The Full Rotation!

I got a lot done today! I know two of the three stories were small introductory chunks, but still. So now that all seven stories are in progress I thought I would make a quick post laying out the rotation order. And my goal is to get at least one section of story posted a day. As you’ve seen over the last couple of weeks there will be some days where I don’t make that goal, but then there will be days where I exceed it! Anyway, here’s the order of the rotation as it stands now:

1: Rings of Corruption: Episode Five
2: Dyson City
3: Rings of Corruption: Episode Three
4: Wasteland Sluts: Episode One
5: Rings of Corruption: Episode Four
6: Space Rangers: Episode One
7: The Academy: Burnouts Episode One

Also just a reminder: if the voting is closed on the polls for a story that means I’m getting ready to work on the next section. Also we’ve ended up with a couple of ties, sometimes I’ve randomized which choice to go with using a dice but sometimes I’ve gone with what fits best with the rest of the choices made. Hopefully, though, we won’t be getting too many more ties in the future.

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