Poll Driven Story: “The Rings of Corruption” Episode Two Part Three

Alright perverts, the third part of Episode Two is ready for you to read! You can find it, and the voting for what happens next, below the cut off. You can also find the story in its current entirety HERE.

 “Maybe I’m wrong,” Warrek mutters. “Maybe she came so hard all memory of the night will have been knocked out of her mind. Maybe… maybe if I just pick her up and put her in bed, clean her up real good, maybe she won’t remember ANY of it when she wakes up.”

Unable to think of a better plan, and determined to keep Sasha blissfully unaware of how he has been using her tits for just a little longer, he moves to start cleaning her up. But as he rises from the bed the ring on her finger begins to pulse with red energy, energy that flows into Warrek.

Almost as soon as he kneels before the unconscious knight and begins grabbing at her massive breasts to clean them up he feels his manhood start to swell. He had thought himself exhausted in that way for the night, but apparently the feel of her fleshy tits in his hands is enough to awaken his cock once more.

He bites his lip, torn. She’s unconscious, but he has no idea for how long. He could have a little more fun before cleaning her up and putting her back in the bed…

Staring down at her tits he realizes there is no debate. His cock is now rock hard and demanding release and they are both naked, with nothing stopping him from having her gloriously large breasts. He rolls Sasha over, enjoying the way her massive tits shift and change their shape, as if they were made more of water than solid flesh. Even his cum smeared all over her tits pleases him as he realizes he can simply use it as lubrication.

As soon as she is flat on her back he climbs on top of her, sitting on her chest with his cock between her tits. He reaches under them, scooping their ample soft and full flesh up into his hands and wrapping them around his shaft. Almost immediately he begins moving his hips, fucking her chest while she lay unconscious below him.

Sasha begins to moan in her sleep, the act of having her tits fucked bringing her pleasure even though she isn’t conscious. The sound of her quiet moans push him to hump her chest faster.

Using her breasts while she is unconscious again, as well as using his own semen as lube, ups the kink factor for Warrek. Add in her quiet little moans she is making and he finds himself quickly rocketing towards orgasm. Soon he’s cumming, unloading a much smaller blast of semen into the mess on her chest, a mess that’s only grown as he fucked her tits.

He feels more satisfied and sated now than ever before, and is left feeling tired and totally drained. His body screams for rest, the bed on the other side of the room calling to him with its inviting softness. He almost stumbles right towards it, but looks back at Sasha and remembers his plan.

Through a sleepy, exhausted haze he goes about cleaning up her tits (and his cummy cock) before hefting the knight onto her side of the bed. He is so mentally dulled that he doesn’t even think to grab her chest bindings or underwear, placing her into the bed totally naked. After tucking her into her blankets he collapses next to her, wrapping his own blankets around himself and blowing out the nearby candle before quickly falling into a deep sleep.

In the dark room Sasha shifts in her slip, pulling a hand out from under her blankets. The ring she wears on that hand glows and pulses with dim red light as both figures sleep, the dark god’s who forged it working their will through it…

* * *

The Corrupt gods of Alaria are not the only ones who are watching the bard and the knight that evening. Not far away, in a large stone keep, Elduni sits on her throne. Floating in the air before her is a shimmering image of the inn’s rented room, the sleeping figures barely visible in the dim red glow coming off the ring.

Elduni looks like a distortion of a woman. Her basic shape is correct, but the details all wrong. Her skin is a light shade of violet; more pink than blue in some areas and all if it looking slightly ashen grey. She sits practically naked, a few pieces of shaped metal acting to keep her prominent chest in place and her privates covered, but leaving most of her skin is exposed.

Sprouting from her back, but tucked behind her as she sits watching the image before her, are two large wings. They are leathery like those of a bat and colored a shade of violet darker than the rest of her body.

Her face is the most unsettling, almost Human or maybe Elven, but yet so clearly neither of those things. It’s not just the violet hue of her skin, but the way her eyes glow sinisterly. Instead of whites her eyes are red, and her pupils are a sickly yellowish color that glows brighter than the red parts.

Tear like magical red tattoos extend from her eyes, running down her face and shifting slightly as if alive. Her ears are pointed like that of a common Elf, although the insides of her ears have far more ridges than is normal. Combined with the wings it gives her an animalistic look.

Adding to this sense that she is as much a savage beast as she is a sentient being are two horns coming out of her forehead. They are mostly straight, although curve slightly in the center. They look almost like ram’s horns, their length ridged and the tips pointed and sharp. They are clearly made of hard bone, yet their surface is colored just like her skin.

