General Update

Hey all, sorry I’ve fallen so far behind my daily writing goals. I was sick over the last week (physical and mental health issues) and wasn’t really able to get much writing done. Then just as I was getting better my new computer arrived! The last 48 hours I’ve been getting everything set up and installed, and everything is now good to go. I spent the morning working on the current story in the rotation, but its going to be a long entry. Adding in the fact that I’m on a new keyboard and struggle with change, and, well, I probably won’t have it finished today. But I SHOULD have it up tomorrow, and be well on my way to getting a story updated nearly every week day (going to try on weekends as well, but they are a lot busier).

The other big new is this computer is fucking beast as far as Daz3d is concerned! I’ve already started pulling renders for the rebooted Red Raven Inn game and should hopefully have something to show you all in a day or two.

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