Poll Driven Story: “The Rings of Corruption” Episode Three Part Two

Alright perverts, the Second part of Episode Three is ready for you to read! You can find it, and the voting for what happens next, below the cut off. You can also find the story in its current entirety HERE.

As Bestla begins to think about her mission she turns to look up at the mountain looming before her. There on the mountain before her lays a keep that is her final destination. From where she stands it looks to be little more than a discolored speck on the mountain side.

A former adventurer named Bal Nemon calls the keep home. At one point the small castle belonged to a cruel wizard he had slayed. The people in this region had been overjoyed, long had they toiled under the evil wizards rule.

For a time Bal had come and gone from the keep, setting out on heroic quests and returning with carts full of loot. But as the years past he began to leave his keep less and less, till finally he proclaimed himself the Lord of this region. By then he was no longer the hero that had deposed the keep’s previous owner. He had become selfish and perverse, somehow enslaving attractive young female adventures into becoming his sexual play things.

It was Bestla’s mission to confront Bal, to see if there was any chance of redemption for the man once hailed by all as one of the greatest heroes on all of Alaria. Some in the Sisterhood hoped that Bestla would discover that the changes to the hero were being caused by some evil spell or cursed artifact. If so Bestla was to remove it and return Bal to his former glory. But if the changes were sincere, if he really had let The Corruption into his heart and had become a perverse monster Bestla’s mission was simple: slay him and free his enslaved harem.

Looking at the distant keep makes Bestla feel a strange tightness in her chest. She is strong and able to tap into her barbarian’s strength to grow even stronger. But Bal Nemon is rumored to be unbeatable in combat, and she fears what will happen if she has to face the man alone.

“But this is the mission the Sisterhood has sent me on,” she says to herself. “They would not have sent me alone if they didn’t think I could do it. And they have given me one of the rings of protection to aid me in my quest.” She looks down at the ring on her finger, not sure what it does but certain it will protect her.

The ring begins to glow, sending magical energy out into her mind. She blinks, suddenly compelled not to think about the ring. For if she was to continue thinking about it she might recall that no agent of the Sisterhood given one has ever finished a quest. A highly suspicious fact, but one the rings ensure none in the Sisterhood think too long on.

Having forgotten what she was thinking about Bestla simply continues down her path, slowly making her way towards the mountain before her. She still has a few days journey before reaching Bal’s keep. She is capable of sleeping in the wilds if, but she’d prefer to find an inn before the sun sets. The maps she has brought with her indicate that there is one not far ahead of her, and that is where she is now headed.


* * *


The Brass Nixie Tavern is a small, two story building sitting beside the main, but small, road that travels through the region. Tall pine trees stood around it, the mountain looming behind. The land here is steep, the elevation making it so the nights are always cold, even in the middle of summer. The inn sees a steady flow of travelers, eager for a hot meal and a warm, soft bed.

Bestla enters the inn just as the sun is setting outside. She has yet to purchase a room for the night and has so far been sitting alone in the small dining hall on the inns first floor, enjoying one of the warm meals the inn is so well known for.

There is a smattering of travelers around her, ruddy peasants moving from one small village to another and traveling merchants doing the same. Bestla stands out in the crowd, but she is used to that. She is an adventurer and they tend to stand out no matter where they go.

What interests her is the fact that there is another woman sitting across the room that stands out as much as she does. She was an exceedingly tall and exceptionally pretty Human woman with long flowing blond hair. Even from across the room Bestla can see that the stranger has a body that would turn heads no matter where it goes. She has thick pink lips and a shapely hourglass figure with a plump wide ass, tiny waist, and impressively large breasts; all of which are displayed by an outfit most would consider scandalously skimpy.

More than the woman’s physical beauty and obvious sexual attractiveness, things Bestla really shouldn’t be noticing in the first place, it is her outfit that draws Bestla’s eyes. Her clothing is little more than elegant underwear that barely keeps her large breasts in check and covers up her womanhood, although the outfit is complimented by plenty of fancy jewelry.

