Poll Driven Story: “The Rings of Corruption” Episode Two Part Five

Alright perverts, the fifth and final part of episode two is ready for you to read! You can find it, and the voting for what happens with this slot next, below the cut off. You can also find all the other ring stories in there entirety HERE. And if you haven’t read Episode One yet be sure to do so soon, as it will soon  be removed form the site and published as an ebook!

* * *


Warrek lounges in the office of The Dairy Farm, his feet up on the desk before him. It’s been weeks now since he took over the day to day operations of the brothel, yet he still has a hard time of thinking of this desk as HIS desk. After all, it was Harlow’s for so long…

But now she’s gone and everything is in my hands, he thinks. The job has turned out to be far more work than he expected, yet he’s found the work highly rewarding. And he’s been able to still play his music, adding something to the establishment that none had realized till then was missing.

More importantly are the bonuses that come along with the job. The “cows” under his control all seem overjoyed to have a male overseer now, one that doesn’t walk about with a riding crop he is eager to use to swat their over sensitive tits or pussy’s. Most of them have eagerly showered my with thanks do to my gentler hand, he thinks, smiling at the memories. The ones with brains enough to think quickly learned he is a Ynara worshiper and made sure to use their milk filled, over-sized tits to show their thanks. Some even seemed to be making a sincere conversion to his religion, something that has pleased not just Warrek but the clients as well.

This is only part of why the change in management has been noticed by the clientele. They’ve said many of the cows, again the more intelligent of them, have seemed happier and less fearful. Most of the clients have enjoyed this, although there were a few not as pleased. Warrek quickly zeroed in on these ones, cruel men that liked to see the cows in pain. Warrek made sure they weren’t let back into the brothel.

“These cows may be little more than slaves,” Warrek had explained to the male employees of The Diary Farm, “but there is no reason we need to be outright cruel or abusive to them. Well… maybe a little, everyman can get off on some cruelty. But take it too far, like these men were doing, and we take the chance of breaking the cows. And we don’t want that! They are here because they have already been broken. Breaking them further only means lost income, which will displease me AND Elduni.”

He was far less concerned with the cows whose minds had, at one point, been seemingly shattered beyond repair. Women like Sasha who seemed to now be beyond thought, simply doing as they are told and only showing real emotion when they experienced sexual pleasure which mostly happens while they are being milked and fucked at the same time.

Warrek had kept an eye on Sasha at first. On their way to The Dairy Farm He’d gotten the impression that her mind was slowly returning to her. But once she was settled into her new life at the brothel any mental progression seemed to have stop. Perhaps he had been mistaken, or perhaps the fact that she was being milked and fucked nearly every minute she wasn’t sleeping was keeping her mind from repairing itself. The reason didn’t matter, he only cared that she no longer needed to be watched so closely.

He still made sure he spent some time with her every few days. She was his favorite cow, after all. Not just because he had personally broken her and delivered her here, no it was far more than that. Her tits were the biggest in the entire place, and she not only gave out more milk than any other cow but her milk refilled faster as well. Other men had taken note, and there was normally a queue of men waiting do drink from and use her. In fact, she was rarely even on the center stage. Most of the time she was in back rooms, men having paid to spend a little private one on one time with her for an extra cost.

That’s where she was right now, in fact. Although it wasn’t one man that had purchased her, but rather two. Warrek was curious to see what the two men were using her for, so he got up from his desk and went to the far wall where a series of small mirrors hung.

Each had a room number written under it, signifying which of the private rooms they were enchanted to show the viewer. They had been installed as a way for the staff to make sure the cows were being treated fairly and no permanent damage was being done to the establishment’s “products”. Warrek, however, had found that there was a lot of pleasure to be found watching what happened in the rooms.

The customers had no idea they could be watched and neither did most of the cows. Warrek frequently jerked off while watching what the men chose to do to the cows in private. Although recently he had found he could just as easily call in one of the cows to pleasure him with her mouth or tits while he watched. He’d even fucked one of them while watching, something that had exhilarated him in the moment.

He activates the mirror for the room Sasha is in, waving a hand before it and watching as Sasha and the two men appear before him. He smiles at the sight revealed by the mirror. Sasha’s hands are tied together, her arms pulled up high over her head and secured to the ceiling above her with chains. She’s sitting on one man, riding his cock as she bounces up and down. The second man stands next to her, his cock in Sasha’s mouth as he uses one hand to tug at one of her overlarge tits, sending milk spraying down onto the man below her. Her other tit bounces up and down, squirting milk each time her bouncing pulls it down and making it look like gravity itself is milking her.

