Poll Driven Story: “The Rings of Corruption” Episode Two Part Two

Alright perverts, the second part of Episode Two is ready for you to read! You can find it, and the voting for what happens next, below the cut off. You can also find the story in its current entirety HERE.

“She looks so peaceful,” he says to himself. “And so… well, not innocent. I mean, she could probably cleave a man like me in half with that sword she carries around with her. But sexually she looks so innocent, like she’s not even a sexual being.” He then begins to whisper. “But I know better, I know the secret of her massive breasts…”


* * *


Sasha sleeps till the sun rises, only then does she wake. Warrek is nervous at first, but as she gets up and stretches she shows no sign of realizing what happened the previous night.

“We should start out soon,” she tells Warrek. “I still have far to ride before I even reach the edge of Elduni’s lands and I’d like to make good time. Every day that passes is another day she can foul the air of Alaria.”

And so they mount their horses and ride. They travel the whole day at a steady pace, stopping only when their horses need a break and once for a midday meal. By the end of the day the animals are in need of a long rest, as are they. Luckily just around the time they begin discussing where to make camp for the night they come upon a small two story inn along the road.

“I think we should stay here for the night,” Sasha says. “It’s been a while since I slept in a bed, and they will have far better food than the simple rations we each keep in our traveling packs.”

“I agree,” Warrek says untruthfully. He had hoped for another night alone with the knight, so as he could spend time exploring and using her breasts once again. But an inn will be full of people, witnesses that could hinder his plans no matter how careful he is. And then, of course, there is the fact that she will want a room of her own to sleep in.

But, he sees very little he can do about it now. Without another word he rides beside Sasha, following her to the inn.


* * *


“I swear,” the ruddy innkeeper says to Sasha, “we’ve but the one room! There have been a lot of travelers on the road of late, some nights I’ve even had to turn some of them away with little more than a hot!”

Sasha looks at the innkeeper, her face unhappy, before turning to glance at the crowd of travelers sitting at the tables behind her. The men are all eating and drinking, some telling loud stories and laughing. “Surely one of these honorable men—”

The innkeeper begins to laugh. “Honorable? This lot? Oh no, Ser Knight, I highly doubt that.” He then leans over the counter and speaks quietly so only Sasha and Warrek can hear him. “Most of these men come from up the road, or are headed that way. Elduni has been very active of late, or so rumor has it. Calling disreputable men to her, while driving out the most lawless of the scum from the lands she controls. No, I’d neither trust this lot nor expect them to offer to share what they view as theirs. Half of them are surely in the evil sorceresses employ and the other half so vile she has driven them from her lands.”

She looks back at the men, her hand moving towards her sword. But Warrek grabs her hand, nodding his head from side to side. “Ser,” he whispers to her, “these men outnumber us by a great many. And at the moment they mean us now harm. Let us not start a fight a we have no hope of winning, especially when your quest is taking you elsewhere.”

“It’s fine,” Warrek says louder to the innkeeper. He turns to Sasha. “Look, we can share a room, it’s not the end of the world. I’m not a very large man and once you’re out of that bulky armor I’m sure we can both fit in a bed together, even if its small.”

“Together?!” she blurts, shocked at the idea.

“Yes, together,” Warrek says with a roll of his eyes. “I know we haven’t been traveling for long, but have I done anything to suggest I’d take advantage of you?” He is a good liar, no one watching the conversation would be able to tell from his voice or face that he had, in fact, already taken advantage her. Before she can answer he continues. “I’ll keep to my side of the bed, you to yours. You won’t even know I’m there.”

“It wouldn’t be proper,” she says quickly, not even stopping for a moment to think on the suggestion.

“Please,” Warrek begs, doing his best to look worn out and exhausted. “I’m tired from riding all day, and I know you are too. We both need the comfort of this bed.”

Sasha bites her lip, looking conflicted. “I don’t know…”

“Tell you what,” the innkeeper says. “I’ll give you the room for half price because of the inconvenience. And I’ll throw dinner in for free. And I promise that the bed is plenty big enough for the both of you with room to spare.”

“Deal,” Warrek says, not even waiting for Sasha to agree.


* * *


“The food was pretty good,” Warrek says, intentionally standing with his back to Sasha.

“I suppose,” she replies while she begins taking her armor off. They are standing in the privacy of their rented room on the second floor of the inn. “I try not to pay attention to such base physical pleasures. Dwelling on them, savoring them even, can lead to temptation that will let The Corruption seep into one’s soul.”

