Poll Driven Story: “The Rings of Corruption” Episode Four Part One

Alright perverts, the first part of episode three is ready for you to read! You can find it, and the voting for what happens next, below the cut off. You can also find all the other ring stories in there entirety HERE.

Oh, I also noticed that some of the choices I’ve put in the last few polls were to long and getting cut off. Sorry about that, I’m going to try and keep them shorter so that doesn’t happen any more.

Also I wanted to establish this heroine as a little more of a bad ass, so there’s no actual sex in this part. But the next entry should jump right into the dirty bits!

Episode Four

The gods who have been infected by The Corruption are gathered together in the ethereal plane that looks down on Alaria.

“Alaria is changing,” one of them says in a deep, hissing voice. “The Corruption spreads, growing our influence on this plane of existence. As more of the divine gods are infected and brought over to our side the mortals forget that we were once called ‘demons’ and shunned by their world. They think of us as the same kind of beings as our divine brothers and sister. They call us ‘gods’ and they worship us, giving us the faith we need to grow in power!”

“Yes,” another voice says. “And in time all the gods will fall to the corruption. But we have known since our birth that we are gods just like them, demon was just a name they gave us to shun us for being different. Like them we too have eternity, and in the end they will all be like us. But today, today we will play a game to pass the time.”

“So that is why we were all called here?” yet another voice asks. “To play a game? Tell us, how is this game played?”

“Some of us have endeavored to pour a fraction of our power into a number of magical rings,” the first voice began, explaining. “Through devious machinations we have convinced the Sisterhood of Righteousness that these rings can bring magical protection and might to those that wear them. They have begun to give these rings to those they send out into the world, thinking the rings will protect these chaste warriors as they try and bring good to Alaria.

“But they have been misled. The rings actually draw perversion and the Corruption to those that wear them. It clouds the wearer’s mind, increasing their libido yet causing them to ignore the fact that they are slowly becoming ever more addicted to sexual highs. Every one of the mighty, haughty heroines who go out into the world wearing one of these rings will soon meet their doom, sinking into the deprivation of sexual degeneration.”

“Although this pleases me to hear,” one of the gathered gods says, “I fail to see how this is a game.”

“Because the rings also make it so any of us touched by the Corruption can sway the mind of these women, as well as the minds of any near them. We need only watch and choose how they shall stumble tits first into all sorts of kinky peril…”

Hearing this the gathered gods are pleased. And then they turn their attention to the heroine currently wearing one of the cursed rings. They begin to watch, and they begin to manipulate her mind and body as well the world around her…


* * *


“Well would you all look what’s come down the road,” one of the men says to the figures crouching on the edge of the cliff next to him. “Ain’t never seen someone with a blade that big.”

The other two figures crawl to the edge of the wooded cliff, looking down at the road that winds through the forest before them. “Me neither, but it ain’t that big sword I’m looking at. You see the size of her tits? Fuck… I didn’t even know they came that big! Not sure I’d even know what to do with that much tit-meat.”

The third figure, the leader of the little band of bandits, speaks up next. “You two really are dumb, ain’t ya? That there’s a Silver Elf. See how her hair is white as snow? Notice the pointed ears? They ALL got tits that big and thick curvy bodies like this one here. Fucking wonders of the natural world, but their bodies are full of magic. Have to be to carry around milk buckets like that. She looks like a fat-titted cow of woman, but them Silver Elves, they are all fast and strong.”

“Well, I suppose she’d have to be to carry a sword that big,” one of the other men says. “I mean, look at it: it’s almost as big as me!”

The leader nods. “That’s one of them Ebony Battleblades. Very rare and there is few that can wield them. I think perhaps this one, well, it might be reckless trying to rob her.”

As he speaks he watches the woman walking along the road, clearly confident that no one will challenge her.  She turns at a slight bend in the road, causing a ring she wears on one finger the glint in the sunlight. Even form their distance he can see that there is a red gem set in the ring and for a moment the bandit thinks he sees it glowing with red magical energy, but when he blinks the glow is gone.

