Poll Driven Story: “The Rings of Corruption” Episode Four Part Two

Alright perverts, the second part of episode three is ready for you to read! This part ended up significantly longer than the first part, which hopefully is a good thing. You can find it, and the voting for what happens next, below the cut off. You can also find all the other ring stories in there entirety HERE.


“To town,” Adreh says, determination suddenly in her voice. “I don’t know how I know that’s the direction she went, but I’m certain of it… Maybe it’s the ring, or maybe it’s just my latent Silver Elf magics, but I KNOW that’s the way she went.”


* * *


The town walls of Rimemore stand before her, tall and imposing. Her years of martial experience tell her that the walls are far from perfect: with the right tools they could be easily scaled. And the city has let the forest around the walls grow too close; one could easily get over them by climbing some of the taller trees.

But all of that doesn’t matter to Adreh; she plans on making a direct and forceful entry into the city. The gates before her are closed, but a small guard house sits next to them with a man cowering inside.

After staring at him for a time she comes forward, keeping her massive Battleblade drawn and held in one hand (a sight that is probably responsible for the guard’s cowering) and waves to greet the guard with the other. “Lo, stranger, I demand entry into this city.” Adreh speaks with the confidence of a conqueror, ready for battle but not acting as if she expects it.

The guard comes out of his post, a spear in one hand pointed at her and a shield held up to cover his body and the bottom of his face with the other hand. “That will be far enough,” he shouts, his voice quavering and full of fear. His eyes are locked onto the Battleblade. A small town guard like this has perhaps never even heard tales of the Battlebaldes, and certainly never seen one in person.

“And who is going to stop me from gaining entry to this city?” Adreh says, throwing her head back to whip her long mane of silver hair from her shoulders, laughing as she does so.

“Little man, I could cut you in two before you could get that pathetic little spear anywhere near me. And after I dealt with you I could cut through those gates as if they were made of butter.” Every word of it is true, although she has no idea if the guard will believe her. “Now save your life, and the cost to the city of having to repair its gates, and just open the city to me.”

The guard takes a few steps back, his eyes wide with fear. She can see that his spear and shield are trembling in his shaking hands, yet he’s standing his ground. “C-c-can’t do that! Lord Pixyium has declared no member of the Sisterhood is to enter his lands! If I were to let you pass I’d be as good as dead!”

Adreh smiles, enjoying the moment. “Well, that leaves having to make an impossible choice: deny me entry and be killed now, or let me pass and be killed later.”

She has no real desire to slaughter the guard. Yes, he works for an evil master, but the man himself is probably no more evil than most men. He’s simply following orders, and doing so with more bravery than most would. Really, the answer is simple: he should choose to let her through and then immediately flee this land, hoping to leave Lord Pixyium’s grasp before the evil wizard even notices he is gone.

Adreh opens her mouth, intending to explain this to the frightened guard, but the words never leave her mouth. The ring on her finger begins to glow, its magic freezing both her and the guard in place. For a time they stand as if they are living statues, breathing but moving in no other way.


* * *


“We can’t just let this one cut through all that opposes her,” one of the dark gods says.

“No… surely without our interference she would kill all before her, perhaps even slaying Lord Pixyium by nightfall on the morrow. This is exactly the reason we had these rings made, so that we could hinder the Sisterhood’s successes.”

“Yes,” another says, “but we don’t want them just to fail. We want them to do so in sexually titillating and pleasing ways. And this one, she’s known nothing but success. Any defeat we bring to her will crush her inflated ego. In what manner shall we bring her low?”

There was silence for a time, and then a voice speaks up. “She seems determined to follow in Shalheira’s footsteps. Perhaps we should let her?”

There are murmurs of agreement. “But a simple replay of those events would barely be worth watching. Let us ensure this one follows the Elven mage’s path, but that her feet fall in different places.”


* * *


Adreh blinks, confused. It seemed as though everything had stopped for a stretch of time, but now things are back to normal. She looks around, feeling disoriented. She spots the cowering guard before her looking just as confused as her.

