Poll Driven Story: “Dyson City” Part Three

Alright perverts, the third part of Dyson City is ready for you to read! You can find it, and the voting for what happens next, below the cut off. You can also find all the story in its entirety HERE.

He then looks at the kneeling woman, admiring the sight of all the cum on her tits. All of MY cum, he thinks. God, I hope every fucking load is this big from now on. I don’t even care that it means the egg heads did something to me, it will totally be worth it. Maybe it’s from that food they want me to eat? Have to make sure I keep eating it.

Keith looks down to glance at his cock, proud of how much cum came out of it. Doing so he sees that he’s still hard, something he hadn’t expected. And now that he’s aware of the fact that he’s still erect he notices that he’s still incredibly horny.

His eyes flash back to the woman kneeling before him, to her cum covered tits. Always wanted to fuck a woman’s tits using my own cum as lube, he thinks, staring at the messy fluid oozing down her chest. He looks back to his cock then back to her chest. Just thinking about cum-fucking her tits has him even harder than before. His cock is throbbing, begging him to try it out.

The woman is still kneeling on the ground, her arms hanging limply at her sides. Her head is tilted slightly to the side, the vacant unseeing look in her eyes making her appear intensely vulnerable and making her even more enticing.

He steps back up to her, slamming his cock down into the cum running down her chest, a fleshy wet thudding sound echoing through the silent apartment. He grabs his cock and rubs it around in the cum, enjoying how dirty and perverse this is.

After getting his cock good and cummy he grabs her tits, lifting them up and around his cock as he leans into her chest. The semen makes a squelching sound as her tits are pressed tightly around his cock. A moment later he is moving his hips, humping her chest. He does so slowly, partially because his cock still has post-climax sensitivity and partially to revel in the feel of this new act he is experiencing.

He wanted to try this purely for the kink factor, for how perverse the idea of cum-fucking a woman’s tits is. But now that he’s doing it, now that the movements of his cock are being lubricated by his own cum, he’s discovering just how fucking good it feels. His cock slides against her skin with a silky smoothness far superior to that he would get from spit, better than even some of the actual lube he’s used. Thinking about lube he realizes that he needs to pick some up to keep with him.

Once the thought goes through his head he returns his attention to the big tits he’s fucking. Looking down he can see that the cum pressed around her tits and his cock has begun to become all frothy, causing a messy thick white foam to build up around the top of her cleavage and on his balls.

Messy, he thinks. Kind of gross too, but you know what? I like it. It’s fucking hot BECAUSE it’s kind of gross.

He continues to fuck her tits with slow, steady thrusts. He’s trying to make this last, stretch out every delicious moment. But new things always make him cum quickly so he doesn’t last long. With a shudder and a groan he cums while her breasts are wrapped tightly around his cock. Although the tip of his cock is out of sight he can see semen oozing out the top of her cleavage.

Letting go of her tits he takes a step back, staring at the much larger mess now on her chest. The second load of cum isn’t as big as the first, but it’s still more semen then normally comes out of his body. Looking down he can see that his cock and the area all around it is as big of a mess as the blond woman’s chest. His cock, which is now growing softer with every heart beat, is dripping cum onto the floor.

“We need to get cleaned up,” he says to the woman. He thinks about simply going to get her a towel, but decides to instruct her to get up and follow him into the shower.

He finds the shower spacious, easily able to fit two people. After getting the water to just the right temperature he steps in, instructing the woman to follow after him. She moves with zombie like obedience, her movements slightly stiff and her eyes staring blankly ahead.

Keith stares at her as he washes himself off, paying extra attention to his cock and the area around it. The mess on her chest has only grown worse inside the shower. She’s standing far enough back that none of the water is washing the cum away, but the water splashing off of his body is making the cum on her chest even runnier than it already is.

Once he feels his dick is clean enough he steps out of the water, moving around her and pushing her forward. “Clean yourself up,” he instructs her.

“Yes, sir,” she says without emotion, turning into the water and beginning to wash all the cum off her chest.

The sight of her grabbing her large breasts then rubbing and rinsing the cum off of them makes his dick start to swell once again. “Damn,” he mutters, looking down at the growing chub of an erection he now has. He’s more surprised than anything else. Keith is fairly certain that if he was to leave things as they are he won’t get any harder, but knowing he might be able to get hard and cum for a third time in less than a half hour fills him with a reckless need to fuck again.

