Poll Driven Story: “The Academy: Burnouts” Episode One Part Two

Alright perverts, the second part of episode one of “The Academy: Burnouts” story is ready for you to read! You can find it, and the voting for what happens next, below the cut off. You can also find the story in its current entirety HERE.

* * *


In the morning Angela Rose wakes feeling excited but nervous. Yesterday during the orientation all of the new students had simply worn the street clothes they had arrived in. But it was the first day of classes and are were now expected to wear the school uniform.

Angela has to struggle to get into the one piece bodysuit. She has never worn something so tight and form fitting… Standing in front of the mirror in her dorm room’s small bathroom she thinks the outfit makes her look fat, although she suspects even the girls with thinner builds probably think the same thing.

The tight uniform is jet black with a bright yellow stripe running down the front and around the waist. A barely visible zipper runs down the front from the neckline all the way to the crotch. When she had first seen that the zipper ran all the way down the outfit and back up the other side a little she had been slightly scandalized. But after putting it on she realized it was probably built this way for a reason: one would be able to use the bathroom without taking off.

Of course, there were other things one would be able to do without taking it off. She thought back to the previous day and giggled, thinking about all of the heavy petting she had seen between the older students. They had even seen one couple doing much more than that. They had walked passed two figures down a back hall that had thought they were hidden and were busy fucking. The female student had been leaning over and was braced against the wall while the male student fucked her from behind.

It had then been explained to them that students were going to be exploring not just their powers here at The Academy, but their newly super charged libidos as well. “Most, if not all of you, have probably been struggling with the stronger urges you’ve felt since your powers activated,” the student who had been leading their tour at the time had said. “I want to reassure you all: this is normal and we all went through this.  Here at The University you’ll be given the space and tools to explore your sexuality here.”

It was clear from the looks on the faces around Rose that she wasn’t the only one relieved to hear this. Ever since her magical powers had started working she’d felt sexual urges more frequently and far stronger than she was sued to. She’d had a few boyfriends during high school and had even had sex with one of them. She had enjoyed it, but it had never been something she thought too much about.

But now? Now she found it hard not to go a full day without masturbating, sometimes more than once. She noticed boy’s bodies more than she ever did. She even noticed women’s bodies! That was the most confusing thing of all. Before her powers had activated she’d never had a single sexual thought about a woman, now she thought about girls as much as she thought about boys.

Angela had about a million questions she wanted to ask about her increased libido, but it terrified her to imagine asking them in front of a room full of her peers. She’d never been a very popular girl, never had many friends. And she’d always HATED being in the spotlight.

Her first class was “Sexual Education For Those With Active P-Genes”, which she was looking forward to. The Academy had been open for a while now, and she figured to teachers would be prepared for all the questions she was thinking of. Hopefully at least some of them would be answered by the end of the first class and she’d never have need to ask any of them.

Moving through the halls to find that first class is strange. The campus as a whole is built like a university but the large central building where all of the “normal” classrooms are feels more like a high school. The halls are lined with metal lockers, clumps of students gathered together talking before classes started.

She stares at the boys and girls wearing costumes, awe and wonder in her eyes. She knows that most of them are only a couple years older than her, but they seem to be so mature. It reminds her of her freshmen year in high school, when the seniors looked like adults to her.

Those who hadn’t yet earned a superhero name and thus the right to begin wearing a costume were all dressed in the school uniform. But the colored stripes on the uniforms were different depending on how many years you had been at the school. The first years all had yellow stripes. The second year colors were about as half as numerous as the first year ones, but the rest of the colors were almost unseen in the halls. It had been explained to them that by third year it was considered a social mark against you if you were still wearing the uniform.

Angela is one of the first students to show up to class. She spends a moment biting her lip and trying to decide where to sit. She settles on right in the middle of the room, not to close to where the teacher will stand but not too far away.

The classroom is large and full of single seated desks that, once again, remind her of high school. But this classroom is far larger than any she had sat in during her high school career. There are over twice the number of seats and two teacher’s desks sitting at the front of the room. There are also shelves around the room full of pillows and piles of small folded mattresses and blankets. Her mind starts racing, imagining what they could be for and blushing slightly at the ideas that come into her mind.

Not long after she takes her seat other students began to file in, taking seats around her. Everyone looks as nervous as she feels. Most of them appear to be as young as her, although a few seemed to be a couple years older. She knows that most people with an active P-Gene have their powers activate around their eighteenth birthday, but it isn’t unheard of for it to happen later.

