Poll Driven Story: “The Rings of Corruption” Episode One Part Four

Alright perverts, the last part of episode one is ready for you to read! You can find it, and the voting for whether the doomed battle against Lord Pixyium should continue, below the cut off. You can also find the story in its entirety HERE.

The men in the tavern all begin to murmur happily, telling each other all of the things they would like the bimbofied Elf to do to them. But Rumwald is not prepared to share.

“Shalheira: you are to come with me and listen to no other man here,” he says firmly and loudly to her. Then he turns to the crowd around him as they begin to muter angrily. “I won her fair and square,” he says, standing tall and with a firmly defiant look on his face. “She’s the spoils of my card game. She is MINE, you hear? I’ll be taking her up to my room to enjoy all the parts of her I haven’t gotten to try out yet.”

The innkeeper steps forward. “Aye, is only fair,” he says loudly, looking from Rumwald to the unhappy crowd. They grumble, but begin to turn away.

Meanwhile the innkeeper turns back to Rumwald. “You’re in the right, but you should know that you won’t be able to keep her long. Lord Pixyium will—”

Rumwald holds a hand up to silence the innkeeper. “Yes, I know all about your town’s new Lord. And I know about his command to bring all foreign women that are pleasing to the eye and the cock to him. Don’t worry, after I spend the night with her I’ll deliver the elfling to his tower.”

“Very good,” the innkeeper says as he nods approvingly. “The wizard has spies everywhere, why I’m sure at least one of the men here has already slipped out to go tell him of tonight’s events. And I’ve even heard tell that the man has the ability to spy on the town through his magic… he might even be watching as we speak! I wanted to make sure you understood.”

“Yes,” Rumwald says, “and I’m sure you also wanted to do it in a way that was overheard by others here in the room so word gets back to this wizard that you’re following his commands.” At this Rumwald looks unhappy. “I’ve taken quests to depose and kill dark mages such as this Lord Pixyium.”

The innkeeper’s face grows very serious. “Are you suggesting you will try and defeat him when you bring the elfling to him?”

“Ha! Not a chance,” Rumwald says. “I’m an adventurer, not a do-gooder. I only fight against evil when there is coin to be earned, and as he is the Lord of these lands I highly doubt he’s offering a bounty on his own head. No, I’ll cause no trouble. In fact, I may even ask the man if he’s hiring.”

The adventurer then gets to his feet. “But that’s all for tomorrow. Tonight I have a fat-titted, nearly brainless Elf to fuck senseless.” He bows his head then looks to Shalheira, who has been standing still staring blankly ahead with her exposed, enlarged breast sticking out during the entire conversation. “Come on, sweet-tits, let’s go have some fun.” He then slaps her on the ass as he grabs his things and begins heading towards the stairs.

Shalheira follows after him in silence, her massively enlarged breasts bouncing pleasingly with every step. Some of the men whistle and shout crude things at her as she passes, but the Elf shows no sign that she hears their words.

Before long Rumwald has led Shalheira to the room he has rented for the night. Once the door is closed and they have privacy he begins to strip, taking off each article of clothing and folding it neatly on a nearby dresser. After he is naked he places his traveling pack onto the dressed flips it open, pulling out large glass vials full of bubbling green liquid.

“Do you recognize these potions?” he asks Shalheira, his back to her.

“Yes,” she says in a slow monotone. “Those are reinvigoration potions. They can keep one awake and make your muscles feel fresh.”

He nods, lining up four of the potions on the table. “Yes,” he says, turning to face her. “They can also make it so a man feels fresh and ready to fuck even if he just came moments before.” He waves a hand at the potions. “There’s enough here that I’ll be able to fuck you all night long. Sure, my cock might be a little sore in the morning, but I imagine it will be well worth it.”

Shalheira does not respond. She simply stands, her back straight and her enlarged tits pressed out, and stares blankly ahead of herself.

“Okay,” he says, staring at her breasts and licking his lips. “Those tits… pretty fucking perfect right now. And I do intend on playing with them some more, maybe even fucking them again. But you’ve got other holes I want to try out first! So, I think it’s about time you take the rest of your clothing off.”

