Poll Driven Story: “The Rings of Corruption” Episode Four Part Three

Alright perverts, the third part of episode three is ready for you to read! You can find it, and the voting for what happens next, below the cut off. You can also find all the other ring stories in there entirety HERE.

“You’re turn,” Rumwald says with a condescending smile.

Adreh’s body is still shaking, the last of the orgasm quavering away in soft pleasurable sensations. She takes a deep breath to try and calm herself, but instantly regrets it. The men watching the game all begin to hoot, whistle and shout lewd things about her mammoth tits as they swell and rise during her deep breath.

She tries to remain composed, but her thighs feel damp and her body is weak with post orgasmic bliss. Her cards are still in her hands, and a new card is being dealt to her. She grabs it from the air before her, looking at its text. “Discard your entire hand to refill your energy to full and drain your opponents by half.”

There is no real choice, she plays the card. She HAS to win, and knocking his energy down to half and raising hers to full will get her halfway to a victory. And losing her entire hand isn’t even a hardship as she currently has no good cards.

Rumwald looks wide eyed at the card as she plays it, seemingly shocked that she’s drawn such a good card. “Damn,” he mutters as Adreh discards the rest of her hand. Her crystal fills with red energy while his is drained till it is only half full.

For a few moments he looks worried, but when he plucks his new card from the air before him the worry disappears from his face. He looks up from the card, a large, wide smile on his face. “This might have won me the game if you hadn’t just played that last card. I guess I’ll just have to settle for evening things out a bit.”

He places the card on the table. It turns and slides to Adreh, glowing slightly and allowing her to read its text. The card informs her that she must make every man in the room, other than her opponent, cum before she can start her turn. The longer this takes the more her crystal will drain of energy. But to make things fair the game will compel all the men to come and fuck her as fast as possible.

Adreh stares at the card, her insides cold as ice yet a strange tingling sensation between her legs. The glow around the card intensifies for a moment then sends tendrils of magical energy out into the tavern all around her. The crowd of onlookers begins to scream in alarm as the energy impacts them. Most of them double over as if experiencing sudden discomfort, many of them moaning in pain.

Meanwhile Adreh sees the chain holding her to the table before her grow much longer. A moment later she feels herself pulled out of her chair by an invisible force, pulled up onto her feet and towards a nearby table. It’s as if invisible hands are pushing her forward, swiping the contents of the table away and before picking her body up, spinning it around, and tossing her ass first onto the table. She lands on her with a fleshy thud and a slight squeak of pain. A moment later the same invisible force pushes her back down onto her back and spreads her legs wide open.

All around her the men in the tavern are moaning. A quick look around her reveals that they are all undoing their belts, wiping out their cocks which are all stiff and visibly leaking precum. Adreh is unable to get up from the table, unable to do anything to avoid the mass of men now shuffling towards her with their cocks in their hands.

The crowd seems to fall upon her all at once with a bewildering flurry of action. Her head, hanging upside down off one side of the table, is pushed further down and a cock is shoved into her mouth. At the same time another man steps up to the other side of her, rubbing his cock in her cunt and then pressing into her.

Adreh tries to protest, but all she manages to do is get out a few dick-muffled moans. The cocks in both ends of her start to pump in and out of her body, one ramming deep into her womanhood as the other slams even deeper down her throat making her choke and gag.

She barely has time to process this all when she feels something fleshy, firm, and warm placed in one hand and then the other. Her hands grip the fleshy shafts tightly and begin jerking them, her body no longer totally under her control.

Meanwhile someone has crawled up onto the table, sitting on her chest and slamming his cock down between her tits. He grabs her breasts, pushing them around his cock before he starts humping her chest.

The flurry of cocks in and around her are overwhelming. The sexually inexperienced Silver Elf lacks the life experience to deal with the gang bang. She barely understands what’s happening as men begin to cum in and on her. Once a man cums he quickly backs away, making room for another to come forward and take his place.

The indignities seem to be never ending. Some men, when they step up to her spread legs, choose not to use her pussy but instead jam their cocks up her asshole. Luckily for Adreh her cunt is leaking so much cum by the point men start doing this that it oozes down over her asshole and lubricates their cock’s entry into her tightest of holes.

There is pain, but an overwhelming amount of pleasure as well. Her body betrays her, quickly building to its first orgasm with many to follow. She quavers and quakes, her orgasms making her moan around the series of cocks in her mouth. Before long her naked body is covered in sweat as much as it’s covered in cum. The fluids mix together with the ample juices flowing from her cunt, leaving her a dripping mess. Even her hair is drenched.

She has no idea how long the massive gang bang lasts. To Adreh it seems to last both for days yet only a brief moment, all a blur of pain pleasure and humiliation. By the time the last man stumbles back away from her she is laying limp and exhausted on the table. Nearly every inch of her body is covered in cum, the largest pool below her ass and cunt and dripping off the edge of the table.

All Adreh wants to do is fall asleep. Her body is totally drained, her mind overwhelmed with shame at how many times she cum. But she senses someone standing nearby, looking down at her.

Weakly she opens her eyes and looks up to see Rumwald standing above her, grinning down at her. “No time to rest, fat tits,” he says. “The game isn’t going to let you lay there for much longer.”

She turns her head away from him and closes her eyes. Not just to stop looking at him, but because all the cum running down her face has begun to ooze into her open eyes. Adreh tries to ignore the man, desperately struggling to get the gloating look on his face out of her mind. But he seems to have been telling the truth: she feels the magical chain connected to her shortening, slowly pulling her off the cum covered table.

Afraid of being dragged onto the floor she makes herself get up. Her massive breasts shift heavily as she does, the cum covering them following gravity and now running down the front of her tits instead of down their sides. She nearly slips in the puddle of cum on the floor, but rights herself. The men in the tavern all laugh at this, but she notices their laughter is more muted now. Clearly the men are tired after the gangbang, although she can’t imagine they are anywhere near as tired as her.

Dripping a trail of cum behind her Adreh starts shuffling towards the table where the card game waits for her. She sits in her seat, her body so tired she can barely sit up straight. She wipes as much cum as she can off her hands on the side of the table then waits for the deck to deal her a new card. She can only imagine how pathetic she must look: naked and dripping cum. Her hair hangs wetly in her face, seemingly having soaked up far more than its fair share of semen. And she has to keep one of her eyes closed as a large glob of cum has just slid down over it.

Rumwald sits down across from her and gives her an evil smile. “It’s your turn again. And look: your Crystal is only one third full now. Game won’t last much longer unless you get a good card.”

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