Poll Driven Story: “The Rings of Corruption” Episode Three Part Four

Alright perverts, the fourth part of episode three is ready for you to read! You can find it, and the voting for what happens next, below the cut off. You can also find all the other ring stories in there entirety HERE.

The cascade of strange new sexual sensations one after the other is all just too much for Bestla. Her orgasm peaks, its intensity draining her still tired body. As it begins to subside so does her consciousness. Slowly she sinks into the comforting softness of the bed, the last sensation she is aware of being the cum trickling wetly from her cunt…


* * *


When Bestla begins to wake she feels as though it’s out of some strange dream, one filled with previously unimagined pleasure but all of it tinged with shame and fear. Her tired mind can’t recall at first what was real and what was dream. Had she really had sex with a woman? Had she been captured by the man the Sisterhood sent her to deal with?

She isn’t sure. All she really knows, at least at first, is that the bed she’s in is large and luxuriously soft. So certainly that last part, about Bal fucking her from behind and all the confusion his finger up her asshole had caused, had all been a dream as this is clearly a different bed.

As she starts to wake she can feel that she isn’t alone in the large bed. Her naked body, small and petite, is curled up tightly against the side of a second body, one that is large and firm and muscular. She shifts slightly, enjoying the feel of the man’s chest where one of her hands rest. As she shifts she feels feminine fingers reach out and grab hold of her hand. So there is a third body in the bed, a woman lying on the other side of the man she’s cuddled up to.

The thought brings ice to Bestla’s chest. Slowly she opens her eyes, afraid of what she will see. What she sees is exactly what she feared and confirms that everything that had happened was no dream. Bal Nemon is lying in the middle of the bed, naked and on his back. One of his arms is wrapped around her, while the other is wrapped around Lizzoznaih on the other side.

Bal seems to still be in a deep sleep, but Lizzoznaih’s eyes are open. She has a sleepy smile spread across her face as she stares at Bestla over Bal’s impressively muscled chest.

“Morning,” she whispers ever so quietly. “You came so fucking hard last night,” she adds with an amused giggle at the end. The pretty blond then shifts, sitting up slightly. Bestla hates the fact that her eyes are instantly drawn to the woman’s large, full breasts as they slide off of Bal’s chest.

“Our Master left me with clear instructions before he fell asleep,” she says, her voice still a low whisper. “I’m to teach you all about the religious faith we keep here in Bal’s keep.”

Bestla keeps silent, not moving and simply staring at Liz as she speaks. She remembers now that some kind of magical slave collar is around her neck, and she assumes it will make her do whatever she is told. She tells herself that she isn’t trying to escape because she’ll need to wait and choose the right moment.

In reality she’s reveling in the feeling of her naked body pressed up against another and with a third so close. Her fingers have responded to Liz’s, wrapping around them and they now hold hands across Bal’s chest. His firm maleness seems to be the perfect compliment for Liz’s soft femininity. A very large part of her, a part she still refuses to consciously acknowledge, wants nothing more than to remain here in the bed forever, but perhaps with her in the middle.

“Do you know of the god who goes by the name of Azel?” Liz asks.

Bestla’s brow instantly furrows. Following Liz’s lead her response is spoken in a quiet whisper. “Yes! He is the god of… of… of men’s…”

Liz has to muffle a fit of giggles. “The god of cock! Are you really so innocent that you can’t even say the word? My, how delicious! Even the paladin could say ‘cock’ when Bal captured her, although she still is adamant that she hates it even after all Bal has done to her. I guess some women truly do prefer the company of women.”

As she says the last part she reaches out and begins gently caressing Bestla’s arm. “I might like women, but I certainly don’t prefer them.” She reaches down with her other hand and slowly begins pulling the blanket off of all three of them.  “This is what I prefer,” she says, looking down towards Bal’s waist as the blanket reveals his manhood.

Bestla can’t help but follow Liz’s gaze. She drinks in the manly shape of Bal’s massively muscled body. The smaller muscles under his abs just above his manhood cause an immediate response in her body. She has to shift slightly, feeling suddenly damp between her legs and overwhelmed with the need to grind her thighs together.

