Poll Driven Story: “The Rings of Corruption” Episode Four Part Four

Alright perverts, the forth part of episode three is ready for you to read! You can find it, and the voting for what happens next, below the cut off. You can also find all the other ring stories in there entirety HERE.

With a shudder of fear at what will happen after her turn is over Adreh prepares to draw a new card. But before she can there is loud crash behind her.

The door to the tavern bursts open, splinters of wood flying in every direction. A stout, muscular dwarf bounds into the room. He is dressed in thick blue and white battle robes over heavy Dwarven armor, a large golden war hammer held in both hands. The weapon glows with blue energy that radiates out around him and sends the tavern’s patrons backing away in fear.

He has a fierce face, full of righteous anger. A wide thick skull totally free of hair, half his face and head covered in a large faintly glowing blue tattoo. He has a thick, jet black beard that’s gathered together in a tight golden clasp. Scrolls and religious baubles dangle from his belt and hanging from his neck is a metal ball, countless small holes punched into. Something inside the ball glows bright blue, magical steam billowing from the holes and surrounding him in some kind of protective charm.

He is a mighty paladin, and from the glyphs and symbols covering his robes and hammer is is clear that he follows Ydrs, one of the twin gods holding domain over the moon and sun. Together they are regarded as two of the mightiest and purest of gods watching over Alaria.

“Foul servants of the vile sorcerer known as Lord Pixyium, I have been directed her by Ydrs to put an end to your villainy!” He lifts the golden war hammer into the air and brings it down upon a nearby table, easily shattering the sturdy wood.

“I will put an end to whatever vile perversion—” As he speaks he starts looking at the room around him, taking in the frightened faces of the men in the tavern. But when his eyes fall upon Adreh sitting naked and covered head to foot in cum he stops speaking, gasping in outrage at the sight.

Quickly he turns his eyes to Rumwald, an expression of pure rage falling over his features. “What manner of perversion is that?” he asks, pointing to the deck of cards on the table with his war hammer. “Is that a Enchanted Duelist’s deck I see between you two? How terrible, how vile!” Her turns back to Adreh. “Fear not poor Silver Elf, Ydrs shall infuse me with the power to break this accursed item’s hold over you!”

As he speaks the men in tavern have begin to flee. Some skulk carefully past him, slipping out the remains of the shattered front door. Other jump through windows, screaming in terror at the sight of the mighty paladin. Still others dash up the stairs, hoping to take refuge in the tavern’s upper floors.

Rumwald, though, shows no sign of fear or intention of fleeing. She simply smiles at the Dwarf and laughs. “There is no power great enough to stop this game once it has begun, you fool! Now be gone, your god has no power over me or Lord Pixyium’s lands.”

The Dwarf’s face grows even darker, his angry glare turning into a stare of pure cold fury. “You will soon discover just how wrong you are, villain.”

By this point the room has emptied, leaving only the Dwarf, Rumwald, and Adreh behind. The Dwarf comes forward, his thick legs and large feet thudding loudly on the tavern floor. He slowly raises his hammer, its golden form glowing ever brighter with crackling blue light.

He stops beside their table, lifting it high into the air and swinging down as he howls in righteous anger, clearly intending to strike the deck of cards sitting in the center of the table. But as the war hammer flies down a magical force field of red energy bursts in existence around the table and the two figures sitting at it. The blunt face of the hammer slams into the force field sending an explosion of blue light and energy out into the room. The blast has no effect on the two figures sitting inside the forceful but outside it sends tables and mugs flying through the air and crashing into walls and through windows.

For a single heartbeat Adreh feels total despair as she watches the war hammer bounce back away from the force field. It seems Rumwald spoke truth, there is no power that can stop this game. But a moment later cracks begin to appear in the force field where the hammer hit it, glowing light blue and spreading out quickly through the entire red field. There is a momentary rumbling and then the force field shatters with an explosion of sparking red energy that quickly dissipates and fades from view.

The Dwarf begins muttering a prayer as he lifts his hammer up into the air again. Before either Adreh or Rumwald have a chance to react it is swung down through the air, flying towards the deck of cards on the table as it glows even brighter than before.

The hammer hits true but is one more bounced back from its target. But just like the force field, glowing blue cracks begin appearing in the cards a moment later. And then the cracks spread not just in the deck that he struck but in the cards in both player’s hands and the glowing crystals floating besides their heads. Even the stone box the cards came from has the glowing cracks spreading through its surface.

