Poll Driven Story: “The Rings of Corruption” Episode Three Part Three

Alright perverts, the third part of episode three is ready for you to read! You can find it, and the voting for what happens next, below the cut off. You can also find all the other ring stories in there entirety HERE.


* * *


Lizzoznaih waits till the naive barbarian is sound asleep. Carefully she pulls away from the small red haired woman, thinking about just how well the fragrant charm she had cast on herself had worked on Bestla.

“Poor stupid bitch had no idea what was going on,” she whispers as she quietly slips out of the bed. “There seems to be so much this Sisterhood doesn’t bother to teach their members, it’s a wonder they are all so feared. It was as if it hadn’t even occurred to her that another woman could be working against her! Well… she was wrong, and now she’ll pay the price.”

As she talks to herself she begins rummaging through her gear, pulling out a small vial of bubbling yellow liquid. Carefully she moves back to the bed, opening the vial and then pouring its contents into the sleeping heroine’s mouth. Bestla gags at first, but Lizzoznaih gently lifts her head up to allow the potion to flow more smoothly down her throat.

For just a moment Bestla’s eyes start to flutter open, but they quickly fall closed. The heroine lets out a shuttering sigh and then her body goes limp.

Lizzoznaih drops the woman back onto the bed, standing tall and looking down on her with triumph on her pretty face. “All too easy,” she says, no longer speaking quietly. “Probably could have just slipped the sleeping draught into your drink at dinner,” she says. “But where would the fun in that have been? No, this way I got to be the first to fuck the pretty little thing. I got to taste your sweet fire-touched womanhood before any of my sister’s in Bal’s harem, even before Bal himself!”

She sighs. “I do so hope Master doesn’t make her shave her hair down there off. I liked the way it looked, even liked the way it felt when I was using my mouth on her.”

For a long time she stands there, staring down at the woman. “Alright, my pretty little thing, it’s time to take you to your new life. Oh, I’m sure you’ll hate it at first. I think we all did. But you’ll learn to love it, the way Ahloral and I did. The way Reh and Thezros are learning. Because in the end, no one is truly unbreakable. It’s like Bal says: deep down we are all just insatiable sluts with needy cunts.”


* * *


Bestla has never felt herself in such a deep sleep and never found it so hard to wake. The waking feels as though it takes ages, slow and glacial in its pace with her senses returning to her with almost imperceptible slowness. Through it all her mind feels cloudy, the world around her shrouded in a thick fog her senses can’t penetrate at first.

The first thing she becomes truly aware of is the position of her body. She is laying face down on a soft bed, but her knees are bent and her back end is lifted up into the air with her legs spread slightly apart. As time passes she realizes that her privates feel bare, her underpants removed and her skirt flipped up to reveal her ass as well. This is the first sign that things aren’t right.

Gradually she becomes aware of other feelings, feelings strange and unfamiliar to her and that fill her with dread and confusion. Her womanhood feels as though something long and hard is being pushed and pulled out of it. Her first thought after realizing this is that such a thing should pain her, but it doesn’t. If anything it feels good, as good as the passion she shared with the pretty blond wizard the previous night.

Where is the wizard? Is the thing moving in and out of her Liz’s finger? No… no, it couldn’t possibly be that, it’s far too large. Bestla had, after all, felt the wizard’s fingers enter her the night before and now knew what such a thing felt like.

As the physical sensations grow clearer and the mental fog in Bestla’s mind starts to dissipate she realizes what is happening to her: A man is behind her, using his penis to enter her. Someone is fucking me, she thinks in sudden shock, all the pieces finally falling in place in her mind.

It takes almost all of the meager energy she has for Bestla to make a sound of objection. But she’s horrified when the sound coming from her mouth sounds more like a moan of pleasure then one of defiance.

“Ah, you’re finally waking,” a deep, rumbling male voice says. The fleshy shaft moving in and out of her slows. “Liz had told me when the sleeping draft should begin to wear off, but I must admit I started a little early.”

“Liz,” Bestla moans softly, not sure if she is asking what has happened to the wizard or if she is calling to the woman for help. Bestla tries to open her eyes, but she’s still too tired, too weak. Her heart is racing. She knows that the person speaking to her, fucking her, can only be one man.

“Fear not, my pretty little fire touched strumpet,” Liz says from nearby. A soft hand then begins to gently stroke Bestla’s forehead. “I’ve not left your side.”

“Help me,” Bestla says weakly. “Man… using me… must be… Bal…”

The man behind her begins to laugh, a cruel deep laugh that he punctuates with a stinging open palmed slap onto Bestla’s bare ass. “Yes, it is me brave warrior of the Sisterhood. But Liz here is not going to help you. Do you not see what has happened?”

He waits for Bestla to answer, but after a few moments of silence he continues talking. “She was working for me the whole time! Liz was the first member of my harem, something you should have suspected as soon as you saw her. But you Sisterhood cunts always think the best of other women, always assume they are all on your side.”

