Poll Driven Story: “The Rings of Corruption” Episode Three Part Five

Alright perverts, the fifth part of episode three is ready for you to read! You can find it, and the voting for what happens next, below the cut off. You can also find all the other ring stories in there entirety HERE.

* * *


Bestla stands silently beside Bal’s throne, deep in thought about all that has happened over the past few days. Her life has been a nearly non-stop carnival of carnal pleasures during that time, leaving her physically and mentally fatigued.

Bal seems to have a nearly insatiable hunger for sexual pleasure. From what Bestla has seen the man spends nearly every waking moment engaged in activities that are sexual in nature. Even when he himself is not physically involved in the sexual activities he will be directing the women around him to be doing things to each other.

She had always been led to believe that men could only have sex once or maybe twice a day and that after finishing they would be sluggish and tired. Either she had been lied to her whole life or Bal was an exceptional man. She was leaning towards the later, and suspected his supercharged libido was being increased by magical means.

All of the women in his harem were being controlled by various magical items, some blunt and direct like the magical slave collar she wore around her neck. But some of them were more subtle, magic rings or bracelets that had small effects on the women’s bodies and minds; effects Bestla believed some of the victims were unaware of.

Once, when Ball had been out of the room, Bestla had asked where all the magical items had come from. “Isn’t it obvious?” Reh, the brown haired barbarian whose breasts were trapped in their enlarged state, had said with a look of horror on her face. “These are all the cursed item’s he took from various monsters and evil wizards during his years as an adventurer!”

Lizzoznaih, who seemed to act as the leader of the women, further answered the question. “He was hording them at first, trying to keep them out of circulation till he could figure out how to rid the world of their ‘evil’. Being magical they are resistant to most mundane forms of destruction. But eventually he realized it was a waste to let items this glorious simply sit around and collect dust. So he started using them!”

Bestla’s jaw had fallen open. “Yes,” she said, “on people like you! How can you be so happy about it?”

Liz had just laughed. “Maybe at first he had to use them on me, but I quickly learned how enjoyable this life was. I wear no magical artifacts like the one around your neck, and neither does Ahloral here. We’ve both accepted that Bal is a great man worthy of serving this way, and we both have felt how this pleases our god Azel.”

Ahloral had spoken up then. “Yes, we suspect that Bal is slowly becoming more than just a great man; we think he’s becoming a living avatar of Azel! We’ve been here the longest, we’ve seen the changes that have come over him.”

“Yes,” Liz said, nodding her head. “He’s… bigger. Not just physically, but his presence as well. As his innate power increases he becomes more substantial, more real than the world around him. It’s as if he’s slowly becoming a god!”

Ahloral gave a small embarrassed giggle, something that seemed out of place coming from the dark haired beauty who normally acted and spoke with no hint of humor. “And his cock has gotten bigger, definitely more god-like.”

MUCH bigger,” Liz said, agreeing.

“We’ve seen that too,” Reh had said, her eyes wide in fear at the memories. “Sometimes I swear it grows even larger when he’s really worked up or angry, returning back to its normal size only after he’s gotten off.”

Thezros, the silver haired paladin, had shivered then. “It’s true. His cock has a mind of its own… it’s a demon!”

“Now, sister, do not speak so or we shall have to tell Master that you are in need of more punishment,” Liz said, giving the paladin a harsh glare. She had then turned to Bestla and said, “She wasn’t very into men before Bal took a liking to her. She still struggles with the things our Master requires her to do, especially when he commands that she enjoy those things and get off from them.”

Ahloral had sidled up to Thezros then, wrapping her arms seductively around the fearful, trembling paladin. “She still prefers the touch of a woman, and Master has so far allowed us to give her what she really craves. But he’s warned her that if she continues to be belligerent and disobedient that he will forbid her from being with the rest of us.”