“As you command,” she says as she begins to strip.

He watches her, his eyes drinking up the sight of her body. Aside from her enlarged breasts her body is all the same: lithe, thin but with well defined muscles. Her ass is small but firm. Her legs are slender and taught. Even her pussy seems slim, although he suspects this is mostly an illusion caused by the fact that like all Elf’s she has no pubic hair.

“Good,” he says to her. “Now lie down on the bed and spread your legs for me.” As she follows his command he comes forward, his face eager with anticipation. He stands at the edge of the bed, looking down at the folds of her pussy as it lays spread out before him. Her labia are pink and glisten slightly with the moisture of arousal.

Slowly he reaches down, placing his hand on her vulva and cupping it. It feels warm yet there is a hint of cold dampness as well. Slowly he curls one finger in on her sex, sliding it into her slit and then into her fuck hole. He watches as the Elf shudders slightly in response to his finger entering her, knowing the card game has made her body far more sensitive to sexual stimulation.

For a time he simply stands, fingering her pussy and watching her squirm slightly under his touch. But eventually he looks down at his limp dick and admits to himself that his body is not yet ready to fuck again. “Well, I’ve got the cure for that.” He pulls his finger out of her, lifting it to his face and sucking the cunt juice off of it before turning away.

He moves to the nearby dresser and grabs one of the green potions, popping its top and drinking down a third of the bottles contents. Almost instantly a change comes over him: his posture straightens as if the day’s weariness has been erased and his eyes open wide, his expression charged with fresh energy. “Ah yes, much better,” he says happily. And then he looks down to see his cock already swelling and growing hard. “Muuuuuuuch better,” he says.

A moment later he has crawled up onto the bed and is on top of Shalheira, rubbing his hard cock up against her pussy. The Elf moans as he does this, the sound growing louder as he begins to enter her. “Yesssss,” he hisses as he presses deep into her, “enjoy the feel of my cock. You’re going to enjoy this as much as I will, I command it.”

And then he begins fucking her. He pounds her body hard and fast, thrusting and moaning in deep satisfaction from the feel of her tight, nearly virginal cunt. The sex is fast and desperate; as if he is afraid she’ll disappear at any moment.

Shalheira at first just lies under him, but with every stroke of his cock she begins to respond more, as if the sexual pleasure is bringing her bimbofied body back to life. Before long she is moaning along with him, her arms wrapped around him pulling him closer to her.

This causes her enlarged tits to press up against his naked chest. In response he starts fucking faster, cresting towards climax. Shalheira has no experience with such things, but the card game has changed her, permanently so. She is no longer the brave but naive warrior of the Sisterhood of Righteousness. That woman is now gone forever, and in her place is a simple minded beast that lives only to pleasure men. Her body acts on pure animal instinct, recognizing that this man will soon give her his seed. She reacts as an animal in heat would: with needy desperation to feel it filling her.

She moans and bucks against him, pulling him closer as her cunt tightens around his cock. “Fill me up,” she whispers, her voice full of needy lust.

“Yes, yes, YES!” Rumwald says, repeating the word over and over again till it becomes a scream of pleasure. He thrusts deep into her one last time, his mind exploding in pleasure as he climaxes, filling her cunt with his seed.

He collapses on top of her, letting his body rest on her massive breasts. For a moment he lays still, enjoying the feel of her chest rising up and down under him as they both breathe heavily. He feels his cock shrinking, the blood leaving it. It shrivels up, retreating from her cunt as it does so. He feels tired, as if the greatest thing in the world would be to simply roll off of her and fall asleep.

It takes almost all of his will power to force himself to get up off the bed and head to the nearby dresser where the reinvigoration potions sit. Once there he drinks another third of the potion, its magic quickly working through his body. All feelings of exhaustion and sleepiness are gone. He turns back to the bed standing tall, his cock rock hard once more.

“Roll over,” he tells her. As he walks across the room she does as instructed. Once he gets to the bed he reaches under her, grabbing her body and pulling it up and towards the end of the bed. He positions her so her ass is sticking up into the air at him. He then spreads her ass cheeks, readjusting her body so her asshole is ready to be entered. “Need to try this hole now,” he mutters, looking down at it.