Behind the horns is thick, black hair cut shorter than most women’s but longer than that of a man’s and slicked back. The sleek hairstyle adds to the impression of her as a predatory animal, and the hungry calculating look on her face as she watches the sleeping figures through the magical image before her only adds to that.

“And to think, I had actually been worried about the Sisterhood,” she says into the darkness of the throne room around her. Only the magical image before her brings illumination to the dark room, and it is impossible to see whether Elduni is alone in her throne room or not.

“I knew once I came out into the open they would send at least one of their agents to come slay me. I had even been worried when I first spied this Knight. She seemed strong and capable and chaste enough to perhaps deny any temptations I might send her way. But this bard seems to have been her undoing…”

She smirks, staring at the sleeping man. “It seems fate that a worshiper of Ynara should discover the secret of her massive tits.” Elduni looks up, as if staring into the heavens. “It’s not you that I worship, Ynara, but I do thank you for all you have done for me! Worry not, for the goddess of the fat tits shall always be allowed to be worshiped openly in my lands.”

Looking back at the image floating before her causes her smirk to fade. “It would seem this fat-titted knight is properly distracted for the time being, that her chosen companion will continue to hinder her effectiveness as a warrior. But I’ve not come this far by hoping for the best and leaving things as they are. I need to do more to hinder her quest… I could send my agents to end her life this very night, she’s close enough to my lands, but I’m enjoying watching this play out.”

She thinks for a moment then her glowing eyes light up as a smile returns to her face. “I know just the spell!” She closes her eyes and begins chanting. Her hands begin to glow blue, and as they do a glow the same shade of blue seems to come from under Sasha’s blankets. A moment later the enchantment is over, the glow from Elduni’s hands and Sasha’s body gone. “There,” Elduni says smiling happily. “This will cause some extra mischief and distraction.”

* * *

In the morning Sasha is woken by a throbbing, almost painful fullness in her breasts. As she transitions from sleep her mind is full of blurry memories from the night before, images and sensations centered on her breasts and massive amounts of orgasmic release they helped her feel. But as she fully wakes all those thoughts are replaced with the discomfort and outright pain she feels in her chest.

She opens her eyes and checks that Warrek is still sleeping. Once confirming this she sits up in bed, pulling the blankets down from her chest and looking down at her breasts. Her chest bindings are not on, a fact that normally would have alarmed her right away but she is currently in so much discomfort she thinks little of this.

Her breasts, which have always looked and felt disgustingly large to her, now seem somehow even bigger! Well, not bigger, that isn’t the right word. Fuller and thicker, she thinks as she stares down at them. Swollen slightly, yes, but mostly more dense. And she can feel them throbbing, as if they are currently full and heavy far past the point of comfort.

But full of what, she thinks in confusion. That’s when she notices a small bead of cream colored moisture wetly sitting on one of her large nipples. Carefully she reaches for it, collecting the moisture with one finger. She is surprised to feel just how sensitive the tip of her nipple is, pleasure shooting up into her body just from having a single finger dragged across it.

But there is no time to think of that. She raises the moisture to her mouth and tastes it. Her eyes shoot open. “Milk,” she says quietly, confused and shocked. Slowly it dawns on her that the painful pressure and new fullness in her breasts is being caused by them being full of milk!

She sits up straighter, placing a hand to her mouth. “No,” she says, softly. This has always been one of her greatest fears. Few know that she isn’t a full blooded Human, but in fact part Silver Elf. Even within the Sisterhood, which has a large number of the naturally magical but overly busty Elves, is this a secret that she has kept from most.

Silver Elves are strange and powerful. They are born with natural magical abilities, finding it easy to learn most arcane skills and able to wield even the most powerful enchanted weapons. Physically most appear thick of build, even plump, and all of them have breasts that look unnaturally large. And some of them, a small minority, go about life with breasts that always lactate. When this occurs the milk normally has strange or powerful abilities, able to heal or invigorate those that drink it.

Her own breasts seemed to have been the only part of her Silver Elf blood that ever showed, and for much of her adult life Sasha had been hiding them with her magical bindings. But she had always feared that her breasts, the sacks of disgusting fat that fill her with such shame, would one day spontaneously begin to lactate. And now it seems those fears have come true.

Quietly she slips from the bed, looking around for her binding. If she can only get them wrapped around her chest… In the past when her breasts have felt sore or tender, like when she is having her period, wrapping them with the binding has dulled the sensation. Her breasts feel painfully full and engorged right now, throbbing with the need to be drained, yet all she wants is to ignore the sensation.

Sasha finds the bindings and begins wrapping herself up, but almost immediately finds that her breasts are not shrinking. She can still feel the slight tingle of magic coming from the cloth bindings, so she knows the problem is not the item.

