Poll Driven Story: “Wasteland Sluts: Episode One” Part Three

Alright perverts all, below the break you will find the third part of the first Wasteland Sluts story as well as the voting for what happens next. To find the story in its entirety head to HERE.

“Look,” Bee says, her voice suddenly serious, “you’re the first woman I’ve run into since my change that hasn’t been outright disgusted by me. Do… Do you think that maybe I could stay with you? You said that you’re used to having some better support, and you’ve seen how good I am with my rifle. I could protect you, and you could, well… Do this again for me when I need it.”

Specter stares at the woman for a moment. It’s clear that it’s hard for her to make this offer. Clearly she’s a woman that would like to be totally self reliant, and having to ask for help is hurting her pride. As fierce as she is her mutation has made her vulnerable.

“Of course,” Specter says. “How in the world could I turn down an offer like that? Especially if all you ever need are my tits. I’m used to everyone around me ‘needing’ them.” She gives the woman a kind smile. “Now, we both need to get some sleep. You must be tired after cumming so hard, how about I take first watch?”


* * *


The next morning the two wasteland travelers get an early start, setting out before the sun has risen. The two women travel side by side, Specter feeling a lot more confident and safe now that she has Bee and her sniper rifle walking next to her.

“I was a crack shot from a young age,” Bee tells Specter as they walk. “I was the best shot in the settlement I grew up in before I even hit puberty. And after that? Fuck, I was so good the town practically forced me to remain on watch duty whenever I was awake. You know how it is, the mutations tend to not really kick in till puberty, and I suppose I was blessed with exceptional eyes. I can see really far and even see in the dark, too.”

Specter nods. For every mutation that’s a curse, like the woman’s mutated genitals, there are mutations that more like superpowers than anything else.

“Life was grand till THIS happened,” Bee says, looking down at her crotch. She sighs. “But all those problems are behind me, I have you to help out now.” She looks over at Specter, glancing lovingly at her massive breasts. “They really are marvels. And I love just how pale your skin is… You can see all those beautiful blue veins running under your skin…” She shakes her head, looking away. “Worry, I was getting myself excited.”

She starts to say something else but stops just as she opens her mouth. Bee throws her arm up, making Specter halt in her tracks. “Wait… There’s something coming over the horizon. Quick, let’s get behind some cover.”

They both scramble to the side of the ruined road they are traveling on, ducking down behind the crumbling remains of a long collapsed building’s wall. Bee lifts her sniper rifle up, looking through the large scope to investigate the horizon.

“It’s just one guy… He’s wrapped up pretty tight for traveling the wastes, cloth around his face and goggles on. He’s covered in dust… looks like maybe he came from the dust flats? He’s got a vacca with him, looks like it’s loaded down with stuff. Could be a trader, but I don’t see any guards.”

Specter gets closer to the wall, squinting to try and make the figure out. She can just barely make out a hazy dot on the horizon, but she’s not even sure if it’s what Bee is looking at. “Damn… You’re sight IS impressive. I don’t think I would have noticed him for another good five minutes or so. Does the vacca look healthy?”

Vacca are one of the breeds of critters that have mutated and adapted to life in the wasteland. They resemble hardy versions of prewar cattle and it is assumed that was what they mutated from. They are incredibly valuable, seeming to need little food or water and able to survive though long treks of the most inhospitable parts of the wasteland, such as the great dust flats that lay east of them.

They are also valued because most give out a highly nutritious milk. Of course, drinking a vacca’s milk could be dangerous. Most of their milk is just a refreshing, rad-free drink. But some vacca are more mutated then others and their milk can have strange effects on those who drink it.

“It looks healthy, but dusty and tired,” Bee says, commenting on the pack animal. She lowers the scope from her eye and looks at Specter. “What do you want to do?”

Specter shrugs. “He sounds innocent enough. And if anyone else was with him I bet you would have spotted them. I say we come out of hiding and go meet him head on. Maybe he knows something that can help me with my mission. We won’t know unless we ask.”

“Alright,” Bee says, smiling. “You’re far more trusting than I ever was.”

“Comes with the job,” Specter says as she gets to her feet. “You have to hope for the best in people while being prepared for the worst. Now come on, let’s go greet this stranger. But keep your weapon ready, just in case.”

A short time later the two women are cautiously approaching the figure and his pack animal, waving a friendly greeting. The figure returns the wave, moving forward to speak to them.

“Well howdy, strangers,” he says with a deep male voice that’s muffled by the layers of dusty cloth wrapped around his face. “Had hoped to meet some people here! I’ve just dragged all these supplies across the great dust flats and am eager to start unloading what I got. You two happen to be in the market for anything special?”

“Looks like you were right,” Specter whispers to Bee, “just a trader.” She turns to the man and raises her voice. “Don’t really need any supplies, but I am in the market for information.”