Sasha’s eyes are rolled up into her head and although the mirror has no sound Warrek can easily imagine what her moans of pleasure sound like. He can see the clear shape of a smile on Sasha’s lips, even with a cock pounding in and out of her mouth.

Warrek watches for a few moments. Before long the man under Sasha convulses for a movement, grabbing her thighs tight and then going limp. Warrek can see cum leaking out of her cunt as his cock begins to soften and retreat from her slit even as she remains sitting on him, grinding her cunt into his body to get a few more moments of pleasure from his cock before it goes totally soft.

Around the same time the man fucking her mouth pulls out, grabbing his cock and spraying a thick load of cum into her open mouth. Sasha happily sticks her tongue out, catching as much as the cum as she can before closing her mouth and making a show of drinking it down with a stupid, overjoyed expression on her face. The once mighty knight of the Sisterhood is clearly nothing more than a mindless fuck-cow now.

Warrek waves a hand before the mirror, making the image of the room disappear. Part of him is saddened by Sasha’s total defeat. He realizes that part of why he had enjoyed so much of his time with her was that she had been so much more than a mindless fuck-cow. It wasn’t just her indecently huge tits that had excited him, but that they were attached to a mighty knight of the Sisterhood!

He shrugs, realizing as the months go by he’ll probably start to lose interest in her. But there is always fresh meat coming into The Dairy Farm. As he grows bored of the other cows there were ill be new ones to play with.


* * *


Sasha has no idea how lucky she was that Warrek dispelled the image in the mirror when he did. She, in fact, has no idea the magical mirrors even exist. If she did she would never have let so much truth play across her face once the men had unchained her and left the small private room.

As soon as the door closes the look of bliss on her face had disappears, replaced quickly replaced by one of anger and disgust. She bends over, spitting the cum she had only pretended to swallow into a nearby chamber pot. The men that buy her disgust her. The men that milk and fuck out on the stage disgust her as well. She memorizes each of their faces, planning on hunting them all down and slaying them one by one once she escapes and is back to her normal self.

“But first you have to actually escape,” she whispers to herself as she begins using a sponge and small bucket of water to clean herself up, dipping it into her to remove the man’s foul seed from her cunt.

Escape from The Dairy Farm is not going to be easy, she knows that. The clients are all stripped of their weapons before coming into the brothel, and none of the “cows” are ever allowed to leave the building unless a very rich client rents them for a few days. Sasha hasn’t even seen the sun since being brought here since the building has no windows.

There is also all the ways her body now betrays her that she has to contend with. It is only in moments like this, when there are no men pawing and tugging at her tits or drinking from them and no cocks shoved in her face, that she can think clearly and make plans for escape. But as soon as her over sensitive body is being stimulated, especially her breasts and especially when they are being milked, she reverts into the brainless slut those around her assumed she is.

Clearly something has been done to her to make her this way. She knows Warrek had something to do with it, but the short time she spent traveling with him has all become jumbled in her memories. The bard must have always been working with Elduni, that she knows know although she has no memory of his confession. Her mind had been too shattered at that point.

She’d feared at first that he was keeping to close an eye on her, that he was suspicious that she wasn’t as broken as she pretended and that she’d never have a chance to escape. But as the weeks had passed he seemed to grow bored of her. Yes, he still came to fuck her every few days but that gave her plenty of time between to plot.

In fact she now thought she knew just how she would escape. One of the bouncers that manned the front door had become obsessed with her. He’d started using a good deal of the coin he made working for The Dairy Farm to rent her out and spend time with her in private. He revealed to her during their last session that he wouldn’t see her for two weeks, that he was saving up so he could take her home with him for a night.

Once away from The Dairy Farm it would be easy to steal a weapon and slay the dumb man. From there it would be easy to escape this city of perversion and ride quickly from Elduni’s land. Once she got back to one of the Sisterhood’s keeps she was certain they would be able to find a way to remove whatever foul enchantments were on her body. And then she could begin getting her revenge, one foul man at a time…


* * *


The corrupt gods watching Sasha were able to hear her thoughts as clearly as if she had spoken them out loud.

“Her plan is a good one,” one of them says. “She will certainly be able to escape, maybe even return to the Sisterhood if we don’t stop her.”

