Poll Driven Story: “The Rings of Corruption” Episode Five Part One

Alright perverts, the first part of episode Five is ready for you to read! You can find it, and the voting for what happens next, below the cut off. You can also find all the other ring stories in there entirety HERE.

Also, for those that don’t know, this is a follow up to Episode Two (the one feature Sasha and Elduni).

The gods who have been infected by The Corruption are gathered together in the ethereal plane that looks down on Alaria.

“Alaria is changing,” one of them says in a deep, hissing voice. “The Corruption spreads, growing our influence on this plane of existence. As more of the divine gods are infected and brought over to our side the mortals forget that we were once called ‘demons’ and shunned by their world. They think of us as the same kind of beings as our divine brothers and sister. They call us ‘gods’ and they worship us, giving us the faith we need to grow in power!”

“Yes,” another voice says. “And in time all the gods will fall to the corruption. But we have known since our birth that we are gods just like them, demon was just a name they gave us to shun us for being different. Like them we too have eternity, and in the end they will all be like us. But today, today we will play a game to pass the time.”

“So that is why we were all called here?” yet another voice asks. “To play a game? Tell us, how is this game played?”

“Some of us have endeavored to pour a fraction of our power into a number of magical rings,” the first voice began, explaining. “Through devious machinations we have convinced the Sisterhood of Righteousness that these rings can bring magical protection and might to those that wear them. They have begun to give these rings to those they send out into the world, thinking the rings will protect these chaste warriors as they try and bring good to Alaria.

“But they have been misled. The rings actually draw perversion and the Corruption to those that wear them. It clouds the wearer’s mind, increasing their libido yet causing them to ignore the fact that they are slowly becoming ever more addicted to sexual highs. Every one of the mighty, haughty heroines who go out into the world wearing one of these rings will soon meet their doom, sinking into the deprivation of sexual degeneration.”

“Although this pleases me to hear,” one of the gathered gods says, “I fail to see how this is a game.”

“Because the rings also make it so any of us touched by the Corruption can sway the mind of these women, as well as the minds of any near them. We need only watch and choose how they shall stumble tits first into all sorts of kinky peril…”

Hearing this the gathered gods are pleased. And then they turn their attention to the heroine currently wearing one of the cursed rings. They begin to watch, and they begin to manipulate her mind and body as well the world around her…


* * *


The gods are gathered once again, looking down upon Alaria. Their attention is drawn once more to the area that surrounds Cliffshield, a city ruled over by a powerful dark sorceress known as Elduni.

“The Sisterhood members of the nearby keep have grown worried about the knight Sasha’s disappearance,” one of the gods says.

“Yes, they grow most concerned. They are certain something evil has befallen her, but they know not what manner this evil has taken.”

“We know,” one says, pushing images of Sasha into their minds. They all see the former knight happily and mindlessly working in a brothel called “The Dairy Farm”, an establishment where are all the whores have overlarge breasts that give out tasty milk.

There are sounds of pleasure at the sight, the corrupt gods enjoying the sight of their handy work. But then another image is forced into their minds, one of a stone keep. There is hissing and sounds of displeasure.

“The accursed Sisterhood! Their keeps are protected not just by high stone walls and iron gates. You all feel it, don’t you? The magical protections that keep us and our will at bay?”

“Of course,” someone says. “It’s part of why we created the rings of corruption. The cursed artifacts are able to penetrate their protections where we cannot, pressing on the minds of the Sisterhood and helping them make bad decisions.”

“Bad decisions that ensure their members leave those protected keeps alone and vulnerable, a ring of corruption on their fingers to help us ensure their doom,” another adds.

“Look, the Sisters in this keep have decided to take action after Sasha’s disappearance! They are preparing to send an agent out to discover what happened to her and attempt to defeat Elduni again.”

For a moment all of the gods turn their attention to the keep, struggling to penetrate the magical wards upon it and see inside its walls.

“The ring Sasha wore has already returned to them,” someone says. “But wait, what’s this I feel? There are TWO other rings there?” The gathered gods all begin talking at once. Three of the rings of corrupting in one place will help amplify their powers, giving them near total control over the minds of those wearing them and the world around them.

Together they turn their collective might to those rings, trying to work their will through the magically cursed items. The protective wards around the keep, normally strong enough to keep the corrupt gods from directly controlling things in its walls, are easily penetrated with three of the rings inside.

