Poll Driven Story: “The Rings of Corruption” Episode Two Part Four

Alright perverts, the fourth part of episode two is ready for you to read! You can find it, and the voting for what happens next, below the cut off. You can also find all the other ring stories in there entirety HERE.

For a long time Warrek simply stands there, breathing deeply and staring at Sasha. Her expression is vacant; her eyes stare directly ahead looking at nothing and glazed over. His cum slowly runs down her face, eventually dripping down onto her deflated milk-dripping tits. Her mouth hangs open, drool running from the corners of her mouth.

“My how far you’ve fallen in such a very short time,” Warrek finally says. Sasha makes no coherent response, simply moaning like a mindless animal as more drool falls from her mouth. It’s not even clear if the sound is being made in response to his words.

He places a hand on his hip and looks at her, deep in thought. “When Elduni sent me to join you I never thought you’d be this much fun or this easy to defeat. I mean, I expected to have to work my ass off you get you to trust me, and then to have to go through a few fights helping you along before ultimately betraying you to my master.”

Warrek stops and looks at her with a sly smile on his face, but when Sasha simply continues to stare blankly ahead of him the smile fades. He lets out a long, deep sigh. “I had expected my moment of revelation to have more impact on you,” he says. “Well… I suppose everything that’s happen has left that mind of yours fairly shattered.”

Now he smiles again. “Praise Ynara for that, by the way. I had no idea her blessing would affect you so much, but I should have guessed. I’ve always heard that the larger a woman’s breasts are the stronger the goddess’ blessing will be upon her. And you, my ‘brave knight’, have the biggest natural tits I’ve ever seen. Still, I was surprised just how much those massive udders ended up being responsible for your downfall.

“And then there was what’s happened today. Your tits filling with milk and the milking making you cum yourself stupid might have been a shock at first, but now that I’m thinking straight it makes sense. I suspect Elduni is behind this. I’ve seen her cast enchantments that do similar things to other troublesome women.”

“In fact,” he says, his face suddenly lighting up, “I know just what to do with you now!” He had been pacing as he spoke, not really speaking to Sasha as she seemed beyond understanding him. But now he turns to face her, his expression eager. “The plan was always to betray you once you reached Elduni’s keep, but you’re never going to get there now. We had no plans for what to do if you fell so early on. But I know just what to do with you, exactly where to bring you.”

With Sasha seemingly stuck in a catatonic state of mindlessness bringing her to his final destination was not going to be as simple as just hopping on a horse and riding there. Sasha would stand if pulled to her feet and walk if her hand was held and she was led, but he feared putting her on a horse would be inviting disaster. Even if she sat her before him and he held onto her he was afraid she’d fall off.

Damaging her was the last thing he wanted to do. She was now precious cargo, her body worth triple its weight in gold to the right buyers. With tits as big as hers she was clearly made by the gods to be a sexual play thing, and now that her mind had been shattered any man could have her whenever he wanted. In a brothel, the right kind of brothel, her body could earn riches beyond imagining.

Elduni had many such brothels. She had risen to power mostly because of her mastery of the dark arts, her body a living testimony to all she was capable of. Yet remaining in power took coin, and early on she had begun using brothels to earn that coin.

There was one brothel in particular that Warrek knew Sasha would be perfect for. It was there that he would bring her, and once she was settled in her new home he would be able to go to Elduni’s keep and inform her that his mission had been more successful than they had ever hoped for.

But how to get here? Elduni’s lands were still a few days ride away, and the city where she kept her keep even further. And it was there that the brothel he planned to bring Sasha was located.

Warrek leads Sasha to the bed, getting her to lie down and doing his bed to make the mindless woman comfortable, although he has no idea if that even matters now. “I’m going to have to leave you for a bit,” he says, looking down at her. She is lying on her back staring blankly up at the ceiling above. Her tits have gradually filled back up with milk and are once again full and firm and densely thick.