Warrek smirks. “Sounds like a pretty joyless life. Without such ‘base physical pleasures’ seems life is barely worth it for most.”

“Oh, I was not suggesting most avoid such pleasures, only those of us in the Sisterhood. There must be some that stand vigilant alongside the masses and keep them safe. We’ve taken that burden upon ourselves.”

“Still,” Warrek says, his back still to her, “do you never indulge? No feasts? No fine silks? And I know you lead a chaste life, but surely you allow yourself the occasional moment of, uh, ‘self pleasure’?”

THAT is not an appropriate topic of discussion, especially when we are about to share a bed,” she says, her voice cold and firm. And although he cannot see her face he knows her cheeks are bright red from embarrassment. “But no,” she adds, “I have not done such a thing since I first grew into my womanhood.”

He smiles at those words, happy knowing at one point in her life the haughty knight had done something as ‘base’ as masturbate, at least once. Thinking on the idea gives him an idea, a deliciously fiendish idea. He had intended on putting her into another deep sleep, but now…

“You can turn around now,” Sasha says. Warrek turns to find her already lying in the rented room’s bed. The innkeeper had given them extra blankets and she lies with many of them wrapped around. Looking to the floor next to the bed he can see the padded wool underclothes she wears under her armor folded neatly on top of the armor. He realizes this mean’s she is practically naked under the blankets, perhaps only in a pair of underpants and her chest bindings.

She sees him looking at the clothing on the floor. “Now I warn you, Warrek Chaffton: I feel a single wandering finger and I shall cut it from your hand. I’m keeping my sword near the bed and out of its sheath. You stay to your side of the bed tonight and under your blankets. Even a hint of mischief and… well, at the very least we will no longer be traveling together.”

He raises his hands in a placating gesture. “Oh I understand, Ser Knight! I will keep to my side of the bed, and you yours. And I promise I will offer you no ‘mischief’.” He turns, grabbing his lute before sitting in the room’s single chair. He leans back in the seat, putting his feet up on the small table before him. “As it happens, I don’t feel quite ready for sleep yet. Would you mind if I played another lullaby tonight, to ease both our minds?”

Looking over his shoulder at the bed he can see Sasha smiling at him. “That is a simple pleasure I feel I could grow accustomed to. I’ve rarely ever slept as soundly as I did last night, and I feel the lullaby you sung me before bed had a great deal to do with that.”

How very right you are, he thinks. Aloud he says, “You flatter me, Ser Knight. I’ll play you another lullaby, although I think a different one tonight.” He then starts strumming the strings of his lute, beginning to sing his song.

At first the song is just a song, but as Sash appears to grow more relaxed Warrek reaches deep into himself and summons his bardic magic, infusing the song with a potent enchantment that will soon have a strong affect on her.

As soon as the song is finished Warrek stretches and yawns loudly. “Well, that did the trick,” he says, getting to his feet and shuffling sleepily to the bed. On his way he blows out the candle lighting the room, leaving it so only faint moonlight coming in through a single window lights the room. As he gets into the blankets on his side he yawns again, sleepily telling Sasha good night. He then closes his eyes and rolls over so his back is to her.

A moment later he looks as though he is sound asleep, but really he is only pretending. He knows that Sasha must be beginning to feel the effects of the spell and that she’ll need to think him asleep for his plan to play out properly. For now he lays still, his eyes closed as he waits.


* * *


For a long time Sasha lays in the bed, pretending she’s asleep as well. The lullaby had been enjoyable and almost made her doze off, but just as the bard crawled into bed with her she began to feel suddenly hot. Now she feels so warm that it’s almost unbearable.

I have to cool off, she thinks, but I need to make sure Warrek asleep first. Slowly she rolls over and cracks her eyes open. Warrek’s back is to her and as she watches him she can see his body rising and falling with his slow and steady breathes. He looks as though he’s asleep…

Remaining as quiet as possible she first pulls the blankets down off her body. That leaves her lying on the bed in her simple cloth underwear and the bindings wrapped around her chest. For a moment the cool air in the inn’s room brings relief to her heated body, but soon she is once more unbearably hot. If anything she soon feels even hotter than she did before removing the blankets.

Certain now that Warrek is asleep she carefully creeps out of the. Once on her feet she silently slips her underpants off then begins unwrapping her bindings. She hates doing so, hates allowing her disgustingly oversized breasts to be free of the enchanted bindings that hide and shrink them. But she’s just so hot, and the bindings feel as though they are suffocating her.

