Poll Driven Story: “The Rings of Corruption” Episode One Part Three

Alright perverts, next part of the story is ready for you to read! You can find it, and the new voting for what happens next, below the cut off. You can also find the story in its current entirety HERE.

* * *

Shalheira makes her way through the town, observing that although the streets are busy and full of people few women are to be seen anywhere. Before entering the town she remembered to pull her cloak up and cover her body and obscure her face. She’s glad she did, as the eyes of everyone she passes seem to follow her. There is clearly a mistrust of strangers here in Rimemore.

Even when the townsfolk aren’t staring at her Shalheira feels as though she is being watched. She looks about, looking for an explanation for the feeling. There is more going on in this town than I can see, she thinks to herself. She fears that danger lies around every corner, yet she must press on with her mission and to do that she needs to head through this city.

What I could really go for is a restful night, in a REAL bed, she thinks. A town this size is certain to have at least one inn. The only problem is that I have no coinShe continues on her way, deep in thought as she searches for an inn. Of course, there are ways to earn some quick coin, especially at an inn’s tavern. I’ll have to think on my feet and see what opportunities present themselves…

Soon Shalheira discovers the Pretty Falcon Inn. She enters, hoping to find the tavern on the ground floor packed full of people. She is not disappointed; the room is full of people, most of them appearing to be travelers just passing through town. For a moment she stands awkwardly at the door, looking over the crowd before her and trying to make out faces through the thick pipe smoke that hang heavily in the air.

A man sitting at a small table takes notice of Shalheira and gets to his feet, pleasantly inviting her to come sit with him. Before she even has a chance to respond the man is ordering a fresh cup of ale. Seeing this, and suddenly realizing how thirsty she is, Shalheira decides to sit down and join the man.

“Ah, yes, thank you for joining me!” The man is short with ruddy, round features. Not ugly for a human, but far from beautiful. He does, however, have a wide pleasant grin that makes Shalheira feel at ease. “You look as if you have been on the road for a long time…  Did you just get into town?”

“Yes,” Shalheira says and lowers her hood, feeling that now she is at the inn she can lower her guard a little.

The man’s eyes light up. “You’re a woman! And an Elf even, and very pretty.” It is clear from the look of shock on his face that he thought Shalheira was a man.

“Is that a problem,” she asks. Every member of the Sisterhood knows that the majority of men in Alaria look down on women.

“Oh, no, not at all,” the man quickly says. He holds out a hand across the table. “I’m Rumwald Silvertongue, an adventurer.” He looks down at Shalheira’s clothing. “Are you an adventurer, too?”

“Yes,” she says, repeating the story she told the city guard earlier. “I’m passing through this region searching for glory and treasure. But sadly, I was waylaid by bandits not far from here and they have taken all my coin. I had been hoping to rest for the night here in Rimemore then resupply in the morning, but now I’m not sure how I’ll pay for all of that.”

Rumwald gives her a kind smile and tilts his head to the side, “Ah, well, I’d be more than happy to buy such a pretty woman as you a meal in exchange for some company for the evening.”

Normally Shalheira would have been offended by such an offer, expecting a man to want more than just her “company” in exchange for a hot meal. But she’s coinless and hungry. And besides, she thinks looking at the man, if he DID expect more it would mean I’d have a free bed for the night. And now that I know how to use my mouth to please a man I wouldn’t even have to offer him my womanhood…

Soon the two of them are eating together. Rumwald seems eager to have someone to talk to, so Shalheira allows him to carry the conversation. She nods her head and makes sounds of agreement when needed, but except when she can help it she doesn’t say anything. Even after they are both done with their food the man keeps talking, telling her all about all the monsters he’s slain and all the loot he’s “liberated” from dungeons and tombs. He’s bragging, yes, but from the look of his well-worn adventurer’s gear it seems like he might just be telling her the truth.

“But of all the loot I’ve ever found, THIS is the item I’m most proud of,” he says, reaching into a pouch hanging from his belt and pulling out a small ornate box made of well warn stone with a red gem inlaid on the front. He opens the box’s small lid, revealing a deck of playing cards inside with two small transparent crystals sitting beside them.  As he pulls the deck of cards out Shalheira can see that their backs are gorgeously illustrated with patterns of rich blue lines interwoven together in mesmerizing patterns. He begins shuffling the cards, smiling happily down at them.