“That would be a very bad thing,” one of the others say. “If she returns so abused some of them might start to question just how affective the ring she wears is. The ring has made it so Sasha has forgotten she even wears it, but it will not be able to befuddle the minds of a whole keep of Sisterhood members. It’s one thing for a member of the Sisterhood to disappear without a trace; it’s a far different matter for her to return with tales of her life being filled with mind shattering sexual perversion.”

“Well, it’s clear then that we can’t allow her to escape,” one of the gods says in responce.

All eyes turn to Naserette, The futa goddess. “Elduni worships you,” they say to her. “She has your blessing upon her twisted body. Perhaps it’s time you speak to her, let her know this knight of the Sisterhood needs some of her personal attention. Sasha needs to be broken permanently, her mind so shattered she will never be able to even think of escape again.”


* * *


Tonight was the night. The bouncer would be paying to take her home after his shift is done. Just a couple of hours to go and then it would all be over. Sasha would be escaping and this life of confusing overwhelming sexual bliss and servitude would be ended.

Warrek comes up to the stage, a strange smile on his face. Sasha tries not to let any emotion play out on her face. She simply leans over and lifts one of her tits towards his face, offering him some of her milk.

“What a polite cow you are,” he says. He reaches up and takes hold of her teat, squeezing it slightly and sending a thick stream of milk into his open mouth. “Mmmmmm, yes, still the tastiest milk here. But I’m not here about that,” he says, letting go of her tit and causing it fall heavily, a bit more milk squirting out as it tugs down on her body. “It seems a certain admirer has paid to have you for the next few days.”

Her heart begins to race and she has to fight to keep a gloating smile of triumph from her face. It’s happening, and sooner than she had expected! And did the accursed bard just say she was being rented for a few days? Had the bouncer really managed to save that much money? If so they might not even notice she was missing till she was days away from Cliffshield!

“Come,” Warrek says, “the client is waiting for you in one of the private back rooms. You’ll greet them there then do whatever they say.”

She happily follows Warrek through the crowded room. She thinks it a bit strange the bouncer is meeting her in a back room first, but maybe that was how this had to happen. She’d never been taken out of The Dairy Farm by a client before, perhaps this was how it always started.

But something wasn’t right. As they make their way across the room there are hushed murmurs all around.

“Did you see that cloaked figure?”

“Were there horns under that cloak?”

“Yes, and purple skin…”

“Could that have been Elduni? Would she really come down from her castle into the city? Why would she come here?”

“Because she owns this establishment, stupid. She owns ALL of Cliffshield’ brothels!”

The overheard discussions disturb Sasha. Why would Elduni be here now? Could her presence somehow stop her plans? And then her heart sinks: the bouncer is standing in the doorway staring at her, a grim expression of disappointment on his face. That means it isn’t him waiting for her in the back room, but someone else. But who?

Oh no, not Elduni! No… No, no, no, Sasha thinks. I am so close to escape, why now!?

Warrek places a firm hand on her shoulder, ensuring she has no chance of getting away easily. As they walk up to the door leading into the private room Warrek stops her, turning her to face him. He gets in close to her face, staring into her eyes. After having to hold his suddenly penetrating gaze for far too long he breaks eye contact, moving even closer so he can whisper into her ear.

“You fooled me,” he whispers. “You fooled everyone here. But Not Elduni. She sees all. She knows all.”

Sasha’s heart is pounding and she feels a cold sweat covering her mostly naked body. Her muscles twitch and she preparers to try and throw the man off of her, to run away and try and escape. But before she can he reaches up and grabs one of her tits, squeezing it painfully tight and sending an explosion of pleasure through her body that leaves her weak and momentarily confused.

“You’re just a fat-titted cow,” he whispers in her ear. “You tried to hide your udders from the world, and now you are going to pay the price. Your fate was invertible. Now go face it,” he then twists her around, opening the door and pushing her in before slamming it shut behind her. With a clicking sound of the room being locked form the outside Sasha is left alone, staring at a cloaked figure with its back to her.

“I’ve heard a lot about you, Sasha,” the cloaked figure says. The voice is unmistakably feminine, but it also has a very deep male rasp to it. The figure turns around, pulling their hood down to reveal the twisted visage of Elduni.

Sasha gasps, stepping back into the door behind her. Elduni’s face is everything it was rumored to be. Her skin is purple, her features Elven and pretty yet twisted by an unmistakably evil sneer. There are no whites in her eyes, only glowing red with yellow pupils. And coming from her head just before her slicked back hair are two pointed and curved horns.

“I’ve heard much about you,” she repeats as she begins to open her cloak, “from Warrek, from various clients her at The Dairy Farm.”

