Poll Driven Story: “Wasteland Sluts: Episode One” Part Four

Alright perverts all, below the break you will find the fourth part of the first Wasteland Sluts story as well as the voting for what happens next. To find the story in its entirety head to HERE.

This poll resulted in a tie for this story, but I realized I could use both options instead of randomly choosing one. Hopefully this is something I’ll be able to do in the future when there are ties.


* * *


When Specter wakes it’s to find herself laying on a bedroll within the ruins, no sign of the trader anywhere and Bee sitting nearby. “I’m glad you’re finally up,” the woman says with a kind smile. “I was starting to get worried about you. Don’t know what the fuck that guy used on your tits, but it sure seemed to make you cum yourself stupid. You were absolutely exhausted and I thought it best just to let you sleep.”

“Thanks,” Specter mumbles as she sits up. Her body is sore and tired and her breasts still tingle warmly, but the effects of whatever the trader used on her seems to be dissipating. “Did he hold up his end of the bargain?”

Bee nods. “He sure did. I’m pretty confident I can find this hidden lab now, but it’s pretty far out into the Great Dust Flats. It will take us at least a couple of days to get there on foot if not longer.”

Specter takes the rest of the morning to fully recover. Once her body feels back to normal they begin their journey. By early afternoon they reach the edge of the Great Dust flats. The flat expanse stretches out to the horizon, the view before them distorted by swirling dust clouds that hang close to the surface of the land before them.

“We better bundle up,” Bee says, pulling goggles and some spare rags from her pack which she ties into a makeshift scarf to wear around the lower half of her face. “The dust is going to be everywhere.” Specter follows her lead, pulling out her own goggles and cloth to wrap around her mouth.

The trek into the Dust Flats is slow and monotonous. Although the land stretched out before them appears flat the way on foot is anything but. They have to make their way up and down countless small sand dunes, trudging up one side and having to cautiously move slowly down the other side to avoid slipping in the shifting sands.

They pass the occasional blasted remains of pre-war ruins. The outlines of buildings that were leveled by the short war that ended the world, most now worn away to little more than a few feet of sand blasted wall. It’s common knowledge that many of the ruins out here still have intact subsurface ruins, and many of these underground levels have been thoroughly scavenged. But the dust piled up on their entries over the years has made finding them progressively harder, and fewer and fewer scavengers now come out to look for useful scrap.

The duo mostly avoids the ruins, using them only as land marks to lead the way towards their goal and to take refuge at night. Bee leads the way, her sniper rifle held at the ready as she trudges through the blowing sand and dust. There are creatures that live out here, ferocious mutated beasts that burrow in the sand and prey on anyone that stumbles upon them.

When the sun begins to set on their third day of travel they they find some ruins that seem more well preserved then most they have passed, one corner of a building that still has part of its roof intact.

“Well, at least this will keep some of the dust away through the night,” Bee says. Both women are exhausted from the days of hard travel, and the exhaustion can be heard in their voices

Specter nods. “Can you take first watch tonight? I desperately need to get some sleep.”

“Sure,” Bee says with a yawn. “I’m pretty sure I can stay awake through the first half of the night. I’ll wake you when it’s time for you to take over.”


* * *


“Wake up,” a woman’s voice says. Specter starts to sit up, yawning and sleepily rubbing her eyes. When she opens them she expects to see Bee standing above her, but she sees that it isn’t her mutated Friend that is waking her up.

The woman standing above her is one of the strangest sights Specter has ever seen in the wasteland. She is tall and thin, dressed in prewar metal combat armor that is partially rusted with age. It isn’t the combat armor that is strange, but rather the way the woman is only partially dressed in it with no clothing on underneath. Parts of the armor is mission, leaving the woman’s small perky breasts and crotch fully exposed.

“On your feet,” the woman says, pointing a laser rifle at Specter. “And keep your hands where we can see them.” The armor has a built in cowl like helmet that covers her head, but the front is open revealing the woman’s face. Her face is strikingly pretty but the stern and angry expression on her features ruins any semblance of attractiveness she might have had.

As Specter gets up she sees that there two other strange women standing in the ruins, both of them dressed in the same metal armor with their breasts and privates exposed. They are standing by Bee, who has her arms raised above her head.

“Sorry,” her traveling companion says sheepishly, “I fell asleep…”

One of the women by standing Bee jams a laser rifle into her back. “Quiet!” she snarls.

Specter realizes her voice is identical to that of the woman who woke her up. Looking from their faces she’s shocked to see that their facial features are identical as well. Quickly glancing at the third woman reveals that she too has identical features.