She blinks again, her mind swirling and jumbled for a moment but then her thoughts become clear. Right, I had decided this man wasn’t worth killing. I was about to convince him to open the gates for me in a manner he surely doesn’t expect.

“You know, I think you’re going to do the right thing,” she says, swinging her blade behind her back and pressing her chest out. The man’s eyes are immediately drawn to her overlarge breasts. “Yes,” Adreh says, looking at the way he stares at her breasts with obvious lust and hunger, “they are so big, aren’t they? I bet you’re wondering how I even stand up with breasts this large.”

The man nods, lowering his weapon and shield slightly. “And… and how you’re top stays on,” he blurts out. “It’s skin tight and low cut with such thin fabric. It can’t possible support those monstrous breasts.”

“If it was simple fabric it would indeed be impossible,” she says. “But the outfit is magic, the thin fabric enchanted to keep my massive breasts in place while I fight. The enchanted fabric is very expensive, so we used as little of the it as possible. That’s why the outfit ends in such a short skirt and barely covers by plump ass. Hell, the flared skirt sometimes even gives my opponents a glance at my underwear during battle. I bet a man like you would love to see that, wouldn’t you?”

While she speaks she continues moving forward, her tits pressed out before her. She keeps her tone light, her voice flirtatious. As she nears him she arches her back slightly, sticking her large ass out behind her and resting the flat edge of her Ebony Battleblade on it.

“How is such a simple man like you to be expected to stand up to this body’s natural charms? Surely your Lord could not be angry with you if he was told I used my indecent curves to gain entry into the city. Why, I bet even your mighty Lord would open the doors to his tower if I offered to, say, pull my top down and let him pleasure himself to the sight of my exposed breasts. Would YOU let me through if I were to do that?”

There is a part of Adreh that reacts with disbelief as the words leave her mouth. Who is this woman speaking, she thinks. What kind of whore uses her body in such a way!? Surely this is not me, surely this isn’t really happening? Yet it is. She’s offering herself up to the guard and feeling aroused and exhilarated as she does so.

The guard drops his spear, drops his shield. “Y-y-yes,” he says stuttering on his words, “s-s-surely even Lord Pixyium would understand. This is a chance I can’t possibly pass by!” He begins fumbling with his pants, quickly pulling his cock out as he stands there before Adreh.

Her eyes lock onto the fleshy slab of man-meat as it is pulled free. She’s seen penis’ before, but never while aroused and never with any interest in her heart. But in this moment she feels her insides ignite with a desire she’s never felt before. It’s a strange hunger, a need to have herself filled with the rigid cock she sees the man before her holding in his hand. And the desire has her crotch feeling warm and moist, her pussy throbbing and feeling engorged. These are all feelings she almost completely ignorant of.

Confused by all of this, and feeling as though thinking too hard on it would be a mistake, she simply lowers herself to her knees before the man. She places the Ebony Battleblade on the ground beside her, then reaches up to her overlarge breasts, giving them a gentle squeeze then lifting them up as if presenting them to the man before her. The whole process is strange, feeling more like she’s watching someone else from a distance, not controlling her own actions.

“Are you ready to see them in all of their glory?” she asks the man before her, looking up at him. Again, it feels as if it is someone else speaking the words.

He nods eagerly, spitting into his hand and returning it to his cock as he begins to stroke himself.

Adreh grabs the top of her outfit, digging her fingertips into her tit-flesh to loosen the skin tight fabric. Once she does so the fabric all starts to grow loose, falling free from her large breasts as the enchantment on it is temporarily broken. She peels the fabric away, exposing her gigantic tits to the man before her.

He stands, jerking off furiously and staring down at them. Her tits are massive, each larger than some smaller Human women’s entire torsos. He had expected that much tit-flesh to droop and sag heavily down her front once the support of her top was removed from them, and they do sag slightly but nowhere near as much as he imagined. They look so firm and full and wide that it’s almost as if they are defying gravity.

The sight of pure unrestrained lust in the man’s eyes as he stares down at her tits makes Adreh feel warm all over. Her pale cheeks flush red and the warm moistness between her legs increases. She begins to grind her thick, meaty thighs together in response to the throbbing demand for sensation her cunt is feeling.