The memory of the conversation is interrupted by a loud, mocking laugh coming from Bal. Bestla blinks, looking at him sitting in the throne beside her. He’s leaning to one side, an elbow on the armrest and his face resting on a fist as he stares at the figure before him, a bored expression on his face. “And who are you to come to my keep and judge me?” he asks, clearly disinterested in the answer.

The five  women standing behind and beside his throne all begin to adjust, some pulling back away from the menacing figure standing in the center of the room with fear, others taking a protective step forward and pulling in closer to Bal. Both Lizzoznaih and Ahloral raise their hands, energy glowing in their fists as they prepared spells.

The figure in the center of the room stands her ground. She is a tall woman with a slender, muscular build. She wears layers of fur-trimmed leather armor of a fashion that is popular with adventurers. It isn’t particularly revealing, but its form hugging enough to reveal that the woman has decently sized breasts and a perky, well shaped ass.

She has long, wild brown hair that makes her pretty facial features look fierce, the angry expression on her face helping add to her intimidating appearance. And everyone in the room can see that she wears multiple magical charms, necklaces and bracers that glow and pulse with silent energy. Even the large sword she holds in both hands has glowing magical runes on its blade. The woman is clearly an adventurer, a well kitted out one.

“I am Floronia Cotentina, hero of Krantis. And I am here, Bal Nemon, to put an end to you.” Bal snorts at this, showing no sign that he views the woman before him as a real threat.

Bestla expects the woman to attack after the proclamation, but instead she lowers her weapon and the fierce look on her face softens. She takes a step forward, her tone much softer now.

“You were our hero, Bal, the one that we looked up to! You did everything right, saved countless lives and banished unmanageable evils. You did countless good deeds, and did them not for coin but because they were the right thing to do.

“There are hundred like me who became adventurers because we wanted to be like you! I implore you, turn back from this life of evil you have taken up. Release these women that cower around you. Deep down you must know this is all wrong!”

“Wrong?” Bal says, sitting up and spreading his legs. He is naked, as always, wearing only a few leather straps across his large chest along with a number of magical rings and necklaces.

Bestla can see Floronia’s eyes grow wide as Bal spreads his legs to reveal his cock hanging limply between his legs. Its impressive length is draped over the edge of the throne, hanging limply over the edge. It currently appears larger than Bestla has ever seen it before.

“How could this life style be wrong? Behold my cock, Floronia Cotentina hero of Krantis, and see how Azel has blessed me. How could my actions be wrong if the very gods shower me with gifts such as this?”

For just a moment Floronia looks uncertain, confused even. It was true that some of the gods were evil. But Azel was not considered to be one of them. Yes, his followers tended to be obsessed with sexual perversion, but that was to be expected. Azel was the dick god after all!

“You try to confuse me with your words,” Floronia says, forcing herself to look away from Bal’s cock. “You use magic to befuddle my mind. But I shall not fall for your tricks! I’ve come prepared, covered in charms and wards to protect me from the evils you have surrounded yourself with. I even wear a charm that shall prevent your god’s blessing from affecting my mind. I know of how Azel can enchant men’s dick so the sight and smell of it will leave a woman stupefied, horny and wishing to please him.”

Bestla glances at Bal’s dick. The last few days suddenly make a lot more sense to her now. She had found his cock mesmerizing, the smell enticing in an addictive way. Clearly the majority of the confusing, overwhelming sexual desires she had felt when with the man had been because of this blessing!

“So you’ve come prepared,” Bal says, his voice bored once again. “Do you expect me to be impressed? Afraid? None of your charms will save you. In the end you will submit to me. Sure, you can resist my cock now, but for how long?”

The woman narrows her eyes, her grip on her sword growing tighter. “That, Bal Nemon, is something none of us shall discover.”

The next few seconds are a blur of action, things moving almost too fast for Bestla to process.

Floronia begins to lunge forward, making to rush the throne. But it is clear that Bal had foreseen this. One of his hands had settled onto the armrest of his throne, his fingers curling under the edge where a number of glass vials were hidden. As the woman begins to move forward he grabs one of the vials and launches it at her.

