Poll Driven Story: “Rangers of the Galactic Republic” Episode One Part One

Alright perverts, the first part of episode one of the new Rangers of the Galactic Republic story is ready for you to read! You can find it, and the voting for what happens next, below the cut off.

Rangers of the Galactic Republic: Episode One


Voifta Skalyt rolls over in the bed, pressing her naked back end against the freighter captain beside her. “I think it’s time you finally entered me,” she purrs, looking over her shoulder at the man.

He smiles, running a hand down the curve of her shapely ass. “I’m not quite ready yet,” he says, pulling her in closer to him. “God damn… love this blue skin of yours. Always thought you Tluepraxu were fucking hot, but never imagined I’d get the chance to actually fuck one of you.”

She smiles, pressing her ass into him and wiggling it slightly till his erect cock becomes wedged in between her ass cheeks. “Yes,” she purrs, reveling in the feel of his rigid manhood between her firm ass cheeks, “my kind rarely stoop low enough to fornicate with lesser species.”

He strikes her ass hard with an open hand, the fleshy slap echoing through his small private quarters. “Lesser species? Ha! Didn’t stop you from begging for my cock in exchange for a ride off that squalid refugee center. You think of me as less then you? Why, you’re little more than an intergalactic street urchin, having to whore your way to a better life.”

His words are clearly meant to sting just as much as the slap had. Since agreeing to take her onto his shipping freighter and transport her away from the refugee center the captain had been nothing but cruel to Voifta.

She bites her lip, wincing in pain from both the slap and his words. She’s made it clear from the start that she hates having to sell her body this way, especially to a Human. And the man has believed every moment of it, reveling in being able to treat a member of such a haughty race with such scorn and degradation, although he’s never physically hurt her.

The reality of the situation, however, is far different from what the simple minded Human captain believes to be true. Voifta has only been masquerading as a helpless, creditless refugee. It’s all part of her cover story. In reality she is a Ranger of the Galactic Republic, a highly trained agent whose is tasked with maintaining peace and order all through the galaxy.

Voifta speaks in a quavering, fearful voice, laying it on heavy. “Yes… little more than a whore. The shame would be far too much for any of my species to bear should they ever discover it. But what choice do I have? My body is all I have to get a man such as you to take me away from that horrid place.”

She grinds her body back into his as she speaks, shifting slightly and leaning forward. The man moans, moving his hips in tiny thrusting motions. She keeps adjusting till the swollen head of his cock is pressed up against the blue skin of her hairless cunt. She keeps wiggles till it begins to slide into her.

He does the rest, grabbing her by the waist and pulling her body towards his. His hard cock slides easily into her, as her cunt is dripping wet. “Take it, you stupid fucking blue skinned cow. Take it like the dumb bitch in heat you are. You aliens are all the same, horny little sluts that only want one thing.”

“Yesssssssss,” she hisses, closing her eyes and pressing back into him. “Yes, that’s exactly what we all are.” She tells herself that she’s saying the words to convince the man, but deep down she knows there is a part of her that means them.

Tluepraxu look down on all other races, viewing them as little more than sentient animals they must share the universe with. Having sex with a member of another species is viewed by most of her race as bestiality. And to be submissive during such a coupling, to allow a member of another race to use a Tluepraxu’s body and do as they wish with it? Why, that is the most taboo thing imaginable in Tluepraxu culture. And it is exactly because of that taboo that Voifta enjoys being fucked by members of other species in this manner. She hadn’t needed to use her body this way to get undercover transport to her needed destination, she only chose to because it brings her great pleasure.

They’d been in bed for some time now, naked and the man caressing every inch of her and fingering her most intimate of places. She had long ago been ready for his cock, and now that it’s in her she immediately begins to crest towards orgasm. “Oh god, yes, fuck me with that filthy Human cock of yours,” she says.

“Filthy?” he snarls in anger, pressing down on her and forcing her over onto her stomach. He moves with her, adjusting so he is on top of and behind her, his cock still pressed into her cunt. “Maybe it is filthy,” he says, fucking her hard and fast, “but from your moans and the way your blue little cunt is tightening around it I expect its more than enough to make you cum.”

“Yesssssss,” she hisses again, burying her face in the soft pillow. “Yes, I’m cumming for you!”

The words seem to be all it takes to push the man over the edge. He grunts and then cums deep in her. They wear no protection, knowing that cross species impregnation is so rare that is a non issue. The feel of his cum flowing into her only intensifies her own orgasm, making her bite the pillow as she scream in pleasure.

Most any other Human men would have been finished after that. Maybe one of the young ones would be able to go again after a short rest, but for most Human’s they would have been spent for the night. But not this man, no, he remains hard. It is part of why she was using him to gain transport to her destination.

He has implants in his body that increase his physical stamina. Many space pilots get them as they allows them to stay awake for days at a time and stay mentally and physically fresh with a minimum of rest, all things that are essential on long space voyages. One of the side effects is that males of most species also find that their sexual stamina increased. Of course for most this is an argument in favor of getting the implants.

Happily Voifta feels that the man is still hard even after he cums. He pulls out of her, rolling over onto his back. “Come get on top of me,” he says.

