Poll Driven Story: “Wasteland Sluts: Episode One Part One”

Alright all, below the break you will find the first part of the new Post-Apocalyptic story as well as the voting for what happens next. A few of the categories setting up the story ended up being ties, so I rolled a dice to decide between them. And so you know what the results were: the story will be a series of one offs like the Rings of Corruptions series, centering on a string of Wasteland Rangers all destined to meet a bad and perverse end someone in the post apocalyptic wasteland.

Wasteland Sluts: Episode One


The world as we knew it ended when the bombs dropped, but nuclear war wasn’t the worst thing to happen during the great war that ended the world. History is hard to piece together from the vantage of the shattered wastes, but this is what we know: somehow across the world an experimental mutagen got released along with the nuclear holocaust. This strange chemical agent mixed with the bombs and radiation and the nuclear winds that followed.

The mutagen changed the radiation. In high doses it is still deadly, but mostly it now just mutates the living. After the bombs impossible pulp fiction imaginings of the apocalypse become a reality. The mutations differ from region to region and countless abnormalities wander the post apocalyptic wastes. Lumbering monstrosities constructed of torn flesh and claws, or disfigured humans that are little more than zombies stagger across the barren wastes. They all share one thing in common, though: the most mutated are driven by basic, carnal needs. If their stomachs are filled, they seek to feed their overwhelming lust.

No one is left untouched by the mutations, but some are luckier than others. While disfigured faces, stinking sores or mutated limbs are the norm, some suffer less hideously. Many people have unnaturally colored hair or eyes, or are taller or shorter than average. There are even frequent tales of mutations granting abilities that might be considered a blessing; things like inhuman strength or speed, unnaturally fast healing, even inhumanly large sexual organs.

But like the mindless abominations, all of humanity now suffers an increased libido. Even the sanest of survivors find it hard to keep their lust in check, especially if they haven’t gotten off recently.

The Wasteland is a vast expanse of countless different post-war cultures and creatures, but a few organizations can be found nearly everywhere. One of them is the Wasteland Rangers, a group that can trace its history to the law bringers of the prewar world. The Rangers now work as an independent force attempting to bring justice and order to the chaotic wastes.

The Rangers have good intentions, but good intentions tend to die fast in the Wasteland. The Rangers accomplish much and bring hope to the more honest citizens of the Wasteland, yet the Rangers all suffer a short life expectancy. This is a fact the Rangers don’t like to verbalize: no matter how skilled, all Rangers fall in the end either to their enemies or their own perversion.

This is what are story is about: the fall of one of these brave Ragners.


* * *


Ranger Specter stands atop the walls of Purgatory looking down on the Wasteland below as the sun rises above the distant horizon. The wastes stretch out in every direction, a mix of muted browns, yellows, and grays with almost no green to be seen anywhere. The land is rocky, hilly, and scared with the ruins of the prewar world to be seen every.

Purgatory is built atop a tall rocky outcropping, a perfectly unassailable fortress housing the Wasteland Rangers in this area. From their vantage point atop Purgatory’s walls the Rangers can look down at the wastes surrounding them, able to see far and wide and spot danger from a distance. The region nearest to Purgatory is fairly well patrolled, few raiders daring to come so close to the Rangers’ outpost, but further out the Wasteland quickly reverts to its normal state of untamed savagery.

Specter has just finished a week of rest after her last mission. Soon she’ll be getting a new one, but for now she is enjoying her last few hours of R&R. Her longcoat whips in the wind as she stares down at the wastes below, pondering what dangers she’ll soon be facing.

“Another beautiful morning in the Wasteland,” a man says as he walks up beside Specter. “Just gotta love the sickly hue of orange all the dust and shit floating in the air gives the sun at this time of day. It’s almost pretty enough to make you forget that your life is probably getting shorter with every breath.”

She turns to face the man and gives him a weak smile. “Always the optimist, aren’t you Dan?”

“Always,” he says with a grin. “That’s what they say about me, isn’t it? That I’m always looking at the bright side of life, that if you take Dan on a mission with you he’ll be nothing but sunshine and daisy’s?”

They both laugh, knowing that’s the exact opposite of what they say. “I don’t know if there’s a single thing you react to with hope and positivity,” Specter says.

“Oh, I can think of a few things,” he says slyly, his eyes dropping down from her face to glance at her breasts. “Two of them, to be specific.”

This brings a smile to Specter’s face. There are few men whose eyes DON’T frequently fall to her breasts. Like many in the Wasteland her body is slightly mutated. Her skin is so pale that its nearly pure white in color and it even glows slightly in dim light and total darkness. That’s why they call her Specter.

But her white skin tends not to be the first thing most notice about her. Specter’s body is made of exaggerated, nearly inhuman curves. She has a plump, wide, fat ass that looks indecent on her averagely sized frame. And her breasts are massive, so big some wonder how she even manages to stand up. Most men find themselves unable to look away from them, especially when first meeting her.

Specter is just about to make a joke about this when two more men walk up to them. “What are we talking about,” one of them asks.

“We talking about Specter’s tits?” the other asks with a laugh.

She returns the laugh. Things are different here in the Purgatory. The men that surround her might be as horny and easily worked up as most in the wastes, but she knows she’s safe here amongst the other Rangers. She knows their crude advances will end there if she says no. Of course, her libido is just as active as theirs, so it’s not often that she does say “no”.