The glass vial lands on the floor, shattering and releasing a cloud of thick green gas that. But Floronia’s reflexes are inhumanly fast; as soon as the vial is moving through the air she tumbles to the side, rolling out of the way and leaping back to her feet far away from the expanding cloud of gas.

“You’re dirty tricks will not work on me,” she shouts, rushing the throne but now from a new angle. “Today shall be remembered as the day that the fallen hero Bal Nemon was redeemed by having his reign of sexual terror ended by my blade!”

As she yells she begins leap up the stairs of the raised platform the throne sits on. Bal remains sitting and no longer looks bored, but he is not yet preparing for battle. Lizzoznaih and Ahloral rush forward, stepping between their master and the advancing adventurer.

Both women begin waving their hands before them, mumbling incantations as their fingers dance about and trace arcane symbols in air. Magical energy bursts forth from their hands then shoots forward toward Floronia. Jets of sparking blue magic shoots from Liz’s hands while a stream of green magical fire bursts forth from Ahloral’s.

Floronia doesn’t dodge the attacks. Just before the magical energy and fire reach her a previously invisible shield of energy sparks into life around her, preventing the blasts from hitting her. Still, she stumbles back slightly her advance halted halfway up the stairs to the throne.

Bestla’s muscles twitch. She wants to rush forward, to help the adventurer. But Bal had given her a clear command before Floronia’s arrival not to help the women nor hinder her ‘sisters’ in any way if they were required to protect him. The slave collar around her neck now ensured she followed those orders. She was unable to help, but she could hope that the brave woman would win this battle.

Glancing quickly to her sides she could see that both Reh and Thezros were holding back, similar looks of hope on their faces. She knew they must be experiencing what she was, wanting to help and pained they can’t. Simply having to stand and watch, hoping this woman will be the one to rescue them from Bal.

For a few moments all three women feel their hopes swell. Floronia had been staggered by the magical attack at first, but now she is pressing forward once more. Blue magic and green flames press against the transparent force field around her but the attacks are unable to do her any harm. She presses forward, leaning against the magical forces attempting to push her back.

With a fierce snarl Floronia leaps forward, closing the distance between her and the two wizards. There is a flurry of action, blasts of magic and Floronia’s sword swinging through the air. Then the two wizards collapse.

Bestla gasps, fearing for a moment that the adventurer has killed both women. She wants them to survive, confident that once Bal is defeated they will be able to shake off whatever he has done to their minds. Giving their limp bodies on the floor a quick glance reveals no sign of blood, so Bestla has to assume Floronia has simply knocked them out, maybe using the handle of her sward to strike them hard upside the head.

A moment later Floronia seems to confirm this. “I won’t kill any of you,” she says. “I’m here to free you!” She looks past Bal to Bestla and the two women cowering near her. “But if you protect your master I WILL be forced to hurt you.”

She was now within striking distance of Bal. It is clear that the man is stunned that she made it past the two wizards. Maybe if she hadn’t stopped to speak to the other woman she would have been able to strike him, but in stopping she gave Bal the chance to recover from the shock and act.

He rises to his feet, bellowing out the word “ENOUGH!” The sound is deafening, echoing through the hall and making the walls shake. As he gets to his feet he seems to grow, becoming impossibly tall yet paradoxically remaining the same height. He looms above Floronia, anger on his face that seems to be enough to send her stumbling back down the stairs.

With slow, heavy steps he moves down the stairs, glaring at the adventurer. She seems to shrink away from his terrifying presence, diminished before his sudden might. The charms and magical items she wears all begin to spark, popping and then their magic ceasing.

With a fearful whimper she drops her sword and begins to drop to her knees, but Bal is upon her before she reaches the ground. With one massive hand he reaches out and grabs the woman’s head, his hand big enough to totally cover her face. He jerks her body up, lifting her easily into the air with one arm.

