Poll Driven Story: “Dyson City” Part Four

Alright perverts, the fourth part of Dyson City is ready for you to read! You can find it, and the voting for what happens next, below the cut off. You can also find all the story in its entirety HERE.

The reality of his new world slowly sinks in as Keith watches his cum run down the woman’s face. As he puts his pants back on he speaks to himself. “I can have anything I want, ANYONE I want! And they are going to let me do anything to them…”

His mind flashes back to the curvy blond back in his apartment. She’ll be waiting there when he gets back, willing to do whatever he tells her. Who’s to say he can’t bring more women back to his apartment? Who’s to say he can’t spend his time curating a harem of the hottest, most fuckable women in Dyson city?

“No one,” he whispers. “No one,” he says louder. “And that’s just what I’m going to do! And when I get bored of them, well, I can just send them back to their lives.” He looks around the room at the four women there. He points to the woman with the big, firm tits and cum running down her face. “You,” he says, then turns to the pretty one with the dark hair, “and you! You’re both coming with me.”

Neither woman responds. They simply continue talking, laughing at a joke one of them has just said while his cum runs down the one’s face, apparently unseen by all.

“Oh, right, I need to snap my fingers!”

SNAP! All four women go rigid and silent.

“Okay, let’s try this again. You and you, you’re going to be coming with me.”

The two women get to their feet, their movements stiff and robotic. “Yes, sir,” both say in an emotionless monotone. They both walk across the room, standing next to Keith and waiting for her next order. He looks at the one with cum running down her face. “Clean yourself up before we leave,” he says.

She turns and walks out of the room, returning a moment later with a clean face. “I am ready to leave with you now,” she says, staring blankly ahead of herself.

“Good… but I need to take care of a couple of things first. You two get dressed then go wait out in the hall.” He waits for them to put their clothes on and leave then turns back to the two women still sitting in the room. “When I snap my fingers you’re going to go back to your life. You’re not going to think it odd your friends are gone and you won’t miss them from your life. If anyone comes looking for them you’ll have no idea where they are and won’t be able to remember the last time you saw them, understand?” The two women nod their heads. “Oh, and after I leave you can get dressed again.”

Keith then snaps his fingers. A moment later their posture and expressions are back to normal and the two women are happily chatting once more, seemingly not bothered by their friend’s disappearance. As they talk they both get up and put their clothes back on. He wonders what would have happened hadn’t told them to dress. Would they have gone the rest of the day naked? Maybe the rest of their lives?

Out in the hall the two women are standing perfectly still, patiently waiting for him. “Alright, ladies, let’s go take you to your new home.” Confidently Keith starts walking down the hall, the two women following closely behind him. “By the way, what are your names?”

The thicker girl with strawberry blond hair says, “I’m Jodi.”

“And I’m April,” the pretty dark haired one says.

“Okay Jodi and April, in a moment we’re going to be back at my place. I’m Keith, by the way, but you can call me ‘Sir’ or ‘Master’.” The words just tumble out of his mouth. He figures if he’s going to do this he’ll do it right. “You are now part of my harem, and that makes you both very happy. As soon as we are in my apartment you will undress, and you will from that point on remain naked unless I tell you otherwise. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” the both say in unison.

Upon entering his apartment Keith finds Abigene in the middle of the living room, standing with perfect posture and staring blankly ahead. “You were gone for so very long,” she says as soon as he opens the door. “I did not know what to do with myself.”

“Don’t worry,” he says, “I’ve got a few ideas.” As he watches April and Jodi get undressed he can feel his cock starting to swell and realizes just how horny he is. Christ, he thinks, I just got off like ten minutes ago! But there is no denying that his body is not only ready to fuck again, but hungrily demanding it.

He strips as well, and by the time his clothes are off his cock is rock hard. He stands for a moment, simply holding it and staring at the three naked women in his apartment. Even though he had just fucked Abigene this morning he finds himself wanting her most right now, specifically wanting her plump, heavy tits.