While unwrapping them her breasts swell, growing in size steadily. Once the bindings are totally removed her massive breasts hang free and heavy off her chest. Her face is flush, partially from the strange heat filling her body, but mostly from the fact that her breasts are exposed while someone is in the room with her. It’s been years since she’s allowed that to happen, and even though Warrek seems to be in a deep sleep she fears what he would say or do if he were to wake and see how truly indecent her body is.

Removing the bindings brings relief for a few brief moments, but then the suffocating heat increases. It seems to bear down on her from all directions while at the same time feeling as though it is radiating from inside of her. There is a furnace deep inside of her, one that has grown out of control. She stands in the room, panting and confused.

The heat only increases with moment that passes, but over time it seems to shift and center in on specific parts of her body. Her privates seem to be collecting the heat within them, warming and growing moist and fragrant with arousal. Meanwhile all the heat in the top half of her body feels as though it is shifting into her breasts, filling them with an almost painful heat.

She reaches up, grabbing hold of both her breasts and squeezing them to ease the growing pain. Her eyes shoot open and a small squeak like moan of pleasure bursts form her mouth. The sound is faint, but to her ears in the silent room it sounds like a shout. She can’t help it, her breasts… just squeezing them felt better than any physical sensation she has ever experienced in her life!

Her breathing is fast and heavy. Her hands begin to act as if of their own volition, massaging and groping at her large meaty breasts. She squeezes and kneads and pulls at her tit-flesh, her fingers working their way towards her nipples. She finds them swollen and hard, desperate for attention. She pinches and pulls at them, at one point even lifting one of her breasts up to her face so she can suck on her own nipple.

The attention is quelling the pain and unbearable heat in her breasts, even as it makes her pussy throb and grow hotter. She starts rubbing her thighs together as she continues to play with her breasts, feeling as though now her womanhood needs stimulation as well. As her cunt grows ever warmer and moister if feels as if it needs to be touched, rubbed, entered even.

Her mind feels hot and foggy, her thoughts a muddle jumble of warm, moist desire. Still mauling her own tits she stumbles away from the bed, rubbing her thighs together as she feels the moisture of her own arousal begin to leak out of her slit.

Still trying to remain silent, but beginning to moan in pleasure, she zeroes in on the chair the bard had sat on while playing his lullaby. She moves towards it, practically falling into it. Once sitting she turns so she is facing the small nearby table. She leans over onto it, resting her tits on the surface and pressing down into them. The pressure feels amazing, spreading relief and sexual pleasure up through her body.

She’s still mauling her tits, squeezing and tugging at them. She shifts so one of her large, heavy breasts falls off the edge of the table. She grabs the engorged nipple of this breast tightly and begins tugging at it savagely. Doing this almost makes her scream in pleasure, but she knows she can’t do so.

Leaning forward she pulls the tits still pressed onto the table towards her so the nipple is sticking straight up. She then leans further over and presses her face into the great large slab of soft, thick tit-meat and begins sucking on her own nipple. Her moans of pleasure are now muffled by the tit in her mouth.

With the breast on the table being sucked on there is no longer a need for her hand to play with it. Again her body acts on pure, desperate instinct to deal with the overwhelming heat and arousal filling it. Her hand moves south. She spreads her legs wide and moves to the front of her chair so her cunt hangs off the edge. Her hand quickly finds the folds of her pussy lips, her fingers darting into them and raking the outside of her cunt hole before slipping wetly into it.

Her pussy is so wet that the moisture almost immediately begins to run down her fingers and drip onto the chair and floor below. The finger in her fuck hole presses deeper into her, curling up to rake the insider of her vaginal walls. She shudders in pleasure, but the need to feel something “filling” her is overwhelming, so she begins jamming her finger in and out of her wet hole.

For a time there is relief as she furiously fingers herself while sucking on own tit and savagely tugging at the other. At first it is as if her actions are beating back the heat, calming and satisfying this madness that has come over her body. But after a time, a time that feels like eternity to her, frustration begins to swell inside of her. The heat starts to grow again. Her body needs release, she can feel it. It needs…

To cum, she thinks to herself. I need to get off, that’s what’s going on. I have to cum or I’m going to burn up!

Her mind is still foggy, her thoughts not quite right. She realizes that she is sitting in this rented room, naked, furiously masturbating and playing with her exposed breasts. In her normal state of mind these actions would have been unthinkable. But now as the heat and need for release continues to rise inside of her she begins to think these actions don’t go far enough.