Taking a closer look at her peers Angela notices a few things: almost all of them are highly attractive, boys and girls both. The girls all have a much larger average bust size than she is used to seeing, something that makes her feel instantly self conscious about her small bust size. They way most of those girls fill out their skin tight uniforms…. It fills her with equal parts jealousy and confusing lust. Even some of the boys noticeably “fill” their tight uniforms, visible outlines of their penises running down their inner thighs.

And scattered through the crowd are boys and girls whose active P-Gene has brought on changes beyond increased breast or penis size. Some of them are large and bulky, looking like body builders or even larger. Others have brightly colored hair, and for most this will now be their hair’s natural color.

Others have gone through more extreme physical changes. There are students with oddly colored or textured skin, some even with animal like fur all over their body. One girl she notices has fuzzy ears and a few have tails. All of the ones with physical abnormalities have uniforms that seem to have been tailored to fit their unique bodies.

Everyone in the room is looking around, staring at other students but trying not to do so too obviously. Barely anyone is talking. There hasn’t really been time for real friendships to start up, although a few of the girls are already leaning in and whispering quietly to one another, occasionally shooting looks at other students and giggling.

The room grows silent as two older figures walked in, everyone rightly assuming these are there teachers. Both wear black outfits much like the student’s school uniforms, only they are pure black as they lack the colored strips.

One of the teachers is a woman, a tall blond with a thick voluptuous build and massively large breasts. Rose has a hard time placing her age. She is incredibly attractive with youthful facial features, but her thick body looks… mature. Angela has noticed that most supers seem to have this strange ageless look, and had always wondered if those with an active P-Gene aged differently than normal people. It was just one more question she hoped to get answers to.

When the woman begins to speak to the class it is with a slight foreign accent, one that Angela can’t quite place till she says her name, revealing that she is Russian. “Good morning students! I am Professor Anya Zakharovna and I will be one of your co-teachers for your first year version of Sexual Education For Those With Active P-Genes. I understand that my last name is hard to pronounce, so you are all welcome to call me ‘Ms. Anya’.

“Like you all, I have an active P-Gene. I also happen to be one of the world’s top experts in our unique biology, especially our sexuality. I was never a superhero, but I did spend many years researching them and have spent even more time hear at the University teaching young men and women like you all.”

She turns and nods to the large man standing next to her, signaling that it is his turn to introduce himself.

“I’m Professor William Walker. Like most of the teachers here at The Academy I prefer the more relaxed honorific of ‘Mr.’, so you are all welcome to call me ‘Mr. Walker’. “

He is a massive man, his muscles overlarge in a way that only someone with superpowers can have. He has a large square jaw and chiseled good looks that remind Angela of a movie star from decades ago, a handsomeness that has mostly gone out of fashion. There is also something that seems familiar about the man, but Angela can’t quite place it.

“Some of you,” he says, a sly smile spreading across his lips, “may know me by another name: Mr. Cave Man.” Most of the class seems to not know what he is talking about, but there are a few students who surprised make sounds of recognition. His smile shifts slightly, a hint of embarrassment and disappointment creeping into his expression. “Less and less of you who recognize me every year. Well, that’s to be expected. Most of you were just small children when I was last publicly fighting crime as Mr. Cave Man.”

Ms. Anya steps up then, taking center stage. “Mr. Walker is co-teaching this class with me for practical reasons. Right now nearly fifty percent of you are male and it will be important that you have a teacher that understands firsthand the strong feelings you will be experiencing. In later years the number of male students will almost certainly be less, and at that point a male teacher will not be as important.

“But for now even though Mr. Walker might not have the vast knowledge I have, he does brings real world experience as a costumed crime fighter that I lack. There will also be times when we will be doing practical demonstrations and even student/teacher practice sessions in class that require the presence of both a man and woman.”

At this there are surprised gasps and hushed mummers all through the class along with a few scandalized giggles. Ms. Anya lets the students titter for a moment and then when the sounds die down she continues speaking.

“As the year progresses you will all be taking a more hands on approach to this class, but for now the class will mostly consist of lectures and practical demonstrations that will only involve the two of us. And as two people doing sexual things in public is something every one of you is almost certainly not accustomed to, we need to start getting you used to witnessing such acts as soon as possible. So: today you will be witnessing your first practical demonstration.”

The room explodes in murmurs again, but they die down quickly. Angela can feel her cheeks turning red and a quick glance at the students to either side of her reveals she’s not the only one growing flush.