“Ah,” the man says, adjusting his stance. His face is totally covered in rags, his eyes hidden behind shaded goggles. “Well, I may have what you’re looking for, but everything has a cost. What kind of information are you after?”

“Well,” Specter says, trying to determine what to ask first. “Well… I’m looking for an old prewar lab rumored to be somewhere near here and—”

“And containing technology that is exactly the answer to whatever your current problem is, yes? Everyone’s heard that old rumor, but honestly I doubt it exists.

“I’ve been traveling through this area for years, searching old ruins for scraps to trade. I could draw you a map with about ten prewar labs buried round these parts, but they have all been picked clean. A few even have survivors living in them and probably wouldn’t be too happy to have visitors coming to pick through their homes. Sorry, Ranger, but seriously doubt the legend your chasing after is real.”

Instead of being disheartened by his answer Specter is actually quite happy. Many traders would have lied, making something up on the spot. By the time Specter would have been able to investigate and discover the information was bullshit they would be long gone and free of all repercussions. It had happened to her many times. But this man was being up front about what he didn’t know, which meant if he did know something it was more likely to be true.

She nods at the man. “I appreciate your honesty. But that’s not the only information I’m after. I’m also trying to locate a scientist who goes by the name of ‘Zero’.”

“Ah,” the man says, “that I may be able to help you with.” His voice is muffled, but it sounds as if he is hesitant to go on. “But, the price is going to be pretty high. Some people don’t want to be found, and if you were to go after Zero she, uh, might be able to figure out who led you to her.”

Specter’s eyes open wide. She hadn’t actually expected him to know anything. But from the sounds of it he not only knew where the scientist was, but had met her! How else would he know that Zero was, in fact, a woman?

“I must know Zeros location. I’m willing to pay almost any price!” She thrusts her chest out as she says this; confident that if he wasn’t already planning on asking for something that involved them that he would be now.

He looks down, clearly checking out her massive breasts. She wishes that she could see his face, see just how much he wanted to have her breasts.

“It just so happens that one of those labs I mentioned with people living in it, well, I was talking about Zero and her weird little tribe. I could give you directions that would take you right to her. That was actually my last stop.

“I traded a lot of stuff with her, actually. She made it clear she didn’t normally trade with strangers, nor let them live. But she’s out in the middle of nowhere and needed food and water, and I had plenty. So she traded for the majority of what I had, loading me up with prewar supplies I KNOW I’m going to be able to trade for a profit.

“Some of it, though, I took for my own personal use. One thing in particular…” He stops now, shuffling awkwardly and looking about as if he is about to share a great secret. He then looks at her breasts again, seeming to stare at them as he continues to talk. “I, uh, have a certain sexual act that is my favorite. One that involves a woman’s breasts. I’m sure you can imagine what I’m talking about.”

Specter laughs at this. “Oh yes, I’m VERY familiar with that. We BOTH are,” she says, looking at Bee.

The man glances at Bee, but then quickly looks back to Specter’s breasts. “Yes, well, compared to you I couldn’t see a man really being interested in doing it with that one. No, if we’re going to trade it has to be for YOUR tits.”

She laughs again. “I never said my friend here’s breasts were up for offer. So, what you’re saying is you want to fuck my tits and then you’ll tell me where Zero is? You’ve got a deal, mister!”

He holds up his hands. “Not so fast! See, I want to use something I got from Zero. A prewar oil, a ‘personal lubricant’ that’s supposed to make it feel oh so much better.”

“Sure,” Specter says. “Lube’s kind of rare out here in the wasteland, but this won’t be the first time a guy has used some on these beauties.” She grabs her breasts as she says the word ‘beauties’. “You want to go somewhere more private, or should we do it right here? I don’t mean to rush you, but I want to get the info and be on my way as soon as I can.”

“I… I don’t know. Give me a minute to think, okay?” the man says, turning to the vacca and beginning to dig through the packs draped over its back. “I’ve got to find the stuff before we decide where to go!”

Bee pulls Specter off to the side and leans in, speaking quietly so only she can hear her. “Are you sure about this? He said he got this lube from Zero and you told me the scientist has a bad reputation, this could be some kind of trick.”

“How?” Specter asks. “It’s just some lube. I’ve done this hundreds of times, these tits are used to being fucked,” she says, grabbing her boobs and lifting them up. “They have helped me get passed more challenges than my guns. I know what I’m doing. Besides, I’ve got you now. If he tries something you can—”

“No, I can’t,” she whispers in a firm voice. “If I’m standing close enough to guard you I’ll be able to see what he’s doing. Just thinking about someone fucking your tits is making me all hot and bothered. If I SEE a guy going to town on your tits I’m going to get hard and cock crazy again. You want me level headed enough to help I’ll have to be out of sight.”

Specter gives Bee a sympathetic, understanding look. “All right Bee, I’ll make sure we’re out of sight. I’m really not worried, though. I’m sure every things going to be fine. But just to be safe stay close enough to hear me scream.”