“You’re to stay here and not get up,” he says. She makes no response. He furrows his brow for a moment and then erupts into laughter. “Why am I even bothering? You can’t answer me and there is almost no chance you’re going to get up and wander off. Hell, I bet if I left you there you’d simply soil the bed after a long enough time. You mind is shatter and broken.”

“Although….” His voice trails off as he strokes his chin and stares at her. “I’ve seen lesser women recover from worse. There’s a good chance your still in there, still conscious of all that’s happening and just unable to do anything about it. I’ll need to be careful, watch for signs that your mind is repairing itself.”

“But now, now I need to go find us some transportation other than our horses. Perhaps one of the others staying in the inn will be willing to trade or sell a carriage or cart, something you can safely ride in.”

It takes some convincing, but there is someone in the inn willing to part with a small carriage. It isn’t covered though, which is a problem.

With her bindings no longer working Sasha is going to have to leave her armor and clothing behind as none of it will fit on her body now that her tits are so fucking big. “And the vacant look on your face might arouse suspicion or tempt someone to try and steal you,” Warrek says, pondering what to do.

He settles on a simple answer: he lays her down in the back of the cart and simply covers her with a few blankets, making it so no one will even know she is in the cart unless they stop and inspected it closely. With the former knight thus hidden Warrek begins his journey, leaving the inn where Sasha’s mind was shattered far behind.


* * *


Cliffshield is a large city built up against a sheer cliff of a tall mountain. At the top of the cliff sits a large castle, Elduni’s keep. The castle has not always been there, having been magicked into existence by Elduni not long ago. One is only able to reach the keep through a series of tunnels and passageways built into the mountain, and only her most loyal servants are ever allowed to do so.

The city was a bustling metropolis before Elduni became its lord and has only grown in size since then. She can be a cruel fierce master, but she ensures that those in her good graces are showered in wealth. Many skilled craftsmen and merchants have been drawn into her service bringing commerce from other lands with them increasing the population of Cliffshield. And others have come, men and women eager to make coin and not carrying who the master of Cliffshield may be.

But the thing that draws the vast majority of foreign visitors to Cliffshield is its brothels. They were well known before Elduni, but now through her patronage and direction they have become absolutely famous. Men travel whole continents to come and sample some of the unique pleasures they offer.

It is to one of these brothels, one offer a very unique experience, that Warrek takes Sasha. “The Dairy Farm,” the sign above its large ornate door says. The place is as much a tavern as it is a brothel, the drink inside all part of the establishments unique experience. It is to be Sasha’s new home, perhaps where she will spend the rest of her life.

Warrek never bothered finding clothing for her. It amused him to keep her naked and hidden in the back of the cart, joining her frequently during their travels to milk and then fuck her. He knows that once she is settled into The Dairy Farm she’ll be dressed in the same outfits all the girls inside wear, but that the new outfit would leave her nearly as exposed as she now is.

But knowing the kind of establishment it is, and the particular hungers the clientele have, he knows can’t simply lead her in naked as the day she was born with her great big tits hanging out leaking milk all over the place. So he grabs one of the blankets she’s been hiding under during their travels and throws it over her shoulders, telling her to wear it like a cloak.

None of Sasha’s intellect has yet to return to her during their travels, although she had become less of a vegetable. She is now able to follow nearly any order given to her, although unless it involves being milked or fucked she does the commanded tasks with no real passion. Only when her swollen teats are being milked or her needy cunt fucked will she show any sign of emotion or give any hint that she is more than a brainless thrall.

“Come,” he says to her as he leads her down from their cart. “Follow me into this place. It will be your new home soon and I need to take you to the woman in charge of it.”

The Dairy Farm has no windows and the front door opens into a kind of small ante chamber with another door beyond a small desk where a bouncer sits.

The man sitting there is large and fierce looking, although he currently wears a bored expression on his face as he files his nails. “It’s thirty coins to enter and five for every mug of milk you drink,” he begins saying without looking up at them. “You can fill your mug right from the cows teats, but if you want to do more than milk them it will cost—” He looks up, noticing Sasha and becoming far more interested in the figures standing before him. “What’s all this about? We don’t normally let women in, makes the other clients nervous.”