By the gods above, what is happening to me, she thinks in alarm. She wants to jump to her feet, grab her Battleblade and cut this man in half then cover her breasts before retreating from Rimemore in shame, but she is unable to make her body do any of that. Instead she begins grabbing at her tits, her hands sinking slightly into the mass of thick tit-flesh hanging exposed.

As a Silver Elf her breasts are, and always have been, extremely sensitive. But until this day Adreh has led a life free of nearly all carnal desire and sexual self explorations. Now her hands work her own breasts with skill and experience that is surely not her own. She seems to know exactly how to squeeze and grope her overlarge breasts in a way that brings pleasure both to her own body and the man pleasuring himself to the sight.

The ring on her finger is working its magic, controlling her actions and increasing the sexual sensations and desires she feels. It’s doing the same thing to the man standing before her and because of this he quickly crests towards orgasm. With a shudder and a groan he takes a step forward, aiming his hard cock at her tits and spurting out a large load of semen.

Adreh watches in shock and horror as the thick glob of male sexual fluids flies through the air towards her then winces as she feels it plop down on the top of one of her exposed breasts. The semen is warm and thick and heavy on her flesh as it begins to slowly ooze down the curve of her breast.

She stares down at the cum, disgusting by the sight of it. Yet a powerful urge comes over her, one she seems unable to deny. She lifts a hand to her breast, sticking out two fingers and dragging them along her tit to collect up some of the semen. She then lifts it to her mouth and sucks the bitter, foul tasting seed from her finger tips.

The taste is as repulsive as she had imagined, yet… there is an oddly delicious quality to it. She returns her finger to her tit, gathering up more of the man’s cum to taste it again. The taste is less bitter this time, more pleasurable. Certainly it can’t be said that it tastes good, but tasting it does bring her body some kind of simple yet powerful pleasure.

Something in her mind snaps. She grabs the cum covered tit with both hands and lifts it up towards her face as she bends her head down, pressing her face into her own tit. She begins licking the rest of the cum up, moving like a desperate hungry animal.

Only after every drop of cum is gone does she realize the guard is gone and the gate into Rimemore stand open to her. Thankfully there seems to be no one on the streets just inside the gate. She quickly gets to her feet, pulling her top up over her breasts and smoothing the fabric to make it magically cling to and support her breasts once more.

After retrieving her Battleblade form the ground she enters Rimemore, deep in thought. What just happened? Was all of that real? Is this some strange enchantment cast on me by Lord Pixyium No, it can’t be. I know what such spells feel like and as a Silver Elf am naturally resistant to them. Only a god could affect me so, but why would a god take such interest in me?

No… there is only one explanation: I wanted all of that. Clearly I enjoyed it. Something has changed in me… something I will need to explore at a later date, but for now I need to concentrate on my mission. I need to ask around and see if Shalheira passed through here, find out if anyone saw what happened to her.


* * *


Lord Pixyium had watched the exchange at the gate of Rimemore with confusion. “What is this? Another agent of the Sisterhood acting with such perversion? Perhaps I’ve misjudged them these many long years… No, no that cannot be. There is something else going on here.”

He waves away the magical image that is showing him Adreh moving through his city, asking if any have seen Shalheira. He’s certain that eventually she’ll find an answer to her question, in fact instructed some of his agents to make sure she discovers the truth. She’ll be led to the same inn the Elven mage met her doom in, and once there find the very same man that doomed her. Of course, this fat titted Silver Elf won’t be told that part ahead of time.

Lord Pixyium has decided to use this as a test, to see if Rumwald Silvertongue can ensnare a second member of the Sisterhood or if the first time was just luck. He suspects the mercenary adventurer will try and use the same magically enchanted deck of cards, confident the same trick will work once more.

The wizard gets to his feet, muttering darkly to himself. “Games of perversion and captured members of the Sisterhood are all good, but if there is more going on in my lands I need to know about it.” He shuffles to a nearby table covered in arcane objects.