Ms. Anya takes another step towards the students, standing tall with her superhumanly large breasts pressed out before her. She begins unzipping the front of her skin tight uniform, revealing that she wears no bra underneath. “I’m sure you have all noticed that the average breast size in a woman with an active P-Gene is far larger than in the average human population.”

As she speaks she continues unzipping her costume, lowering the zipper all the way to her stomach. “Although there are a few of you whose breasts were unchanged when your powers activated, most of you have experienced an increase in bust size. Also, there were probably a few of you who were already ‘well endowed’. Looking around the room I can see that only a handful of you have breast sizes under a D cup, and some of you now have breasts so large that I assume you’ve found it nearly impossible to find a bra that will fit you without getting it made specially. This is all normal.”

Once she stops unzipping her outfit she moves her hands up to the open top, pulling her outfit open and exposing her massive breasts to the room. The class gasps, most of them shocked that their teacher is actually revealing her breasts to them all. And many of them, Angela included, are also shocked by the sheer size of the woman’s breasts.

“Most of you will have never seen breasts as big as mine, not naked and in person. Some of you may have seen ones this large in pornography or illicit pictures of superheroines in various vulnerable states. But for most of you this is your first time. Please, don’t be embarrassed. Stare at my breasts; look at how large and firm yet heavy thick they are. And most importantly feel how the sight of them affects your own body.”

Mr. Walker steps forward now. “What you’re all feeling is natural, a strong and nearly immediate response. Boys, I have no doubt that every one of you now has an erection you’re trying to hide under your desk. Girls, I suspect most of you are feeling strong arousal as well. This is nothing to be ashamed of, even for those of you who previously identified as heterosexual. Our active P-Gene gives us great gifts, but it also gives us a super charged libido that will take some getting used to.”

As he speaks he starts to unzip his uniform as well, pulling the zipper all the way down. The class gasps as he pulls his dick out. It’s massive, long and thick. Rose hadn’t even realized men’s dicks got that big! It’s not yet fully erect, but thick and chubby and on its way there. It also looks to be clean shaven, free of all hair.

“As you can see,” he says, grabbing his dick and holding it up for the class to look at, “men with active P-genes tend to have larger dicks. Now, like with women’s breasts, not all men will find their members enlarged, but most of you will experience at least a little growth now that your powers are active. Some of you may even struggle with the increase of size, worrying that you are now too large.”

Ms. Anya takes over talking, but she begins to get down on her knees as she does, Mr. Walker turning to face her. “This will be a struggle for some of you. Those of you men who find yourself larger than a certain point will have to choose your partners carefully as you may be too large to have intercourse with a normal woman without hurting her. But women with active P-Genes should be safe to fuck. Regardless of our individual powers we all have slightly increased physical resilience and a minor healing factor, meaning that we can take almost any sized dick.”

“And,” she adds, “there are plenty of ways to get off without vaginal insertion.” She is now on her knees, turned to the side and face to face with Mr. Walker’s large cock. She takes it in one hand and holds it up, showing it to the class. “It is natural for people like us to get turned on at the mere sight of an exposed tit or hard cock. And you’ll all find your libido and sexual urges only growing stronger as the coming days pass. In this class we are going to teach you how to deal with these feelings, how to safely act on them and hopefully how to control them.”

“And the first thing you have to learn,” Mr. Walker says, placing his hands behind his back and standing at attention, “is that part of controlling your urges is knowing when to give in to them. I am going to find it harder to think of little else other than how much I want to cum until I do, and with a willing partner before me it’s in both our best interests for me to do so.” There is a dark hint in what he is saying, an implication that if he doesn’t get off that he could lose control.

Ms. Anya leans forward, gently taking Mr. Walker’s cock into her mouth and then slowly starting to suck him off. The class is dead silent, none of them speaking. All of their faces are flush, many of them rubbing their thighs together.

“Many of you will be having a hard time not touching yourselves,” Mr. Walker says, turning to look out at the class. “For now know that you should feel free to do so through your uniforms, but please stop there. For now just watch and listen.”

The room is silent other than the faint sucking and slurping noises as Ms. Anya goes to town on Mr. Walker’s cock. She gradual picks up speed, sucking him faster and taking him deeper into her mouth.

Her massive tits flow back and forth as she puts her whole body into it, reaching up and massaging his balls. Angela’s eyes are drawn to them, their fluid movements making her feel warm and moist between her legs. And there is something strange about her large nipples. She looks closely, trying to figure out what it is. She’s not certain, but it looks as though one of her nipples has a bead of white moisture on it. Is she lactating, she thinks, unsure what that could mean.