She starts to move to mount him but he grabs her by the shoulders. “No, I want to try out these blue tits of yours. Bring them down to my cock.” She does as she’s told, feeling a thrill of exhilaration at being used in such away.

“Blue tits,” the man mumbles, groping and squeezing them. “I like them. I like the way the blue of your nipples is so much darker than the rest of your skin, almost the same shade as your hair. And they are so big! Your areolas are huge… and your nipples, so plump and fat. Twice the size of a Human woman’s. Tell me, are all Tluepraxu tits like this?”

She shrugs, shifting so her tits rest on either side of his cock then making herself comfortable between his legs. “Pretty much, although some have bigger or smaller breasts just like Human women.”

He keeps playing with her breasts, pinching her nipples and running his fingers across her areolas, watching as her they pebble and harden. Then he grabs both her tits, squeezing them and pulling them up tightly around his cock. “So soft though, and narrow and droopy. Reminds me of what older human women have. Are you old for a Tluepraxu?”

“No,” she says, looking as if the comment has insulted her. “From what I’ve seen all Tluepraxu breasts are like this, softer and saggier than other species. Does it not please you?”

He still has hold of her tits, pressing them around his cock as she speaks. He begins moving his hips, starting to fuck her tits as she finishes her question. The movements are lubricated by the mix of vaginal fluids and cum that had covered his cock after pulling out of her.

“What do you think?” he asks, not waiting for her to respond. “I love them, they are glorious. I was happy to see how soft and natural they look. Some species have such firm tits that they look fake, but not you.”

He keeps a hold of her tits, humping her chest as he stares intensely into her eyes. She’s used to that. Unlike most sentient species Tluepraxu have no pupils. Their eyes are simply a uniform red that glows dimly at all times. Even now they light the small chamber, giving off a glow that illuminates their bodies with red light far more than the dim emergency light above the room’s door.

Keeping eye contact with him she leans down, using her hands to press the mass of her tits flat against his legs so that his cock pops out of them more. She then takes his cockhead in her mouth, sucking on the tip as he continues to fuck her tits.

His head falls back and he moans in pleasure, his hips moving faster. “Oh fuck, just like that,” he mumbles. A second later he cums again, filling her mouth with a second load of his seed. It is bitter and salty, a revolting taste that makes Voifta shudder with pleasure. Taking a Human’s seed like this is so wrong, making it so deliciously sexy.

After that he is still hard, although growing weary. She takes the opportunity to crawl on top of him and mount his cock, telling him to simply lay back and enjoy. “I’ve got to earn my trip on your freighter,” she tells him. She starts moving her body, undulating her hips back and forth and up and down. The man moans, reaching up and holding her waist as she works his cock with her cunt.

She makes the sex slow and relaxing, easing the man to sleep with her body. She continues till she gets off with a small orgasm that sates her carnal desires. She then slides off of him, rolling over and leaving him snoring in the bed with his cock still hard, glistening in the dim light from the moistness her cunt left behind.

Voifta hadn’t really expected him to last long. The first few days of their journey had been tough on the man, space pilots worked hard moving their vessels in and out of hyperspace. And he was both the pilot AND captain of this freighter. Tonight had been the first time he’d even visited her in his room. She’d been hidden there before the flight, not part of his official manifest just as she had wanted. The rest of the crew didn’t even know she was aboard the vessel and she intended to keep it that way.

The trip would take about a week. That would give her plenty of time to have deliciously degrading sex with the freighter pilot, especially since he’d have much more free time through the middle stretch of the journey.

For now though she could sleep, content to lay next to the filthy animal laying with a hard cock next to her. Thinking of his cock filled her with desire. She rolls over and sees that it still stands erect. She is half tempted to mount him again, but decides against it. Plenty of time for that later… For the time being she simply reaches out and grabs hold of it, gripping it tight and cuddling up to his naked body as she drifts peacefully to sleep.


* * *


The vessel shakes as it drops out of hyperspace. Voifta has to brace herself against a nearby wall to keep her balance. She is standing in the captain’s private quarters, a room she hasn’t left during the entire space journey, looking out the viewing port. She watches as the blurred streaking stars outside stretch down to become defined twinkling points of light.

But it isn’t the stars that Voifta wants to see. There before the freighter is a massive metal structure, a huge space station build in deep space. Almost every interplanetary vessel that travels through this regain has to stop here at Commerce Station Twelve.

Many of the vessels are stopping only to refuel; but for some, like the freighter she is inside of, this is their final destination. CS12 is one of the largest artificial structures in deep space, its population larger than most lunar colonies. For every three shipments of goods simply traveling through there are two destined to help feed, cloth, and entertain the space station’s vast population.

It is here that Voifta is heading. Her secret mission lies within CS12, a mystery that only one as skilled in subterfuge as her can solve. This won’t be the first time she’s taken care of such a problem for the Galactic Republic, and she’s confident it won’t be the last.




Instead of choosing what specifically happens to Voifta next I want to do some general world building with you all. Once we get that all out of the way we should be able to have some pretty normal “what happens next” type polls for the rest of the story. And since it wasn’t made clear in this story, the big bad that was chosen was parasites that make infected being become part of a hive mind.

Choose up to two options in this poll:

Choose a single option from this poll:

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