“Abigene, come lay on the couch on your back. I want to fuck your tits. No… I NEED to fuck your tits.” As she gets into position he turns his attention to the two other women. “Jodi, April. I want you both to kneel down next to the couch and watch us, and I want you to masturbate the whole time thinking about how great it feels to have your tits fucked. I want you to be imagining me doing it to you; imagining my cock sliding between your tits as the greatest sexual feeling in the world.”

“Yes, Sir,” they say in unison.

Keith then climbs up onto the couch, sitting on Abigene’s stomach. He leans over and spits on her tits, spiting again on his hand and stroking the moisture onto his cock. She grabs her breasts and presses them in around Keith’s cock. “Fuck my tits, Master,” she purrs at him. He smiles, seeing that the woman is showing more emotion. It seems that the longer she is under the more “normal” and less robotic she acts.

Keith braces one hand on the back of the couch, placing the other on the arm of the couch behind Abigene’s head. He leans forward, hovering his face above the blond’s pretty face. As he begins to move his hips, starts fucking her tits, he stares intensely into her eyes.

“You live for this,” he tells her. “You live to serve me, to serve my cock. Your tits exist to pleasure me. They hunger for my cock, hunger to please me and feel my cum.”

Abigene stares up at him, her face looking uncertain and slightly scared. “Yes…” she mumbles, “I… I live for this. My tits… they… they need your cock.”

Keith starts humping her chest faster, enjoying the way her plump tit flesh ripples every time he thrusts forward into her. Her nipples are hard, standing erect. Her hands sink into her breasts, pressing them in tightly around him.

“I want you to repeat a mantra now, ‘My tits are for fucking. I live to be tittyfucked.’ I want you to say it over and over again while I fuck your tits. Each time you say it I want it to bring you closer to orgasm. But you won’t cum, not matter how close you get, not till I cum. Understand?”

Looking slightly frightened Abigene shakes her head.

“Why are you so scared?” he asks.

“This control you have over me… I don’t understand it.”

“Well, don’t try,” Keith says. “Just start your mantra!”

“My tits are for fucking. I live to be tittyfucked,” Abigene starts saying. As soon as she finishes saying it for the first time she lets out a surprised moan, her eyes growing wide. This makes Keith smile, he hadn’t been sure telling her to get closer to an orgasm would actually make it happen.

“My tits are for fucking. I live to be tittyfucked,” she says again, moaning a little louder afterwards. The sight of her slowly getting off to the mantra and from having him fuck her tits makes him even harder. He humps her chest faster, pounding her tits. Sweat begins to pour down his brow, but he controls his breathing, holding off on the moment he cums.

Looking up he sees April and Jodi doing just as he told them to: kneeling beside the couch and masturbating to the sight of Keith tittyfucking Abigene. A sudden spark of inspiration fills him. “You two, say the mantra too. And let it bring you closer to orgasm, but don’t get off till you see me cum!”

Soon all three women are reciting the mantra in near unison. “My tits are for fucking. I live to be tittyfucked.” The words are like a perfect symphony to Keith’s ears. Each time the women recite the words they end with a chorus of moans as they each get closer to orgasm. The sounds are beautiful, and he wants them to last forever. But they are also so fucking hot that lasting forever is not an option.

With a sudden groan of pleasure Keith loses control, thrusting one last time into Abigene’s tits and cumming just as his cockhead pops out from between her breasts. A thick stream of semen spurts out and hits her in the chin. Abigene lets out a sound that is half scream and half moan, sounding as if the cum slamming into her chin has forced an orgasm to explode from deep inside of her.

Her moans are quickly joined by those of Jodi and April. Turning to look at them Keith watches as both of their bodies tighten, each woman forward slightly as they continue to finger themselves and stare at the figures on the couch before them.

Keith gets up from the couch, looking down and realizing his cock is STILL hard. “Christ,” he mutters, slightly concerned. He’s just cum yet he doesn’t feel any relief from his overwhelming need to fuck and get off. Luckily he has three women all ready and willing to help him with the issue.