He pulls a crystal ball from the center of the table to himself, running the palm of his hand across its glass surface. The clear center of the glass orb crackles with magical energy, purple glowing mist swirling and filling it. “What powers not my own are at play in my lands,” he asks the orb, looking intently into the glowing cloud of sparking purple smoke.

The cloud glows thicker, eventually parting to show a woman’s hand. There on her finger sits a ring, a red gem set into the simple metal band. It looks vaguely familiar to Lord Pixyium, but as he tries to recall just where he has seen the ring it feels as though some force is actively suppressing his memories.

He stands, grabbing his staff in both hands and taking a step back before slamming its base on the floor. “WHO DARES INFLUENCE MY MIND,” he shouts, his voice infused with magic that will force a response from whoever or whatever is affecting him.

For a moment it feels as if magical energy presses in on him from all sides, fighting against his spell of revelation. But his magic wins out in the end, making the pressure explode and disappearing allowing his mind to work properly. In that moment he remembers seeing the red gemmed ring upon Shalheira’s hand but realizes that at one point the ring disappeared. Adreh also wears such a ring on her finger, something he seems to have noticed only subconsciously.

A moment after mentally processing all of this the image in purple mist in the glass orb fades quickly away. For a moment the glowing mist inside the orb swirls angrily, then turns red. “What foreign magic is this?” Lord Pixyium snarls, recognizing what the change in the color of the energy means.

The red mist sparks and swirls then parts to reveal a vast void filled with distant stars and swirling gas. The wizard gasps, recognizing the sight as the Ethereal Plane where the gods live. Then a figure appears in the emptiness, a large hulking red man with demonic horns and a sinister, angry snarl on his face.

“Your powers are great indeed, Lord Pixyium, if you are able to detect the power behind the rings of corruption,” the red skinned figure says. “But old man, you are but a mortal. Yes, a powerful a mortal, but a mortal none the less. Even the most powerful of your kind is but an ant to a god such as I.”

Lord Pixyium takes a step back, lifting his staff up before him defensively. “I recognize you,” the wizard says, narrowing his eyes at the visage in the glass orb. “You are Baedor, god of sexual indulgence.”

The god nods, crossing his arms across his chest as he does.

For a moment the wizard glares then he steps back forward with a defiant look on his face. “Well, I’m not afraid of you! I worship no god, call no being, mortal or divine, my master!”

“Calm, old man,” Baedor says with an amused smirk. “You have no need to fear me or my friends among the divine pantheon. But you have stumbled upon a little game we are playing with the Sisterhood. See, they believe the rings they bare protect their agents, when in reality they ensure their bearers meet their ultimate doom in a way we find sexually pleasing.”

Lord Pixyium looks up from the glass globe, glance at the bimbofied Elf in the far corner of his room. “You mean you doomed that one?”

“Well, not exactly. We simply pushed at her mind and ensured she made some very bad decisions whilst drawing her towards danger and drawing dangers towards her. YOU were one of those dangers, by the way. You may not worship me or any of my fellow gods, but we have enjoyed what you have done with your life. We’d like to see more, maybe even ensure the Sisterhood keeps sending you attractive agents who will be doomed to fall under you power.”

“And what do you demand in return,” Lord Pixyium asks.

“Ah, such an intelligent man,” Baedor says. “Simple: ignore the rings. Do not try and remove them from the members of the Sisterhood bearing them. Do not draw their attention to them or suggest they are anything other than what they think they are. And most importantly, if and when they fall from their bearer’s hands do nothing to them. Their magic will ensure they find their way back to the Sisterhood.”

Once more Lord Pixyium narrows his eyes. “And if I do not agree?”

Baedor spreads his arms, lifting his hands up as he does. “Well, you’d find your life going through some changes. We’d start simple, ensuring the next time the Sisterhood sends gents to slay you that they DON’T bear one of the cursed rings. I think, perhaps, you’d find them less fun to deal with when their minds and actions are not being corrupted by me and my friends.