No, it’s your breasts, she thinks sinking into despair. Obviously whatever has caused her to begin lactating has also made her humongous bust impervious to the bindings’ magic. Feeling defeated she sits on the edge of the bed, fighting off tears.

But soon the throbbing, painful fullness in her breasts grows so intense it is all she can think of. Not wanting to, disgusted by the very though, but unable to avoid it she reaches up and begins squeezing her own tits hoping to express some of the milk form them and lessen the pain.

A very small amount of white fluid appears on the tips of her nipples, but no matter how hard she squeezes her breasts she seem unable to get any of the milk filling them to express. She tries harder, grabbing one breast in both hands and gripping it by the base. She squeezes as tight as she can, tugging down on her tit and trying to drain the milk from it.

Nothing comes out, but the pressure on her overly sensitive tit sets her body aflame with heat that radiates from its very core. Her cheeks flush. Her heart begins to race. She feels her womanhood warm and grow moist.

She falls back on the bed, groaning in frustration. Doing so causes her massive tits to flop and shift their center of weight. They are so swollen and full that this feels incredibly painful, yet at the same time any physical sensation in her breasts seems to increase the amount of arousal and heat in her body. This causes her to grind her thighs together, squirming slightly as she notices the growing dampness coming from her womanhood.

Her groans and thrashing about on the bed wake the bard up. Warrek rolls over, half opening his eyes. Blearily he mumbles, “What’s going on?”

The sound of his voice, male and sweet to her ears, causes the flame inside of her to grow more intense. The ring on her finger pulses for a moment, making the desire felt through her body intensify.

She rolls over to face him, her massive breasts shifting and falling to the side, one on top of the other. She looks at him with a desperate look on her face, not caring that she is topless and that her breasts are revealed to him. “Please,” she whines at him, her voice pathetic and faint. “Please, I need your help. My breasts… the pressure, its unmanageable! I need you to… to… to squeeze them; I need you to milk me!”

He sits up, looking confused and alarmed as he rubs the sleep form his eyes. Looking down at her breasts he can see that they do in fact look swollen and engorged, noticeably thicker and fuller. And there on each of her nipples is a bead of white moisture as if her tits are so overfull that they have begun to leak.

Warrek is confused, but the sight of her tits fills him with desire. He had woken with painful morning wood and now the knight is asking him to play with her tits. It’s all too much for a breast fanatic like him to turn away from, and he quickly decides he can search for explanations later.

He shifts, moving closer to her and grabbing her top tit in both hands. He then begins squeezing it as he moves his mouth towards her nipple. A stream of white milk shoots out of her, right into his open mouth. Sasha moans as he milks her, reacting as if he was fingering her cunt not squirting milk from her tit. Again, he decides he can search for an explanation later, for now he is just going to enjoy this.

The milk splashes into his mouth. He’s tasted breast milk before. As a follower of Ynara he’s fetishized everything related to breasts. He expects the milk to be like that he’s tasted before, almost sour in taste. But as Sasha’s milk hits his tongue his eyes open wide in surprise. It’s sweet and intoxicating, still tasting like milk but also very much not milk.

A moment after registering the taste of her milk his face is pressed into her tit, his lips wrapped tightly around her large nipple as he sucks hungrily at her teat. He squeezes the tit, tugging and pulling at it to shoot more of the delicious, intoxicating milk into him. It doesn’t just taste amazing, but it fills his body with an exhilarating energy that feels wholly sexual in nature. His cock, already hard, grows painfully harder. His hips begin to thrust and he’s soon rubbing his cock up against Sasha’s leg, smearing ample precum all over her soft thigh.

Sasha, for her part, is similarly affected. She is shifting from side to side, fighting against the urge to thrash about and arch her back in pleasure. Her mind is still unsure if her memories from the previous night are real. If they are then the feeling of being milked by a man is pleasure only equaled by what she had experienced the night before. And if it all had been but a dream, than this is the single most pleasurable moment in her life.

She moans and then her body begins to shudder as she starts to cum. As the orgasm moves out from her wet throbbing cunt the fullness in her breasts seems to burst. It’s as if flood gates have been open and milk comes pouring out of her. Warrek almost gags as his mouth is filled with milk spraying from her breasts.

The other tit, pressed between the top breast Warrek is drinking from and the bed below, explodes with milk. Warrek’s naked body and the sheets and bed below are soon soaked with her milk.

Warrek pushes her to the side on her back, pulling away from her tits with a wet sucking sound and then attacking the other tit. His hands move to it, grabbing it tightly and squeezing at it to drain the delicious milk from it. He’s like a savage animal feasting on fresh prey. He sucks and slurps and swallows till his stomach begins to feel full, all the while Sasha lay there moaning and shaking as she cums again and again.

