Poll Driven Story: “Wasteland Sluts: Episode One” Part Two

Alright perverts all, below the break you will find the second part of the first Wasteland Sluts story as well as the voting for what happens next. To find the story in its entirety head to HERE.

* * *


Specter stands at attention before the Ranger in charge of Purgatory, listening as he explains her new mission.

“This one might be incredibly dangerous, then again it could end up being nothing. You know how the rumors that spread through the wastes are: most are tall tales told by firelight to entertain travelers. But some of these strange tales hold far too much truth, especially ones that tie into prewar tech.

“And prewar tech is what this newest rumor centers on. A mysterious and infamous scientist known only as “Zero” is rumored to have come into our region. Now, no one seems to know anything about this Zero other than the fact that chaos and death seems to follow them wherever they go. And as no one who has met them seems to have lived to tell the tale we don’t even know if they are male or female.

“These new rumors say that Zero is here looking for a prewar research lab that may have survived the war intact. People have been talking about the lab since survivors first crawled out of the rubble, telling tales that say whatever was being researched inside holds the answer to every woe imaginable. No one agrees what was being worked on in the lab, only that it’s very powerful and very valuable. But being no one has ever found this lab there is no real hint at what REALLY lays inside of it.

“But whatever is in there, if it even in fact exists, won’t do the Wasteland any favors. Almost nothing good has ever come from unearthing prewar tech, we all know that. So your mission is a deceptively simple one: find this Zero this before they locate the lab and convince them it doesn’t exist, which for all we know isn’t even a lie. Use your skills in diplomacy and persuasion to make this scientist turn their attention elsewhere and leave this stretch of the wastes to us.”

Specter salutes and says, “Yes, sir!” A moment later she looks far less confident. “But… where do I start?”

The man gives her a sympathetic shrug. “I really don’t know. We’ve no idea where the lab might be if it actually exists. And the rumors we’ve heard about Zero have never mentioned where they are right now, just that they are in this region. You want my honest opinion? Choose a direction at random on your compass and just head out, talking to any wasteland wanderers you meet to see if they have heard anything more helpful.”

“Right,” Specter says with a cheeky smile, “so the normal process we use for hunting down threats?”

The man chuckles. “Yes, I suppose this is how many of our missions start out. Make sure your pack is full of supplies and you’ve got plenty of ammo before you take off.”

“Already done. Although I’m hoping I won’t need my six shooters too often. We both know I’m not the best shot.”

“Indeed,” the man says. “But sadly there are no other Rangers to spare at the moment. Especially since I may just be sending you on a wild goose chase I just can’t spare anyone to tag along. But, someone like you is good at making new friends. Now, quite stalling and go get out there!”


* * *


Specter ends up doing just as the head Ranger had suggested: simply spinning her compass in her hand and choosing a random direction to head out in. The first few miles are without event. Specter is able to follow the remains of a prewar road, its paved surface still mostly intact and relatively free of the rusted out remains of vehicles.

The scenery around her is fairly uniform: blasted jagged hills with crumbling ruins spread all throughout. The world feels as though it is a uniform shade of dark brown, the crumbling ruins the same color as the rubble covered dirt. But every now and then there is a splash of color breaking up the visual monotony: a bit of prewar ruins that hasn’t yet faded into gray or the remains of a mostly intact car whose paint has held up. Every now and then there is even a big of muted green, a small sickly plant trying to adapt to the post apocalyptic wastes.

Movement around her is nearly as rare as color. Sure, there is blowing dust all around. That is ever present, a background miasma of filth in the air that has made it so the sky above is never blue, as it was before the Great War, but instead varying shades of orange or even green at times. Occasionally a tumbleweed blows past, but other than that there is little to no sign of anything moving within sight.

And then all of that changes.

Specter has just turned into the ruins of a small town, one far more intact than most out here in the wastes. Multi story buildings still stand, telephone poles mostly up right lining the sides of the streets. Caravans and other wasteland wanderers are frequently drawn here, looking to scavenge or maybe just to find shelter.

She moves slowly through the streets, keeping close to the buildings and staying mostly out of sight. She wants to find other wastelanders to interrogate, but she wants to make sure they are sane before she approaches. This area is frequented by insane raiders as much as it’s frequented by survivors such as her.

Just before sunset Specter spots a woman walking down the middle of a road, confidently moving through the ruined streets with not a care in the world. The Ranger immediately drops down, taking shelter behind the metal frame of a half rotted out car. She pulls out her binoculars and silently observes the woman from a safe distance.

She’s tall and is wearing well-worn jeans with a slightly too tight brown t-shirt that leaves her midriff and arms bare. This allows Specter to see that the woman has impressive muscles, those of a prewar body builder. Yet she seems to have a pair of full breasts, nothing even half the size of her own fleshy monsters, but far more than a handful.