“Beautiful, aren’t they?” he asks her.

“Oh yes,” she replies. “But the deck has rather a lot of cards in it… more than I’ve ever seen in a deck of playing cards.”

“Oh, these are no normal playing cards,” he says, suddenly serious. “This is an Enchanted Duelists Deck! Have you never heard of this game?”

“No,” Shalheira says, furrowing her brow and struggling to maintain her interest. Games of chance or skill have never interested her, they have always seemed too mundane. Things that contain magic, those are what have always drawn her interest.

The man’s face lights up. “Oh, it’s just the greatest game! Fun and challenging, a wonderful way to spend an evening.” He begins placing cards on the table, flipping them over as he does to reveal that their faces are all blank. “See, these are no simple cards. They are enchanted, and only reveal their true selves once a game has begun.”

Shalheira is suddenly much more interested. “How is the game played?” she asks, picking one of the cards up to investigate it. She can feel the enchantment on the card, subtle and probably not noticeable by those not trained in the arcane arts, but unmistakable to one such as her. And she can feel that the enchantments worked through the card are powerful, although well hidden.

“Oh, the game is fairly simple,” Rumwald says. He reaches into the small box and pulls out the two small transparent crystals, each about the size of his thumb. “When the game begins each player starts with their crystal full of energy. Each card played either adds or removes energy from player’s crystals. The first one with an empty crystal loses. Would you like to play a round with me?”

Her instinct is to say yes, she wants to see the magically driven game working. But she knows this is a distraction, that her mission is far more important. The ring on her finger begins to glow ever so slightly, and although neither of them notice it Rumwald’s eyes reflect the red glow for just a moment.

“Tell you what,” he says as if an idea has suddenly just popped into his head, “play a round with me and I’ll pay for your room for the night.”

“Deal,” Shalheira says quickly.

“Excellent,” he says, the smile on his face growing even wider. He starts shuffling the cards again, but as he does his face grows serious. “I should warn you that once we start playing we’ll have to finish the game. The deck won’t allow us to stop partway through.”

Shalheira shrugs. “Meh, I’ve got all night.”

“Perfect,” he says, sliding one of the crystals across the table to her and setting the deck in the center of the table. “Now place your hand on the crystal. We both need to proclaim out intent to play verbally before the game will begin.”

“Um… okay,” she says. “Uh… I want to play?”

“And so do I,” Rumwald says.

There is a momentary explosion of red light and then the crystals under their hands begin to float up into the air. Both players pull their hands back, allowing the crystals to lift up. They settle in the air, floating off to the side of each player level with their heads and now full of red energy. The deck of cards on the table glows for a moment and then there is another burst of light, this time blue.

Shalheira blinks, and then looks down to see a chain made of blue magical energy secured to her wrist and running across the table to the deck of cards. “What is this,” she proclaims in alarm. She’s seen enchantments like this before: magical bindings that secure a person to an object or being.

“I told you,” Rumwald says calmly, “once you start a game you can’t stop till it’s finished. And it won’t be finished till one of us wins.” As he speaks cards from the top of the deck begin to float out towards each of them, dealing them each a hand of three cards. “Ah, our starting hands!” Eagerly he picks his cards up.

Shalheira does the same. Just as he promised, their faces are no longer blank. Each card is covered with ornate borders and a beautifully illustration with a block of text underneath. On the top of each card are numbers on each side, some notated as being positive and some as negative.

“The numbers on the left side,” the man tells her, “are how much your opponent’s energy is affected, and the right side is how much your energy is affected. Simple, but the real strategy is in each cards unique affects, which are listed in the text on the bottom of the card. But be careful, some cards have powerful special abilities that will make YOU lose energy, not me. There are where the real strategy comes into play… trading your energy now for powerful effects that last all game.”

The text on the three cards Shalheira holds all seem simple. One states “opponent discards a card” while the other two say “draw an extra card”. The first card says it will drain three energy from her opponent while not affecting her own, while the other two cards have no affect on either of their energy.

