New Poll Driven Story: “Dyson City” Part One

Alright perverts, he’s a new story for the rotation. This one is the contemporary setting story, chosen by you! Hopefully its not to slow of a start and has enough mystery to wet your appetite. There’s not really any heat or action, but the second part should be jumping right into that. You’ll find the first part of the story along with the polls for what happens next after the break, but before that I wanted to repost the polls for the other new stories I’ll be adding into the rotation soon.

Dyson City


Keith Baily rolls over, tumbling off the couch he is sleeping on. He falls to the floor with a heavy thud that wakes him from a deep sleep. “Mother fucker,” he snarls, sitting up with a bleary expression on his face.

The room he’s in is unfamiliar and looking about he feels confused and disoriented. “Where the fuck am I?” he mutters as he rubs his eyes. Keith struggles to grasp the last waking memories he has. His mind feels as though it’s filled with mud, thinking slow and difficult. But after sitting on the floor for a while things begin to come back to him.

He’d worked for a few months for a big corporation, doing janitorial work in their corporate headquarters. The money was decent, more than enough to pay for his shitty studio apartment and enough spending money to keep him happy. But the apartment he was sitting on the floor of, this wasn’t his apartment. It was too big, the furnishing too nice.

But this IS my apartment, he thinks, at least it is now. He’d taken a new job with the company, been moved to a new city and placed in a new home.

Some bigwig in the company he had worked for had approached him about a better job. He hadn’t really understood the details of job, all he’d really cared about was how much it paid. For a year’s work it would be more money than he could probably have earned doing janitorial work for the rest of his life. The job would require him to put his life on hold for a full year, going where the company sent him to take part in some kind of experiment or test of some kind. He hadn’t really understood, just knew that they promised it would be easy.

He remembered agreeing almost right away. He hadn’t been doing anything important with his life and after the year taking part in whatever the experiment was he’d have enough money to never need to work again. After agreeing to take the job they had run a bunch of medical tests on him and he’d had to sit through a ton of psychological evaluations where they asked a lot of very personal questions about his deepest desires and wants.

Keith hadn’t understood what any of it was about, but had kind of liked all the attention. He had always been a thoroughly average guy that always seemed to kind of just disappear into the background of life. He liked having a countless stream of scientists and doctors prodding and exploring his body and psyche.

“But that was all weeks ago,” he mumbles, getting up from the ground and moving up onto the couch. “How did I get here?” He looks around, still feeling disoriented. This wasn’t his apartment, yet he knew somehow it WAS his apartment.

And then the memories of his most recent life began coming back to him. The company had injected him with a number of drugs in preparation for their experiment’s start. He’d been packed at that point, ready to start his new life. Things after that were a jumbled blur. There had been an airplane ride to somewhere maybe? Yes… yes, to some island city the company owned. That’s where he was now, where the experiment was taking place.

Dyson City, he thinks, the memory coming back to him. They told me this place is Dyson city. We arrived at night and I was still all loopy from all the drugs they shot into me. They drove me from the airport, helped me up into my new home, this apartment.

He must have passed out after they brought him here. Had he slept through the night, or had it been longer than that? He isn’t sure… Keith realizes he has to piss more than he’s ever needed to in his life. So he gets to his feet, feeling wobbly at first but after a few steps feeling normal, and heads to the bathroom.

Once his bladder is emptied he realizes how hungry he is. He heads to the kitchen, admiring once more just how nicely furnished the apartment is. And it’s big, too. Certainly the largest place he’s ever had all to himself.

The kitchen, however, isn’t what he expects to find. There are almost no cupboards and a quick look through them reveals only a handful of plates and absolutely no food. With his stomach growling he turns his attention to the refrigerator. The machine is strange looking, bulkier than any he’s ever seen before. And it looks as though it’s built into the floor and wall.

With a shrug he opens the door, finding shelves full of prepared meals in sealed containers. All of the plates are full of foods he loves. Happily he chooses one, pulling it from the fridge and noticing a little type written tag instructing him how long to heat it up in the microwave.

As he waits for the plate of food to heat up he leans against a counter, looking around the rest of the kitchen. He’s noticing that there is no stove, only a sink and dishwasher. “What, am I supposed to only eat these pre-made meals? What am I supposed to do when they run out?”

His eyes continue to wonder through the room, falling on a large screen built into the counter on the other side of the room from him. He scratches his head, wondering how the hell he missed that till now. He walks up to it, inspecting the device. There is a large flat screen, like a computer monitor, but no visible keyboard attached. As he stares at it the screen flickers on, revealing a blue background with the rotating logo of the company that’s hired him.