Then there is a blinding explosion of blue light. Adreh blinks, her vision slowly returning to her. The evil deck is gone, its magic broken. The magical chains binding her to the game are also no longer there. She feels relief wash over her, followed by total physical and mental exhaustion. She slumps down in her chair, wanting nothing more than to just pass out. But she can’t, she is still naked, exposed, and in grave danger.

Rumwald is sitting across from her in shock. But as the reality of what has happened sinks in his face grows angry. He starts to stand, pushing his chair back and reaching to draw his sword as he raises to his feet. But the paladin is prepared for an attack from the evil man.

Before Rumwald has fully drawn his weapon the large war hammer is swinging sideways through the air, the flat end of the weapon slamming into Rumwald’s chest with enough force to send him flying back through the air. There is a sickening sound of bones cracking and the man’s insides being squished as the hammer momentarily sinks into his unarmored chest. The man’s body lands on the floor halfway across the tavern, sliding into a pile of overturned tables. A moment later it lies totally lifeless and unmoving.

The Dwarf turns to Adreh, holding his golden hammer in one hand and reaching out for her hand with the other. “Quickly, to your feet! I can’t even imagine what indignities this vile man has made you endure, but he has now been smote by the might of Ydrs and will never do such to another. But there is no time to wait, Lord Pixyium will soon know of my presence here and we must leave before he can send his agents or direct his magic against us.”

He pulls her to her feet and begins dragging her out of the ruined tavern, leaving the destruction behind them. Everything is happening too fast for Adreh’s tired mind to fully process. Just minutes ago she was surrounded by men who were using her body in ways previously unimaginable to her, filling her with shame and confusing feelings of arousal, making her cum over and over again. Now the Dwarf is pulling her out into the streets of Rimemore.

Adreh is only vaguely aware of the fact that she is still naked and dripping cum as the Dwarf drags her down the street. The streets are crowded, townsfolk filling the road to see what all the commotion is about. And the town guard is running down the street towards them, spears aimed at the Dwarf and shields raised, ready for battle.

Still holding Adreh’s hand tightly and dragging her behind him the Dwarf shifts his grasp on the large war hammer, wielding it in one hand. He dashes forward, pulling Adreh with him, and begins knocking the town guards out of their way.

Shields are cracked asunder, bodies sent flying back. “You have all been corrupted by this evil Lord of yours, turned your minds to vile perversion! None of you shall survive my goddess’ fury!!!”

Soon they are at the town gates, the way before them bared. But the Dwarf does not slow; he simple swings his hammer above him, twirling it around his head to gain more momentum. Adreh has to duck out of the weapons way then gasps as it slams into the gates and causes them to break open.

This is how I should have entered Rimemore, she thinks. With my Ebony Battleblade swinging through the air cutting these vile villages down.

They leap over the shattered remains of the city gates, dashing out past the city walls. Adreh suddenly looks back realizing her Ebony Battleblade has been left behind! But there is no time to go back. Besides, she is barely strong enough to remain on her feet. She only does so because the powerfully strong Dwarf is pulling her forward so quickly.

As they turn from the road and leap into the underbrush of the forest that surrounds Rimemore the Dwarf shouts back at Adreh. “I know of a hiding place nearby, a cave we can take refuge in. I’ve prepared it, placed enchantments upon it. Lord Pixyium’s magic shouldn’t be able to affect us there; he shouldn’t even be able to scry our location!”

They run through the forest for a short time, Adreh amazed she is able to remain on her feet. They Dwarf keeps a firm grip on her hand, practically dragging her behind him. His presence seems to have an uplifting glow to her, a power that is washing away the worst of the psychic trauma from her ordeal playing the cursed card game with the now dead Rumwald.

After a few more minutes the Dwarf points ahead of them. “There, that’s where we shall seek refuge.” The cave isn’t that far from the city, yet it’s far enough away from the road that she can understand how easy it would be to overlook its presence.

As the Dwarf pulls her into the cave’s dark mouth she expects little more than a pile of moss and maybe a traveling pack, but she is pleasantly surprised to see lit torches upon the walls, illuminating the cave. There are also small barrels and sacks full of food stuffs in one corner as well as a pile of animal skins in the other. In the center of the cave is a small fire pit, a metal cooking pot hanging from a spit erected over the fireplace.