The woman has short blond hair that seems to be a tangled mess she pays little attention to. Her skin is white but very tan, making her look like her skin tone is closer in color to the brown coppery dust blowing all about her. A few piercings glint in the setting sunlight on her face, a few above one eye and a hoop hanging from one nostril. And on closer inspection of the woman’s chest Specter can make out the clear outline of nipple piercings through the woman’s tight t-shirt.

She has a cigarette hinging from her lips, although it’s not lit. Her expression is one of total confidence and she seems not to be paying any attention to the world around her. She also has an impressively large sniper rifle slung over her back, a model that would have been rare before the war. The rifle and her bulky muscles combine to make the woman look deadly, perhaps explaining why she walks so confidently out in the open.

But why is this woman alone? Is she one of the countless lone wanderers that move from place to place in search of something they don’t even know they are searching for? Is she a refuge from some settlement that now lies in ruins? Or maybe she’s a caravan guard that got lost.

Or perhaps the truth is she more sinister than that… Is she raider out to steal from anyone dumb enough to approach? Perhaps she’s just mad, one of the countless survivors whose minds have mutated and caused them to lose all vestiges of humanity. It could even be more sinister than that: she could be bait for some deadly trap, walking openly to dray others out while her hidden friends lay nearby waiting to get the drop on those that approach her.

Specter’s plan is to shadow the woman, remaining hidden and observing her till she can determine the truth. But things in the wasteland can change in a split second. The woman, who has shown no sign of noticing Specter’s presence, suddenly tucks her body into a roll, tumbling to the far side of the road then springing to her knees with the sniper rifle in her hands and the sight lifted to her eye.

There’s a crack of gunfire and a sparking impact in the metal wreck Specter is hiding behind mere inches from her head. “Come out with your hands where I can see them,” the woman yells, her voice calm and cool as she keeps the sniper rifle zeroed in on Specter.

The Ranger rises to her feet, stepping out from behind the cover with her hands up in the air. “I had no ill intentions, stranger,” Specter says, her voice sounding far calmer than she feels. She’s confident the woman could have hit her if she wanted, that shot was clearly just a warning. “I was just playing it safe, trying to get a feel of what kind of person you are before I made my presence known.”

“Oh, I’m the best kind of person,” the woman says with a smile, rising to her feet and moving cautiously towards Specter, the sight of the rifle still held up to her eye. Then, as suddenly as she drew the weapon and fired off a shit, she lowers it. “You’re a Ranger?” she asks, clearly noticing the metal badge displayed on the breast of Specter’s longcoat.

“Yes,” Specter says, feeling relief spread through her body. Anyone reacting positively to her being a Ranger is almost certainly to be trusted. Those who aren’t trust worthy tend to react with violence once they realize they are faced with a Ranger.

“Well then, you’re alright in my book. Seen what you Rangers can do, the way you clean things up wherever you go. A lot of respect in that. Sorry I took a shot at you. But you can’t be too cautious out here.”

“Don’t I know it,” Specter says, moving towards the woman. “Tell me, what brings you out here alone?” Now that the danger has passed Specter can lay use her most charming expressions and tone of voice, working to quickly make the woman feel at ease.

The woman shrugs, obviously already falling for Specter’s charms. “Seemed like there might be something here others have missed, place looks more intact than anywhere else I’ve passed the last few days. You come from Purgatory? That’s the name of the Ranger base round these parts, isn’t it?”

Specter nods. “Yeah, I just left there this morning heading out to look into some rumors flying round these parts. You heard anything about the scientist known as Zero?”

The woman shrugs again. “Nope, never heard of ‘em. You’re actually the first person I’ve talked to in days, and the first one that hasn’t been trying to kill me for even longer than that. Sorry I can’t much help you. Being honestly, I’ve kind of been listlessly wandering the last few months, mostly keeping to myself so I don’t really have any news to share. I don’t mind, but I’ve gotten pretty lonely recently.” As she says the last part her eyes flash down to Specter’s massive breasts for just a second.

Specter has to fight to keep a smile from her face when this hapens. Her breasts turn the eye of almost every eye in the wastes, and she’s found that out here most women are at least a little bisexual. It’s something she understands all too well. Humanity was changed after the war, the need for sexual release becoming even more of an undeniable need the longer one goes without getting off. Even the straightest of women will be willing to let a woman help them get off after even a few days alone in the wastes.

“Well, you could travel with me for a bit,” Specter says. “Being totally honest myself I’m not really all that good with these six shooters on my hips. I’m used to traveling with another Ranger or two and wouldn’t pass up having your gun at my side.”