At one point Warrek shifts, ripping the blankets away from both of them. A second later he is on top of her, pressing his manhood into her sopping wet hole. As he enters her with ease he leans down and returns to sucking on her tits, drinking from her as he fucks her hard and fast.

The rest is a blur to both of them. They fuck for an unknown amount of time, Warrek cumming deep inside of her multiple times. They are like two animals, rutting during mating season with sentient thought far beyond their abilities. The more she is milked the easier Sasha finds it to cum. And each orgasm seems to sap her mind, leaving her a little more brainless.

By the time Warrek rolls off of her she feels as though even the simplest of thoughts are a challenge. Her tits, for a short time, feel relief. But as they both lay together in the bed, breathing heavily and not speaking or even moving, she can feel the pressure building once more, feel her tits growing firm and thick. In less than a half hour her tits are full, the pressure painful once again.

“I need more,” she whines, turning her head to look at Warrek.

The bard is covered in sweat and looks as though he is past the point of exhaustion. “I couldn’t,” he mumbles weakly, his eyes closed. “Not yet…”

“No,” she says, realizing he thinks she wants him to fuck her again. “No, I need you to milk me. Don’t do it with your mouth,” she adds quickly, seeing the way he begins to lick his lips. “Use your hands. Milk me like… like a cow.” As those final words leave her lips she feels more shame and regret than she has ever felt in her life, but if her tits are not drained soon she feels as though the pain will drive her mad or kill her, or maybe even do both.

Sasha doesn’t wait for the exhausted bard to agree to help her. She rises from the bed, pulling him along with her. She pulls the chair she had sat in while masturbating the night before to the center of the room. Afterwards she grabs a metal pail from a corner, probably used as a chamber pot by some but thankfully empty right then. She places it behind the chair.

Then she sits backwards in the chair, pulling her massive swollen tits up and over the chair’s back and letting them hang down behind it. “Please,” she begs, looking at Warrek. “Come drain my tits into that pail. I need to be milked!”

Warrek moves slowly. He is tired and confused, and it’s clear that her milk has left him so blessed out that he is now slightly stupefied. He stands before Sasha, looking down at her massive tits as they hang over the back of the chair. He blinks then does as she is begging him to do.

This time the milking is not sexual for him, at least not at first. He milks her teats as if they were a cows, grabbing one in both hands and pressing down as a thick stream of milk sprays down into the metal pail below. He milks first one tit, then the other, slowly draining them of milk.

The whole time Sasha moans and bucks against the chair, cumming over and over again. As the milking stretches on she begins to pant, her eyes glazing over and crossing slightly. It looks to Warrek as though she is cumming herself stupid, like each orgasm is sapping a little more intelligence from her mind.

By the time Sasha’s massive breasts run out of milk the bucket below her is nearly full to the rim. Looking down at it he stares with disbelief, amazed that so much milk could come from a single human woman. He remembers then that he’s had his doubts about whether she is fully human or not and thinks to ask her, but looking up at her he knows he’ll get no answer right now.

Sasha is staring dumbly before her, looking out at everything and nothing. Her mouth hangs open, her tongue lolling out of her mouth and drool dripping from it down onto her breasts. This draws his attention to her breasts. They are still huge, but they no longer look thick and full. They now look soft and sag droopily down the back of the chair, looking like to great big bags of flesh that have been drained of their content.

He knows some men would be grossed out by this, but he loves all breasts and natural looking ones above all others. He’s always loved the way women’s breasts sage and slope with age, and the young knight’s breasts now look like those of a middle aged woman, sagging with maturity.

This makes him aware of the fact that his cock is hard once again. Her breasts hang there before him at cock level, saggy and soft and dripping milk. And it seems Sasha’s mind has been shattered by the milking. Perhaps in time she will recover, but for now she looks to be little more than a mindless fat-titted fleshy vessel, one that would serve as the perfect conduit for him to worship his goddess.

He steps up to the back of the chair, grabbing her sagging tits and wrapping their soft, pliable flesh around his cock. He fucks them, enjoying their feel and muttering the prayer to his goddess. Sasha starts to shudder again, the tittyfucking making her cum even more. He chuckles, thinking about how much this brave knight of the Sisterhood has changed since he met her on the road just a few days ago.

When his prayer is over he quickly crests towards orgasm, stepping back and grabbing his cock just as he begins to ejaculate. He aims his dick at her face, shooting his seed all over her. Her facial muscles twitch as his cum lands on her, but her expression does not change.

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