The next few moments happen in blur, a strange horny fever having come over him. When the haze clears he is standing behind April, the cute woman on all fours in front of him as he fucks her from behind. Jodi and Abigene are on the ground beside her on either side, both down on all fours as well. He is reaching out to both of their back ends, his hands on their cunts as he finger-bangs both of them.

“Christ,” he mutters again. Part of him is worried, he had lost control of his actions for a moment and doesn’t remember how they got in this position. But fucking the three women is so nice that the worry soon melts away. He simply concentrates on just how good April’s cunt feels around his cock and revels in the act of ramming his fingers into the other two women’s cunts.

All three of them are moaning in pleasure, a glorious sound that rings through the apartment. Never in his wildest dreams did Keith ever imagine he would actually be doing something like this. He thanks the heavens for being here. “I don’t understand what this crazy ass experiment is about, but its fucking amazing!” So much has happened, he’s fucked so much, and his first day in Dyson city isn’t even over!

It takes him longer to get off this time, but he’s totally okay with that. While he has his fun he decides to test his control over the three women’s bodies. “Cum for me, all of you,” he says. In unison all three moan loudly and he can feel April’s cunt tighten as he presses into her. “Again,” he says, a wicked grin spreading across his face. “And again, and AGAIN!” He makes the three women cum till they are practically in tears and barely able to remain up on their hands and knees.

When he does finally cum he pulls out of April, unloading in her ass crack. He’s surprised to see that his load of cum is almost as big as the last one.

As soon as the initial rush of the orgasm is past he feels incredibly hungry. Standing on shaking, weak legs he starts to head to the kitchen to eat something. But he stops, looking at the three women still on all fours on the floor. “I bet you three could use a meal too. Abigene, Jodi, I want you too to lick my cum off April’s ass. After you get her back side totally clean then you can all come in the kitchen and have some food with me.” Watching the two women lick his cum off the thirds ass is almost enough to get him hard again.

When he opens the fridge he finds it fully restocked, one of the shelves full of meals on plates of a different color. There is a small place card on that shelf with a typed message. “For your friends. Do not let them eat the meals specially prepared for you.”

He smiles, looking around the kitchen. “How did they know about ‘my friends’? They must be watching me…” He looks for any sign of a camera, but doesn’t see any. With a shrug he quickly moves on, realizing he doesn’t really care if he’s being watched. He pulls out plates of food for his three women and tells them to dig in.

Keith is just starting on his third plate of food when the three women declare that they are done eating. “I’m full now,” one says. “And I’m sleepy,” another adds. “Me too,” the third says. Keith waves a hand dismissively at them. “Go lay down then, I’m done with you all for now.”

It’s now late afternoon. His day has already been so full, yet after eating Keith feels fully recharged. He wants to get out of the apartment, go looking for more women to add to his harem. “I like these three, but I want more. And maybe there are better women out there in Dyson city…”

He remembers passing a busy coffee shop not far from the apartment. Thinking about all the hot, trendy sluts hanging out there excites him. He can go and fuck whomever he wants, sample each woman in the place if he desires. Deciding that’s exactly what he’ll do he gets up and gets dressed.

Before leaving he peaks into the bedroom, planning on letting his harem know where he’s going. But looking in he sees all three women are deep asleep. They are huddled together in the center of the bed on top of the blankets, April in the center with Abigene and Jodi on each side of her. April is face down, with each woman beside her lying on their side and facing her. Abigene has a hand on April’s ass while Jodi reaches over April’s body to hold Abigene’s ass. All three have satisfied, peaceful smiles on their faces.

“Poor sexy things,” Keith says watching them sleep. “Guess all the orgasms I made them have tuckered them out. Well, let them sleep. They should be recharged by the time I come home.”


* * *


It takes Keith less than half an hour to get to the coffee shop, but by that time gets there he is painfully horny. Upon entering the shop and seeing the sea of attractive women before him he nearly doubles over in pain. His cock is as hard as steel and his balls feel swollen and full. “What the fuck,” he mumbles. “Is this a fucking blessing or a curse?” He needs to fuck, needs to get off fast and drain his balls. He knows he won’t be able to really enjoy himself till he’s gotten off at least once.