This time, though, I’m going to fuck her properly, he thinks as he grabs his cock and starts stroking it, encouraging it to keep getting harder. “Bend over,” he barks, “and brace yourself against the wall.”

She does just as she is instructed, placing her hands flat on the wall just below the showerhead and leaning into the cascading water. Keith steps forward, grabbing her meaty ass with both hands and pulling her body back towards him, enjoying how substantial she feels in his hands.

He then reaches down with one hand, grabbing his cock and directing it into her cunt. He has to use his other to open her legs slightly, but after a few moments of shifting their bodies back and forth he funds her vaginal opening. He presses into her then returns to holding her waist just above her ass.

She’s tight and wet, her soft thick ass pressing pleasantly against his lower abs every time he thrusts forward. He fucks her at a steady, hard pace enjoying the feel of being in side of her but more than anything marveling at being able to get hard to and fuck someone after just having cum twice already.

With a groan he cums inside of her, feeling that this time not much semen has come out of him. As soon as the rushing release of the orgasm is over he has a moment of anxiety, quickly pulling out of her and swearing when he realizes he’s just ejaculated inside her without any protection on. But then he remembers that one of the things the doctors did to him was give him a vasectomy.

Keith never wanted kids and had always hated condoms. When the doctors offered to give him the procedure for free he had jumped at it, although the fact the procedure had been done had been quickly forgotten. Thinking about it now he realizes he can fuck to his heart’s content without having to worry about impregnating anyone.

As they get out of the shower a sudden sleepiness comes over Keith, as if the three consecutive fucks have all caught up to him at once. While drying himself off and fighting back a yawn he decides he’s going to take a nap.

Looking at the woman, admiring her naked body as she stands stupidly dripping water all over the bathroom floor, Keith decides he’s not done with her yet. “Dry yourself off then come join me in the bedroom,” he says. “I’m going to take a nap and I want you there with me. And I want you there when I wake up.”

“Yes, sir,” she says without any emotion. A moment later she grabs a towel and begins drying off.

The bed is huge, more than large enough for two people. Looking at it he thinks that it could easily fit four or even five people if they were willing to all be cuddled up. “It’s almost like the company knew exactly what I would be doing with my time,” he mutters as he pulls the blankets back and climbs into the bed.

The mattress is perfect, just the right mix of firm and soft. Even the sheets and blankets are perfect, exactly what he would have purchased for himself. He thinks back to all the questions they had asked him. Maybe this whole city has been built to my specifications! But why? What could be the point of an experiment like that?

His thoughts are interrupted by the blond woman climbing into the bed and slipping under the covers with him. They are instantly drawn together, cuddling for warmth under blankets and both beginning to quickly drift off to sleep. She rolls over, turning her back to him so he can better hold her.

“Don’t even know your name,” Keith mumbles, pressing into the woman’s back side and wrapping his arms tightly around her and giving one of her breasts a gentle squeeze.

“Abigene,” the woman mumbles sleepily.

“Abigene,” Keith says, repeating the name. “Well Abigene, you’re mine now. I’m keeping you here… till I get bored of you…”

He never hears if she responds, falling asleep as the last word leaves his mouth.


* * *


Keith wakes up a few hours later, hungry and needing to piss. He slips out of bed, leaving Abigene sleeping under the blankets and quickly forgetting she even exists. He pisses then heads to the kitchen to pull a meal out of the fridge. He quickly scarfs it down then eats a second one, chasing them both down with one of the energy drinks in the fridge.

Afterwards he feels totally refreshed and surprisingly horny. Only then does he remember the plump blond woman sleeping in his bed. He’s half tempted to go wake her up by sticking his cock in her, but he decides not to. He has a whole city of women to explore, and he’s still not entirely sure if they are all going to be as easily controlled as her. He wants to discover the truth sooner than later. Besides, if other women don’t react to him snapping his fingers the way she did he can always come back to the apartment and enjoy her body.

His clothes are still on the living room floor just where he left them. After getting dressed he decides he’s going to move from apartment to apartment in the building, exploring the women closest to him. It will also be a good test of whether everyone will keep ignoring his presence even as he invades their personal space. And when he finds someone that his cock wants? Well, then he’ll try snapping his fingers and see what happens.