“Who goes first?” she asks.

“I will,” he says, reaching forward and tapping the top of the deck. As soon as he pulls his hand away one of the cards floats towards him, allowing him to add it to his hand. “Oh yes, I’m off to a very good start! Now, you are only able to play one card a turn unless a card tells you otherwise. And luckily for me, I have such a card!”

He places it down on the table, showing the text to Shalheira. “Draw three additional cards and play three additional cards this turn,” the card reads. Almost before she is done reading the text there is a brief flash of magical energy. A moment later the played card is blank and floating into the discard pile while three new cards float up from the draw pile into Rumwald’s hand.

His smile grows even larger as he reads his new cards. “Oh lovely, very lovely.” He begins playing the cards down, one after another.  He plays them so fast that Shalheira isn’t able to finish reading the text of most of them, and by the time the third card is laid down on the table her head feels as though it’s spinning.

She has to steady herself on the table, putting down her cards and holding the edge of the table for balance. She feels suddenly strange… not just dizzy, but hot. And the top of her outfit feels suddenly tight. She begins to pull at it, fighting to loosen the fabric slightly.

As she does this she looks around the tavern. She hadn’t noticed till that moment, but all eyes in the tavern seem to be pointed at her and Rumwald. Her only thought is that the people in the tavern are more familiar with the game than she is. She also notices for the first time that all of the people in the tavern are male.

“Okay,” Rumwald says, “it’s your turn now.”

“Oh… um, yeah,” Shalheira says, turning to face her opponent and pick her cards up. She still feels dizzy and hot and her top feels even tighter than it did a moment ago. A card floats towards her from the draw deck and she plucks it out of the air, adding it to her hand.

As she looks at the cards the text on them seems strange… as if the letters have grown misshapen and hard to read. She stares at them, struggling to make out the words spelled before her but finds the task nearly beyond her. It’s almost as if the harder she tries to think the more thinking pains her.

Finally she gives up, simply picking a card at random and dropping it onto the table. There is a flash of energy followed by laughter. Looking up from her cards she can see that the people in the tavern have begun to crowd in around them, and that they are all laughing at her.

“Don’t be discouraged,” Rumwald says kindly. “Looks like you just had a bad draw. Maybe you’ll get something better next turn.” And then his turn begins.

Once again his turn is a flurry of cards, each being played too fast for Shalheira to read the affects of each card. Yet for as many times as the energy in her crystal is drained, he seems to play cards that fill it back up. “Got to get those bonuses early in the game,” he says. “Otherwise the end of the game won’t be as… fun.”

While he plays his cards she fidgets with her top. The fabric is now so tight that it painfully bites into her flesh. She has no choice but to reach around back and loosen the laces that hold the strip of fabric tightly in place over her small breasts. As the fabric loosens she is able to breathe once again, but she is now afraid the simple garment will slide off her almost non-existent breasts, loosened as it now is.

She looks down and is surprised by what she sees. The garment seems to be held in place, even loosened as it is, by two small but plump breasts. She stares down at them, not understanding what she is seeing. This couldn’t possibly be HER chest. Her own chest is so flat that it could barely be said that she even has breasts! But these, the breasts she now sees, although far from large are more than a simple handful each.

As she stares they seem to swell before her very eyes, growing larger with every moment. She blinks, thinking this much be some illusion of the smoke heavy tavern. But now, they look even larger!

“Shalheira, it’s your turn,” Rumwald says.

“What?” she responds, confused. “Oh… yes… the card game…” The deck deals her a new card and she plucks it from the air. Looking at her hand she feels lost, the words on the cards are now totally incomprehensible. Confused, and the clothing on her chest beginning to feel painfully tight once more, she once again chooses a card at random and places it on the table.

She pays little attention to what happens next. As soon as the card is down she reach back and totally removes the lace that holds the strip of fabric together. She lets her top fall down into her lap, once more feeling relieved to not have the fabric constraining her breasts. She stretches for a moment, totally unconcerned to be topless and even takes her cloak off. She continues to stretch, letting her breasts feel free and unconstrained.

