her first day as a superheroine in Megatropolis.

If you’d like to support this game please head on over to my patreon page an make a pledge.

Right now there aren’t actually any choices you can really choose. I’ve just followed one string of choices straight through to the end. But over the next few weeks I’m going to be going back and fleshing out choices for all of these things with The Gasser.

As of now I’m making it so only the options that actually lead to content show up. I’m doing this mostly so there aren’t tons of dead ends (which I know frustrated a lot of people).

Moving forward I’m going to keep on working on this game for now before going back and restarting Red Raven Keep. Which leads me to a question for my backers/those following: Would you rather see more frequent uploads with lesser content added, or just one or two larger updates every month with a lot more content all at once?

Also I want to stress to anyone giving the game a try that I am open to any and all constructive criticism. I want to slowly polish this into a game/visual novel that people love, so of there is specific dialog or pictures that need work let me know. If there are things you want to see let me know too and if I can I’ll try and work it into future updates.

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