Poll Driven Story: “The Rings of Corruption” Episode Four Part Five

Alright perverts, the fifth part of episode three is ready for you to read! You can find it, and the voting for what happens next, below the cut off. You can also find all the other ring stories in there entirety HERE.


* * *


In the morning Fulthic and Adreh wake, their naked bodies pressed together. “Twas a lovely night,” the Dwarf says to her quietly, “but today we must prepare for action and battle, not love.” He then pulls away from her, getting out of the blankets and rising to his feet. “I shall dress then prepare us breakfast, after that we must discuss what our next move shall be.”

Adreh simply nods, her eyes fixed on the Dwarfs large cock. The sight of it makes her heart flutter, makes her slit moist and warm. She forces herself to look away. What the hell is wrong with me?

The ring on her finger begins to pulse, glowing red. But it is not the busty Silver Elf that the ring is working its magic on, but the very cave around her. Fulthic had not lied when he had proclaimed the cave protected from Lord Pixyium’s magic. And those protections had, till this point, worked as they were intended to. But now the watching gods work through the ring of corruption to weaken those protections.

Just as Fulthic stokes the fire in the center of the cave to life the protective spells around the cave give out. The paladin feels their magic disappear but he has no time to react with more than a startled grunt.

The flames before him explode, momentarily growing larger and sending the Dwarf scurrying back from their heat. The fire turns green, the flames filling the air suddenly infused with powerful magic.

“What’s happening?” Adreh screams, pulling some of the furs up around her chest. She’s very much aware of the fact that unlike the Dwarf she is still naked and without any weapon.

Fulthic is scrambling for his war hammer. “I do not know,” he says, “but I fear Lord Pixyium’s magic has penetrated the protective charms I placed around the cave!”

At the mention of Lord Pixyium’s name faint laughter begins to echo through the cave. By the time Fulthic is done speaking the laughter is no longer faint, but deafeningly loud.


Fulthic glances at Adreh. Their eyes meet, both looking confused. Prize, what prize? Then the Dwarf’s eyes dart to her over-sized breasts and they both know the truth: the evil wizard means her.

The Dwarf has retrieved his war hammer and now stands defiant. “Show yourself, wizard. Show yourself so that I can use the might of Ydrs to smite you and put an end to your evil once and for all!”

With a loud crackle the green flames in the center of the room burst, growing larger for a moment before parting to reveal the transparent image of Lord Pixyium. He stands tall, dressed in a thick flowing robes covered in strange coins. The old man has a wrinkled face with a long flowing beard, yet his eyes seem full of youthful energy.

He smiles, his facial hair parting slightly with the expression. “Here I am, oh mighty paladin. Come, smite me. Show me the power of your god.”

With a vicious snarl Fulthic charges forward, his war hammer glowing blue. He swings at the wizard but the hammer simply flies through the green flames and image of the wizard.

Lord Pixyium laughs. “You really think I’d be fool enough to face you while your goddess’ power still flows through you? No, Dwarf, we shall not meet face to face till your powers have been significantly weakened.”

“Do your best to try and weaken me,” Fulthic snarls. “Ydrs will protect me!”

“Oh? Like she protected this cave? You put far too much faith in her, assuming she is the only god watching over these events and pulling the strings of your reality.”

“Speak not in riddles,” Fulthic yells. “Have you given yourself over to some dark god? Last I heard Lord Pixyium served none but himself!”

The image of the wizard nods. “This is still true, as it will always be. But that does not mean other gods cannot watch us. We are but play things to them, and some of us are more desirable to play with than others.”

He looks at Adreh then. “Such a lovely sight to behold, you Silver Elfs are truly a gift from the gods! Such marvelous, curvy bodies. Such large breasts… And I came so close to having you as my pet. But fear not, you’ll join the last Sisterhood slut that was sent after me soon enough.”

Adreh jumps to her feet, temporarily forgetting she is naked. “So you ARE responsible for Shalheira’s disappearance! Tell me, fiend, what you have done with her.”

The old wizard smiles. “Why she is here, in the very room I stand in. And nothing would please me more than to have you chained beside her, a new toy waiting to be broken in. But the company you keep,” he says, glancing back at Fulthic, “is not welcome in my tower. At least not the way he is. So I will send you an emissary, a creature I have temporarily bound to my will to ensure you are both more fit to come into my home.”

With a final smile the wizard raises his staff and slams it down on the ground, sparks exploding out from the green fire at his feet. The image of the wizard disappears, the green flames growing larger for a moment.

Heat explodes out into the room, sending both Adreh and Fulthic stumbling back. A moment later the large green flames begin to die, revealing a hulking figure standing in the center of the fire. But this is no ghostly image like that of Lord Pixyium; the beast looming tall before them is made of flesh and.

Its shape is roughly humanoid, with two arms and legs and a head. But the details are all wrong. For starters its body is too large, larger than that of a Minotaur, taller by a foot or two. Its body is totally hairless, its skin a sickeningly clay-like red. Everywhere it has bulging muscles, making the tall beast looks as wide as it is tall.