The Dwarf leads her to the pile of skins, allowing her to collapse down onto them. The run through the city and forest has ensured that the cum that so recently covered her body has mostly blown off, what’s left becoming dry and crusty making it so her naked body doesn’t soil any of the skins and furs.

She collapses, her muscles giving out now that she isn’t on her feet. Adreh feels as though the pile of warm furs is a vast ever expanding void of softness that she is sinking and falling down into. Her eyes flutter closed just as one of the skins is pulled up over her naked body, the Dwarf making muttering calming words to her. The last thing she is aware of is his deep, kind voice telling her to sleep…


* * *


Adreh wakes to the crackling sound of sausage cooking, the smell wafting through the cave and filling her senses. She’s never felt so hungry in her life and moves to sit up, only to find she’s also never felt so sore in her life. She groans in discomfort.

The Dwarf turns to her, rushing away from the cooking fire in the center of the room to kneel besides Adreh. “You’re awake! I had expected you to sleep for far longer.”

She sits up, flashing the Dwarf a kind but tired smile. “I’m a Silver Elf, kind sir. We recover quickly.”

Adreh almost forgets that she is naked under the pile of furs and just before her massive breasts pull free of them she grabs one of the furs and lifts it up, keeping her breasts mostly covered. To her great surprise the Dwarf’s eyes don’t dart down to her half covered cleavage, not even for a moment. That’s something she’s not used to. Even in the Sisterhood most non Silver Elfs have a hard time avoiding the sight of her overlarge breasts.

“Supper should be cooked in just a few minutes,” he says. “In the mean time can I get you a drink?”

“Yes, please,” Adreh says, realizing just how parched she is.

The Dwarf gets up then quickly returns with a water skin. The stale, lukewarm water inside is the most refreshing beverage she’s ever tasted in her life and she nearly drains the skin in one go. “Thank you so much. I’m Adreh Silvermane, by the way.”

“And I am Fulthic Thunderaxe, paladin of Ydrs. My goddess appeared to me, telling me that Lord Pixyium’s evil needed to be stopped before it was able to grow even greater. I was instructed to come to Rimemore, led by my goddess to the very tavern I found you in. I had been told there was one there that needed saving, and clearly you were that one.”

“Yes,” she says meekly, “I have no idea what would have happened to me had you not arrived. I was sent by the Sisterhood to vanquish Lord Pixyium, but I seemed to have stumbled into a trap.”

Fulthic’s eyes light up at the mention of the Sisterhood. “You are a member of the Sisterhood? How fortuitous! I’ve always admired your organization from afar and hoped to one day work arm and arm with some of your members.”

“Well,” Adreh says, shifting and pulling the fur up higher to cover more of her breasts, “since our goals are the same perhaps we can combine our efforts to destroy Lord Pixyium?”

“Perhaps,” Fulthic says, his face growing grim. “But I’ve seen what one of those Enchanted Duelist decks can do to a woman. You’ll almost certainly need time to recover.” Adreh starts to object, but he holds a hand up to silence her. “We can discuss this tomorrow. For now let us enjoy a meal and rest for the remaining stretch of the tonight.”

Adreh capitulates, but says they will have much to discuss in the morning. “At the very least I will need to return to Rimemore to retrieve my Battleblade.”

At this the Dwarf’s eyes light up again. “You wield a Battleblade?”

“Yes,” Adreh says, swelling with pride. “An Ebony one. But it was left behind in the ruins of the tavern when we left.”

After that the two figures sit mostly in silence, enjoying the simple but delicious and filling meal Fulthic has prepared.

Fulthic was not expecting to be rescuing a woman, and as such he has no spare clothing for her to wear. She can’t even use any of his clothes as their bodies are so different. Even without accounting for her humongous breasts there would have been no way for the tall Silver Elf to fit into the short, stout Dwarf’s clothing.

So Adreh has to remain cloaked in furs, her massive breasts peeking out from under their cover. While eating she struggles to keep them covered up, aware of the fact that she accidentally flashes a tit at the Dwarf a few times. At first he shows no sign of noticing, the devout paladin seeming free of any sexual desire.

But as the evening goes on the ring of corruption upon Adreh’s finger begins to glow and pulse, sending magical energy out into both figures sitting in the cave. It works its magic on their minds and bodies.