“And if somehow you were to survive their attacks, well, perhaps some of our follows would be directed to secretly join your forces. Perhaps then one of your servants would slip into your chambers at night and slit your aged throat, putting an end to your defiant life.”

Lord Pixyium continues to look defiant for a moment, deep in thought. But then the expression breaks, replaced by a placating smile. “I would be a fool to try and stand against the gods,” he says. “I’ll do as you ask, ignoring the rings. And hopefully you will ensure I frequently get fresh playthings to add to my collection.” He looks across the room at Shalheira. “I’ve just the one now, but I’d like more.”

Baedor smiles back at the wizard. “Patience, old man. I’ve a feeling your collection will soon be doubled.” The image of the red skinned god then disappears, the red mists dissipating not longer after that and leaving the glass orb empty and clear.


* * *


Adreh is tempted to cut the wooden table between her and the man sitting across from her in half. “Look, you better give me a straight answer, Rumwald, and soon or you’re going to regret it,” she snarls.

The tavern around them grows quiet, all of the patrons stopping their own conversations and now staring at Adreh as she stands with the massive Battleblade in her hands, ready to strike.

The short, ugly man sitting across from her seems totally unfazed by the sight of the giant blade. He smirks up at Adreh. “And what are you going to do if I don’t tell you? Cut me in half with that sword? No, I don’t think so. Do that and you’ll never get the truth out of me.”

“So you admit Shalheira was last seen here in this very tavern with you?”

He shrugs. “Obviously you think it’s true or you wouldn’t be threatening me the way you are. I doubt anything I say right now could convince you that you’re wrong, even if THAT was the truth.” He leans back in his chair, putting his hands behind his head. “So we seem to be at an impasse. But I think I know the answer to all our problems.”

“And what is that,” Adreh says, her eyes narrowing and her grip on the sword tightening.

“Well, I need to tell you the truth, but you need to know I’m telling the truth. Whereas I only want to tell you the truth if I’m assured you won’t cleave me in half if you don’t like what you hear.”

“That,” Adreh snarls, “will never happen. If you are responsible for harming Shalheira I fully intend to make you pay with your life.”

Rumwald’s grin grows larger. “So it appears there’s no way for us both to have what we want. So how to fairly decide which of us gets our heart’s desires? Well, it just so happens that I have the answer. If you will allow me to reach into my cloak? I promise it’s not to draw a weapon.”

Adreh nods her head, signaling that he can do as he wishes. But she lifts the blade up and points it at the small man, ready to thrust the blade through his chest if he is trying to trick her.

The man pulls out a small ornate box made of well worn stone with a large red stone inlaid on its lid. He places the object on the table, opening the lid to reveal a deck of cards and two transparent crystals. “This is an Enchanted Duelist’s deck,” he tells her, pride in his voice. “Very rare, and very powerful. Do you know how it works?”

“I’ve no time for games,” Adreh snarls, but pulling her Battleblade back from his chest.

“Oh, but this game can answer all our problems! See, if two agree to play they can set conditions before the game starts, conditions that the deck’s magics will ensure are followed at the game’s end. So if you promise not to kill me if I win and I promise to tell you the whole truth if I win we can settle this all right now. Well, not right now, but after a quick game of cards.”

Her first impulse is to finally drive her blade through the table and destroy the card game before giving Rumwald one final chance to tell her what she wants to know, then kill him if he doesn’t. But before she acts she feels a warm sensation settle into her mind that calms the frustration and rage she feels. The man’s proposition makes sense, she suddenly realizes while not noticing the way her ring glows faintly during the thought.

“Fine,” Adreh says, pulling a chair out from the table before her and sitting down across from Rumwald. “I’ll play your game, but I’m keeping my Battleblade close. If you try and trick me in any way, I’ll make you pay.”

“Oh, you needn’t worry about tricks. The deck’s magic is powerful, and once we begin playing it will keep both of us from doing anything other than playing the game as well as preventing any outsiders from hindering us in that endeavor.”

She raises an eyebrow. “This game seems to contain very powerful magic. You can understand why I have a hard time believing everything you say is true.”