Warrek bows and introduces himself, saying he is here to deliver a new “cow” to the establishment’s runner. “Is Harlow still the woman in charge?”

“Yeah,” the bouncer says. It’s clear that he’s quickly lost interest in Warrek and Sasha. “She’ll be in the back,” he tells Warrek, leaning back and opening the door behind him. “No charge since your here on business,” he says, waving Warrek through. As he passes into the next room, with Sasha following closely behind, the bouncer yells out after him. “But mind you pay if you decide to play with one of the cows!”

The room they walk into is large with a low ceiling and full of heavy pipe smoke that makes the dim lighting of the flickering candles on the walls look even dimmer. All around the room are wooden tables and couches full of men, many of them naked or wearing only a simple bathing robe. The crowd is a boisterous one, laughing and talking loudly as they drink from large mugs and smoke pipes and cigars.

There are many doors and hallways leading out from the main room. Warrek knows that many of them lead to small rooms containing couches or beds, chambers where a client can pay to have some private time with the “cows”. Some of the doors also lead to areas closed to the clients, dressing rooms living chambers for the girls that work here as well as the brothels offices.

In the center of the room they stand in is a round stage raised up three or four feet from the ground. Women sit or kneel or stand all along the edge of the stage, interacting the crowd of men around them. These women are an eclectic collection, mostly Human although a few Elfs, Gnomes, Dwarfs, and even an Orc can be seen. With just a glance one can tell that many of them come from distant lands, their skin tones or hair styles exotic and unfamiliar.

The women have only two things in common. The first is the clothing they all wear, clearly a uniform of some kind. They are all without shoes, but each wears a pair of dark thigh high stockings. All of their arms are covered in gloves that extend up almost to their shoulders, covering their arms completely and made of dark fabric that matches their tights. Each wears a black leather choker around their necks, a small cow bell hanging from it. The clattering of these bells is a constant in the tavern, a chiming undertone to all that happens.

They all wear the same tops, although the garment could hardly be called a shirt. The garment is dark with a milk maid’s white apron attached to it that covers their stomach and hangs down to barely cover their privates. Although the top covers the women’s backs, it doesn’t do the same for their breasts. The front is totally open allowing the women’s breasts to hang free.

Their breasts are the second thing they all have in common. All of them are swollen and overlarge, dense fat mounds of flesh that hang heavily from the women’s flesh. All of their nipples are dark and engorged, most leaking milk. Anyone looking at the women on the stage can tell that their breasts are all too large and similar in shape to be a natural. Of course this is because they AREN’T natural, all of these women have a powerful enchantment on them that has made their breasts swell and lactate.

Warrek looks from the women on the stage back to Sasha. She’s the first women he’s ever met with breasts as naturally large as the “cows” here. And once the lactation spell was cast on her Sasha her breasts only grew larger. He knows she’ll fit in well here, and that she’ll quickly become popular. The clients of The Dairy Farm are as fond of large breasts as he is, and as her breasts are even larger than all the other girls it’s certain she’ll quickly become the center of much attention.

He starts leading Sasha across the room, taking her to meet Harlow and get her settled in her new life. But he’s distracted by the center stage, the sights making his manhood swell. He slows, thinking about stopping to indulge himself before continuing.

The women on the stage are surrounded by a flurry of activity. Many of them are kneeling at the stage’s edge holding their tits out or bent over so they hang down in the faces of the men crowded around them. Those men are busy grabbing and groping at their tits, squeezing the teats to cause milk to squirt out into upheld mugs. Some of the women are milking themselves, squirting thick streams of milk into the men’s mugs for them. A few of the men drink right from the source, massive tits in their face as they suck on their owner’s nipples.

All of the women are being milked, but some of them have been joined on stage by male patrons. The men on stage stand behind some of the cows, fucking them as other men milk their teats.

Warrek sees one woman bent over forward at a nearly ninety degree angle, her tits dangling down as two men drink directly from her tits. She’s held up by the man standing on the stage behind her, his hands tucked under her waist and holding her tight as he stands fucks her hard and fast. This is causing her large, thick breasts to bounce and jiggle in the other men’s mouths.