Its mouth is overlarge, opening into a permanent grin that shows off multiple rows of razor sharp teeth. Adding to the disturbing qualities of the creature’s mouth is the fact that it has no eyes or nose. There are smoothed crevasses and bumps where those features should be, but it looks more like someone sculpted those features away when creating the creature.

The looming beast DOES have eyes, just not on its head. A dozen disembodied eyeballs, each nearly the size of a hand, float about the creature. They bob and zoom from side to size, moving in quick jerking motions as they rotate to observe the cave and its two cowering inhabitants.

But most shocking of all is the creature’s sexual organ. Hanging between its thickly muscled legs is a HUGE cock. It hangs down well past the creature’s knees, thick and covered in pulsing veins. It is not standing erect, yet is so thick that it appears to already be hard.

Adreh screams at the sight. The heat from the fire had knocked her onto the ground and she now crawls away from the creature, terror filling every inch of her. Her eyes are fixed on the creature’s monstrous cock, awe and terror filling her mind as she struggles to imagine what such a massive cock would feel inside of her.

And then the smell hits her. It’s like an olfactory brick wall slamming up against her senses. If she had not spent the last couple of days experiencing nearly countless sexual encounters she would have been unable to place the smell, but with her recent life experience she is able to pinpoint exactly where the smell is emanating from: the creature’s foul, overlarge cock.

It is a powerful, overwhelming smell of maleness. Sour, aged body odor mixed with the scent of fresh arousal. And under that smell there is the scent of sweat and semen. The smells hit her in waves, so strong it makes her head swim. The smell is both repulsive and intoxicating. Adreh finds herself inhaling deeply, unable to stop herself from doing so even though each deep breath in makes her head spin all the more.

She is filled with unimaginable terror. The creature’s presence is overwhelming, oppressive, something far beyond the smell and sight. Yet under the terror, deep within the smell, is something that is filling her with warm desire. Warm desire that heats ever hotter with every breath. As the world around her spins and grows muggy her eyes are drawn ever more to the beast’s massive cock.

Fulthic is being affected to, but not in exactly the same way. The terror emanating from the beast has hit him as well and the smell has made him dizzy. But it is not filling him with desire, only fear and disorientation. The brave paladin pushes past the feelings. He stands, holding his war hammer defiantly.

“So, Lord Pixyium summons a Lust Demon. I’ve never faced the likes of you before, but my faith shall shield me and soon you shall meet the same doom that all other demons I have faced have met. Ydrs shall protect me!”

The Lust Demon flexes its large muscles and laughs. “Dwarf, your god will not protect you for long.” It stands tall, confidently crossing its arms as the swarm of floating eyes around it fly forward.

Fulthic swings his hammer as the eyes approach, knocking one of them out of the air. It flies back, slamming into the cave wall and popping out of existence. But an instant later another eye appears around the Lust Demon, taking the smashed ones place.

The eyes begin to swarm around the paladin, encircling his body and swirling quickly around him. They become a shielded blur, glowing with red energy. Fulthic howls in pain, dropping to his knees. His weapon falls to the ground with a loud thud, the blue energy emanating from it growing fainter with every moment.

“What dark magic is this,” he howls, his voice filled with rage and pain.

The Lust Demon laughs. “I’m cutting you off from your god, pathetic Dwarf. Without her blessing you are nothing, less than nothing even. In a moment you shall be drained. Personally I’d like to feast on your body, open my maw and devour you whole. But the one that has summoned me has other plans for you.”

Adreh is watching it all, unable to do anything to stop the events transpiring before her. She’s retreated back to the make-shift bed, taking refuge under the piles of furs and hoping the Lust Demon will forget about her.

She watches as the last of the magic infusing the charms covering Fulthic disappears. The swarm of floating eyes pull away from him, their work done. They return to their master. The Dwarf is left on his knees, his face pale and weak. He sways for a moment then collapses to the ground, no longer conscious.

“Pathetic,” the Lust Demon says. It then turns to face Adreh, all of the eyes floating around it jerking to look at her as well. “You, though, you are a delight to behold.”

“No,” Adreh says, her voice faint and full of fear.

The demon laughs. “No she says, as if she has any chance of resisting me. Tell me, she-elf, what is it your hands are doing under the cover of those furs?” Adreh gasps, realizing she is playing with herself as she stares at the demon. “See? You’ve no chance resisting me. I am male sexual desire embodied, pure carnal lust. No woman in Alaria can resist me. Do not try, simply relent and enjoy what is about to transpire. Or don’t, I’ll enjoy it all the same either way.”

The creature walks up to her, its massive cock swigging from side to side with every step. Adreh stares at it, hating herself but unable to stop from playing with her pussy and inhaling deeply. The smell is just so intoxicating… no woman could resist it!

Thick precum begins to ooze from the creature’s cockhead. It glistens, calling to Adreh. As the creature gets closer the smell only grows stronger. The cock is screaming for her, beckoning her forward with its enticing smell. She sits up, letting the furs drop from over her. The creature hisses in pleasure at the sight of her naked body.

