Poll Driven Story: “The Academy: Burnouts” Episode One Part One

Alright perverts, the first part of episode one of the new “The Academy: Burnouts” story is ready for you to read! You can find it, and the voting for what happens next, below the cut off. We’re still building the story and the setting, so there’s no real heat in this one. But I promise there will be in the next part!

The shadowed figure sits in their office flipping through the files of all the new students beginning their time at The Academy. Every single one of them has recently turned eighteen, each having a confirmed active Power-Gene.

That figure reading the files is a member of staff at The Academy. It is their job to train these impressionable young boys and girls and turn them, one day, into superheroes. Most, however, won’t be making it to graduation. The majority of the files will eventually be stamped “burnout”, the catch-all term applied to any student that fails to graduate.

The reasons are as numerous as the powers these supers manifest. Many will find out they just aren’t cut out for the life of a hero, unable to stand up to the unique challenges they will face. Some will never learn proper control of their super powers, rated as a threat to themselves and those around them and encouraged not to use their powers at all.

A larger number will never learn proper control of the increased libidos that come along with an active P-Gene. The boys, especially, will find it hard to control the never ending need for sexual release. The vast majority of male students end up either kicked out after sexual incidents too perverse or non-consensual for the staff to overlook. Others simply quite, deciding they would prefer a life of crime and the sexual indulgence that living outside the law allows.

The girls are different. While the boys will find it hard not to take what they want sexually the girls will find it hard not to give up what they have. It’s a settle distinction, but an important one and because of it the female students will be far more likely to graduate.

Of course, budding heroines tends to disappear at about the same rate that full grown ones do. There are always rumors of female students being kidnapped and sold into the white slave trade that the school has to suppress. Those with active P-Genes tend to be far more attractive than the average woman, add in the fact that they also tend to have exaggerated curves as well and one can understand why these girls are targeted before their training is complete.

Even the staff understands how desirable their students are. Many even take advantage of the student’s overactive libidos, some of them doing so for simple self indulgence while others for far more sinister reasons.

The shadowed figure stops flipping through the files, deciding to take a closer look at a specific student’s information. “Angela Rose,” they say out loud as they read the name on the file. Flipping it open they see the picture of a pretty Caucasian teenager with vibrant red hair. She has a voluptuous body, with a large wide ass and ample thighs and a thick center mass.

Her whole body is thick, everywhere except her chest. Unlike the majority of women with an active P-Gene this girl has almost no breasts to speak up. “I’d be surprised if she could fill a small B-cup,” the figure mumbles as they stare at the picture. Her small breast size makes the rest of her thick body look even thicker.

“Shame, that,” the figure says staring at the pretty girl’s chest. “The other student’s will probably make fun of her. The girl’s especially.” The figure had seen just how catty some of the heroines in training could be.

They flip the page, looking at what is known of the girl’s power. “Warning: unstable and as yet undefined magical abilities,” the first line reads. They roll their eyes. “Great, just what we need. Nothing is a bigger pain in the ass then magic.”

After reading the rest of the information, details about her life in a small town where she had few friends, the figure flips back to the first page to stare at the picture of the girl. There is something about her… something beyond pretty, a raw innocent sexuality that they feel powerfully drawn to. “I need to have her,” the figure finally says, their voice little more than a whisper.

They close the file, their mind already reeling with plans and plots on how to make that a reality…


* * *


Angela Rose is laying bed, overwhelmed by her first day at The Academy. Mere weeks ago she was in her home town, struggling to control her budding powers and fretting over whether the school would accept her. She had dreamed of becoming a superheroine since she was little, becoming a mighty defender of justice like Archbaroness or Lady Centurion. And now here she was, a student at The Academy!

The day had been orientation for all of the new students. Lectures on school rules. Meet and greets with faculty members and teachers. Guided tours by older students through the school’s various facilities.

That had been the high point for Angela. The students showing them around all had costumes and superhero names. They had explained the school’s tradition to the new students: you didn’t get to choose you own hero name, it had to be given to you by other students. And only after that point where you allowed to choose out and begin wearing a costume.

“I probably won’t earn a name till right before I graduate,” she mumbles to herself. She’d already seen students paring off into little cliques, cliques that she was certain to be secluded from. Angela had never been good at making new friends.

She’s also seen that the majority of the students have primarily physical powers. Super strength and enhanced agility and the ability to fly. There wasn’t a single other student in the new class of students with magical powers, and she could already feel her classmates silently judging her for being different.

With a sigh she rolls over and pulls the blankets up over her head. She’s tired and already falling asleep, but eager for her first day of classes. As she fades off to sleep she hopes she’s wrong about the other students, hopes her life here will be filled with far more friends than she had back home.


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