Poll Driven Story: “Dyson City” Part Two

Alright perverts, the second part of Dyson City is ready for you to read! You can find it, and the voting for what happens next, below the cut off. You can also find all the story in its entirety HERE.

His jaw drops open, not fully believing what is his eyes are showing him. The woman, who is blond and pretty although slightly on the plump side, is dressed in expensive clothing. It’s clear she is wealthy. Yet here she is, this high class woman with an expensive pearl necklace around her neck, lifting not just her shirt but her bra up and showing him her tits right here in the center of the street!

Keith can’t help but stare at her tits as they hang free. They are large and heavy, wide and plump along with the rest of the woman’s body. Her nipples grow hard in the open air, her areolas pebbling. He licks his lips, suddenly hungry to taste her hard numbs in his mouth. He starts to move forward to do so, but stops as he remembers where they are.

He looks around, expecting someone to have noticed the woman exposing herself. But numerous people simply pass them both by, now ignoring the woman with the plump tits just as she had moments ago been ignoring him. “What the fuck is going on,” he mumbles, quickly returning his attention to her large, exposed breasts. He has to see how far he can take this, see if the people passing by will notice if he begins playing with her tits.

After taking a step forward he reaches up slowly, taking one heavy tit in his hand and lifting it up. The meaty weight feels amazing in his hand, her flesh warm and substantial. His cock instantly starts to swell in response. He then gives her tits a little squeeze, looking up to see how she responds. The woman has the same blank, nearly emotionless look on her face she’s had since he snapped his fingers at her. As he squeezes her tit her facial muscles twitch slightly, but a moment later her face is as blank as ever.

He looks around, reaching up and grabbing her other tit. He starts groping and massaging her breasts, looking from side to side for any sign that the passersby’s notice. Clearly they know Keith and the woman are standing in the middle of the sidewalk since they all step around them. But other than that there is no sign that anyone is actually aware they are there.

With a shrug Keith turns his full attention to the heavy tits in his hands. He leans down, lifting one up to his mouth and sucking on it. He grabs and squeezes at her the tit while he enjoys the taste and feel of her hard nipple in his mouth.

By now his cock is rock hard, his boxers moist from precum leaking from the tip. He’s always been a man that loves big, natural tits and these are both all natural marvels. And to be sucking on them here in the middle of a busy street is only making it all that much hotter. His cock is throbbing and he’s going to need to put it to use soon.

He’s half tempted to press the woman down on her knees and fuck her tits right here in the middle of the street, but he’s afraid that might be too far. He still has no fucking idea what’s going on, why no one seems to be able to see him except for when he puts them into the weird obedient trance. He’s not even sure if the snapping will affect others the way it’s affecting this woman. Whatever the truth, he’s not ready to push the limits of whatever is happening here.

After forcing himself to pull away from her tits he tells her to pull her bra and shirt back down. “You’re going to follow me home,” he says, his voice shaking with excitement. “You’re going to follow me home and let me do whatever I want to you.” He begins to turn back towards his apartment bet then stops, turning back to face the woman. “And the idea of that is going to turn you on. I expect you to be so wet by the time we get there that it’s going to look like you wet yourself.”

With a pleased nod he turns away from the woman, confidently marching down the street back towards his new home. After a minute he looks back over his shoulder, suddenly unsure whether she is still following him. But there she is, plodding behind him like a zombie with her expression blank and her movements oddly awkward and unrefined.

On the way back to his apartment Keith notices something strange. Everyone he can see is a woman. Every pedestrian, every person driving by in a car, hell even all the cab drivers, every single one a woman. He starts looking in the windows of business as he passes by, searching the faces of the figures inside. Every single face is that of a woman.

Even stranger still is the fact that not a single woman seems to be younger than eighteen. Most appear to be somewhere in their twenties and thirties, with a few older but no one appearing older than their early fifties. And all of them are at least a little attractive.

He also notices, now that he’s looking, that the average breast size here in Dyson city seems to be much larger than he is used to. He still sees plenty of women with small or even flat chests, but far fewer than he is used to and far more women with incredibly large bust size.

“What the fuck,” he mumbles, wondering if this is all some kind of amazing dream. He thinks back to all of the incredibly personal questions the psychologists had asked him leading up to his arrival here in Dyson city. There had been a lot of questions about what kind of women he liked, what kind of body shapes her preferred. One session they had even explored a fantasy of his: what he would do in a city where he was the only man and he was able to fuck any woman there with no consequences.

Is that what Dyson city is? Some strange city that had, without his knowledge, been populated just like his dream? Could it be that he was the only man in the entire city? It seemed likely, there was no sign of other men anywhere. They had told him he was going to be taking part in some kind of grand experiment, was this all part of it?