“We shall convince them to keep the rings together,” one of them declares. “Convince them to send out a trio of Sisterhood agents to discover what happened to Sasha and defeat Elduni. We’ll help them pick the three women most ripe for corruption within the keep.”

“Yes,” one of them says. “Look at that human fire mage: so prim and proper, yet with an indecently curvy body. And look in her mind! She always hated the attention men gave her and wanted to avoid being forced by her wealthy family to wed, so she joined the Sisterhood and embraced their culture of near celibacy. It would be delicious to see one such as her fall.” Again there are murmurs of agreement.

“Look,” another voice calls out. “See the human with the lightly colored black skin? The one with the huge breasts? She’s a cleric, blessed by our very own Ynara. That would explain her massive tits. Yet I see in her mind that her life has been free of all sexual experience, how is that possible?”

Ynara, the corrupt goddess of fat tits speaks up. “It happens from time to time,” she says. “I try to bless all women with naturally large breasts, whether they are sexually innocent or not. I can see that this one grew up in the Sisterhood, took to worshiping me because of her breasts. I, of course, increased their size when I placed my blessing upon her. But she has spent no time with Ynara worshippers from outside the Sisterhood and does not know how I prefer to be worshiped.”

It would be highly enjoyable,” one of the other gods says, “to see her discover just how perverse Ynara worship is outside the confines of the Sisterhood.”

More murmurs of agreement. “That makes two, but we need a third Sister. We’ve two humans, how about a member of another race?”

One of the gods draws their attention to a High Elf druid. “What about this one? She is the most physically exotic here.”

This time there are murmurs of decent. “I sense that she is not as chaste as most members of the Sisterhood. I can see in her mind that she’s shared ritualized moments of physical passion with other High Elf druids during her life.”

“Yes,” another voice says, “but look closer: those were all decades ago. She’s lived for centuries but only been with men a handful of times, and always with other High Elf druids. Perhaps it’s time her sexual sampling of what Alaria has to offer her is expanded?”

“It is agreed then,” a deep commanding voice says. “We shall ensure these three heroines are given the rings of corruption and sent out on a quest to discover what happened to Sasha and defeat Elduni, a quest that will be doomed from the start!”


* * *


The three women ride confidently down the road on horseback at a steady pace. They have been traveling for days now, having set out from the nearby keep of the Sisterhood. The road they are taking will lead them to the city of Cliffshield, where the evil sorceress Elduni rules openly. Their mission is to vanquish the perverse and twisted woman.

They are not the first to set out on such a quest. Not long ago one of the keep’s most well respected knights, a woman called Sasha, had set out on the very same quest. She too wielded one of the rare but powerful rings of protection. But she had disappeared, no word of what happened to her making its way back to the Sisterhood. So the three women’s quest was twofold: defeat Elduni AND discover what happened to Sasha.

“Did either of you know Sasha,” the woman riding in the center asks. She’s a human with bright red hair who rides with perfect posture. Everything about her is neat and fastidious, her red dress still perfectly smooth and free of dust even after days on the road. She wears no weapons, but a thick spell book hangs at her side.

“No, but I had seen her around the keep,” the woman on the right says. She’s a human as well, with lightly colored black skin. She wears a white tunic that is low cut and shows off an indecent amount of her almost inhumanly large breasts. Those voluminous breasts bounce and jiggle as her horse trots down the road. Nearly everywhere in Alaria she would be assumed to be a follower of Ynara, as that would be the most reasonable explanation for her over-sized breasts. “She always seemed to avoid me,” the woman continues, just the hint of a foreign accent in her voice, “even when she was in need of my healing powers.”

“Well, I for one am glad to have those powers along on our quest,” the red haired woman says. “A cleric is always handy to have around.” She turns to face the busty dark skinned woman, angrily brushing a strand of red hair back into place and then adjusting her glasses. “Though hopefully we won’t have need for you to use your abilities very often.” She looks the dark skinned woman over, as if just now seeing her for the first time.” Pray tell, Nur-Ayya, how are you with the mace that hangs at your side?”

Nur-Ayya shrugs. “I’ve trained for years, but I’ve rarely left the confines of the keep. This is my first real mission.” She looks at the woman sitting tall and proud upon the horse next to her. “What about you, Camneveth Pheonixbinger: are you as great a fire mage as they say?”