The woman responds almost instantly. “Yeah, I could travel along beside you for a while. Like I said, I’ve been pretty lonely of late and wouldn’t mind the company.” Once again as she speaks her eyes dart down to Specter’s chest, a hungry look flashing across her face.

Specter smiles a wide, deep grin. A crack shot to protect her for a little bit and all she has to do is sit through some pretty obvious eye fucking? She’ll take that deal any day. And the woman is far from unattractive, if come night fall the woman tries for more than just an eyeful Specter could see letting her have it. She’s not even a full day out from Purgatory, but the need for sexual release is already welling up inside of her.


* * *


“And why, exactly, do they call you ‘Bee’?” Specter asks the woman sitting across the campfire from her. Night has fallen, the dark beating in on them from all directions. There are no stars overhead, the clouds and layers of dust in the air too thick this night. They’ve made camp in some ruins, sitting in a part of the building where the roof has caved in.

Bee laughs at the question. “Cause I might not look like much, but I’ve got a mighty sting.”

Specter raises an eyebrow. “I don’t know, I think you look pretty intimidating. And anyone who takes a look at that massive gun of yours and can’t see it’s got a ‘mighty sting’ can’t have much for brains in their head.”

Once more Bee laughs. “Oh, the name has nothing to do with my gun.” Her smile disappears, a serious look suddenly overtaking her expression. “Truth is, a few years ago I mutated something fierce. A mutation that changed my life, and not for the better.”

Specter nods, matching the woman’s serious expression. She knows that she’s been lucky, her body has been about the same since she hit puberty. Ghostly pale skin and inhumanly large breasts are both things many find, maybe even most, find exotically alluring and are more of a blessing than a curse. On top of that her body has remained mostly unchanged. But for many others sudden and frequent mutation is a common occurrence.

Looking at Bee, Specter can see no sign of mutation and wonders what exactly it is that’s changed her life so much and for the worse. She does seem to be pretty muscular… could that be her mutation? She’s heard of people who mutate to be naturally muscular tend to also feel a growing desire for violence. Knowing people as well as she does, Specter figures if she just listens Bee will reveal her the truth of the matter.

“It’s been hard,” Bee says, staring down at the ground and continueing. It’s the first time since meeting the woman that she’s been unable to keep eye contact with Specter. “It was hard enough before, needing to fuck as much as I did. But after the mutation it’s been nearly impossible to go even a day without getting off. And being alone isn’t as satisfying; if I haven’t fucked I masturbate three or four times a day. And suddenly, after the mutation, there were a lot fewer people willing to fuck me. So I took to wandering, spending as much time alone as I could, avoiding the temptation of those that would more than likely turn me down. I don’t like losing control, taking from people what they don’t offer freely.”

It’s a story Specter has heard countless times before. As mutations make people lose their self control they take to wandering the wastes alone, hoping to stay sane by avoiding the temptations the presence of others bring. But she’d seen that it was a mostly self defeating tactic: all that time alone meant the wanderers are even more desperate when they run into others. And soon they become no better than the mad raiders, looking to take others by force to sate the painful sexual urges they have built up inside of them.

“You have no idea what a mutation like this is like! The lust is constant and overwhelming, everything I felt as a woman AND everything a man feels added on top of it!” Bee is talking fast now, her expression becoming slightly crazed.

“And I can’t sleep with men any more, they just don’t do anything for me anymore, never mind that the plumbing doesn’t really even work right for that AND that there are few men who would have me now. So it’s got to be women, but even that doesn’t work easily. I can’t fuck most women without hurting them.”

Bee’s expression is even more crazed now, her eyes shining with a mad glint in the light of the firelight as she stares down at the dirt. Specter is starting to feel nervous. Her body tenses and one hand drifts towards one of her pistols. And most ominous is how the woman hasn’t yet made it clear exactly WHAT her mutation is.

She suddenly looks up, the madness in her eyes more intense than ever. She’s staring at Specter in a way that makes the Ranger’s fingers grip the handle of her pistol, all of her experiencing saying she’ll soon need to draw on this woman who, till just a moment ago, seemed perfectly safe to travel with.

“But you,” she says, speaking even faster known and wringing her hands together as if in pain, “you have such huge tits! I could easily fuck them without needing to jam it in your cunt. There wouldn’t be any chance of hurting you. I could drain my balls, ease the pressure, be myself once again.”

As she rambles she rises to her feet and begins to come forward, moving around the fire towards Specter. Specter begins to draw her gun but is distracted by something totally unexpected, a sight that makes her freeze in surprise. Running down one of Bee’s thighs is the clear outline of a massive, thick cock!