“This way,” one of the women says, using her rifle to move Specter beside Bee. “Now, tell us who you are and why you’re out here.”

Specter, her arms held high above her head just like Bee’s, does the talking. “I’m a member of the Wasteland Rangers, coming from outpost Purgatory. I’m here to locate a scientist known as ‘Zero’ and ask her to leave this part of the Wasteland.”

The three women all give each other surprised looks. The one that woke Specter up steps forward. “And what makes you believe Zero is in this area?”

“Well,” Specter says, trying to decide how honest to be, “we heard from a merchant that she had taken up residence in a, uh, lab not far from here.”

“I told Alpha it was a mistake to let that one leave alive,” one of the women snarls. “She’s growing soft in her old age. This is proof that she’ll need to be replaced soon.”

“Careful, Seventeen,” one of the other women says. “The Horde knows of your thoughts on the current Alpha, but only so much defiance will be tolerated. Speak more openly of replacing the Alpha and you shall have to be punished.”

“Eight, this isn’t the time to have this conversation,” the third woman says. “We need to decide what to do with these nosy wastelanders.”

The one known as Seventeen steps forward, raising her laser rifle and pointing it at Specter’s face. “I say we kill them, Twenty-Seven.”

“Seventeen, you know we can’t,” Eight says. “They have to be brought back to Alpha for judgment first. And we all know she might have use for them.”

“Besides,” Twenty-Seven says, “this one is a Ranger! We’ve seen what killing them accomplishes. More of them will just come looking to discover what happened to the first. We just established this new base, we don’t want to have to move again so soon.”

Specter and Bee stand silently listening to the three women argue. Bee seems angry that she allowed the strange women to get the drop on them. Specter, on the other hand, is curious. It seems obvious that these women are somehow tied to Zero, perhaps working for her. She listens closely for any clues they might prove that Zero and the Alpha they keep mentioning is, as she suspects, the same person.

As she does so she notices something: the three women are not quite as identical as she first thought. Yes, their faces are all incredibly similar but there are slight differences. On closer inspection they all seem to be of slightly different ages, and the one known as Seventeen has a scar on her face that the other two women lack.

After a few minutes of bickering it is determined that the trio will bring Specter and Bee back to their base to meet the mysterious Alpha for judgment. The two women are led out of the ruins where a massive pre-war vehicle sits in the sand. It is an armored monstrosity of military make with six large wheels, perhaps a troop transport of some kind and it’s clearly been heavily modified for life in the wasteland.

“Into the back,” one of the women says. “And don’t worry about your gear, we’ll take it up front with us.”

After climbing into the back the doors are shut and locked from the outside leaving Specter and Bee in a spacious compartment with benches along the sides.

“I’m really sorry,” Bee says.

“It’s okay,” Specter says quickly. “Honestly this all may work out for the best. I have a strong suspicion that this ‘Alpha’ they keep talking about is Zero. Remember what the trader said, that she’s got a weird tribe that follows her? I think these women are the tribe he was talking about.”

“What are they?” Bee asks. “They all look identical. And what’s with their armor? Why wear it if they are going to leave such important parts of their bodies, uh, exposed so.”

Specter is concerned by the way Bee’s face twitches when she talks about the women’s exposure. She’s learning the warning signs of the cock madness that comes over her traveling companion and knows this is one of them. Seeing all of the women’s small perky breasts is clearly having a negative impact on Bee.

She’s half tempted to use their time locked in the back of the vehicle to help ease Bee’s sexual pressure, but she has no idea how long the journey in the vehicle will last. Instead they both sit and talk over their plans for the near future.

“Let me do the talking,” Specter says. “And follow my lead. I don’t want things to turn to violence if we can avoid it.”

Bee rolls her eyes. “Like we’ve got much choice at this point. They took our weapons. I don’t know about you, but my fists aren’t going to do much against laser weapons! How did they even get three of them? You know how rare they are?”

“I don’t know,” Specter says. “It takes some skill to keep those kinds of prewar weapons maintained. They are so much more complicated than simple guns, and the parts needed to keep them working just aren’t made any more.”

“Also,” Bee says, “I think letting them take us to this Alpha is a big mistake. From the sounds of things it’s already predetermined that they are going to do something horrible to us. I know they seemed to be arguing about it, but come on. It was written all over their identical faces: in the end we will die after whatever these experiments they mentioned are conducted.”

“Maybe,” Specter says, biting her lip nervously. “What do you suggest we do?”