The first couple of apartments confirm what he had noticed earlier: none of the doors in the building have locks. He’s able to go in and out of each home with ease, although the first couple of apartments have no one home. That’s not too surprising, it’s the middle of the day now and he figures most people are going to be at work. And since there seems to be no other men in the city he figures there aren’t going to be a lot of bored housewives just hanging out at home.

When he opens the door to the third apartment down the hall from his he is immediately met by the sound of multiple women laughing. “Score,” he says, cautiously opening the door wider and stepping into the apartment.

In the living room just inside the apartment are four young women, all looking like they are all in their early twenties. They are sitting spread out on the room’s furniture, a couch and a couple of recliners. They each have a glass of wine in their hands and are having an animated, good humored discussion.

Keith rolls his eye. “Fucking girl time,” he says as he creeps into the room. So far none of the women have shown any sign of noticing the stranger coming into the apartment. None of them give any hint that they hear him when he speaks either, so he figures they are just like all the women he passed in the street this morning. But he wants to be sure.

Throwing all caution to the wind he slams the front door hard behind him. All four women jump slightly, one of them squeaking girlishly in surprise. Clearly they heard the door slamming and were startled by it. Yet other than that first start they show no sign of actually being aware of it happening. No one mentions the door slamming or comments on their startled jumps. They simply continue yammering on as if nothing had happened.

A shiver runs down Keith’s spine. He’s still not used to this…. Its eerie, makes him feel like he’s a ghost. He’s suddenly filled with the need to prove he isn’t a ghost.

He dashes forward, rushing into the living room to stand in the center of the women. The only sign they show that they are aware of his presence is the way some of them lean to the side to look past him and continue their conversation. He wants to shout something mean at the women to see how they respond, but he remembers he tried that earlier and got no response.

Instead he raises his hand and snaps his fingers as hard and loud as he can. The action has an immediate effect on all four women. They all react as if they were blasted by a deafening sound, looks of stunned shock appearing on their faces as they jump back slightly in their seats, one of them even spilling some of her wine on the floor.

The room is silent after that, none of the women speaking any more. Instead they are all staring at Keith, sitting perfectly still. Two of them have blank, emotionless expressions just like Abigene had on her face while she was under. The other two appear to have the initial expression of shock frozen on their face.

“Can you see me, hear me?” he asks, looking from face to face as his heart races.

“Yes,” they all say in unison. The one’s with blank expressions say the word without any emotion, but the other two women’s voices sound nervous, maybe even a little fearful.

Keith takes the time now to get a good look at the women. They are all Caucasian, none of them pretty enough to catch his eye on the street but none of them ugly either. Solid six’s or seven’s. Two of them are brunettes; one with her messy hair pulled back in a bun the other with long plain hair and thick rimmed glasses. One of the others has jet black hair and thin lips and has the prettiest face out of the four. The fourth girl has long strawberry blond hair and exceedingly pale skin. She’s by far the least attractive of the women, but she also has a thicker build then the others (who are all fairly thin) and looks to have breasts a couple cup sizes bigger than the others.

“Stand up,” he tells them. Almost in unison the four women get to their feet. “Put your wine glasses down and strip, I want to see you all naked.” The words just come out of his mouth, his most base desire being acted on before he even thinks about its consequences.

They all begin to stripe, pulling off their shirts and unhooking their bras before slipping out of their jeans and skirts. A minute or two later and Keith is standing in the middle of a stranger’s living room surrounded by four naked women who are all staring at him.

Their expressions have all evened out, the shock disappearing from two of them and the robotic blank stares of the other two becoming more natural. They all now uniformly stare at him with rapt attention, as if their whole lives are defined by his words and actions, as if waiting for his next command is the most interesting and important thing in the world.

He’s pleased to see that their bodies are far more attractive than their faces. The brunette with the messy hair has small breasts, less than a handful. As soon as he sees this she basically disappears from his mind. The pretty one with the jet black hair and the brunette with the glasses both have plump little narrow tits, maybe big enough to fill a small c-cup and both starting to sag slightly as their bodies begin to progress from the firmness of their teenage years into the growing softness of adulthood.