She lets the cloak drop to the ground, revealing her misshapen body. Its sleek and thin, well muscled with large firm breasts held in place by a revealing metal top made of shining gold. The metal top extends up to her shoulders, formed into large spiked plates of metal. Elduni stretches, arching her back and spreading the bat like wings that had been hidden under the cloak.

But even those foul wings can’t distract Sasha from the twisted sorceress’ most offensive body part: hanging between her legs is a massive purple cock. It is thick and long and the pinkish-purple with large testicles hanging tautly under it that are totally free of hair. Elduni wears no clothing below the waist other than a pair of metal armored boots that match her golden top. It is as if the twisted sorceress wants the world to behold what she has done to her own body, see the way she has used her magics to mock nature.

“I’ve even heard from my goddess, Naserette, about you,” Elduni says. “She came to me in a dream and told me that your mind was not as broken as those around you thought. She informed me of your plan for escape. That is something I cannot allow and I am going to put an end to. Neither of us will be leaving this room till you are truly broken.”

Sasha reaches for the door, twisting at the knob behind her even though she knows its locked from the other side. There is no hope of escape, she knows that, but fear is driving her now more than anything else.

Power flows from the creature before her, overwhelming and suffocating. How did Sasha ever think she could defeat this thing, this twisted monstrosity in the mocking form of a woman with a man’s sexual organ hanging between its legs? Even if she was fully armored and wielding her sword she wouldn’t stand a chance against her, she can feel that now. Her magical powers are just too strong for a simple knight to have ever had any hope against.

“I could melt your mind with the flick of my finger,” Elduni says. “A simple spell for one as powerful as me,” she adds with a cruel laugh that twists her pretty, full lips. “But that would be too simple for one as you. You members of the Sisterhood deserve to be shown what you truly are: whores and fuck-slaves, each of you. And you, you’re worse than most!”

Elduni comes forward then, the miasma of suffocating power surrounding her and pushing Sasha back harder against the door. Sasha’s head swims and her legs grow weak, but then Elduni is upon her. The woman grabs one of Sasha’s overlarge breasts in her purple hand then digs her thumb into her nipple, grinding it into her tits flesh. Sasha moans in pain and pleasure, wanting to drop to her knees but Elduni is pressing into her body so hard that she is pinned to the door. The sorceress is impossibly strong.

“From the day you were born you were fated to be bound by these shackles of ample flesh that hang from your chest,” she says. “You were born a fat titted cow, waiting for the world to turn you into a fuck-slave. Yet you hid these magnificent udders.”

As she speaks she pulls her thumb out of Sasha’s tit, allowing her to fall to her knees with a confused whimper. Her tits are so sensitive… Having them used so firmly hurts, yet the pain has brought her to the edge or climax as well.

Elduni then grabs the same tit, pinching her flesh at the base of her nipple with two fingers and pulling it painfully out, stretching her tit-flesh till Sasha screams as an orgasm is ripped from her loins. Elduni lets go of the tit then grabs them both, smashing them together so she can grab both their masses of flesh with one hand, a thumb grinding tightly into one and her other fingers into the other. She then lifts Sasha up by the tits, squeezing till she forces Sasha to cum again. Sasha tries to look defiant, gritting her teeth through the pain of the tight grasp and overwhelming pleasure as the orgasm flows through her body.

“These fat fucking udders of yours are proof that women are born to be biologically subservient than those with a cock. Look at how they tame you, how they are your greatest weakness. Such pain, such pleasure you’re clearly feeling. No wonder you tried to hide them from the world! Who would believe you could be a knight with tits like these?

“But these tits make you weak, too pathetic to be a knight. You are a cow, a creature predestined to meekly serve under all those who are your better: all those with a cock. Do you understand?”

Sasha continues to grit her teeth. “Never…. Give in… never surrender to—”

Her voice cuts off as Elduni lets go of her tits but brings her other hand flying up in an open palmed slap that sends one of Sasha’s massive tits slapping into the other. She collapses to the floor, convulsing from a huge orgasm the tit slap forces from her body.

“You will admit the Truth to me before we are done,” Elduni says, grabbing Sasha by the tits and dragging her across the floor. “Only then will this end.”

She starts squeezing the former knight’s overlarge and sensitive tits. She pinches, slaps, massages, and sucks on them. Over and over again for hours. She’s harsh and mean and cruel, both with her hands and her words. She goes till Sasha is in tears from the pain, humiliation, and forced orgasms.