It is a style of dress that many wizards don, especially those that have taken up adventuring. The scant clothing allows free movement of hands and arms while complicated enchantments are cast, and as most wizards’ bodies are protected by spells they have no need of bulky armor that will only slow them down. And outfits that flaunt ones sexuality are frequently favored by female adventurers, setting them apart from the normally sexually repressed villages and nobility that filled Alaria.

Bestla wants to know what has brought this strange, beautiful woman to this region. If she is an adventurer, as she strongly suspects, she’d need to warn her about Bal Nemon. She even has hope that if the woman is an adventurer that she can be convinced to join her when she goes to confront the ex-hero. The Sisterhood may think she can accomplish her mission on her own, but Bestla has her doubts.

More than any of that, though, Bestla is filled with an overpowering need to be closer to the woman. Her beauty really is striking, and staring at her prominent breasts and full lips from across the room is making Bestla feel strangely warm, leaving her flush with a racing heart and oddly damp underpants. She doesn’t notice the way her ring is humming with magical energy that flows up into her, making the normally chaste young woman suddenly very attracted to the blond stranger.

Before Bestla manages to work up the courage to approach the woman she rises to her feet and comes across the room towards Bestla. As the stranger crosses the room she smiles at Bestla, a kind expression that seems to acknowledge the way Bestla has been staring at her all evening and saying it is all fine.

“May I join you?” she asks, her attractive lips curling up into a pretty smile.

“Of course,” Bestla says, feeling unfamiliar butterflies in her chest as the gorgeous woman sits across from her. She has to fight not to stare at the woman’s chest, feeling as though the mass of exposed cleavage is an inescapable vortex drawing her eyes to them.

A moment after sitting down across from Bestla a powerful smell of freshly picked flowers hits her like a brick wall. The fragrance is overwhelming, making her feel dizzy for a moment before she can pinpoint where the strong odor is coming from. The blond woman wears a crown of flowers around her head, interwoven into her thick blond hair.

“You okay?” the woman asks, sudden concern on her face.

“Uh… yeah, sorry,” Bestla says, feeling as though she had perhaps dozed off for a second and was now waking up from a short nap. The world around her feels like it is spinning, like the air has become thick and hard to breathe. Her body feels hot, the air suddenly muggy.

“I’m Lizzoznaih Blazetoe, but most just call me Liz.” She gives a flirtatious wink as she tells Bestla her name. “I’m an adventurer, a wizard, here on a mission of grave import.”

Bestla blinks, having a hard time thinking through the mental fog that’s filled her mind. “What? Oh! I’m an adventurer too, Bestla Arwenbright is my name. And I too am here on a quest! I’ve been sent by the Sisterhood of Righteousness to confront—”

Liz leans forward, her face lighting up. “Bal Nemon?” she asks, interrupting Bestla. Her face is eager and inquisitive.

“Why yes, how did you know that?” Bestla asks, suddenly feeling suspicious, but the feeling leaves her nauseous. She closes her eyes, trying to stop the room from spinning around her. She has no idea what’s happening to her, but the nausea seems to go away when she allows the suspicious to leave her mind.

“Because I’m here to do the same as you,” Liz says, interrupting Bestla’s thoughts. “I had always heard such grand tales of his exploits, thought of him as a hero to emulate. But when I heard rumors that he had turned to evil and perversion… Well, I set out to find out what darkness has fallen upon the man and see how it could be lifted.”

As Liz speaks Bestla tries to follow her words, but she has a hard time doing so. Her eyes keep falling to the woman’s full, pink lips. They looked so pleasing, especially when they moved. She has a habit of smiling slightly at the end of every sentence, a small movement that melts Bestla’s insides. She is filled with the desire to lean across the table and kiss the woman.

She shakes her head, trying to chase the improper impulse away. Members of the Sisterhood didn’t exactly take vows of celibacy, but most chose not to partake in sexual activities. The Corruption, the main force they worked against, worked mainly through sexual desire and used it to corrupt and weaken those that opposed it. Giving in to sexual desires was an easy way to open a door for the corruption to enter one’s soul.

