Poll Driven Story: Post Apocalyptic prep

Alright all, starting to do prep work for what was the clear winner of the wild card story: a Post Apocalyptic setting!

I’m going to be using the same setting that Wasteland Slut takes place in, although many of the ideas you’ll see in this story were ones that haven’t been published yet. This is a trope heavy post apocalyptic world, leaning more towards comic book inspired pulp logic than gritty real world logic. Think more Fallout than Mad Max.

The war happened an undefined time ago, our story takes place somewhere in America. Along with the nuclear war that ended the world the great war also involved biological warfare, the mutagens released mutating most of the survivors, animals and plants of the world. Because of these mutations a large portion of the surviving humans are mad and unable to function in any kind of civilization, assume any “raiders” confronted are like this. Violent and driven by base instincts, especially sexual ones.

But the smaller part of the human population not devolving into savagery are still tinged with madness. Everyone finds it hard not to give into sexual desires, especially if they have not been sated recently, so the post apocalyptic world is a FAR more sexually oriented place than the pre-war world. Everyone (especially our protagonist) will have an overactive libido that needs to be constantly sated.

Mutations are rife, everything from simply looking physically disfigured to mutations that seem more like super powers. Mutations have also changed some populations so much they have become like other species.

Below the break is a series of questions that will help determine a number of things about this story. Vote soon, because I’d like to get this story into the rotation soon!

Choose up to two of the following:

Choose up to four of the following:

Choose up to four of the following:

Choose up to three of the following:


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