And then her eyes fall upon Bal’s manhood and the response is even greater. His cock is thick and long and even though it is currently flaccid between his legs it looks plenty substantial. It’s a strange slab of meat, veiny and covered in wrinkles and now that the blanket has been removed Bestla can even smell it. The odor wafts up towards her, a mix of potent stale maleness mixed with the scent she suspects is her own vaginal juices and maybe Liz’s as well.

“He never gets all the way soft,” Liz says, staring down at his cock. “He’s always at least half chubby like this.” She looks up from her Master’s cock and is pleased to see Bestla staring down at it. She can see that the small red haired woman’s body has grown taught, that she’s actually drawn in closer to Bal. Her hips are also moving slightly, something she suspects Bestla is unaware of.

“Azel really has blessed our Master,” Liz says with a reverential whisper. “And it is through his cock that all of us here in the keep worship the cock god. This worship is especially important to do within a few days of having sex without a cock involved. There was nothing wrong with what we did together the night we met, yet to do so too frequently would taint us in the eye of Azel. So we must purify ourselves by worshiping him.”

The whole time Liz speaks Bestla’s eyes do not move away from Bal’s cock. The very sight of it has captivated her, filling her with a strange needy warmth. She feels her cunt, sore from being used the previous night, ache to be filled once again. And even more odd is the way her mouth seems to water at the sight of Bal’s cock, as if something primal inside of her is pushing her to go take it in her mouth.

Bestla blinks and it’s as if some mighty spell has temporally been broken. She makes herself turn away from Bal’s cock, keeping her eyes closed. There is some kind of perverse magic at play here, making her think and act in a manner more appropriate to a whore than to a member of the Sisterhood.

“You mustn’t look away,” Liz whispers, “not when I am about to show you how to properly worship cock.”

The collar around Bestla’s neck warms, sending relaxing energy flowing up into her mind. The words “you mustn’t look away” seem to ring through her head, compelling her to open her eyes and stare back down at Bal’s manhood.

While her eyes had been closed Liz had moved a hand down to Bal’s cock. Her slender feminine fingers are now wrapped around the center of his shaft. Bestla moans slightly at the sight, the way Liz’s hand makes his cock look even larger sending a rush of arousal through her that warms her cheeks and makes her nipples grow hard.

“Bal likes to be woken up this way, by his loyal servants worshiping the cock god through him. We do it with our hands and with our mouths,” Liz says, slowly shifting her body and moving closer to Bal’s cock.  “You’ll watch how I do it for a bit, but then you will take over. You understand?”

“Yes,” Bestla says meekly, afraid if she speaks too loud it will both wake Ball and reveal just how turned on she currently is. She eagerly watches Liz lean in close to Bal’s cock, holding his dick up in the air as she opens her mouth and prepares to take it inside her. Bestla can see that Bal’s semi-flaccid cock is already starting to swell and grow more full.

Liz takes just the swollen head of Bal’s cock into her mouth. With a hungry smile the pretty blond wraps her lips tightly around it and begins sucking on it, moving her head up and down slightly. She sucks on just the tip, moving her lips down just past the flared bottom of his cockhead before pulling back till his cock is almost out of her mouth then reversing course again.

The woman moves with slow care, her other hand reaching down to caress Bal’s balls. As his cock continues to swell and grow larger in her hands and mouth Liz begins taking him further into her.

Bestla is slightly shocked that Liz can take his massive cock so far into her mouth! She watches as Liz works her mouth halfway down the man’s impressively long shaft, surely far enough down that his cockhead must be at the very least pressing up against Liz’s throat. The thought of that makes Bestla gag reflexively, yet Liz takes him even further into her mouth showing no sign of gagging at all!

Bal has now begun to stir. He shifts slightly, moaning with sleepy pleasure. “Praise be to the cock god,” he mumbles, sitting up slightly and looked down at Liz sucking his dick.

Liz pulls away from his dick, leaving it shining with moisture and a single string of spit running from her lips to his cock head. She looks up at Bal and gives him a sultry smile. “Praise be to the cock god,” she repeats back. “We thank him for the blessing of this large, hard cock and worship him by bringing it pleasure.”