The crowd around her begins to applaud. This confuses her, but not so much as the fact that her breasts feel HEAVY on her chest. She looks down at them, seeing that each breast is now full and meaty, large and hanging heavily down her front. She reaches up to grab hold of them, weighing them in each hand. She’s confused. Surely they aren’t normally this large, are they?

Even as she holds them in her hands they continue to swell and grow larger. Soon they feel as though they are weighing her down, paining her back. She leans forward and places them on the edge of the table. She looks up at Rumwald. “I think something is wrong,” she says dumbly.

“Indeed,” he says, a pleased look on his face. He points to her breasts, sitting on the table like two great fleshy pancakes. “Your cards are under your tits,” he observes, “and it’s your turn.”

“Oh,” she says, lifting her tits up one at a time and retrieving her hand. She doesn’t even bother to try and read the cards this time, simply throwing one down at random and waiting for Rumwald’s turn to begin.

“Alright,” he says, speaking not to her but to the watching crowd, “I think it’s time to play this card.” He throws it down and there is a flash of energy.

A moment later the confused look on Shalheira’s face intensifies to the point that she looks as though she has been magically stupefied. She starts to rise from her seat, but as she does she stares blankly ahead of her as if in a trance. Her breasts are now so enlarged that they hang down to her stomach, fat and heavy and wide.

Once on her feet she begins moving around the table, almost toppling over at one point because she is so unused to moving with tits so large and heavy attached to her. Rumwald turns his chair so that he is facing away from the table. He then stands for a moment and takes his pants off before sitting back down. He waits, his legs spread wide apart, for the stupefied Elf to come to him.

Once before him she drops to her knees, allowing her enlarged breasts to land on his naked thighs. “Mmmmmm, very nice,” he says as he begins to play with them. He grabs them, feeling their meaty fullness in his hands. He pinches and pulls at her nipples. He gropes at her ample flesh. “So meaty… and warm on my thighs,” he says to the crowd with a lopsided grin.

Meanwhile Shalheira is bending over, seemingly oblivious to the crowd eagerly watching her. She takes his half hard cock in her mouth and begins to suck on it. Before long it is hard, but still she sucks. As she does so she drools, thick slimy spit running down his shaft. Once he is good and wet she pulls back, straightening her back and leaning forward into him.

Rumwald lets go of her breasts, allowing her to grab hold of them instead. She then squeezes her tits around his slimy spit covered cock. Once his hard, throbbing manhood is enveloped by her ample, soft tit-flesh she begins to bounce her tits up and down. He leans back in his chair, moaning in pleasure. “Yes…. I knew I made the right choice holding off on the tittyfuck card till her tits were this big!”

Many in the crowd make sounds of agreement, although a few voices decent. “I would have waited till they were bigger,” one man says.

“No way, they are already too big,” someone else replies.

“I would have played a card that let me fuck that tight little Elf cunt she’s got. I hear Elves don’t even have no hair down there!”

Another voice says, “I’ve really got to invest in one of these Enchanted Duelists decks! Anyone know where you can buy one?”

“Idiot. You can’t just BUY them! They are rare magical item, only a handful in existence!”

The crowd continues to mumble and murmur excitedly as Shalheira, still staring blankly ahead, uses her enlarged tits to pleasure Rumwald. His face has grown flush and his breathing fast. “Oh fuck,” he says, “should have held off till I drew a card that would make me last longer… I’m gonna blow my load already!”

A moment later he groans and shudders. The crowd all leans forward, looking to see his seed shoot up into Shalheira’s face. But her breasts are so large and firmly wrapped around his cock that there is no sign of his cum till she lets go of her breasts and pulls away from him. Only then, as her tits part and his cock falls free of them, does the crowd see the cum that messily covers the inside of her tits.

With the titjob now over the last card played is done. There is a flash of energy and Shalheira’s crystal is drained of all its red energy. The blue chains made of magical energy connected to both players’ wrists disappear as the cards and crystals begin to float back into their container.

Shalheira gets to her feet, cum smeared all over her tits. She stares blankly ahead and in an emotionless monotone begins speaking. “I am a dumb-titted Elf slut who lives only to serve men. What am I commanded to do?”

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