In The Pipeline… 3/1/2017

It’s time again for my monthly update on what stories/projects are in the pipeline right now! Check out what’s below the cut to find out what I’ll be working on in the coming month and how far along I am in the writing process on each project.

Man, I haven’t done one of these in a LONG time. Hopefully I can now get back in the habit.

So big thing you readers may have noticed is that I’ve gotten pretty into the poll driven stories, seemingly abandoning all my other projects. After thinking long and hard I’ve decided that yes, for the time being I am ONLY going to be writing these. I know that leaves a lot of other stories unfinished, but hopefully what I’m doing now will help me build up the stamina as a writer to go back and really pound through those unfinished tales when I’m ready.

My biggest issues holding me back as a writer have always been 1) finishing stories and 2) getting a steady amount of work done every day. A lot of that ties into my health issues, which prevent me from really writing full time. I’m viewing these poll driven stories a chance to practice getting better at both of those things. And the small writing goals are more realistic for me, and the reader interactivity via the polls keeps me engaged and interested.

So the plan is to keep pounding through them, aiming to get at least one new story section posted a day. Sometimes there may be more than that, sometimes I might miss a day. But I’m going to keep plodding a long with the goal of having seven active stories I am cycling through. That gives plenty of time for people to come vote on past parts, but makes it so it won’t be too long before new sections to a story get posted.

The stories will be being posted for free on here and sometimes other places, but I do want to verbalize that most of these stories will not remain in the story section of this site forever. Eventually stories will be moved off here, cleaned up and published as Ebooks. I’ve decided once a new “Rings of Corruption” story is completed the previously completed one will be moved off. So that means not long after I post the new section of Episode Two, which will be the final part to that episode, Episode one will be getting pulled from here.

On a separate note my computer is actually dead and in the shop right now. My partner is letting me use hers for now, so it shouldn’t affect my writing. But is IS affecting my visual work, as using Daz on hers is not as easy. I probably won’t be doing anything with the visual novels till after I get a proper computer again, which if my old one is broken might take a bit to get a new one.

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