He spits on her asshole then begins rubbing his swollen cockhead in the puckered hole. Looking up he can see that the Elf’s face is already tight, preparing for the pain although she shows no sign of intending to do anything other than lay there and take his cock. He takes pity on her in that moment.

“You’re going to enjoy this,” he tells her, knowing her mind and body will follow any command he gives her. “You’re going to enjoy being fucked up the ass as much as you enjoyed having your cunt fucked. In fact, you’re going to enjoy it more, even cum from it! You understand?”

“Yes, sir,” she says, her face relaxing slightly.

“Good,” he says. Before returning his attention to her asshole he’s momentarily distracted by the sight of her massive breasts pressed flat against the bed, pressed out to the side of her body. He’s almost tempted to abandon her ass and return his attention to her tits, but remembers he has all night ahead of him. This moment is still about sampling her fuck holes.

Slowly he begins to enter here, pressing in slightly then pulling back out before pressing in a little further. He can feel the Elf’s body tensing, knows she must be feeling pain as her tight asshole is stretched to accommodate the girth of his cock. But she’s been commanded to enjoy this, and before long she’s moaning from pleasure as much as from discomfort.

By the time his cock is balls deep in her and he’s ready to really start fucking her ass she is moaning so loud he’s certain anyone in either of the rooms next to his can hear her. He grabs her tight, perky ass cheeks in both hands and starts fucking her, hoping someone overhears the moans of his conquered prize.

Almost immediately her moans turn to howls of joy. “Oh gods! So good, yes, deeper, harder,” she screams. Her words fill him with pleasure, encouraging him to fuck her harder. Her asshole is so tight though… he knows he won’t last long.

But before he can cum she beats him to it. She lets out a long howl of pleasure that slowly fades away as her body tightens and she begins to convulse. “Cumming,” she moans, her voice quavering. “Never… never came before! So good!” It’s too much for Rumwald to handle. He cums too, filling her asshole with what little seed he has left in his balls.

The moment his cock begins to soften her tight hole presses him out of her ass. He stumbles back, post orgasmic sleepiness threatening to overtake him. He turns and quickly moves to the dressed before he is tempted to lay down and doze off, grabbing the open potion and drinking the rest of its contents. He turns back to her, feeling fresh and hard again.

“I want you to stay just like that,” he tells her as he walks back to the bed. When he reaches her he repositions her body so her pussy is facing his cock. “I know I haven’t tried your mouth out yet, but I’m ready to slow things down. I think I need to fuck your cunt again, knowing I’ll last a lot longer this time.” He enters her, greedily wanting to feel her cunt wrapped around him once more.

The sound of her cumming is still ringing through his head and he wants to hear it again so he commands her to cum. “Cum for me,” he says. “Cum now, hard and long. Cum because my cock feels good as it fucks you. Cum because this is your life now, that of a fat-titted insatiable fuck-slut!”

Shalheira screams in pleasure, her cunt tightening around his cock as her orgasm begins to wrack her body. Her climax is long and hard, her screams fading into a moan of complete and utter submission and exhaustion.

As the sound leaves her mouth the magic ring slips from her finger. Its work here is done; this member of the Sisterhood has met her ultimate demise. But there are always new members of the Sisterhood, new heroines that needed to be corrupted and brought low.

By early morning the potions have run out and Rumwald has done all he can think to and with the bimbofied Elf. He cleans her up and they both dress. Just as the sun begins to rise of Rimemore they leave the inn, heading towards Lord Pixyium’s tower so Shalheira can be offered up to the dark wizard.

Rumwald never notices the magic ring lost in the sheets of the rented bed of the tavern. But when the room is cleaned the innkeeper finds it, tucking it into his pocket and quickly forgetting about it for a time. Later on when a traveler comes through town he suddenly remembers it and feels compelled to sell it to the stranger. From there it passes from hand to hand, the ring controlling each owner’s actions, until it reaches one of the Sisterhood’s keeps. Once back in their hands it is once again sent out into the world on a member’s finger, dooming her.

But that is a tale for another day…

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