On top of that the Sisterhood did not think kindly of women who lay with other women. Yes, such a thing was becoming more common all across Alaria, but the Sisterhood kept to the old ways and ideals. And those old ideals held such sexual activities as inherently perverse and wrong.

She blinks, forcing herself to look away from the woman’s enticing lips. “I’m sorry,” Bestla says, “I think you just asked me a question but… I don’t think I heard it.”

Liz laughs, her voice sounding like music to Bestla. “No worries, surely you’re just weary from a long day of travel. I asked what you thought about joining forces, going together to confront Bal?”

“Oh, yes, that would be perfect,” Bestla blurts out. “Together we should be able to face any challenges we might run into. I’m a mighty warrior, a barbarian, but I lack magical powers. If you really are a wizard our abilities should perfectly complement each other.”

“Why yes, I am a VERY skilled wizard,” Liz says with a sly smile. “Skilled in combat magics as well as various charms, although those are less useful during combat. Of course, should I need to befuddle and entice a simple minded traveler in an inn those powers would be incredibly useful.”

Again, Bestla barely hears the woman’s words. Her eyes fix on her lips as she speaks.

“You really do look tired,” Liz says. “Have you rented a room for the night already?”

“What?” Bestla says, confused. “Oh… no, I hadn’t gotten around to it yet.”

Liz gets to her feet, smiling widely. “Well, no need. Come share my room for the night, no need to waste your coin.”


* * *


The next half an hour passes like a dream for Bestla. The overpowering smell of flowers seems to follow her even as she leaves the dining hall and follows Liz up to her rented room. It doesn’t feel as though she is walking, but floating along after the tall blond.

While following her she finds her eyes drawn to the woman’s large, firm ass. She stares at it, admiring the way it sways from side to side. Her hands twitch, filled with the desire to reach out and grab the woman’s ass. She wants to feel the flesh there, see if it is as firm as it looks.

Soon they are in the woman’s room, storing their weapons and gear for the night. “And why not take your clothing off?” Liz asks. “Surely you’ll be more comfortable in the bed naked. I know I plan to sleep that way.” Bestla nods dumbly, muttering something incomprehensibly as she starts taking her clothing off.

Liz begins doing the same. Bestla stares at her, watching as the blond woman peels off each small article of clothing. Her heart begins to race when the woman removes her top, her large heavy breasts falling free of the clothing and bouncing slightly. Bestla has never noticed just how attractive breasts are. As she stares at Liz’s she’s filled with the urge to stumble forward and begin pawing at them, maybe pulling one to her face and sucking on her nipple.

Then the blond turns slightly, pushing her ass out as she removes the clothing covering her woman hood. Once more Bestla stares, drinking in the sight before her. Liz’s ass is even more glorious when fully exposed, and when the wizard turns back around she’s able to see her womanhood as well.

Her pubic hair is short and sparse, looking as though it has been well groomed. The hair is as blond as that on Liz’s head, and the folds of her labia peek out from within the hair prettily. Bestla realizes she’s never stopped and really looked at another woman’s privates, but now as she stares she wonders why she’s never taken the time.

They are so strange, yet oh so enticing… she wants to go touch her privates, cup them in her hand to feel their warmth. Maybe slip her fingers into her slit and see if the inside of the woman’s pussy is as moist as her own feels. And most strangely of all she’s filled with the desire to part the woman’s legs and bury her face there so she can taste her cunt with her mouth…

“It’s not polite to stare,” Liz says with a pretty smile and a joking laugh. A moment later she’s before Bestla, reaching out to grab her hand and pull her towards the bed. “Come on you silly sleepy head, don’t just stand about naked lets go lay down.”

Bestla allows the woman to drag her across the room. She stars at her tits and watches them bounce with each step she takes, the sight making her feel strange and warm and making her cheeks blush even more than they already have. She feels as though she should say something, but she seems unable to speak. The smell of flowers is still all around her, and she is vaguely aware that although Liz is now naked the crown of flowers is still woven into her long blond hair.

They stop just beside the bed, Liz letting go of Bestla’s hand and then wrapping her arm around the shorter woman’s small waist. She pulls her into her own body, her large breasts pressing up against Bestla’s small and nearly none existent ones. Bestla moans, temporarily overwhelmed by the sensation of feeling her naked body pressed up against the tall beauties warm form.