“Well, you’ll find out soon enough that the game is all I’ve claimed it is and then some.” As he speaks he places the deck of cards in the center of the table then places one of the crystals before Adreh and the other before himself.

“Now to begin you’ll need to place a hand on the crystal and verbalize both the stakes of the game and that you are entering into play willingly. Here, I’ll start.” He places his hand on the crystal. “I, Rumwald Silvertongue, proclaim my intent to play this game. If I lose I will tell this Silver Elf all I know about the one known as Shalheira.”

When he finishes speaking he pulls his hand away to reveal the crystal now full of glowing red energy. It floats up into the air, hovering level with his face and off to the side. “Now you go,” he says.

Adreh places her hand on the crystal before her. “I, Adreh Silvermane, proclaim my intent to play this game. If I lose I shall do no harm the man sitting across from me.” She pulls her hand back, watching as the now glowing crystal floats up into the air beside her head.

A moment later there is a flash of blinding light. When her vision returns she is able to see that two chains made of glowing blue magic now extend from the table near the deck of cards, reaching out to both her and Rumwald. The chains run off the side of the table leading to manacles made of the same blue magic secured to both their ankles.

“See,” he says, “now we can’t leave this table till the game is over. And if anyone were to try and stop us from playing they would be magically forced away from us.”

“Fine,” Adreh says, “how do we play this silly game?”

“It’s simple,” Rumwald says. “Each card will tell you what it does. Each card will affect the energy in one or both of our crystals. The first player with an empty crystal loses. You can play one card a turn unless a card you play says otherwise. Everything else is details that will be explained on the cards themselves.”

He then reaches out and taps the deck of cards in the center of the table. As soon as he pulls his hand away the top six cards float up into the air, three hovering to Rumwald and three hovering to Adreh.

“I’ll go first,” Rumwald says. A card floats from the deck into his hand, bringing a large smile to his face. A moment later he places the new card down on the table. Things are happening so fast Adreh doesn’t even have time to read the cards she now holds in her hand. As Rumwald’s card is placed face up it glows slightly, then moves to lie next to the draw pile. Meanwhile five new cards float up from the deck and into Rumwald’s hands.

“A very good starter card, that,” he says with a smirk. “See, it’s given me plenty of new cards, more than you, and it will allow me to play a second card this turn. It did cost me a little of my energy,” he adds, nodding towards his crystal, “but I’ll be able to make that back pretty quickly.”

He places a second card down, its face glowing instantly. As soon as the glow disappears a blue force field bursts into place around Adreh’s Battleblade.

“What trickery is this,” she shouts, reaching for her weapon and finding her hand unable to move through the glowing, flickering force field.

“No trickery,” he says, pointing to the card. “It cost me some of my energy, but it was well worth it to ensure you can’t grab your sword to try and end my life before the game is over. See, read the card: all part of the game.”

Adreh looks down at the card, reading text explaining that the card will keep the player’s opponent from accessing any real world weapons for the rest of the game.

“And now it’s your turn,” he says.

A new card floats up from the deck and into her hand. Finally she takes the time to look down at her cards and read what they do. One will allow her to draw five additional cards, although unlike Rumwald’s it says nothing about being able to play another card the turn it is played. One says it will drain a point of his energy and place it in her crystal. Another says it will force him to discard half his cards while costing her three points of energy.

She has to read the text of the final card three times before she believes her eyes. The card says that playing it will cost her five energy and remove all of her opponents clothing! She is outraged that such a thing would be in the deck, and suddenly fears that far worse cards wait to be drawn. Showing him the text on the card she demands to know what kind of perverse game he’s tricked her into playing.

“Why, only the single most perverse game in existence,” he replies, a look of triumph on his face.

She tosses her cards onto the table. “I refuse to take part in this… this… this perversion! I assume far worse cards lay unrevealed in that deck?”

Rumwald nods. “Oh yes, faaaaaaar worse. But you can’t refuse to continue playing! You agreed to play, agreed to an unbreakable magical contract. The game won’t let you leave. Try and walk away, see what happens.”