“As a matter of fact we were talking about them,” Specter says, “and now that they’ve been mentioned…” She lets her voice trail off, pressing her chest out as she does. Her breasts are so large that there is no way her longcoat can be buttoned up, a fact that makes them look even larger than they are.

She likes the way all three of the men’s eyes light up as she presses her chest out. The hungry look on their faces makes her cheeks flush, her crotch dampen, and her nipples tingle. “I’ve got a little bit before I need report to find out what my next mission is,” she says, giving the men a sly smile. “And it really would be a shame for me to go into my briefing distracted by my body’s needs. Think you gentlemen could help me clear my mind?”

“Of course,” one of them says.

Specter wraps her arms around two of the men’s waists, pulling them close to her and starting to lead them off the wall. She looks back at the third man. “Come on Dan, I’ll let you step up to plate first. I assume you remember the way I like it?”

“What man could forget,” Dan says with an eager smile as he follows after them. “They say you can charm your way out of almost any problem when out on a mission. Is this how you do it?”

Specter winks back at him. “Sometimes,” she says with a flirtatious and eager laugh.


* * *


“Oh fuck, yes, just like that,” Specter yells then groans loudly in pleasure.

She’s bent over a small table, her arms braced on the edge and her massive tits hanging off the front. Two Rangers are kneeling on the ground below her tits, each looking up with one of her breasts in their mouths. They are sucking on them, massaging their mass with their hands as they go to town.

Behind her stands Dan, his hands holding tight to her waist just above the ample curves of her plump ass. He’s pounding into her hard and fast, grunting and groaning in pleasure. “God dammit, Specter, I love staring down at this fat ass of yours and watching the ripples run through your flesh as I pound into you.”

She moans, turning back to look at him watching her ass. Her pants are down around her ankles, her long coat flipped up so her back end is fully exposed. Her shirt is pulled up and bunched around her neck so her tits can hang freely into the mouths of the men below her. Times like this she’s thankful that she’s never found a bra big enough to fit her giant breasts, it makes whipping her tits out so much easier.

“I always get so fucking horny and worked up just looking at you,” Dan continues. “Those tits of yours, they are just so fucking huge.” He starts fucking her harder, obviously turned on just by the thought of her massive tits.

She’d smile if she was able to right now, knowing what will happen next, but she’s in too much pleasure to control what her face does. Not only does Dan’s cock pounding into her cunt feel amazing, but there’s the two men mauling her tits as well. Her tits are not just larger than most women’s by a few order of magnitudes, but far more sensitive as well. Specter is able to cum just from having her tits played with, and having TWO men doing so is more than enough to temporarily scramble brains with pleasure.

A moment later Dan groans, long and deep, as he begins draining his balls deep inside Specter. This does bring a momentary grin of deep satisfaction to Specter’s face. “Knew just the thought of my tits would make you cum,” she says quickly, enjoying then feel of his seed shooting into her. “Now quick, switch places with one of these men. I need more cock and yours is gonna be soft in a second!”

As Dan pulls out of her Specter savors the feeling: the pleasurable feeling of emptiness deep in her cunt after having it feel so full plus the way his seed comes pouring out of her cunt hole, dripping wetly onto the floor below.

Dan scrambles around Specter, taking the place of the man sucking at her right tit. Meanwhile that man scrambles to his feet, quickly getting behind her and shoving his hard cock deep into her.

The squelching sound of his rock hard shaft pressing past Dan’s cum is like music to her ears. Shivers of pleasure run up Specter’s spine that is then intensified as Dan starts sucking on her tit. A moment later things are back to their full intensity, a man fucking her from behind and two others working her tits.

Her body bounces back and forth from the man impacting her back side, her tits jiggling as they dangle down. She moans and groans and her nails dig into the edge of the table as she feels an orgasm welling up inside of her. She lets it overtake her, her body tightening just before the sexual climax explodes into existence. There is a moment of tightness as her muscles all clench, but then she goes limp as pleasure and relief begin to wash over her entire body.

The man fucking her cums, the added tightness in her cunt during her own orgasm more than he can take. “Quickly, switch,” Specter says with a shaky voice. Her orgasm is just beginning to die as the third man rams his cock into her cum filled cunt. The feeling ignites her insides, making her cum a second time just as the first orgasm dies. The shower of pleasure inside of her starts all over again, beginning in her count and working out into her body. All of it made all the more intense by the two men playing with and sucking on her tits.

By the time the third man cums inside her Specter feels totally relieved of all sexual needs. And unlike the three men, who all seem sluggish and tired, she feels perky and full of energy.

“Thanks boys,” she says, giving them all a little wink as she stands and pulls her shirt down over her massive breasts. Before pulling her pants up she dips two fingers into her cum drenched cunt, curling them up and scooping much of the semen out of her. She smiles, knowing the men are watching her, as she brings the cum dripping fingers to her mouth and sucks them clean. “Mmmmm, delicious. You boys really are the best.”

She then pulls her pants up, adjusting her gun belt and making sure the two large pistols on her hips are adjusted properly. “Now I think it’s time to go and find out what my next mission is, the Wasteland isn’t going to police itself!”


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