I can’t cum, she thinks, even though I need to! She’s so close to release, yet unable to get there on her know. Somehow she knows that she could sit here and masturbate for days and never got off without help. Her muffled moans of pleasure slowly start to turn into groans of frustration and then sobs of dismay.

And then a hand is placed on her should, a kind voice whispering in the dark of the rented room. “I can give you the release you need,” the voice says.

Sasha stops sucking on her nipple, sits up and turns to look up at the man standing behind her. She is still furiously fingering herself and still tugging at one of her breasts. The man standing there is naked, his cock hard and standing erect before her face. Her eyes zero in on it and in that moment she knows she needs it to feel the release her body so desperately craves.

“Need,” she says, panting desperately and barely able to speak. “Manhood… breasts… place it here,” she says, pulling her finger out of her cunt so she can grab both her breasts and hold them up to the man. She spreads them open, trying to signal that she wants to feel his cock between them.

In that moment she has no idea who the naked man is. Has no idea how he got in the room with her, she in fact has no idea how SHE got in the room. All she knows is that she needs to cum, and to cum she will need to feel a cock between her massive, throbbing, hungry breasts.

The next few moments are a hot blur. She sits up straight and presses her chest out while scooting even closer to the edge of the chair. He steps closer, pressing his body up against hers. She feels his hard, thick, warm shaft placed on her chest right between her tits. His flesh seems to radiate a calmness that cools her overheated breasts. So she wraps them around his cock, her thick softness enveloping his rigid hardness.

And then she is leaning into him, holding her tits tightly around him as he starts to hump her chest. The friction of his un-lubricated cock is painful as it slides up and down in her breasts, yet the movements send bursts of almost incomprehensible pleasure reverberating out into her large fat tit-flesh and then echoing out into the rest of her body.

For a moment there is only pleasure, physical pleasure the likes of which Sasha Shearman never imagined was possible. The moment seems to stretch on for forever, as if she is one with a higher power.

In her mind she sees the brief image of a woman looking down on her, a pleased smile on her divine face. The woman looks to be human with curly red hair and a thick build but her breasts are even larger than her own and her pupils are glowing red. “This is my blessing unto you,” the woman says. Her voice is powerful and magical, echoing through Sasha’s mind. Somehow she knows this is Ynara, goddess of large breasts.

And then the moment that stretched on forever and the image of the goddess is gone. Her body finally has release, finally crests to climax. Her cunt tightens, squeezing all the moisture out of it and making her feel as though she has wet the chair she sits on. The orgasm is strong, building from the core of her cunt and moving out into her very bones. She wants to scream, but as she opens her mouth nothing comes out. It’s as if her scream is so intense it is beyond sound.

She cums harder than she imagined possible, the orgasm filling her body with even more physical pleasure than she had experienced just moments before all while the naked man standing before her continues to fuck her tits. The thrusting of his hard cock in between her breasts intensifies her orgasm, ensures that it continues. The pleasure of the orgasm continues to mount, swelling up inside her and threatening to burst.

Through the pleasure, the unmanageable indescribable pleasure, she becomes aware of the man saying something. A prayer maybe, but she’s too overwhelmed with pleasure to make the words out. And then there is an explosion of hot wetness in her breasts, the man’s seed shooting out form his manhood into the space between her breasts.

The feel of his cum doubles the intensity of her orgasm. It’s too much for the chaste knight to handle. With a shudder and one last moan her eyes roll up into her head and she passes out, her body and her mind able to handle no more.


* * *


Warrek stumbles back just as Sasha passes out. He backs up to the bed, falling back onto it as the woman tumbles limply from the chair and lands on the floor with a loud thud.

For a while he simple lies on the bed, breathing heavily and staring up at the ceiling. He’s never cum so hard in his life, never felt the blessing of Ynara so strongly on a woman. Her breasts… they were pulsing with her holy light in a way that nearly overwhelmed him.

His spell had done its job, made her horny beyond thought and filled her with the need to have her tits fucked. But he hadn’t thought about how it would combine with the blessing his goddess had placed upon the knight the previous night. Clearly it had been too much for her, in fact it had almost been too much for him.

Eventually he sits up, looking at Sasha. She is lying on the floor on her side with her massive tits resting one on top of the other, his cum leaking out form in between them. She is unconscious, but there is a wide smile of stupid satisfaction on her face.

“Okay,” he mumbles to himself. “What the fuck do you do now? That all got out of control… No way she’s going to think she just got horny, right? She’ll know something more is going one.” He sits at the edge of the bed, staring at the naked woman and thinking.


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