“You know what,” he says, “I think I may have been wrong. I mean look at her: she might be able to hold that massive weapon, but you really think she has any skill with it? And I hear Silver Elves all have highly sensitive breasts. We get a good jab or grope in on that fat-titted slut and I bet she’ll be down on her knees and start sucking us off like that other Elf that came through here not long ago.”

The other two men murmur, unsure and voicing their doubts.

“Come on, you cowards,” the leader snarls. “We’ll sneak down ahead of her and get the drop on her. We’ve been doing this for years now, no way some busty Elf maiden is going to be too much for us.”


* * *


Adreh continues her march down the small road, enjoying the way the tall trees around her loom above. She’s always liked forests, always felt peaceful and at ease in them. But that doesn’t mean she’s let her guard down. She saw the bandits peering down at her from their high vantage point. Her eyes, the pupils as silver as her hair, are those of an Elf and can see further and clearer than those of any Human’s, something they always seem to forget.

She plays her part well, showing no outward sign that she has notices the bandits. But her grip on her Ebony Battleblade grows tighter. She’s not surprised the men are trying to get the jump on her. The sight of almost any other being wielding an Ebony Battleblade would be enough to stop most fights before they begin. But she’s a Silver Elf, and to most her race’s curvy, massively breasted bodies mean they can’t possibly be a threat in battle. But oh how wrong those are.

And she now also wears one of the Sisterhoods rings of protection! The rings are only given to those on the most important missions or when the bearer needs to be magically safeguarded, two categories her current mission for the Sisterhood falls into.

She’s been sent to deal with an evil wizard who has proclaimed himself Lord of a regain just ahead of her. But killing this Lord Pixyium isn’t her only mission. Adreh was not the first member of the Sisterhood sent to dispatch the villain. Not long ago a young and inexperienced mage called Shalheira was sent to dispatch him. It was assumed she would be more than enough to deal with the evil wizard, but she was never heard from after leaving for her quest.

So now Adreh, one of the greatest warriors the Sisterhood has in this region, has been sent to finish off Lord Pixyium once and for all AND discover what happened to Shalheira. And unlike the mage, who had come to this region in disguise, Adreh comes openly dressed as a member of the Sisterhood.

“The time for subtly is over,” she mumbles to herself. “I’ll slay this wizard and discover what happened to Shalheira. Saving her if she is still alive, or avenging her if she’s been killed.”

As she mutters the foliage on the side of the road ahead of her moves slightly. She forces herself not to smile. The mean sneaked ahead of her, just as she expected them too. And now they are going to wait till she is practically at arm’s reach to leap out at her. The gambit might even have worked if she hadn’t been prepared for it.

After a few more steps she reaches the “hidden” bandits. They burst out of the underbrush at her, weapons in their hands. They are large Human men, meaty with a thick combination of fat and muscle. The snarl on the front man’s face is still there as Adreh swings her Ebony Battleblade from her shoulder and through his torso, easily heaving him in half.

Blood and gore splatters out from his body as the blade slices through him, moving into the bandit beyond. This man has enough time to register what is happening and the snarl on his face becomes an expression of first surprise and then shock and pain as the blade cuts him in half as well.

Adreh spins, adding to the massive blades momentum. After turning all the way around with almost supernatural speed she finds the last of the bandits trying to back away. The man has dropped his weapon, seeing that it will be no use against the Battleblade.

She lunges towards him, taking the momentum of her swing and turning it into a forward thrust. The Battleblade easily reaches the man as he tries to backs away, slicing through his chest as if it were butter. For a moment he stands, looking down at the blade impaling him. Adreh turned it so the blade entered him vertically, one edge running from just under his neck and the other edge reaching down almost to his waist.

He opens his mouth to try and say something, but all that comes out is a gurgling sound as blood begins to bubble up and spill out his mouth. Adreh pulls her blade out of the man and his body immediately collapses. “All too easy,” she says, looking at the bloody mess at her feet.

“I take no great joy in slaughtering men so easily,” she says to the corpses at her feet, “but I do as I must to rid the world of such evil.”


* * *


Lord Pixyium watches the Silver Elf slay the bandits with alarming ease, her massive frightening sword cutting through them almost as if they weren’t even there. The image of her floats in the air before him, seen through a shimmering field of magic that looks almost like a hole in reality.