The woman seems overjoyed by this. She wears a wide, stupid smile on her face, her mouth half open with her tongue lolling out. She’s moaning so loud Warrek can hear her from halfway across the crowded room even over all the chatter and noise.

A few girls down one woman is on all fours, her hands on the edge of the stage with her tits hanging over the edge. A man is behind her, pressed into her ample back side as he fucks. She has long blond hair that’s been tied up in pigtails, both of which he has a firm grip on. He’s pulling on the lengths of hair, pulling her head back in a way that reminds Warrek of a beast having its reins pulled in as a man rides it. He supposes that in a way the cow IS being ridden by the man.

The most interesting thing about this woman is the expression on her face. It reminds Warrek very much of Sasha over the last few days: vacant and free of any sign of real intelligence. Her mouth hangs limply open, drool streaming from the edges. As the man behind her thrusts into her, pulling back on her hair as he does, her head bobs slightly, her eyes rolled back into her skull as the sensations of being fucked and milked overwhelm her shattered mind.

Warrek realizes suddenly just how much he is going to miss Sasha. For a moment he thinks about turning around, simply leaving The Dairy Farm and taking Sasha with him. Going far away, making a living traveling from inn to inn playing songs while keeping her as a fuck-pet.

But the dream dies almost as soon as it enters his mind. Elduni would know he’d stolen the former knight. She’d never have cast the spell to make Sasha’s massive tits lactate if this hadn’t been what she had in mind for her. Taking her from The Dairy Farm would be like stealing a vault of gold. Elduni rewarded those that served her, and punished those that betrayed and stole from her.

He sighed, making himself look away from the stage. Perhaps later he’d spend some coin and have some fun, but he doubted any of these women would be as pleasing as Sasha. “Come, Sasha, it’s time,” he says, sadness in his voice. “You’ve a new life to begin.”


* * *


“What do you think?” Harlow asks, pushing Sasha forward. Harlow is an older Human woman, thin with leathery skin and birdlike features. She wears the leather outfit of a dominatrix, although Warrek has never heard of her offering such services. Besides, she is so old! He’s sure somewhere in Alaria is a man or two into women as old as her, but he’s never met them.

“I think,” Warrek says, looking at the former knight and chasing the image of the elderly madam as a sexual being from his mind, “that she wears The Dairy Farm’s uniform better than she ever wore her armor.”

Sasha is dressed in the same outfit all the other “cows” that in the brothel wear. Somehow the outfit makes her tits look bigger, although that might be just because she hasn’t been milked in hours. Her tits, he’d discovered, need constant draining.

Harlow had quickly confirmed this after “testing” her new employee over the last few hours. The older woman had insisted that Warrek stick around while she did this, telling him he could go enjoy as many cows as he wished, all for free. He’d happily done so, knowing it was wise to take advantage of such kindness form the stern runner of the brothel as it wasn’t often given out so freely.

“Her tits really are a thing of wonder,” Harlow says, tapping one of Sasha’s breasts with a leather riding crop. “And you say they were nearly this big before Elduni cast the spell that made her lactate?” Warrek nods. “She must have had specially built armor then, these flesh monsters surely wouldn’t fit into any I’ve seen.”

“Oh, she had some special binding tape she’d wrap around her chest that would shrink her tits down,” Warrek says. “She went through life looking as if she was as flat chested as me, keeping her tits hidden from everyone. But as soon as I met her I sensed the truth.”

Harlow smirks. “A blessing from your goddess, eh? I’ve heard you Ynara worshipers can sense a woman’s true breast size.” She turns to Sasha, who stands between them staring blankly ahead, and gives one of her tits a firm squeeze. Milk squirts out of her nipple and small moan escapes her mouth. “And the sensitivity in this one’s tits, the most extreme I’ve ever seen! She cums her fucking brains out after just a few firm gropes. Suppose I have your goddess to thank for that too?”