“Come,” it says, walking right up to her and grabbing its cock. It’s growing hard now, swelling to an impossible size and starting to stand erect. The glob of precum at its tip is larger too, dripping down onto the furs. Adreh licks her lips at stares at the fluid, overcome with the desire to taste it.

Even as she begins to lean in the demon moves closer, shoving its cock in her face. She wraps her hands around its shaft, shivering at just how hard and large it feels in her hands. The shaft is so big around that the fingers of her hands cannot meet around its girth.

She leans in, extending her tongue to taste the ample precum now oozing from the cockhead. As soon as the fluid touches her tongue her senses explode. It’s sweet and bitter at the same time. Disgustingly salty, yet the most pleasing taste she’s ever experienced. It’s the ambrosia of pure male lust in physical form.

Hungry for more she starts sucking at the tip of the cock. She’d take it into her mouth, but the bulbous swollen cock head is far too large for that. All she can hope to do is open her mouth and take in just a small fraction of the cockhead’s surface so she can suck up the precum as it oozes from the tip.

A steady stream of the delicious, thick fluid leaks from the creature’s cock. The taste is amazing, making her feel warm and happy and willing to do whatever is asked of her. One hand falls to her pussy, her fingers dancing over her clit and dipping deep into her dripping wet hole.

Then she gives in completely, collapsing back onto the pile of furs and spreading her legs. The demon moans at the sight, enjoying the look of her thick thighs spread open to reveal her cunt. It drops down onto its knees before her, grabbing its cock and rubbing it into the wet folds of her cunt. Adreh can feel precum still leaking from it, the sticky moisture saturating every bit of her pussy. The fluid warms her tender flesh there, making her skin more sensitive.

As the beast rubs its cockhead against her moist hole she shudders, trying to imagine what it will feel like to have something so big inside of her. She’s afraid, afraid the creature will split her in two, tear her open if he tries to press into her. Yet she’s exhilarated, wanting the monster inside of her no matter the consequences.

And then the create IS pressing into her. Adreh screams, howling in… she’s not sure. There is pain, yes, unimaginable pain. Yet there is pleasure too, more and more of it as her body stretches to accommodate the demon’s incredible girth. For a moment she fears she will be torn open just as she had imagined, but the moment passes. Somehow her body has opened to take in the creature’s full girth.

Then it is pressing deeper into her and the mix of overwhelming pain and pleasure starts all over. The demon’s cock invades her insides, filling her fuller than she imagined she could ever be filled. So full that it feels as though it will drive her mad.

Time seems to stretch on into eternity, yet everything happens in an instant. The smell of the creature is overpowering, coming from its body and assaulting her senses. The cock inside her is too much. And beyond that there is the sense of terror that emanates from the creature, a power that seems to warp reality itself around the beast.

Adreh is aware of the thing leaning into her body, its massive cock pounding in and out of her. Large, strong hands find their way to her breasts, groping and grabbing at them. There is a mouth on one tit, a slimy pointed tongue wrapping around her nipple. The tips of sharp teeth gently biting into her soft tit-flesh.

And then she is being lifted up into the air, the creature grabbing her by the ass as it stands. Its cock is still deep inside of her, holding her in place as much as its hands. Her limbs wrap around the creature, pulling her body in closer and moving herself up and down its shaft. She can’t tell if she is fucking the creature or if it is fucking her.

There are orgasms, hers and his. Her insides are drenched with cum, filled till they overflow. She is kneeling before the creature, licking its cum covered cock clean and reveling in the taste of her cunt on its shaft. Then it’s in her again, she’s on all fours like an animal with her massive breasts underneath her body. Then she’s on her back. Then pressed up against the wall. Everything is a whirlwind of sensations, reality beyond her grasp.

She’s unsure if this is all still happening or if it is only a dream. Looking up past the creature’s shoulders she can see figures watching from above. She blinks, trying to determine if they are real. Most of them are mere shadows, but one stands out from the others. A hulking red figure with demonic horns leering down at her.

“Look, she sees us,” he says. The shadowed figures behind him laugh. “In madness one can glimpse the very gods that control your fates,” the red skinned figure says, but Adreh is unsure if he is talking to or just about her. She does, however, feel she is going mad.

The figure looks directly at her, their eyes locking. “Cum for me, Silver Elf, cum for all the gods watching you.”

Adreh screams, an orgasm erupting from her insides so intensely that it shatters the world around her. There is pleasure so strong it washes everything away, and then there is only black.


* * *


The next thing Adreh is aware of is the feeling of her arms pulled up above her head, cold manacles around her wrists. As she slowly begins to wake she feels that she’s kneeling on a cold stone floor, her body naked. The chains secured to her wrists allow her just enough space to be left leaning forward slightly causing her massive breasts to rest on her bent legs.

When she summons the strength to open her eyes she finds that she’s in a prison cell, the stone walls around her giving no other clue as to where she currently is. In a cell across from her own, two sets of iron bars separating them, is Fulthic. He too is naked, his arms pulled above his kneeling body and chained together. The Dwarf’s skin looks pale, almost lifeless. But Adreh can see that he is breathing.


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