Keith is standing by the counter, an arm’s reach away from the barista pulling shots and finishing the drinks that the cashier calls out to her. He looks at the woman, liking what he sees. She’s cute, with big eyes and plump little lips with a sexy little hoop piercing in one side. She has pale skin and her face is covered in dark freckles. Her hair is long and dark, black but with dyed streaks of vibrant purple.

The woman is short with a killer curves: a plump little ass, wide hips, and tits that although not huge look pleasantly big. Her outfit shows all of this off. She’s got on an almost indecently short skirt with dark purple leggings. Her top is black and low cut, her tits practically falling out the front. The green apron with the coffee shop’s logo on it is pulled down so her cleavage is visible to all.

Groaning in pleasure at the sight of her, Keith stumbles back behind the counter. As always, no one seems to notice his presence, something he’s glad of right now. He stands behind the cute curvy barista and begins opening his pants, pulling his cock out into the open air. He then reaches forward and grabs the woman, pulling her ass back towards him and then pressing down on the small of her back to bend her forward slightly.

She gasps, and looks about in confusion. “What… what the hell is going on?”

Keith ignores her distress, flipping her skirt up and then tugging her leggings down to her thighs. Her ass is meaty and plump, although small. He smacks it with an open hand. A fleshy sound echoes out into the coffee shop and the woman gasps again. “Oh!” she proclaims, looking even more confused, her cheeks blushing now.

She’s wearing silky black panties. Keith simply pulls them to the side, revealing her pussy. Looking down at the pink folds of her labia makes him moan with desire. He spits into his hand, rubbing the moisture all over his cock. “Need to start carrying some lube with me,” he mumbles as he starts rubbing his cockhead into her pussy lips. Her lips are dry and she is free of all arousal.

The woman turns around, looking behind her with alarm and confusion on her face. “What’s… what’s happening?” She presses her thighs together, but with the way she is bent over it does nothing to hide her pussy from Keith. He keeps rubbing his cock in her lips till he finds her cunt hole, then grabbing her waist he pulls her back and thrusts into her. Her eyes shoot open, comical large. “Ah!” She looks around more, looking everywhere but at Keith.

“Come on Yasmin, the drinks are piling up,” the barista working the cash register says.

“I’m sorry,” Yasmin says as she braces herself on the counter. She has one hand flat on the counter while the other is holding onto the espresso machine before her.

Keith is standing behind her, holding her by the hips and fucking her hard and fast. He feels as though he’s not fully in control of his actions, overcome by the need to get off. Her pussy is dry, causing a ton of friction on his rock hard cock as he fucks her with wild desperation. It’s so dry it hurts, but in a good way. He knows he won’t last long.

“I just… I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong,” Yasmin says, looking about in confusion. It’s clear she knows something is wrong, that she is aware of the fact that something is hindering her from continuing her work. But she can’t seem to actually see or truly feel what Keith is doing to her.

“The sign on the door says ‘help yourself’,” Keith says, giving her ass a slap and laughing. “I’m just doing that.” Yasmin doesn’t hear his quip. No one in the coffee shop does. Keith doesn’t really care though, he’s just about to cum and that’s all that matters.

Leaning to the side and looking at her face he asks her if she’s ready for his cum. Once more she doesn’t hear him, but Keith can see that her tits have bounced out of her top and are now wildly swinging back and forth as he pounds her.

Customers are standing on the other side of the counter, giving her nasty looks. “What’s your problem? Make our drinks already!”

“Oh god… I’m just, like, so sorry everyone,” Yasmin says, her tits swinging back and forth as Keith keeps fucking her. Her brow furrows and her mouth opens large in a surprised “o” shape, a long confused moan coming out of her mouth. “Oh, god, what’s going on? My… it feels like… I don’t understand!”

The sight of her tits swinging free and the look of pleasure and confusion on her faces pushes Keith over the edge and soon her too dry pussy is filled with more than enough moisture. For a moment he stays inside of her, pressing deep into her and moving in and out slightly, enjoying the feel of his cum in her cunt. Yasmin continues to moan and look about in confusion.