“Even better, I would imagine,” she says, her expression flat and her tone free of all humor or humility. “I’ve been studying my magics since I was very young. I grew up in a rich family where I was afforded the best education money could buy.”

Both women turn to the third figure riding silently beside them. “What of you, Lythion? We all know you are a powerful druid, but how are you in a fight.”

Lythion, a tall and elegantly thin High Elf flashes them both a mischievous smile with her pretty, thin lips. “I’m decent with a sword, and have learned to use my staff to compliment it in battle. But in a fight my mastery over the very elements around us will be my true value to our little band.”

Her features are Elven thin, her long thin ears extending out far past her dusty blond hair. She wears a tight, form fitting outfit of simple leather that leaves much of her form exposed to the open air. She has shapely hips and small, perky breasts.

Much of her exposed skin is covered in green tattoos that glow faintly, intensifying as a hawk flying overhead screeches then dives towards her. She raises a hand into the air, the hawk landing on her arm with another screech.

Camneveth and Nur-Ayya watch as the High Elf communes with the animal, leaning in to touch her temple to the creature’s head. Her tattoos pulse and then the bird flies away, taking back to the sky above. “He says a duo of bandits have overtaken a traveler up ahead and pulled her off the road to their encampment. Although our quest lies before us surely we cannot pass by this encounter without stopping to help?”

“Indeed we cannot,” Camneveth says, her already stern expression growing more serious. “As members of the Sisterhood of Righteousness it is our sworn duty to protect all who need protecting. We had planned to stay at the inn just up the road this night, but I think we need deal with these scum first. Can you lead us to these bandits, Lyithion?”

“Yes,” Lyithion says with a nod, “but their camp is a ways off the road, deep in the forest. If we approach on horseback they will surely hear us coming.”

“Then let us dismount,” Camneveth says, “and move forward on foot. Maybe if we are careful enough we can take them by surprise.” She looks up at the sky. “The sun will be setting soon anyways; darkness will help cover our approach.”

Night falls quickly, allowing the three heroines to advance with the cover of dark. Lyithion leads the way, her sword in one hand and her wooden staff in the other. She knows exactly where the bandit’s are camped out and is able to lead her partners right to them.

But as they move silently through the forest the rings on their fingers begin to glow, a throbbing red energy pulsing out and beginning to work its magic on their minds and bodies. None of them notice this, however, as the rings of corruption ensure that the woman have all but forgotten they even wear the rings.

By the time they are within sight of the bandit’s camp their minds are fully compromised. The best thing would be to rush forward, using the element of surprise to get the drop on the two bandits before there is any chance of discovery. Instead the three heroines crouch at the edge of the clearing the bandits have made their camp in, deciding to wait and watch.

The scene playing out before them is one that normally would have sent the women rushing into to battle: the two bandits have stripped down out of their clothes, their naked bodies illuminated by a blazing fire nearby. One of the men is laying on a bedroll laid out in the open. He’s propped up slightly on one elbow, a naked green skinned woman in his lap riding his cock.  They can see that the woman’s body is thick with muscles and that she has large, sagging breasts.

The other bandit kneels behind her, pressing down on the small of her back with one hand to make it so he can enter her asshole more easily. His other hand holds her tangled dreadlocks, pulling back on her head. Together the two men are savagely fucking the woman, grunting happily as she whimpers and moans between them.

“That’s an Orc,” Lyithion whispers, her voice tense and confused. Her grip on her weapons is tight, her mind telling her she should be rushing forward to save the women yet her muscles refusing to do so. “Why is she letting them do that to her? She should be stronger than nearly any two Human men!”

Nur-Ayya says nothing. Her eyes are fixed on the green skinned woman’s large, saggy breasts as they flop up and down. Nur-Ayya has never been with a man, never seen sexual intercourse. Until this moment she was scarcely able to imagine what it would be like. She watches in rapt horror and fascination, confused by the warm tingling feeling growing in the core of her body.

“Look at her face,” Camneveth hisses quietly. The three women look at the Orc’s face, noticing that her eyes are rolled up into her head and that her mouth hangs open, her tongue lolling stupidly out of her mouth. “She’s obviously been stupefied in some manner. Perhaps they subdued her with magic?”

There is a long silence after that, the night air around them filled only with the grunting sounds of the two men savaging the Orc. Finally the silence is broken by Nur-Ayya. “How… how are they both… you know… with her at the same time? Are both their manhoods in her… her… well, in her?”