Adreh begins to wonder why the Dwarf is failing to notice her as a woman. Now that she’s been with a roomful of men she is having a hard time not thinking about sex. Oh, sure, much of it was very much against her will. But the majority of it was incredibly pleasurable. In fact, thinking back on it, she realizes that the shame and humiliation of her ordeal had even made all the sexual attention some more exhilarating; as if it was better because it was all so… wrong.

The ring continues to work at her mind, filling her with the need to feel more sexual stimulation, warping her memories of recent events to remember only the good sensations she experienced.

Maybe he doesn’t see me as a woman because I’m a Silver Elf and he’s a Dwarf. We are, after all, members of different races. And even though our anatomy is compatible our bodies are very different. Maybe a man such as him cannot find a woman so much taller than him attractive.

As Adreh thinks all of this she begins sitting up straighter, barely noticing the fact that she is allowing the fur draped over her shoulder to fall lower and lower and reveal more of her breasts. Subconsciously she wants the man to see more of her breasts, hoping this will entice him to stare at her. She wants his gave upon her, wants to see his face filling with desire for her.

Thanks mostly to the power of the ring of corruption Fulthic does notice. For the first time his eyes are drawn to the mass of flesh hanging from the Silver Elf’s chest, drinking in their firm softness and centering in on the fleshy canyon where her two breasts meet.

When he begins to shift uncomfortably on the rock he’s sitting on Adreh notices not only that he is now staring at her chest, but that he seems to be struggling with at least half an erection. What other explanation could there be for his sudden shifting? Her eyes dart to his legs, hoping she will be able to make out the outline of his manhood, but his layers of blue robes and armor are too thick.

He really is rather attractive, Adreh thinks, staring over at him and feeling as if she is truly seeing him for the first time. Until that moment she’d always found Dwarfs to be quite ugly. So short and wide with muscles so thick they looked more like beasts than a men. But this Dwarf, she thinks, with his bald head and blue tattooed face and jet black beard, he’s really quiet beautiful to behold. She realizes that in spite of all that’s happened, in spite of how tired her body still is, that she wants him.

Thinking about his body makes her think about her own body. And as she does she realizes for the first time since waking up that there is no sign of any of the cum she had been covered in at the tavern. Even her silver colored hair seems clean. She mentions this to the Dwarf.

He turns from her, blushing furiously. “Your body was still so soiled by those foul men’s seed. While you were passed out I gave you a sponge bath.” He looks up at her, his cheeks still bright red. “But I swear to Ydrs that I took no liberties while doing so!”

Overcome with a deliciously naughty impulse, Adreh stands up, opening the fur wrapped around her shoulders as she does and letting it drop to the floor. “But you liked what you saw, didn’t you? You like my body, even though I am a Silver Elf?”

The man nods his head more enthusiastically than she had hoped for, speaking quietly as he stares at her huge breasts. “BECAUSE you are a Silver Elf! No other race has a body as Dwarven as yours. You are wide and full with breasts so large most men know not what to do with them. And your ass, so plump and large! You are built just like a Dwarven maiden, only MUCH larger!” He’s speaking fast, licking his lips and looking at her with sudden hunger in his eyes.

Adreh is aware that some strange madness has come over both of them, but in the moment she does not care. She begins walking towards the dwarf, making sure her wide hips sway attractively from side to side as she does. “So you like what you see?” He nods, turning to face her and beginning to rise to his feet. “Well, I do need to thank you for saving me. So, why don’t you let me do it with my body?”

When she reaches him he is already standing, beginning to take his clothing and armor off. Adreh begins helping him, undoing straps to peel armor off and pulling clothing up over his head. Before long they both stand naked in the cave, the firelight of the torches all around flickering and casting dancing shadows on their naked flesh.

Adreh stands over two full feet above the Dwarf, yet his body is so thickly muscular and wide that it feels as though there is more of him than there is of her. His body is covered in coarse black hair and thick large muscles. His limbs are thick, bulkier than any she as ever seen. But the thing Adreh is centered in on most is the Dwarf’s cock.

She’d heard that male Dwarfs have sexual organs larger than an Elf or Human’s, but even knowing this Adreh is unprepared by the sheer size of the cock hanging before her. It’s thick and long, longer and thicker than her forearm. Before he begins to grow erect it hangs almost down to the ground, nearly the length of the Dwarf’s stubby, thick legs.