She pulls away and looks at the trader. “Okay, I think it would be best if we had some privacy.”

“I was thinking the same thing,” he says, pulling a small bottle out of a pack and holding it up. “I’ll just tie my vacca up. Those ruins off to the side of the road seem stable and private enough. Think your friend can keep an eye on my things?”

“Sure,” Bee says. She leans in to whisper in Bee’s ear. “And if he tries anything shady I can make sure he never gets a chance to get back to his precious ‘things’.”

Soon Specter and the trader are in the relative seclusion of the ruined building. Parts of the walls have collapsed as has much of the ceiling, but the walls that remain standing make it so Bee cannot see them.

Specter starts taking her longcoat off, slipping seductively out of the jacket and placing it on the dirty ground before her. She then makes a show of slowly pulling her shirt up and over her massive breasts, making sure the moment just before they fall free of the tight fabric stretches on as long as possible. The man lets out a pleased moan as her large, heavy breasts fall from the shirt and bounce heavily into the open air.

She then lowers herself down onto knees, her jacket making it so the filth on the ground won’t painfully grind into them. She places her hands under her breasts and lifts them up, offering them to the man. “Come and get them,” she says.

For an awkwardly long time he simply stands before her, looming tall above her and looking down at her tits.

God I wish I could see his face, try to understand what he’s feeling, what he’s thinking. I’m good at reading people. But he’s so covered up… I can’t tell what’s going through his head!

Specter decides to try and help him along, to encourage him to get started. She lifts her breasts up towards him, giving them a little squeeze as she does so. She then starts playing with them, massaging and squeezing the tips of her breasts to make her large nipples hard. The little show seems to do the trick, the man moans in pleasure and she can see a bulge growing in his pants.

He pulls out the small bottle he retrieved from his packs and uses it to squirt a large amount of oil like substance on both her tits. “Now rub it all over them,” he says, his breathing hard and sounding strange through all the cloth wrapped around his face.

She does as he asks, immediately feeling the oil heat up as she spreads it over her breasts. “Ooooh,” she coos, “that’s nice.” Soon her ghostly-pale breasts are glistening with an oily sheen, her hands slippery as well. Everywhere the oil touches her skin there is heat, pleasant throbbing tingles of warm pleasure.

A small gust of wind blows through the ruins, the breeze making the heat on her oiled skin intensify. Specter makes a small, feminine sound of surprise. The added stimulation sends a burst of pleasure running through her body, one that’s left her pants feeling suddenly wet. Her cunt is now throbbing and there is a disorienting feeling of sudden closeness to orgasm.

“Wait,” she mutters, “what is going on?”

She has no idea if the man doesn’t hear her question or simply chooses to ignore it. He’s digging into the front of his pants, pulling his cock free. It’s large and hard and throbbing. “Need this,” he mutters, sounding suddenly mad. He comes forward, slamming his cock down in between her tits.

Specter wants to keep her end of the bargain even though she’s having serious doubts about whether this was a good idea or not. This oil is clearly more than just lube, perhaps tinged with some strange prewar drug. Full of self doubt she wraps her tits around his cock, beginning to bounce them up and down to tittyfuck the man’s hard member.

Almost immediately she begins to moan and shudder. The feel of her soft breasts rubbing up against his hard cock is overwhelming. The breeze brought her to the edge of orgasm, but this sends her rocketing past that point. She moans and wails as an orgasm the likes of which she has never experienced explodes form her loins. It’s full of moist heat that seems to blast out form her core, making her feel as though she’s wet her pants. Her breasts throb with burning heat, her skin growing even more sensitive as the orgasm stretches on.

It’s too intense, she has to let go of her breasts. But the man’s hands quickly replace hers, pressing her breasts in around his cock even tighter. A moment later he is moving his hips, thrusting his cock up and down through the canyon of her pressed tit-flesh.

She howls in pleasure, multiple orgasms exploding into existence so close together that they begin to blend into one intense, mind melting climax. She screams, the scream fading into a whimper as her body is sapped of all strength. She’s cumming too hard, her body drained totally.

YES,” the man grunts, pounding her tits harder. “So fucking good. Cock never felt so damn amazing! Going to fucking cum already….”

Specter is still cumming, her body trembling as she grows weaker and weaker. The orgasms are just too strong, just too intense. She feels it with every inch of her body, her tits now so sensitive that her mind can barely process the sensations she’s experiencing.

Going to pass out, she thinks, starting to sway and only held up by the man’s firm grasp on her huge breasts. Her arms hang limply at her sides, her head lolling to one side.

Her eye lids begin to flutter closed, her body so very tired. Just as the world starts to go black she’s aware of an explosion of warm, thick fluid between her breasts. The man’s cum mixes with the oil, her skin a flame with an all new barrage of sensitivity as whatever drug is in the oil has a strong reaction to the man’s seed.

She then blacks out, falling away from the man with a limp thud into the dirt as soon as he lets go of her tits.

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