After a moment of nothing else happening he places a finger on the screen, testing to see if it’s a touch screen. The screen flickers, the logo disappearing and a white screen replacing it. Writing begins to appear on the screen one letter at a time, as if someone were typing the message out in real time.

“Keith: Welcome to your new life in Dyson City. You will find the meals in the fridge replenished every few days. We request that at least two of your meals come from it every day. Aside from that you can do whatever you wish. Should we need to contact you it will be through this console, in the meantime we suggest you go out and explore your new home city.”

The message stays on the screen till he touches it again. The screen then flickers and disappears just as the microwave begins to beep, starling him slightly. As he sits down to eat he thinks about the message. There was nothing in there about giving him spending money or a car. The company had taken his wallet, telling him he’d be provided with everything he needed once in Dyson city. So he has no money. He doesn’t even have any identification.

His thoughts are interrupted as soon as he takes the first bite of food. It is delicious! He tears into it, nearly inhaling the meal. Once the plate is empty he retrieves a second one from the fridge, impatiently waiting for it to heat up then devouring that one as well. After that he is thirsty. He finds a bunch of unmarked can’s on one of the shelves in the fridge. Popping the can’s cap and taking a sip he discovers they were filled with some kind of energy drink, one that makes him instantly perk up. “And tasty, too,” he mutters, quickly draining the drink.

“Well, at least I won’t go hungry or thirsty. And I can’t imagine ever getting sick of this shit, its god damned delicious.”

While he digests he goes and sits on the couch. “Damn… no TV. And they took my cell phone away! There isn’t even a computer in here. What the hell do they expect me to do with all my time?”

Realizing he’s talking to himself Keith feels foolish. Need to get out of this apartment, he thinks, need to at least get out on the street and see some people. That’s at least something to kill time with until I figure out what the hell I’m actually supposed to be doing here.

It’s the middle of summer and a quick look out the window shows him the sky is clear. He simply puts his shoes on and heads out of the apartment. Once outside his front door he realizes that he has no keys, but then notices that there doesn’t seem to be locks on the door. “Weird,” he says, turning and walking down the hall. None of the other apartments seem to have locks on them either.

Looking out the window before had revealed that his apartment was at least a few floors up, so he takes the buildings elevator down to the ground floor. When the doors slide open there is a pretty woman already standing inside. She seems annoyed that the elevator has stopped and before Keith has a chance to get in she is reaching out to hit the button to close the doors.

“Hey,” he says, leaping forward as the doors start to slide close. He gives the woman an angry look, but she simply ignores him. “Fucking bitch,” he mumbles, intentionally just loud enough for her to hear him. She doesn’t respond which actually impresses him a little. When the elevator reaches the ground floor the woman pushes past him almost as if she doesn’t even see him trying to leave the elevator at the same time.

The front lobby is full of people coming and going from the building. “Excuse me,” he mutters, moving though the crowd and expecting to have to push his way through. But as he advances people shift out of his way, clearly making room for him yet none of them appear to look at or acknowledge his presence.

“Weird,” he mutters again, moving out onto the streets. They are just as busy as his apartment’s lobby, maybe even more so. Looking around he can see that Dyson City, at least the part he’s in, has a fairly high population density. The buildings around him are tall and closely packed in together. Judging the city just from this stretch of downtown he figures the population has to be pretty large.

They always talked about the city being run by the company, I think even saying everyone in it was directly employed by them, he thinks. I never imagined the city would be this big with this many people!

Walking down the sidewalk he sees coffee shops and clothing boutiques, entrances to tall apartment buildings and large lobbies for even taller office buildings. He could be in just about any large U.S. city. But the thing he notices most is how the crowd of people on the sidewalk seems to part before him. None of them make eye contact with him, if anything he might have doubted they could even see him if not for the way they all obviously step out of his way as he approaches or they move past him.

It leaves him feeling strange and isolated, an uncomfortable sensation he wants to be rid of. After a few minutes he decides to duck into a corner convenience store to buy something just so he can speak to someone. He grabs a candy bar and a bottle of soda, but as he sets them down on the front counter he remembers he has no money.

“Shit… I’m sorry, I don’t have any cash on me,” he says to the sales clerk, giving the woman an awkward smile.

She ignores him, simply leaning back against the wall behind her and staring at the cell phone in her hand.