“No,” Camneveth answers in a hushed tone full of anger. “The man in the back is using her asshole.”

Nur-Ayya gasps, such a thing having never occurred to her as even possibility. “Wouldn’t that hurt?”

“Yes,” Camneveth says. Both women to turn to her, questioning looks on their faces. She blushes and looks towards the ground. “I don’t know from firsthand experience but have read about it.”

They continue to watch, each wanting to rush forward and save the Orc yet none of them able to do so. The rings on their fingers glow red, unseen magic working the corrupt god’s will on their minds and causing them to hold back until both men finish.

The man behind the Orc tugs savagely on her hair, grunting loudly in satisfaction and then a moment later pulling away from her. Even from their distance the three watching heroines can see a flood of white fluid begin to leak from the Orc’s asshole as the man pulls his cock out of her.

“Didn’t know Orc ass was so fucking tight,” he says. “I’m glad Elduni sent us out to pillage and rob travelers coming down this road. ‘A proper tax’ she called it. Ha! A proper tax on all the ass we want to fuck!”

The other mean leans to the side and looks past the naked woman riding his cock. “I think you lucked out this time, her cunt isn’t as tight as I had hoped. Loosest pussy my cocks ever been in, matter of fact. Not sure I’m even going to be able to get off.”

The other man laughs. “Just do what you did last time you had that problem: slap her big ole titties around. That bitch’s tits were half the size of these, imagine how much more fun it will be with this one.”

The man laying on the ground laughs, lifting a hand up then swinging it at the Orc’s breasts. A fleshy slap echoes through the forest, her saggy green tit flying wildly about. The man groans in pleasure, slapping her tits again and again then grunting long and deep before collapsing limply to the ground. “Fuck, that did the trick,” he says, sighing with relief.

As soon as the second man cums whatever unseen spell was holding the three heroines back is lifted. Their bodies tense and they inch forward, ready to bring justice to these savage criminals.

“Now?” Lyithion asks, her voice quiet but full of determined ferocity.

“Now,” Camneveth says.

The High Elf lifts her staff slightly, the green crystal embedded in the head of the gnarled wood glowing dimly. They continue to crouch, their bodies tense and ready.

Meanwhile green vines begin to slithering out from the tree line around the clearing, silently making their way towards the two bandits. They have both stepped away from the stupefied Orc, who now lays limp and drooling on the bedroll. The men laugh and joke about what they plan on doing to the Orc next, after their cocks are ready to fuck again. Neither of them sees the vines creeping towards them.

They reach both men’s feet at the same time, slithering around their ankles. They both look down, startled and confused. Lyithion jerks her staff to the side, directing her druidic magic to make the vines pull the men off their feet.

With a shout both men fall to the ground, landing hard enough to knock the air out of them. A moment later all three women leap to their feet and rush forward. Lyithion has her sword before her, Nur-Ayya her mace. But its Camneveth that takes the lead, holding her large tome open in one hand as she reads from it, her other hand extended out before her with a single finger pointing accusatorily at the two bandits.

Her hand ignites in bright flames that illuminate the surrounding forest. The flames blast out from her hand, duel streams of fire jetting out towards the two men. The jets of fire hit the men’s naked bodies, instantly expanding to engulf them. There are momentary screams as the men are burned alive, but after a few brief moments the screams and then the flames die away. By the time the trio reaches the men they are little more than burnt husks.

Nur-Ayya peels off from her two partners during the advance, moving towards the recently fucked Orc. As she kneels down beside her she returns her mace to her hip and begins muttering a prayer. As she does so she waves her hands above the Orc, her hands glowing with red energy that seems to be flowing from the cleric down into the Orc.

After a moment the Orc’s vacant expression fades away, her face growing calm and her eyes fluttering shut. Her body goes limp and she slips into a sleep the will leave her feeling refreshed and healed of all recent physical and mental trauma.


Since this is a story with more main characters it’s going to inevitably be more complex than the previous rings stories. I’m embracing that. The first poll below is a world building question. The second pill will present you with the choice to make the party even bigger for a time, something I may do again down the road again. And the three questions after that deal with what fills the next entry. Our heroines are going to make it to the inn for the night, but the rings will ensure each of them has a proper first taste of the sexual perversions that are now going to fill their lives.

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