Poll Driven Story: “The Academy: Burnouts” prep

Looks like we are going to be doing a series of short one offs like the Rings of Corruption set at The Academy, the superhero university in my Heroines Perilous World. Below the break you’ll find pols to set up the first story, but first some more info on this setting:

This story is set in my Heroine’s Perilous World setting. Important info from the get go: Superheroes in this world have no secret identities. Their superhero person IS who they are. They are federalized agents, generally working with local authorities as semi-autonomous crime fighters and NOT vigilantes. Almost all superpowers come through having an active Power-Gene, and along with super powers this gene also brings a super charged libido.

Our setting: The Academy. It is the U.S.’s superhero college, a place where young people who have just graduated high school come to train with other supers. The Academy sees a large number of students with active P- genes come through every year, but only a small percentage ever graduate. Those that don’t are known as “burnouts” because of the way they tend to burn out spectacularly.
For the majority of the male students they are kicked out, unable to control the strong sexual urges their active P-genes bring on. These men tend to turn to a life of crime. But for many of th female students becoming a true superheroine is far beyond their reach as well. Like the men they too have a hard time coming to grasp with the strong sexual changes their bodies go through after their powers activate.

But many students also find themselves lacking the raw physical or mental power to handle life as a hero. Others meet more mysterious fates, simply disappearing never to be seen again. The academy’s official story is that these heroes in training have run away from the school, but many of the staff suspect fates far more sinister.

Like all of my Heroines Perilous World Stories, peril lurks behind every corner. The staff, the well trained and world experienced adults there to guide the budding heroes, are responsibly for many of the burn outs. Some of the staff are simply corrupt, women, but especially men, who when surrounded with some of the most beautiful and sexually confused people on earth give into constant temptation as they take advantage of the young students.

There are, however, worse things that fester hidden within the Academy. During WWII when the first generation of supers battled each other the Nazi’s had an anti-super organization known as Gorgon. The world thinks it was defeated along with the rest of the Nazi’s, but in reality it went underground at the end of the war. Gorgon has secretly survived through the many decades with only one goal: gain total revenge on the supers. It works to do so from the shadows, and many members of the Academy’s staff are now secret Gorgon agents.

Since this will be an ongoing series the plan is to remove any options chosen this time around from future lists so things don’t get repetitive. As always the options with the most votes when I’m ready to start writing the story will “win”.

Choose up to 4 from this poll:

Choose up to 2 from this poll:

Choose up to 8 from this poll:

Choose up to 3 from this poll:

Choose up to 5 from this poll:

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