Elduni then switches course, laying Sasha down on a couch and kneeling next to her. She begins to shower her breasts with kind and gentle attention, kissing and caressing and massaging them as she tells Sasha how beautiful and pleasing her body is. Sucking on her nipples and drinking her milk while she gently fingers her. This too continues for hours till Sasha is once again brought to tears from far too many orgasms. And then Elduni, with no warning, switches tactics again returning to giving her breasts harsh and forceful attention, her words truing cruel and mocking once more.

The hours stretch on, becoming days, Elduni laughing cruelly nearly the whole time, seeming not to need either rest or food. Sasha is kept awake by frequently having invigoration potions forced down her parched throat, making it so she has no respite from the never ending assault against her tits not even to sleep.

The whole time Elduni’s massive purple cock is a presence in the room, a looming monstrosity in its own right. Sasha’s oversexed body is drawn inexplicably to it, her various holes aching for it. But Elduni denies Sasha even a taste of the ample precum dripping from its tip, telling her she will not have it till she is broken, till Sasha admits what she truly is.

After a few days Sasha tries to lie, feigning defeat and begging for Elduni’s cock. She needs the cock, needs it in her mouth or cunt or even between her tits. It isn’t even about ending the assault on her tits by that point, only getting the cock she needs with every inch of her body. But Elduni sees through the lie, knows Sasha doesn’t really mean to give in yet.

“Liar,” she says with a snarl and spends a few more hours vigorously treating Sasha’s tits with harshness. By then Sasha no longer feels the pain, as pain has simply become just another form of pleasure that makes her cunt tighten in sexual climax.

Finally Sasha begs for Elduni’s cock again, saying she is truly broken and meaning every word of it. “I need your cock,” she whimpers. “Please, I’m begging you. I relent. I’m no knight… just a cow!”

Elduni smiles, rising to her feet to stand before Sasha. “Beg with your tits,” she tells her, her purple cock hanging down half erect before the broken woman’s face.

Sasha scrambles forward, holding her overlarge tits up and pressing them up against Elduni’s body. Their fat, soft flesh presses against her waist, her cock pressing into them and beginning to swell and grow fully erect. Sasha grabs her own nipples, pulling them up as she presses into the women before her so that they rest on her stomach, leaking milk that trickles down into her own cleavage.

“Please,” Sasha says, tears running down her face. “I’m begging you with my tits. My dumb, insane cow udders. Grope them, pull and tug at them, at my nipples. Squeeze out all the milk inside of them and make me cum over and over again!”

Elduni adjusts her body, reaching down into the mass of tit-flesh and pulling her massive purple cock up through them so it rests sticking out of Sasha’s cleavage. Looking down at the defeated woman she begins to speak, admiring the sight of her large purple cock between her tits.

“We’ve been here for over a week now, the whole time my cock has been hard and wanting you, wanting these indecent, fat, milk-filled udders of yours. See how the precum drips from me? More semen than comes for a normal man’s cock when he cums. Marvelous, isn’t it? That cum has been building up inside me, growing not just in volume but potency. When I cum it will be more than you can imagine and it will DESTROY you. As it enters your body it will permanently sap away your mind, leaving you a brainless cow that exists only to be milked and fucked.

“So yes, I will fuck these needy tits of yours. I will fuck them till I cum and I will do so in that pretty mouth of yours. And you’ll drink every drop, my seed blasting your mind from existence. But ONLY if you beg for it knowing full well what it means to allow me to fuck these udders of yours.”

“Yes,” Sasha says, convulsing as she cums just from the thought of it. “I am no knight. I am just a stupid cow. A fat-titted cow with needy milk filled udders. Do it now, Elduni! Fuck my tits, make me what I was meant to be. Make me your loyal, mindless cow. Do it now, I know this was always my fate!”

Elduni then grabs her tits, wrapping them tightly around her cock as she begins to fuck the woman’s tits. Sasha convulses and shakes, cumming from it. And then Elduni is pressing Sasha’s head down around the head of her cock, blasting a massive load of magical cum into the former heroine’s mouth.

As Elduni’s cum washes away all that remains of the knight of the Sisterhood, leaving behind only a mindless fuck-cow, the ring of corruption falls from her Sasha’s finger and clatters to the ground below, unnoticed by all in the room. Its work here is done, this member of the Sisterhood having met her ultimate doom and beyond being saved.

But there are always other members of the Sisterhood, new heroines that need to be corrupted and brought low. So the ring began its journey back to the sisterhood, but that is a story for another day…


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