Looking to Bestla and still holding Bal’s cock in her hand Liz says, “It’s your turn now. Come show Bal what a good girl you are, show him how eager you are to please him. And above all worship Azel with us by sucking Bal’s cock.”

Bestla’s body begins to move before she even realizes what is happening. She feels herself drawn to the massive cock being held up for her, drawn by an animal desire to have it in her mouth and to taste it. She’s also compelled by the salve collar around her neck. And on top of all of that is Bal’s hand, which has run up her back and into her thick tangle of red hair. He leads her head down to his cock, helping her confused body find the way.

The smell of his manhood is almost overpowering once she is inches away from it. It makes her head swim and she suspects it is more than just a simple male musk. Magic seems to surround Bal and his harem, befuddling and controlling all who wander into his wake.

Liz still has a hold of his cock, and she now points it towards Bestla’s mouth. Bal moves Bestla’s head in place. In unison both of them give Bestla a one word command. “Suck.”

With warm commanding encouragement from the slave collar Bestla leans a little further and opens her mouth, taking Bal’s manhood into her. She tries to do what she had seen Liz do: wrap her lips tightly around him and start to suck, bobbing her head up and down slightly. She expects the act to feel strange and that she’ll be clumsy at it, but is surprised to find how naturally it all comes to her.

This seems to surprise Bal and Liz as well. As Bestla starts to moan and take Bal deeper into her mouth they both look at each other, curious shock on their faces. Although they don’t notice it the ring on Bestla’s finger is glowing red, the item working its own magic on Bestla and ensuring the sexually inexperienced woman has far more skill than she should.

Bestla takes Bal deep in her mouth, his cockhead hitting the back of her throat. She convulses slightly, gagging and starting to pull away. But Bal’s hand is still on the back of her head and prevents her from pulling all the way away.

Meanwhile, Liz makes a calming sound. “Swallow when you feel you are about to gag,” she tells Bestla. “It will help ease the impulse to gag and let you take his glorious cock even deeper into you. And if you change the angle of your head slightly you can even take him deep down your throat. Try it, let him fill you. Breathe through your nose as you do so you don’t start to suffocate.”

A moment later Bestla is putting all the advice to use and deep throating Bal. Liz looks up at Bal. “My, she’s a real quick learner, isn’t she? Hard to believe this is her first time sucking cock.”

Bal moans slightly then shushes Liz. “Now is not the time for such talk, we are still worshiping. Say the prayer with me while she sucks me off.”

For a moment the only sound is Bestla sucking Bal’s cock, but then Liz and Bal begin speaking in unison. “Praise be to the cock god, praise be to Azel. We thank him for the blessing of this large, hard cock and worship him by bringing it pleasure. Let our faith flow through this cock and into him and if it please Azel may his blessing be upon us.”

As they finish the prayer Bestla feels a magical warmth spread out through Bal’s cock, radiating out into her as she continues to suck him off. It is a pleasing warmth, one that reminds her of the calm warmth that had followed her orgasm last night right before she had fallen asleep. In response to the warmth she shifts so she can reach down between her legs and begin to finger herself.

The warmth continues to flow through her, making her body tingle as she keeps sucking Bal off. Her fingers start to dance through the wet folds of her pussy, led by some unseen force and ensuring they find all the right spots. Soon her head is bobbing up and down Bal’s cock ever faster all while her own fingers start to coax an orgasm from her hungry, wet slit.

Just as Bestla climaxes there is an explosion of salty, bitter, thick fluid into her mouth. “Swallow,” both Liz and Bal say imperiously, although Bal’s voice is more shaky then Liz’s. Bestla does as she is commanded, taking him deep into her mouth so she can more easily swallow the semen flowing into her.

Her own orgasm is short, seeming to end as soon as Bal is done cumming. And then, still feeling the magical warmth flowing through her, she is compelled to pull away from Bal’s cock. Words begin to flow from her mouth spoken in unison with the other two in the bed with her. “We thank you, oh mighty Azel, for this blessing.” And then, the words spoken, the warmth fades.

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