As he speaks he starts fucking her a little faster, grabbing hold of her waist just above the curve of her ass cheeks and pulling her body into his as he thrusts forward.

“It’s true,” Liz says, her voice full of joy and pride. “I used a charm spell to befuddle your mind and give you a taste of all the carnal pleasures you will soon be enjoying.  Bal can’t possibly be fucking every one of us all the time, so we need to learn to pleasure each other the we you and I did last night.”

“Which, in turn, pleases me,” Bal says. “And you’ll soon learn that pleasing me has become the most important thing in your life.”

Bestla is able to open her eyes slightly now. Her head is turned to the side and she is able to see Liz sitting in a chair beside the bed, still reaching over and stroking her forehead. She smiles at Bestla. Her impressively large breasts hang free, her clothing gone.

Liz notices the barbarian’s eyes flicker to her breasts and lets out a little giggle. “Oh, yes, my dear, just as glorious as you found them the night before. Although with my charm no longer affecting your mind I doubt you’ll be as eager to explore them with your hands and mouth. Besides, I bet the big cock pounding that tight little cunt of yours is more than enough to keep you occupied for the time being.”

With a moan of objection Bestla begins to struggle, trying to pull away from Bal. He simple grabs hold of her waist tighter, pulling her back into him as he presses further into her cunt. “None of that,” he snarls. “You will remain where you are and let me finish testing out your pussy.”

For an instant Bestla’s muscles, tired as they are, flex to try and prepare to escape. But before she can really begin to act a warm heat begins to radiate out from her neck. Something is there, a metal collar of some kind and it now pulses with magical energy. The warmth flows through her body, calming her tense muscles. It flows into her mind as well, easing her fear and defiance. It’s almost as if the warmth washes away such feelings, leaving behind only the desire to do as the man fucking her says.

“That’s a good girl,” Bal coos as he sees Bestla’s body ease and relax.

One of his hands pulls away from her waist, his fingers running over the curve of her ass cheek and towards the point where her two cheeks meet. His other hand follows, grabbing one cheek and spreading it open. Soon a single finger form the first hand is circling her asshole, filling Bestla with confusing feelings of pleasure.

“Please,” Bestla moans, “please don’t touch me there! It feels—”

“Good?” Liz asks, cutting her off and then laughing. “Oh, what a dirty little slut you are! Although give it a minute, you might not enjoy what comes next so much.”

“Be quiet, Liz,” Bal says with a laugh. “Don’t ruin the surprise for the girl. Before meeting you she was probably a virgin, one who gave very little thought to sex. Maybe she didn’t even realize there could be sex between two women. But certainly she’s never imagined that a sexual partner would gain pleasure form fingering her asshole.”

As he speaks he runs his finger down around her asshole and over her taint, finally rubbing at her pussy as his cock slides in and out of it. He even slips his finger in next to his cock a little, curling it up and dragging moisture back out. Then he moves the finger back to her asshole, smearing the moisture all around and then over its puckered surface.

Then, slowly, he begins to press his fingertip into Bestla’s asshole. Her body instantly tightens. Not just her asshole, but her cunt as well. For a moment Bal groans in pleasure, pressing his cock hard into her and enjoying the added tightness around his manhood. But when his finger tip is forced back out of her asshole he commands her to relax, to loosen her body.

The metal collar around Bestla’s neck ensures that she follows the command. Her muscles all ease, going limp. She sinks slightly into the soft bed under her. And then Bal’s finger plunges deep into her ass. The sensation of having the two holes filled at the same time is overwhelming for the young and sexually inexperienced heroine. She can feel his finger and his cock rubbing up against each other inside of her, thin walls of unfamiliar flesh all that separates them.

She begins to groan in discomfort, but the sound melts into a moan of pleasure and confusion as he starts to pull his finger in and out of her ass hole. The pressure and movement against her asshole sends pleasure shooting up into her. She feels something welling up inside of her, a growing intensity that is threatening to burst.

Bal seems to feel it as well. He starts fucking her faster, sliding his finger in and out of her asshole fast, moving it opposite his cock. The feeling inside of Bestla swells and then bursts, overwhelming pleasure exploding from Bestla’s loins. Her whole body shakes and she screams in pleasure and confusion. Bestla had cum the night before, but her mind had been muddled then and the orgasm had been brought on by tender softness. This is a wholly different feeling, the same orgasmic release but stronger as if it feels more like its forced from her instead of kindly coaxed out of her.

Liz begins to laugh. “Oh my, the little slut’s cumming, isn’t she?”

“Yes,” Bal groans, “and its making her tight little cunt even tighter… not going to last much— AHHHH!” He screams, pressing deep into her and popping his finger out of her asshole just as his seed begins to flood and fill Bestla’s cunt.

The strange pressure of his seed shooting into her combined with the pressure of his finger being so quickly pulled out of her ass makes her own orgasm’s intensity increase. Her cunt tightens around Bal’s cock so much so that she feels it forced out of her. It wetly pops free from her body, and an instant later she feels a rush of liquid begin to pour from her cunt-hole following after the cock.

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