Then, after a few minutes of intense head, the class sees Mr. Walker’s body tighten slightly. He takes a step back from Ms. Anya, grabbing his cock and giving it a few jerks then cumming on the other teachers face. A thick stream of cum dribbles out of his cock, oozing and flowing down on to her face. She remains on her knees, looking up at his cock with her eyes closed and massaging one of her breasts.

Mr. Walker moans in satisfaction then runs his hand up his shaft, squeezing out the last of his cum onto her face. A moment later he stumbles weakly back, leaning back on his desk for support and then sitting down on it. His cock starts to grow soft, hanging limply between his legs and dripping cum.

“As you can see, the satisfaction of sexual release has calmed me. This is a double edged sword: I’m no longer full of reckless lust but my mind and body are so relaxed that my reflexes will be slowed for a time. For men it’s always a constant battle of evening yourself out at the appropriate times: get sexual release to close to a mission and you will be slow and dull. But if you wait too long you will find your thoughts focused in on sex and perhaps you will be tempted to act in ways that aren’t very heroic.”

While he speaks Ms. Anya continues to kneel on the floor, the expression on her face one of pure bliss. For a short time she simply lets the cum run down her pretty features, but then she begins collecting the semen with her fingers so she can lick it up, moaning in pleasure the whole time as if the semen is a delicious delicacy. Her face is clean by the time Mr. Walker is done talking.

She stands, pushing her overlarge breasts back into her uniform before carefully zipping it back up. “Things are much the same for you girls, but with a few slight differences. The boys in this room will find it hard not to TAKE what you want, its why so many of you will never graduate. More than the women you are going to struggle with impulse control. And if you can’t control your actions, you will find yourself no longer welcome here at The Academy.

“Unlike the boys, who again will find it hard not to take what they want, you girls will struggle not to GIVE others what they want. My guess is that most of you are rather sexually inexperienced, although I doubt many of you are virgins. Regardless, the difference between taking what you want and giving up what others want is actually incredibly significant. This is especially important once you consider how sexual climax tends to effect girls differently than it does boys.

“As you can see Mr. Walker is sated to the point of distraction after cumming. So dulled is his mind that he’s forgotten to put his cock away and zip his uniform back up.”

“Oh, shit,” he says, hopping off the desk and quickly tucking his dick into his uniform as he zips it up. Most in the class laugh, but it’s a nervous and uncertain laughter.

“Dulled as his mind is, his powers are unaffected,” Ms Anya says. “He could easily lift the metal desk behind him with one hand and sending it crashing through one of these walls. But most of you girls will find that after a sexual climax your powers are weakened for a time. For most of you too many or too strong of an orgasm will leave you totally depowered for a stretch of time.”

There are a few gasps at this revelation. “It is because of this that maintaining a healthy balance between releases is of the utmost importance for you girls. Give in too much to your urges and you will be too weak to be an effective crime fighter. But if you abstain from release for too long you will find yourself begging to be fucked by the first man who grabs your tit or slaps your ass.”

“That is what we will be teaching you in this class,” Mr. Walker says, his composure seeming to begin to return to him. “We will be helping you learn the limits of your sexuality and how it affects your powers and how to SAFELY indulge in your body’s new needs.”

He then claps his hands loudly, startling almost everyone in the class. “Now, I’ve helped teach this class for many years now. Every single one of you is probably going to need some release after that display. So we are going to end things early so you can all head back to your dorm rooms and take care of your needs.”

While he speaks he goes around to his desk and opens a drawer, pulling out a box and putting it on his desk. “Boys, as you leave I ask that you take one of the bottles of personal lubricant in here. You’ll find it will make things go more smoothly.” He smirks, but only a few of the boys seem to get his joke.

Ms. Anya then steps forward. “Girls, I’ll be giving you all toys to help you out in a future class. Some of you may even have vibrators or other toys you’ve brought from home. Feel free to use them if you have them. But the rest of you, I want you to practice using your hands for the time being. Knowing how to get yourself off is your first step towards self control.”

“And to be clear,” Mr. Walker says, his voice suddenly firm and serious, “we are telling you all that your homework for today is to head straight back to your dorm rooms and masturbate. Understand? Good, class dismissed!”

No one wants to be the first to get up, but slowly students begin to rise. Angela notices that most of the girls get up to leave the class before any of the boys do. She giggles a little, realizing most of them are probably hiding erections and too embarrassed to stand up.

As she starts to leave the room Ms. Anya reaches out and gently grabs her shoulder. “If you could wait a minute.”