“Quiet now,” Liz whispers to Bestla as she lifts one of her long legs up and wraps it behind Bestla’s body, drawing her closer to her. “We wouldn’t want any of the others in the inn knowing what we are doing. Some would disapprove.”

Before Bestla can respond, before she really even has a time to process being pulled in ever closer to the tall blond woman, Liz leans down and kisses her. Their lips meet and time seems to stop. Bestla closes her eyes, wanting only to feel this moment and not to be distracted by her eyes.

Bestla has never kissed another, not like this. She lets Liz lead the way, pays attention to the way she presses her lips up against hers and then allows the woman’s tongue to invade her mouth. Before long her body begins acting on instinct and she’s kissing her back, sliding her own hand around the woman’s waste and pulling their bodies in ever closer to each other.

Their mouths become one as their hands begin to wander. Bestla shudders as Liz runs one hand up the small of her back, causing her skin to erupt in goose bumps. Meanwhile both of her hands have found their way to the tall blond’s large, full ass. She grabs hold of it, squeezing and pulling her in tighter. Their tongues dart in and out of each other’s mouths. Liz gently bites one of Bestla’s lips.

Their bodies shift, Liz sliding one of her legs between Bestla’s. Liz starts rubbing the top of her leg against Bestla’s womanhood, grinding the thick tuft of red pubic hair into the now moist folds of her pussy. This is too much for Bestla, causing her legs to give out under her as a deep moan of pleasure slips from her mouth.

Liz catches her almost as if she expected this, holding her in her strong hands as she lowers Bestla down onto the bed behind them. She crawls up onto the bed with Bestla, using her knees to spread the red haired woman’s legs open.

Bestla moans louder as Liz runs her fingers slowly up the insides of Bestla’s thighs, shuddering as they near her pubic mound. Liz takes one hand and runs her fingers through the thick bush of coarse red hair there, using the tip of her middle finger to stimulate her labia.

Her fingers stop at the top of her pussy, the palm of her hand pressing in on her entire vulva. Bestla presses her body up against the woman’s hand, wanting to feel something inside of her. “In me,” she whispers, he voice full of desperate need.

“As you wish,” Liz whispers, pulling her hand back and then beginning to slide a single finger into Bestla’s cunt hole. She finds it wet and inviting, her finger able to enter with ease. Bestla arches her back as the woman’s finger enters her, confused and overwhelmed by how good it feels.

Next Liz shifts her body, pulling back off of Bestla and kneeling on the ground beside the bed. She pulls Bestla’s body to her, moving her crotch to the edge of the bed. Bestla instinctively wraps her bare legs around the woman’s naked shoulders. A moment later the tall blond’s mouth is on her womanhood.

As Liz’s tongue begins to explore the fleshy folds of Bestla’s cunt the young red haired heroine is overwhelmed by the pleasure of it. She wants to scream out, but she seems to have lost her voice. She had no idea sex could be so good, had no idea being with a woman so intense.

The overpowering fragrant smell still permeates the air around her, muddling her mind and heightening her senses. The ring on her finger is also pulsing with red energy, doing its own part to make the adventurer’s body far more sensitive than it normally is.

The rest of the night is a blur of foggy passion for Bestla. Liz uses her mouth and fingers to bring her to orgasm multiple times, leaving her feeling weak and tired afterwards. But the mysterious wizard doesn’t let up, soon she is back on the bed with her, their limbs tangled together as she teaches the sexually inexperienced member of the Sisterhood how to use her hands and mouth and even cunt to pleasure another woman.

By the end Bestla is fading in and out of sleep, her mind clouded by the smell of flowers and post orgasmic bliss. She can taste Liz’s saliva and cunt on her lips, the potent smell of the woman’s pussy all over her face and invading her senses. Her own cunt is throbbing and wet, sore from overuse in a wholly satisfying way. Finally Liz backs off, allowing Bestla to fall into a deep sleep nuzzled up against the wizard.

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