“Try to get away,” Bee says quickly. “We see an opening, we take it.”


* * *


It isn’t long before the vehicle comes to a stop and the back door is opened. The three women stand together, their laser guns pointed at our heroines. “Out,” they say. “You’re going to come with us to face the judgment of Alpha.”

Hopping down from the vehicle and looking around Specter can see that they are deep within the Great Dust Flats, parked by the remains of some barely visible ruins. But as they are marched forward into them it becomes clear that the inside of these ruins are much better preserved then most they have seen in the flats.

They are led down a flight of stairs into an underground floor of the ancient building. There is still dust everywhere, but much less of it as above and unlike the ground level the building down here is fully intact.

It’s hard to tell what this building was before the war. Specter thinks it could have been some kind of industrial facility. The walls are made of thick metal and there is heavy wiring all around, but much of it has been stripped. It’s clear that scavengers have picked over nearly every inch of this place.

At least that’s what Specter thinks at first. They move ever lower underground, seemingly lost in a never ending series of dark twisting corridors. But after a bit they arrive at a large hallway with a massive reinforced door looming before them.

It’s a kind of door that Specter has seen before, in fact most experienced wasteland travelers have. These kinds of doors are completely blast proof and generally free of any mechanism that would allow someone on the outside to open them. The self contained Bunker cities that had been filled before the Great War are all protected by doors such as these, but countless other facilities seemed to have used them in the built up to the war that ended the world. High tech labs or government shelters, any place with money that wanted to survive the nuclear holocaust those in power knew was coming.

One of the identical women steps up to the door and pulls out a small high tech device. She punches in a few numbers into a keypad on the device then points it at the door. The mechanical whirring of massive gears can be heard and a deep rumbling is felt as the large door begins to roll open, revealing its ancient hidden secrets.

“Inside,” the woman barks. As soon as all five women enter the door she turns around and uses the device to close the reinforced door behind her.

They continue moving ever forward and down, passing through a dizzying and seemingly endless series of corridors. But now the walls around them, although faded with age, are clean and free of dust. None of this part of the underground facility seems to have been stripped by scavengers. In fact there are lights on, some source of power still supplying this area of the underground facility with electricity.

They even get a few short glimpses into some of the rooms they pass that have doors their sliding doors open. Specter and Bee see rooms full of high tech prewar scientific supplies, strange biological experiment stations full of contained plants and small critters from the wasteland as well as rooms full of banks of computers.

At one point the armored women stop, erupting into a new argument over whether they should bring their prisoners directly to Alpha or put them in a holding cell first. Bee steps up to Specter and pokes her with her elbow, nodding to the arguing women then looking to a nearby hallway. Just a short sprint down the hall is a four way intersection. “Now’s our chance,” Bee whispers.

They turn and bolt down the hallway, quickly reaching the intersection. Specter follows Bee’s lead, turning to the left and running down the hall. As soon as they come to another hallway they turn down that, and then turn again and again. They are soon lost, but there is no sign of their captors pursuing them.

Stopping to catch their breath both women lean against a wall. “I hope they didn’t notice we took off till we were pretty far gone,” Bee says. “They were pretty distracted and didn’t seem to be paying any attention to us. But what do we do now?”

“I don’t know…” Specter replies, her voice trailing off as she looks around. “Even if we could figure out the way back there’s that huge door to get passed. I didn’t notice any way to get it open without that little device they had.”

Bee stands up, looking about. “Well, perhaps the first thing we should do is find some weapons. I figure this place has to have at least a few stashes of prewar guns. I mean, you saw those fancy laser rifles they are walking around with. My guess is they found them down here.”

“Okay,” Specter says. “We find a way to defend ourselves, to even the playing field. Then, if we can’t find and get passed that door, we confront this Alpha and find out if they really are Zero.”

They try to keep moving quickly, knowing that by now the strange women are certainly searching for them. They move from door to door, but find everyone that is closed locked. Each door has a place for a keycard to be used to open the door, but that kind of tech is not something either of them knows how to bypass.

After a time of searching they come to a door that sits open, a long hall filled with red lights lying on the other side. On either side of the hall are large windows revealing that on both sides of the hall is a vast armory full of prewar weapons and armor.

Bee whistles at the sight as they step into the red hall. “There’s enough here to outfit a small army,” she says. The two are slowly walking down the hall, looking through the windows to their sides and ogling all the weapons and gear so close at hand. “If the door at the end of the hall is locked I say we just smash through one of these windows.”