The rude way the woman is ignoring him fills Keith with anger. “Hey, I’m talking to you,” he says loudly. Still the woman continues staring at her phone, totally ignoring him. “What are you, some kind of bitch?” he snarls. “What, are ALL the women in this city rude bitches?” he asks even louder, looking about to see how the handful of people wandering through the aisles of the store react. But they all seem to be ignoring him as intensely as the woman behind the counter.

“You think this is funny,” he shouts at the woman, his frustration beginning to bubble over. He grabs the drink and candy bar. “You know what, I think if you’re going to ignore me I’m not even going to pay for these. I’m just going to fucking take them! You going to stop me?” he asks, turning to leave the store.

The woman simply continues to stare at her phone.

“Fine! Fine, I’m going out the front fucking door! I’m fucking robbing you, you dumb bitch!” He’s screaming now, walking backwards out the front door of the store and waving the drink and candy wildly about. Yet no one does anything to stop him, almost as if they can’t even see him.

As he steps all the way out into the street he yells at the top of his voice, “I just fucking robbed you!” Out of the corner of his eye he sees a cop walking up to him and instantly regrets his actions. Swearing loudly he drops the drink and candy bar, holding his hands up and turning to the cop. “Look, I can explain,” he says quickly. But the cop simply walks by him, showing no sign that she even sees him.

“What the fuck is going on,” he says, his heart sinking. “Hello,” he screams, “can anyone hear me?”

The people walking by show no sign of hearing him, although obviously they can see him because they all walk around him. He leaps in front of one person, trying to get in their way. They simply step to the side and go around him. He jumps in front of someone else, moving from side to side and preventing them from moving around him. After a few moments the person simply stops moving, standing perfectly still and staring blankly ahead of them and looking as if they have entered a dormant state. “What the fuck is wrong with you,” he screams at them. After a moment they seem to come back to life, stepping around him and showing no sign they are aware of stopping in the middle of the sidewalk.

Keith starts running up and down the street, screaming at people. He stops one person, grabbing them by the arms and shaking them. As soon as he touches them they go limp, their eyes glazing over. The whole time he shakes the person it’s as if they have gone catatonic, only waking and returning to normal once he lets go and steps away.

Next he tries grabbing someone having carrying on a discussion with someone else. Both of the people go limp and catatonic until he lets go and steps back. After a second they blink and continue their conversation as if nothing strange had happened, seemingly not noticing they had stopped talking for a time.

Finally Keith begins to scream in frustration and fear. He turns the yells at a woman walking by, getting up in her face and screaming at her. “What the fuck is going on,” he bellows. “Why won’t anyone talk to me? Can’t any of you see me?” He lifts a hand to her face, half tempted to slap her and see what happens. But instead he begins snapping his fingers at her.

He had snapped his fingers out of frustration and in an attempt to be rude hoping to get a rise from the woman. As soon as his fingers snap the woman’s body goes rigid. She stops walking, standing tall with her eyes open wide as if frozen in a moment of total shock. For a second she stares blankly ahead of her, but then her eyes turn to Keith’s and for the first time since waking up someone has visually acknowledged him.

“Can… can you see me? Hear me?” he asks her.

“Yes,” she says in a slow, emotionless monotone.

“Could you see and hear me before I snapped my fingers,” he quickly asks.

She thinks for a moment before answering, her face twitching and looking confused before becoming blank and emotionless again. “No, I could not.”

He snaps his fingers in her face again, curious to see what will happen. The woman blinks, shaking her head as her posture and face return to normal. She seems confused for a moment, but then starts walking forward, side stepping around Keith but showing no other sign that she can see him.

Quickly Keith moves after her, asking her if she can hear or see him now. She gives no response, shows no sign that she knows he’s walking beside her. Then he snaps his fingers in her face again and once more she stops walking and her body goes rigid, her expression becoming blank while her eyes open wide.

“Look at me,” Keith barks. The woman turns to look at him, making eye contact with him now. “Um…. Jump up and down,” he says, suddenly curious to see if she’s just doing what he tells her. A moment later the woman is stupidly jumping up and down where she stands. “Stop,” he shouts, the woman immediately stopping.

His heart is racing. How far can he take this? Will this woman do ANYTHING he tells her? He takes a deep breath, then says “Pull your shirt up and show my your tits.” Barely believing his eyes he watches as the woman grabs her shirt and begins to lift it up.

((Choose up to two options form this poll to help establish the world around Keith))

((Choose up to two options from this poll to determine what happens next))

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