The forth woman, the one with strawberry blond hair and the biggest breasts becomes the center of his attention. She’s not at all fat, just wide and thick. Her ass is pleasantly meaty, her hips wide, and her breasts not just the largest in the room, but the fullest and firmest as well. He figures she’s maybe a few years younger than the other girls, her tits still having the firmness of extreme youth.

She also has lovely pink areolas, the color so faint it’s barely a different color than the skin of her pale milky breasts. And in the center of her nipples are little indentations. She’s got inverted nipples! How cool, I’ve only ever seen that in porn before. He steps up to her, grabbing her breasts and giving them a little squeeze.

The woman’s only response is a slight blushing in her cheeks. Keith starts playing with her tits then, squeezing and groping them, massaging them in his hands and enjoying how thick and dense they feel. He leans down and starts sucking on one of her nipples, seeing if it will pop out once it’s hard. It does, the swollen bead of pink flesh a lovely little sight. He sucks on her tits for a few minutes, till he’s good and hard.

“I’m going to fuck your tits,” he tells the woman, placing his hands on her shoulders and preparing to press her down onto her knees. But he stops, a deliciously perverse thought popping into his. “No, wait,” he says, letting go of her and stepping back.

He’s not just here to have fun, he’s also on a fact finding mission. “Okay ladies, we’re going to try a little experiment. In a minute I’m going to snap my fingers again, which should take you all out of this obedient trance you seem to be in. When that happens I want you all to go back to what you were doing, unaware that you are now naked. Can you do that?”

They all nod in agreement. He lifts his hand into the air, his thumb on his pointer finger as he prepares to snap his fingers. He hesitates for a moment, nervous to continue. They had nodded their heads, but would they really follow his commands after leaving the trance? Well… only one way to find out.


The women all blink, looking around in confusion for a moment before sitting back down in their seats, picking up their glasses of wine, and then continuing their conversation in the exact place they had left it. None of them seem to realize they are now naked and not a single one of them seems able to see either Keith or their abandoned clothes on the floor.

“Amazing,” he says loudly, laughing. “It’s like I’m a fucking god!” He steps forward, moving toward the pretty woman with the black hair. He reaches out and grabs one of her tits, giving it a firm little squeeze. She doesn’t show any sign of feeling it. He turns to the next woman, the brunette with the glasses. He grabs both her tits, rubbing them around in circles up against her chest. She also makes no sign of noticing.

Next her turns to the thick bodied woman with the big, firm breasts. He licks his lips staring them, admiring the way her nipples have remained hard. “You know what, I AM going to fuck your tits,” he says to her. She laughs in response to something one of the other women has said, showing no hint that she has heard Keith’s declaration.

Keith then starts undoing his belt and taking his pants off. By the time he has his boxers off his cock is hard and ready to go. The woman is sitting on a couch, one of the other women sitting on the other end. He climbs up onto the couch with her, pressing her back and straddling her chest. He spits into his hand, rubbing the moisture on his cock with a couple quick jerks then spits on the woman’s chest as well.

She still shows no sign of being aware of his presence other than leaning to the side to see around him and continue her conversation. Looking around he sees no sign that any of the women in the room are aware of the strange man practically sitting on their friend’s chest, preparing to fuck her tits.

With a wicked grin on his face he turns back to the woman and presses her large, firm breasts around his cock then starts humping her chest. The kink factor of doing this surrounded by women, none of them stopping him, ensures that he gets off fairly quickly. Pretty soon he’s rocketing towards orgasm, not even caring that this hasn’t lasted long. He decides to lift up just before he cums so he can unload all over the woman’s face.

“Ugh! Take it you dumb bitch,” he shouts; shooting a thick, large load of semen spraying all over her. She winces as the cum hits her face, but shows no other sign of being aware of it. Keith gets off her, standing up and staring at his handy work. It’s another huge load, almost as large as the first one. “Fuck,” he says, impressed by how much semen is running down the woman’s face, “they MUST be putting something in that food they want me to eat.”

A glob of cum runs down over one of her eyes. She has to press it closed to keep the thick fluid from getting in her eye, yet she does nothing to wipe it away. Keith looks at the other women’s faces, looking for any hint of awareness or recognition that their friend’s face is now covered in cum. But there is nothing there, no sign of awareness at all.

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