“I doubt that would work,” Specter says. “The glass is probably reinforced. I doubt they would—”

Bee never finds out what Specter was planning on saying. The Ranger is walking a few paces ahead of her, her head turned back as she speaks to Bee. Two large coiled electrodes lower from the ceiling, electricity sparking between them. An arc of blue energy jumps through the air, pulled down towards Specter’s head. As the electrical energy hits the unsuspecting woman her body convulses as a visible wave of unknown energy bursts out form her, knocking Bee back onto the ground.

Looking up at Specter Bee can see that she seems to have been stunned. She still stands, but her back is now perfectly rigid while her arms hang limply at her sides. She seems to be staring straight ahead down the hallway, her back to Bee.

The strange pulse that seemed to explode from her friend has affected Bee as well, but in a very different way. Her body tingles strangely and she can feel the hair all over her arms and head standing up as if she has been charged with static electricity. Her cheeks are also flushed and she feels warm between her legs, as if suddenly aroused. But she pushes past those feelings for the time being.

“Specter?” she asks nervously, scrambling back to her feet and cautiously approaching the Ranger. She’s keeping half an eye on the ceiling, cautious to avoid the electrodes which seem to have retreated back into the overhead compartment they had been hidden in.

Once she moves so she can see Specter’s face she gasps. The ranger is staring blankly ahead, her eyes open wide but looking to be free of all life. Her mouth hangs slightly open, a bit of drool pooling up on the edge of her lips. “Specter?” she says, waving a hand before her face. No response, not a single sign that she is even alive other than her slow and steady breathing.

A strange tingling sensation spreads through Bee’s body, making her feel even more aroused than she was a moment ago. She rubs her thighs together, trying to ignore the fact that she has a growing erection in her pants.

“Specter,” she says again, grabbing the ghostly pale woman by the shoulders and shaking her. This seems to have no effect on her other than making her voluminously huge breasts shake in a way that makes Bee grown with desire. She blinks, staring down at the outline of her friend’s massive breasts through the tight shirt she wears under her long coat.

“No,” she says through gritted teeth. “Not now… not the cock madness!” But even as she says the words she’s pulling Specter’s shirt up, revealing the white pale masses of fat tit-flesh hanging down the woman’s front. Her hands act on their own, reaching up to grope and squeeze the inhumanly large breasts. Soon Bee is lifting them up to her face, leaning over to suck on Specter’s large nipples. She moans as she feels them swelling and growing hard in her mouth.

A moment later she is opening her own pants, pulling her massive cock out. Specter remains perfectly still, like a living doll with no agency of its own. “Need to fuck,” Bee moans in pain. She’s lost control of her actions and with Specter not working to lead her urges the cock madness has full control of her.

Bee turns Specter around, bending her over. The stupefied Ranger instinctively reaches up and braces her hands flat on a nearby wall, bracing herself but not saying a single word. She’s bent over at an almost ninety degree angle, her massive tits hanging down below her. Bee is behind her, flipping her long coat up and pulling the Ranger’s pants down to her ankles.

She grabs her exposed cunt and slides a finger into her slit. “Need my cock in this,” she says, pulling the hand out then spitting into it before rubbing the moisture onto her cock. She then grabs hold of it and rubs her cockhead up against Specter’s cunt, moving it up and down till she is deep in the folds of her pussy lips and rests on the opening to her fuck-hole.

NEED to fuck you,” she growls, grabbing Specter’s waist and then thrusting hard into her. A moment later Bee is standing behind the Ranger, fucking her with savage abandon. Her massive tits swing and bounce back and forth as the woman behind her pounds into her over and over again. Specter simple stands there, taking it all without any comment or expression on her face, not even grunting in pain as the massive cock is slammed painfully deep into her.

It doesn’t take long for Bee to get off. She presses deep into Specter and unloads in her, overflowing the woman’s cunt with her mutated semen. As soon as the rush of calming post orgasmic bliss has washed over Bee she stumbles back, pulling away from her friend in horror. “Oh no! Oh no, no, no. Specter, did I hurt you? Are you okay?”

Specter doesn’t respond. She stays in exactly the same position, bent over with her arms braced on the wall. Her tits hang below her, still swinging slightly and her exposed cunt leaking cum down her thighs.

Bee is just about to move back to the woman to try and wake her from her stupefied state when the electrodes extend from the ceiling once again. Bee screams in horror, afraid they are going to put her back into another cock mad haze. But the arcs of electric energy that shoot out and hit them both only knock them out. They both collapse onto the floor, unconscious and totally at the mercy once again of those in control of this prewar facility.

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