After both silently drinking in the sight of each other’s naked forms for a time they are drawn together by some unseen force. They move to embrace, but their size difference makes the act awkward. The Dwarf’s arms wrap around her plump waist, his hands happily finding her fat ass and groping and squeezing it. He’s so short that her massive tits rest on his shoulders, his face buried in them. This seems to please him at first, but when he finds it nearly impossible to reach up and kiss Adreh, even when standing on his toes, he groans in frustration.

“Come,” Adreh says, pulling the short Dwarf over to the pile of furs. She lays down in them and pats the ground beside her, beckoning him to join her. Soon they are covered in furs, sinking into the hidden darkness of the blankets as they pull them up over their heads. In the hidden blackness their hands begin to explore each other’s bodies, fingers groping and caressing and prodding private places normally hidden to the world.

The firmness of the Dwarf’s muscular body thrills Adreh. Her hands run through his thick body hair, pressing down on his hard chest and abs. He feels so substantial, so real, so male. It reminds her of just how soft and supple her own body is, and as he presses against her she feels her own soft flesh giving against his rigid body.

And then her hands find his cock. It’s filled with a hardness she had scarcely imagined could be found in a living creature, feeling more like steel than flesh. Her fingers wrap around it, unable to meet around its impressive girth. She starts to stroke him, grabbing at his cock to pull him in closer to her body.

Soon they shift, Adreh laying on her back and spreading her legs for him. Her cunt is dripping wet and in need of being filled. She pulls the Dwarf on top of her, leading his cock into the wet slit between her legs. With a happy grunt he pushes into her, filling her more full than she imagined possible.

She winces at first, pained slightly by the sheer length and girth of the cock entering her. But the man moves slow, allowing her body to stretch and adjust to his size. He continues entering her slowly as he starts to move his hips, going in and out of her cunt. But gradually he picks up speed, humping her faster and faster.

Adreh revels in the feeling, wrapping her arms around his wide body and pulling him in closer. His face is buried in her overlarge breasts as he starts to pound into her. He sucks on her tits, grabs and squeezes them. His hands are rough, but his grip is firm and true working her ample tit meat with pleasurable skill.

For a time it’s as if they are one, their bodies intermingled in every way possible. This is so different than the sex Adreh has experienced over the last day. It is strong yet soft, full of passion and an equal desire for each to pleasure the other. Even before she cums the pleasure is at least as intense as what she was forced to experience during the card game. When she does cum she knows the orgasm is not as strong as those forced out of her earlier that day, yet the orgasm is more fulfilling, more physically and emotionally satisfying.

The world is perfect for a short time. Then Fulthic starts cresting towards his own climax. He presses deep into her, causing a flash of discomfort. All of that is forgotten when the man groans and floods her insides with his Dwarven seed. The amount of cum quickly fills her, building up around the man’s cock and noisily squelching out around his shaft as his cum overflows out of her. The sensation is enough to push her over the edge a second time, making her cum again.

A moment later the man is slumped on top of her, his massive dick inside her cum flooded cunt. Its growing soft, but not as quickly as a Human or Elf’s cock would grow soft. He sighs in satisfaction and starts to roll off of her, but Adreh wraps her arms around him and keeps him where he is. “Don’t move,” she whispers. “I want to fall asleep just like this.”

He makes a tired sound signifying he understands then almost immediately drifts off to sleep. Adreh closes her eyes, enjoying the feel of his heavy body on top of hers. His cock is still deep inside of her, still thick enough even as it grows soft that it will remain there for some time, maybe even all night. She can feel his cum leaking out around it, running down her ass cheeks and staining the furs below her. Slowly she begins to drift off, happy and sated…


* * *


“How very interesting,” one of the corrupt gods watching Adreh says. “Do we think that Ydrs is aware of what we are doing?”

“No, not a chance,” one of the others say. “Clearly she sent this paladin to face the growing threat of Lord Pixyium, nothing more. And turning her attention to his lands saw the peril Adreh was in.”

“Still,” a third god says, “we can’t let a servant of anther god spend too much time around one of the rings. We either need to corrupt this paladin and cut him off from his goddess, or remove Adreh from his presence.”

There are murmurs of agreement.

“Adreh must not be allowed to escape her fate,” one says. “Let her have this one night of peace, it will only make what happens next all that more demoralizing.”


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