“I take no great joy in slaughtering men so easily,” her voice says, but its sounds strange as if traveling through water. “But I do as I must to rid the world of such evil.”

The decrepit old wizard waves one of his wrinkled, gnarled hands through the image before him. The magical image swirls as if made of smoke, billowing away and dissipating totally. “Bah,” he snarls. “I expected the Sisterhood to send more of their agents, but I didn’t expect this!”

He rises to his feet, pulling his ornate thick green robes up around himself and stroking his pointed white beard as he does. Once on his feet he retrieves his staff, gripping the magically twisted wood of the frame and tapping the large purple crystal at the top with one of his long nails. The crystal ignites with magical energy, glowing and steaming in the dark room.

For a moment the old wizard stands in silence, slightly hunched over. But then his posture improves and he stands tall. It’s as if half his age melts away. He raises his free hand into the air, curling his fingers up. The candles in the room around him spark with purple magic and then ignite in flames filling the dark room with bright illumination.

“This one will be harder to deal with than the last,” he says as he begins to walk to the far wall. His green robes are covered in metal coins of various sizes and they jingle and he moves. As he nears the wall he plucks one of the coins from his robe, lifting it to the wall before him and placing it on the stones there.

The coin melts into the wall and a moment later the stones begin to shift, becoming an open window that allows the wizard to look down from the top of his tower. The land below him is covered in hilly forest. In one direction is the walled town of Rimemore, and beyond that the road that this agent of the Sisterhood now travels.

He can’t see it from here, but he knows she’ll soon come to a crossroads. It is clear her final destination is his tower, but which road will she take? Shall she come through Rimemore as the last one did? Or will she head around the town, traveling either through the caves in the nearby mountain or in the other direction to move through the forest?

As he ponders this he strokes his thick, long pointed mustache. “I can watch her from a distance, but that won’t be enough. I’ll need to prepare dangers for her along every path.” His mind begins racing as he starts to plan obstacles to stop this Silver Elf from ever reaching his tower.

“Then again… maybe it wouldn’t be bad if she were to reach me. I have ever so enjoyed the last plaything the Sisterhood sent me.” He turns as he says this, looking behind him. There in a far corner of the room is a woman. Once a mighty Elven mage, but now enchanted to be little more than a mindless piece of fuck meat. She squats down over a large smooth phallic shaped object attached the floor, moving her body up and down as she fucks it. She moans, grabbing at her magically enlarged tits as she does.

The sight brings a smile to his face and makes his manhood begin to swell. He prefers to keep her like this when he’s not using her, making sure that greedy little Elf pussy of hers is always in use unless she’s sleeping. “I made the right choice hiring the man who made her this way. He’ll be a great tool to me in the future.”

He turns back to look out the window. “Yes… I think I’ll want to capture this Silver Elf alive, add her to my collection. But that Battleblade of hers, it’s deadly… I’ll have to act carefully. I need to not sacrifice too many of my agents in capturing her, for surely that would weaken me if they were to keep sending these meddlesome heroines after me.”


* * *


Adreh stands at a cross roads before a travel stone. The large swirling symbol carved into the tall standing stone begins to glow, a magical message appearing in the air before it telling where each path leads.

None of the information is new to her. She knows that the road straight ahead will lead into Rimemore, the road on the other side leading right to Lord Pixyium’s tower. The road to the left will lead up into the mountain that looms above the forest in that direction and take her to a series of caves that if traveled through will bring her out on the other side of the wizard’s keep. And the road to the right will lead away from the wizard’s lands, but she could easily follow if for a time then turn away from it and travel through the woods and move around Rimemore to the tower.

She is confident that if wizard doesn’t already know of her presence through magical means he will soon do so. There is little chance for stealth, and besides that’s not really her style. She expects that he will try to stop her progress forward no matter which way she takes.

“If only I knew which direction Shalheira took,” she mutters, fingering the ring of protection as she speaks. The ring seems to comfort her, and touching it in times of great decision seems to help her make up her mind. And once again, the ring seems to inspire her, almost as if it were telling her which direction to take.

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