Poll Driven Story: “The Rings of Corruption” Episode Three

Okay people, I’m having like crazy fun doing these and want to get a third one started Partially so there is time between parts to let voting go on for a few days, and partially because depending on how voting goes episode one might be ending soon.

Oh, one more quick note: My long term plan is to take a handful of these stories when they are finished and collect them in an ebook. When that happens I will almost certainly be taking down from the website. So, enjoy them while the are up and thank you all so much for helping me write them!

Now onto the initial voting for episode three!

Please note that many of these choices are being re-used, but some are brand new! My plan is to re-use choices when possible till they are chosen.

((You can choose four from this list))

((You can choose four from this list))

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