“Fine, I will.” But even before she starts to rise to her feet the magical chain around her ankle tightens, growing shorter. She is able to stand, but the chain is now so short that she is unable to take even a single step away from the table. She howls in anger, moving to flip the wooden table over. But as her hands near the table edge they are reflected by an invisible force.

“See,” Rumwald says. “You cannot leave till we finish. Neither can I. Now sit down and take your turn!”

With a sigh of frustration and simmering rage Adreh sits back down, her cards floating up into the air and waiting to be held. She grabs them, looking at them again and tossing one onto the table. It glows, flipping around and sliding towards Rumwald so he can read it.

“Ah, smart move making me discard half my cards.” He tosses half of them onto the table. Together with the card Adreh played they all move to the discard pile. “And now it’s my turn,” he says holding his hand out and waiting for a new card to float towards him.

“Well, it seems only fair that since you made me discard some very good cards that I take one of yours.” He tosses a card on the table which begins glowing then turns and slides to Adreh so she can read it. It says she has to reveal her hand to him and let him take one of her cards, and says he can immediately play that card if he wishes.

Her heart sinks. “No,” she says, her voice firm and quavering with anger. “I refuse.”

But the game, it seems, has other ideas. Her cards fly from her hands, shooting across the table and floating before Rumwald. He gives them a quick look over and grabs one, the remaining two cards flying back across the table so Adreh can once more grab hold of them.

She doesn’t even need to read her two remaining cards to know which card her opponent has taken. A moment later he tosses the card onto the table, confirming her assumptions.

Once more there is a blinding flash, leaving Adreh feeling suddenly cold and exposed. Looking down her eyes confirm what her body already knows: all of her clothing is gone and she now sits naked, her massive tits no longer contained and having sagged down heavily onto the edge of the table under her.

Applause breaks out around them and for the first time since the game began Adreh remembers that she’s sitting in a busy tavern full of watching eyes. Her cheeks flush and she wants to grab her breasts to cover her nipples but she knows doing so will only give the crowd around her what they want. She straightens her back, sitting tall and proud and doing her best not to acknowledge the fact she is now naked and fully exposed before every pair of eyes in the room.

“Thanks, fat-tits,” Rumwald says with a laugh. “Really appreciate you letting me know you had that card. By the way, those tits? Fucking marvelous! Never seen ones so big and firm and full, at least not ones that hadn’t been magicked into being that way.”

One of the men sitting nearby snickers. “Yeah, Rumwald, won’t have to play the breast growth card on this one like you did to that last Elf.”

Rumwald shoots the man a threatening look. “Keep quiet, you sniveling fool, or Lord Pixyium will hear of it.”

Adreh’s heart sinks. This man works for her enemy, and so does at least one of the other men in the room. Maybe they all do. And it sounds as if this very card game was used to ensnare Shalheira as well. How stupid could you be, she thinks to herself, of COURSE this was a trap! But there is still hope, she can still win the game and escape this trap that seems to have been set specifically for her.

“I believe it’s my turn,” she says coldly. A card levitates up from the deck and floats over to her. She grabs it from the air and adds it to her hand, reading what it does. “Absorb the effects of the next card played against you,” it says, instructing her to play it face down on the table before her and not tell her opponent what it does.

After playing the card face down Rumwald raises an eyebrow. “Ah, very interesting! Wonder what the card does… guess I’ll have to take my turn to find out.”

He draws his card, throwing one onto the table that says it will drain some of Adreh’s energy. The card begins to glow, beginning to take effect, but as it does Adreh’s card flips over glowing even brighter. It seems to suck the magical energy from the card Rumwald has just played. But then, catching Adreh totally by surprise, the energy shoots back into her body.

She feels warm heat enter her naked breasts, then quickly shoot down her body and settling into her lower core. A fraction of a second later her loins explode with pleasure, an unexpected orgasm forced from her body. She moans loudly in shock and pleasure, grinding her thighs together as her cunt tightens and contracts. Her face becomes a confused grimace of pleasure, shock, and embarrassment. The room around her erupts into laughter, everyone understanding that the busty Silver Elf is cumming before their eyes.

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