Again Warrek nods. “Oh yes. Early on I used her body to help me worship the goddess. During the prayer Ynara blessed her. I assume she’ll have Ynara’s blessing on her tits the rest of her life. But that can’t be a bad thing, men must love it when milking the cows makes them cum.”

“Oh yes,” Harlow says, “the men love it when the cows cum. Oh, I’m sure most of them know it only happens so easily because they’ve all been enchanted. But even knowing that, it fills them with pride. ‘See how easily that cow came, just from being milked? It’s cause I’m such a great man, because my cock is just so perfect’ they will say.” She laughs. “The lies men like to tell each other, that they tell themselves.”

She turns, looking at the wall that stands between them and the main room of The Dairy Farm. “You know, sometimes I think the men we call our patrons are really the ones being used, not the cows.”

“What do you mean,” Warrek asks, tilting his head slightly. Harlow had been in a strange mood ever since he arrived and he was curious to discover what was behind it.

“These cows,” Harlow says, waving a hand dismissively at Sasha, “they were all enemies of Elduni at one point. Well, maybe not ALL of them, but most. There service here is a form of punishment, a way make our master coin and make up for daring to stand against her.

“But the men out there? They haven’t ever wronged Elduni, never stood against her. Most are traders here on business, some simply men with the wealth to travel to Cliffshield and indulge in out flesh-pits. But all of them are pouring coin into Elduni’s coffers, allowing her to leach away their wealth. All for what?”

She looks at Sasha. “For a taste of milk?” she asks, prodding one of her tits with the end of her riding crop and making it squirt slightly. “For a taste of flesh?” she asks, slapping Sasha’s ass with the riding crop then using it to spread her legs slightly, rubbing the tip in the slit of her cunt. “What does that all bring? A temporary moment of physical pleasure, nothing more. What is that worth at the end of one’s life?”

Warrek frowns, the questions making him uncomfortable. He’s spent a great deal of his life chasing after and enjoying those “temporary moments of pleasure”. “In the moment its worth quite a lot,” he says, determined to prove that fucking women such as Sasha is its own reward. “The pleasure of fucking, of cumming, it makes life worthwhile. Gives you something to fondly remember when life is hard, and gives you a goal to work for as you continue your life. And for some, like me, there is more than the pleasure. I commune with my goddess when I fuck a large pair of tits.”

“Bah,” Harlow says, waving a hand dismissively at Warrek and turning her back on him. “That’s the answer of a man, a YOUNG man. For you everything is about satisfying a hard prick. I’ve lived a long life, boy. Probably been alive three times as long as you. Fucking isn’t as great as you think it is, even when it pleases the gods.”

“Then why work for Elduni?” he asks. “We all know that sexual perversion and indulgence drives everything she does. Why follow her, why run one of her brothels?”

She sighs. “You know, I don’t really know anymore. It’s easy money, and I’m good at what I do. I was a madam long before I served Elduni. Started out as a whore when I was young. But I was too smart, quickly learned how to get other women to whore for me instead.”

Warrek isn’t sure what to say, so he remains silent.

“I’m sorry,” Harlow says. “I’m old and tired.” She turns to look at him, her face more tired than he’s ever seen it. “I’ve saved up a small fortune, plan on retiring soon. Elduni has given me her blessing to leave her services. But I need to find a replacement first, and she’s said I can choose them myself.”

“You’ve got an eye for the kind of women this establishment uses,” she continues. “This one here’s not the first cow you’ve brought me. And you understand why these cows’ bodies are pleasing to men better than I ever could. You’d be a good replacement for me. You could even use those songs of yours to help dupe the patrons out of even more of their money. I’ve exchanged messages with Elduni about it, you’d have her approval. She says you’ve been a good agent out on the road, but thinks you’d be even better at this.”

Warrek is surprised by the offer. “I… I don’t know what to say. I’m just… I didn’t expect this. Can I have some time to think about it?”

“Sure,” she says. “Why not take this cow out onto the main floor and start getting her clients. Test out what being here would really be like.” She smiles then. “And remember, you are free to join in with them, the perks of the job and all.”

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