As soon Keith pulls out of her and steps back she stands up, reaching back to fix her panties and pull her leggings up. Then, still confused and rubbing her thighs together, she returns to making drinks. But she looks turned on now and Keith can see her reaching down and nervously rubbing at her crotch through her clothing.

Looking down Keith realizes he’s still painfully hard. His cock stands erect, dripping cum onto the coffee shop floor. “Need to get off one more time, need to finish clearing my mind,” he mumbles. Yasmin’s breasts still hang half out of her top. She doesn’t seem to notice, but the customers kind of do. Women are giving her weird, angry looks although no one has verbalized the fact that the barista’s tits are hanging out.

Keith stares at them. They are soft and creamy white colored, her nipples a pretty soft pink color. They look like they would fill maybe a large c cup bra, or maybe a small d. “I want them,” he mumbles. He reaches towards her, snapping his fingers in her ear.

Yasmin leaps up in surprises, twirling around to face him. Her jaw falls open at the sight of the man standing so close behind her, his cock out and dripping semen. She looks down at it, then at her tits hanging out as the she reaches up her skirt as if feeling the dampness in her panties through her leggings. Her big eyes open wide, as if it all makes sense now.

“You!” she says, pointing accusingly at him.

“Me,” Keith says, shocked by her response and not fully sure what to next. He’s never seen a woman react this way when he snaps his fingers. “I want to fuck your tits,” he says. “Get down on your knees so I can.” He does his best to speak with command in his voice.

She furrows her brow and glares angrily at him for a moment, but then begins to get down on her knees and pull her tits all the way out of her top. “Fine,” she says, “but be quick! My orders are backing up because of you.”

Once she’s down on her knees she grabs her tits and lifts them up. Keith steps forward and slams his cum covered cock down between them. She immediately wraps them around his cock and starts bouncing them up and down. “You’ve done this before?” he asks, slightly surprised. Most women don’t really know how to tittyfuck a guy.

“Yeah, my last boyfriend loved this,” she says, looking nervously over her shoulder at the angry crowd waiting for their drinks. “Look,” she says looking up at him, “is there anything I can do to speed this up?”

“Uh… I don’t know.” He’s a little confused by the way she’s acting. “Hey, could you see me before I snapped my fingers?”

“No,” she says, looking confused as she thinks about it. “But I can now, and I just feel… like… like it’s important that I do whatever you say, that making you happy is important.”

“Weird,” Keith says. He’d seen that some women react differently when put into the hypnotic, obedient state. Perhaps this is just more of that.

Once again she asks if there is anything she can do to speed things along. “I guess… Um, here, stop bouncing your tits. Stop fucking me with them and let ME fuck them.” He places a hand on the back of her head and presses her head down. “And open your mouth, see if you can suck the tip of my cock when I thrust up…. Nggh! Yes, like that!” He humps her chest for a few moments, enjoying the feel of his cock sliding into her mouth every time he thrusts up. It’s enough to get him off quickly, and he does so in her mouth.

He stumbles back, leaning against a wall to stay up right. His cock finally starts to go soft and the unbearable need to fuck fades from his mind. “Much better,” he says. “I can finally think straight.”

Yasmin is still kneeling on the ground, but now wiping away some cum that’s dribbling out of her mouth. “Can I get back to work now?” she asks.

“Sure,” Keith says, snapping his fingers to take her out of the trance. She blinks, looks down at her tits in confusion and tucks them back into her top then gets to her feet. A minute later she’s back to making drinks, working hard to get caught up and apologizing to the customers.

“That was interesting,” Keith says. “I like this Yasmin chick… I think I’ll need to come back and fuck her again. She’s cute and hot and that whole thing while she was under was crazy. But somehow I doubt she’d be as hot outside of this coffee shop. Baristas never are…”

With his mind now cleared Keith then turns his attention to the rest of the coffee shop. It’s full of women, plenty for him to choose from.


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