His thoughts are interrupted when he realizes they have reached his apartment building. “Okay,” he says to the plump blond woman, “let’s go have some fun.”

He decides they should take the stairs as his apartment is only on the third floor. He tells her to go before him, wanting to stare at her ass the whole time. She wears a tight skirt that hugs her wide hips and plump, meaty ass. On the way up he’s tempted to see what would happen if he reached up between her legs and tried to feel her pussy, but he holds off. Things are going so fucking well, he doesn’t want to risk it. He’s still worried that if he goes too far the woman will wake up from the trance she’s been in…

During the walk back to the apartment building Keith had lost his wood. But by the time they get to his door his cock his hard again from anticipation, and of course helped on by the sight of her ass before him. He reaches into his pocket with shaky hands to grab his keys but remembers he doesn’t have any.

Keith has a moment of revelation. What if the whole city is like his apartment building: no locked doors anywhere. What if this entire city, seemingly populated only with attractive women, has been designed so he can come and go wherever he pleases? If it’s even partially true he realizes that the next year of his life is going to be amazing.

But discovering the truth can wait, right now he has a plump, hot, rich blond that he needs to fuck. He opens the door to his apartment and pushes her in.

Once the door is closed behind them her tells her to stand in the center of the room and take her top all the way off. She does as instructed, pulling her top off over her head and tossing it to the floor. She then reaches back and unhooking her bra and letting that fall to the ground as well. The whole time her expression is totally blank and unchanging as she stares blankly ahead of her.

Those dead, emotionless eyes make him even harder. He starts stripping, quickly pulling his pants and boxers off after kicking his shoes across the floor then throwing his shirt onto a nearby chair. For a minute he stands naked staring at the topless woman before him. He’s holding his cock in one hand, enjoying just how fucking hard he is.

“Okay,” he says with a deep, nervous breath. “Moment of truth.” He steps forward till he’s close enough to touch the topless woman. Her pearl necklace is still on, the white beads glisten in the artificial light of the room. He likes that, likes the way they make her look like a rich bitch even as she stands there with her heavy tits hanging out and the stupid, vacant look plastered all over her face.

“Down on your knees,” he says in a firm, commanding voice.

The woman drops down onto her knees, her tits bouncing heavily as she lands on the ground. The sight makes him moan with a rush of sudden desire. Fuck I loves big heavy tits, he thinks. He wants to just slam his cock down in between them and fuck them right now, but he holds off. He fully intends to fuck her tits, it’s his single favorite sexual act, but he wants to work up to it.

“Open your mouth,” he says. As soon as she does so he steps forward, swinging his cock into her mouth and ramming it down her throat. He then grabs her pretty blond hair and holds her head in place as he starts to pound her face, unconcerned with whether she can breathe or not.

She chokes and gags but doesn’t try to pull away. “Oh fuck, so damn good,” Keith moans. He’s always wanted to fuck a woman’s face this way but never had a partner he dared try being so rough with.

Before long thick long strings of saliva are pouring from her mouth as she continues to choke and gag. The spit runs down his cock, dripping off his shaft and balls down onto her tits. Looking down Keith can see that her big breasts have become a slobber covered mess. He stares past his cock, loving the sight and enjoying the way her plump tits shake and jiggle as he pounds the woman’s face.

“Can’t fucking wait any longer,” he mumbles, pulling his cock out of his mouth then slamming it down between her tits. He grabs her, lifting her body up so her chest is more level with his cock. He then grabs her tits, his hands sliding in all the spit before he can finally get a good grip. Once he has a firm grasp he presses them in around his hard cock.

A moment later he is fucking the woman’s tits. Thrusting his hips and sliding his cock in and out of her cleavage. “So fucking good,” he moans, still only half believing all of this is really happening.

He’s so worked up that he almost instantly starts cresting towards climax. For a moment he thinks about trying to slow down, to make this moment last longer. But he’s already too close. Instead of slowing down he starts humping her chest faster.

With her tits wrapped tightly around his cock he moans, his body shuddering as he feels his cock quiver. A moment later the pressure inside of him explodes and he feels cum shooting out into the tit-flesh pressed all around his cock. He keeps her tits pressed tightly around himself, enjoying the feel of his cum shooting out and filling in the space around his shaft.

When he finishes cumming he lets go of her tits, stumbling back. He’d cum so fucking hard, and looking at the huge mess he’d left on her tits he can see that he’d released the largest load of cum that’s ever left his body. His legs feel weak and shaky, but he barely notices. He simply stares at the cum dripping down the woman’s chest. It looks more like he’d cum on her tits two or even three times rather than just once.

“Did that all really come from me?” he asks.

“Yes, sir,” the woman says in an emotionless monotone voice as she kneels before him, her tits dripping cum while she stares blankly ahead.

Sir? I like the sound of that, Keith thinks.


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