For a moment she struggles, kicking and punching at the massively muscled naked body before her. Bal’s muscle’s flex, his grip tightening painfully on her head. A muffled scream of pain can be heard then the woman goes limp, her arms dangling pathetically at her sides in total defeat.

“I told you that in the end you would submit to me,” he snarls. He grabs the front of her clothing and tears it open, revealing her breasts. They are of middling size, but pleasantly full and firm. “These tits are now mine,” he says before reaching down and ripping the woman’s pants off. “This cunt is now mine! YOU are now mine, and you shall spend the rest of your life serving my cock, living in worship of it and Azel.”

He turns, walking back to his throne and while still holding her up in the air before him with one hand. Bestla can see that his cock now stands menacingly tall and rigid, the veins along its inhuman length pulsing. He turns to sit back in his throne, grabbing her by the waist and turning her body around so that she is facing away from him. Bestla can see that the adventurer is still conscious but that she looks dazed, confused and overwhelmed.

Bal sits, lowing the adventurer down onto his cock and impaling the woman’s cunt with it. Her eyes open wide and screams, obviously pained by the sheer size of Bal’s cock as it enters her.

Beside Bestla Thezros shudders and whimpers. “Poor woman,” she whispers, her voice shaking. “I’ve never seen his cock so big… I can only imagine the pain of something so large being forced inside of me!”

Bal has hold of the adventurer by the hips and is forcefully lowering her down onto his cock. She continues to scream, but as she is lowered further down his shaft the scream becomes one of pleasure, not just of pain.

“Yesssssss,” Bal hisses, “give in to the pleasure that the Azel can bring! Feel the joy of being filled by a cock he has blessed. Feel the increased sensitivity such a cock gives your needy little cunt. Feel sexual pleasure in a way you didn’t even know existed.”

“By the gods above, I had no idea!” she howls. A moment later her hands are braced on the arm rests of the throne and she is leaning forward slightly as she bounces her back end up and down Bal’s massive cock.

Bestla can see his thick, veiny cock glistening with moisture from her cunt. She is standing close enough that she can smell both Bal’s cock and the woman’s cunt. The smell fills her senses, making her pussy throb and grow moist. She starts to rub her legs together, reaching up and gently grabbing one of her own breasts as she fights against the impulse to slip her other hand in between her legs.

“There is no hope for us,” she says with a whimper.

“No,” Reh says, “none.” Bestla looks at her and can see that her hand is between her legs, her fingers working her cunt. She’s topless, her over sized saggy tits hanging free. Her free hand is groping at them, pinching at her nipples as she watches Bal fuck-tame the Adventurer.

Even Thezros seems to be affected. She’s fallen to the ground, looking up at Bal with a hand jammed into her cunt. She’s in tears, masturbating furiously. “It will never end… I hate it, but I can’t resist,” she says through her sobs. Her eyes are fixed on the man’s dick. “His cock is just too powerful to resist!”

Floronia screams in pleasure, cumming. “Oh gods, yes! I was wrong, so wrong! I’m yours Bal, I shall serve you. I shall serve Azel!”

Bal smiles, grabbing her tightly around the waist and pumping her body up and down his cock even faster as he too nears orgasm. “Then allow Azel to make your servitude magically binding. Take my cum willingly and forever be my servant, make me your master.”

“Yes, yes,” she screams, “I take your seed willingly!”

Bal groans then, pressing her body down so that his cock is deep inside her when he cums. Bestla is able to see Floronia’s eyes as Bal cums. For a moment they glow, a sign of the magical contract being worked by the god Azel.

So that’s how he does it, Bestla thinks. That’s how he controls Lizzoznaih and Ahloral without any magical devices. They willingly submitted to him at one point. She looks to the two women besides her. And we haven’t submitted yet. We have to do it willingly or our minds will remain free of his control. As long as we remain unbroken there is some hope of escape!

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