Bee continues forward, unzipping her pants and pulling them down, stepping out of them as she advances. This reveals her mutation clearly for Specter to see: instead of a vulva the woman has a MASSIVE cock. It hangs down past her knees, nearly as thick and long as Specter’s forearm. It’s growing thicker, filling with blood and becoming erect as Specter stares in shock at it. And the cockhead is sheathed in a hood of foreskin that makes it look even bigger than it actually is, only adding to the monster slab of man-meat’s shock factor.

“Please,” Bee says as she grabs her cock and lifts it up towards Specter, wielding it like a deadly weapon as she pulls her foreskin back. “Please, I need to drain my balls… you can’t imagine the pain I’m in.” Her eyes narrow and her expression becomes more fierce. “I’m going to drain my balls, you WILL help me. It’s only fair! Those tits, so fucking big… they’ve made it all worse. You OWE me this, you fucking slut of a Ranger!

A lot of different impulses and emotions fly through Specter’s mind as Bee draws near. The most important is the way her body responds to the sight of any cock: with near instant arousal. It’s the same for most women in the wasteland, and the larger the cock the larger the response. The massive cock moving towards her face is almost enough all on its own to fill Specter with the need to fuck.

But there is more than that going through her head. She feels immense pity for the woman, not able to imagine how she would personally handle such an extreme mutation. All of the lust of a man and a woman? Unthinkable! And to have a cock so large? Surely it would hurt most women to have such a massive thing forced into their cunts, Specter as scared of the fleshy beast as she is aroused by it and it’s not even fully erect yet!

And then there’s the fact that woman had been perfectly kind till the sexual madness full upon her. All of that mixes together in Specter’s mind, the arousal and pity and fact that Bee is clearly not in control of her actions. Instead of drawing her weapon and killing the woman as she advances Specter decides to give her what she wants.

“Okay,” Specter says, licking her lips hungrily and staring at the cock as it still continues to get harder and larger. “You can fuck my tits.” She stays sitting where she is but pulls her tight shirt up, letting her own massive breasts fall out into the night air. Her nipples are already engorged and as swollen as the beast of a cock looms before her.

Bee is upon her a moment later, spitting down between Specter’s tits then slamming her cock down into the moisture. She then grabs the Ranger’s overlarge breasts, her strong hands sinking into the soft flesh as she presses it in around her hard, throbbing cock. A second later her hip is thrusting the cock-monster up between Specter’s fat tits.

“Oh fuck yes,” Bee moans, quivering in relief. “Been so long… Not going to last long!”

The words sadden Specter. With as sensitive as her breasts are she’s fully capable of getting off from having them played with or even fucked by a large enough cock. And the cock sliding up through her tits is the biggest she’s ever run into.

Bee groans, wrapping Specter’s tits tightly around her cock and unloading a massive load of semen into her pressed tit-flesh. The feeling of the thick, warm fluid flooding out into her breast flesh makes Specter’s inside flare with arousal, bring her to the edge of climax. Since Bee is the one holding her tits her own hands are free, so she is able to jam one of them down her pants and start franticly fingering herself, desperately trying to get off while she is so close to cumming.

As her fingers dip into her wet cunt Specter realizes that Bee has not pulled away. The massive cock between her tits is still rock hard, maybe even harder than it was a moment ago. And now Bee is fucking her tits again, the movement snow silky smooth and lubricated by ample amounts of cum.

The pure depravity of the situation pushes Specter over the edge. With her fingers deep inside of her cunt she feels her pussy tighten as she begins to cum, all while Bee continues to cum fuck her tits. “Cumming,” she moans.

Bee echoes the moan, cumming a second time. But this time when she cums it’s when her cockhead is pressed up and out of Specter’s tits, sending a thick splash of cum shooting up towards Specter’s chin. The feeling of more cum added into the mix only makes Specter cum harder.

The next few moments are a blur of post orgasmic bliss. Bee stumbles back, the mad look on her face gone and replaced by one of serene peace. Meanwhile Specter is left sitting, her own mind feeling clear but her body covered in a mass of dripping cum. Looking down at it she is shocked by just how much came from the woman. “You really were backed up,” she says with a gasp. It looks as if a whole room full of men have unloaded on her.

“I really was,” Bee says, sitting down with a satisfied sigh, her pants still off and her now soft cock hanging limply down onto the ground below her. “I really can’t thank you enough for that. I feel like myself for the first time in, fuck, I can’t even remember how long.”

As she speaks Specter is busy trying to clean herself up. She keeps a few rags in her pack for situations just like this, but finds them quickly drenched in cum, not nearly enough to clean up all the fluids Bee has left behind on her. And of course much of the semen has got on her shirt and her long coat. But she isn’t too worried, most of her clothing is already so soiled with various stains no one is likely to notice a few more cum stains.

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