Her heart begins racing. Had she done something wrong during class? Had she been looking at the other students too much?

“Your name is Angela Rose?”

“Y-yes ma’am,” she says, stuttering nervously.

“Relax, you’re not in trouble.” Students are filling by, a few of the girls looking at her curiously as they pass. “I read your file this morning; it says your powers are magical in nature?”

Angela nods her head. “Yes… but I’m not really sure what they can do yet. I don’t really understand—”

Ms. Anya raises her hand, cutting her off. “No need to explain. Magic based powers are rare, but I’ve seen enough students with them to know that you’re going to have some unique challenges the other students won’t have.”

“Like what,” Angela asks, furrowing her brow.

“We won’t know till they arise,” Ms. Anya says with a kind smile. “But you should expect your libido and sexuality to be more turbulent than other students. Your… cravings may change drastically from time to time. I’ve helped other young women through similar things. If you ever feel you need to see me privately feel free to do so, either after class or in my private office.”

She then looks Angela’s body up and down in a way that makes the young woman feel as though the older teacher is seeing through her clothes and judging her naked form. “And you may need more… uh… hands on instruction on how to deal with the changes your body is going through. I’m happy to provide that as well.”

“Ummm…. Okay,” Angela says, not really sure what to make of that. “I’ll be sure to come to you should I need anything.”


* * *


“Unggg! Ms. Anya, I think I need something,” Angela whispers softly into her pillow, picturing the teacher’s overlarge breasts in her mind as she touches herself. “I think… I think I need to play with your breasts… I want to feel them, to taste your nipples and suck on them.”

She’s lying on her bed in the privacy of her dorm room, her uniform zipped all the way open as she plays with her pussy. One of her hands is low, two of her fingers curled up into her wet hole. Her other hand is higher up, its fingers rubbing her clit.

“Oh yes,” she says with a moan, “yes, touch me there Ms. Anya. Yes… use your mouth! I always loved it when Tommy did that to me, always wondered if a woman could do it better…”

When she started she had been thinking of Mr. Walker and his large dick, but the female teacher and her voluminous breasts had kept slipping into her mind.

At first it was just the look of pure joy that had been on her face after the man had cum on her. Men’s semen had always grossed her out, but recently… Well, she’d been going through a lot of changes in what she craved. That look of joy on the woman’s face, like just the feeling of his semen on her skin was enough to make her feel sexual bliss. She wanted to feel joy like that. But the more she pictured the woman in her head the more the fantasies became about her.

“Yes… yes, yes!” Her fingers are pounding in and out of her cunt hole. She’s rubbing her clit hard and fast, rocketing towards orgasm. Her insides swell, filling with the building pressure as her body heads toward the release of orgasm. But there is something else, another feeling. One that still feels alien to her.

She doesn’t stop masturbating, but she does open her eyes and look about the room. Almost everything in the room around her that isn’t a piece of furniture has a red glow about it. Angela recognizes it as the energy her magic gives off. She’s not sure what she’s doing or how, but she doesn’t care. Right now all she wants, all she cares about is cumming.

The closer she gets the brighter the red glow on the objects becomes. Slowly they all start to float up into the air as if gravity is slowly being turned off in the room. Part of her is screaming that she should stop, that she’s losing control of her powers. But the rest of her doesn’t care, she NEEDS to get off.

And then it happens. The orgasm explodes from her loins, warm and wet and intense. She closes her eyes and arches her back, moaning in pleasure as she feels all the overwhelming pressure that had built up in her mind and body released. It’s as if the orgasm is washing it away, draining the pressure from her body and mind.

A moment later there is an explosion of sound all around her. All of the items that had been floating in the air are now noisily showering down. Startled, she pulls her hands away from her pussy and sits up, realizing her magical powers must have cut off as soon as she started to cum.

She sits for a minute in the bed, weak and breathing heavily but oh so happy and relaxed. The desperate need to get off that had been infesting her mind since the class is gone. It’s as if she had been someone else for a short time and hadn’t even realized it, and now she can be herself again.

Except, she’s not herself. There is something missing. She reaches an arm out and stretches her fingers toward a book lying open on the floor. Reaching inside of herself she tries to tap into the magical strangeness to lift the book. She can feel it there, the red strangeness, but it’s so diminished and weak. She’s unable to summon the power, unable to affect the book in any way.

Frustrated she collapses into the softness of the bed. She rolls over and grabs her cell phone setting an alarm. She has another class in a couple of hours, but first she’ll take a nice relaxing nap. Maybe by then her powers will have begun to recharge…

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