Poll Driven Story: “The Rings of Corruption” Episode One Part Two

Alright perverts, next part of the story is ready for you to read! This one ended up kind of short, but hopefully the next one will be significantly longer. You can find it, and the new voting for what happens next, below the cut off. You can also find the story in its current entirety HERE.

“The the town,” a voice whispers in Shalheira’s mind.

She blinks, startled by the sound. Letting go of the ring she stands at attention, tilting her head and listening for the voice again. But she does not hear it. Her brow furrows as she tries to determine if the voice had been real or just a figment of her imagination.

Calming warmth flows into her body, radiating out from the magic ring on her finger. When the calmness reaches her mind she lets out a long sigh of relief, feeling as if the weight of the world has been lifted from her shoulders. Her whole body loosens and she turns to face the town of Rimemore.

“I’ll head to the town,” she says, forgetting the voice that had whispered the suggestion into her mind.


* * *


As Shalheira approaches Rimemore she sees the town’s wall looming before her. The road she is on leads right to a large gate, a gate which is presently closed. A small guard’s booth stands next to the gate, connected to the city wall. She approaches cautiously, unsure if this city is under Lord Pixyium’s control.

The guard in the booth steps out, demanding that she halt. He wears a hauberk and pointed helmet, with a spear in one hand and a shield in the other. He has the look of an average town guard: muscular, but not impressively so. Neither ugly nor attractive, looking none too brave. Shalheira can tell from the thick stubble on his face that the rules of Rimemore’s guard are lax and judges that he wouldn’t be much challenge in a fight. Even so, his spear is still deadly and nothing is certain.

“Greetings,” Shalheira says to the man. He gives her an appraising look, his eyes running up and down her body first to judge if she is a threat to the city and then again judging her as a man judges a woman. This makes her blush, especially the way his eyes linger on her exposed midriff.

Should have pulled my cloak up and over my body, she thinks. She doubles down on this thought when his eyes settle on her elongated elven ears. Shalheira is no common Elf, with stubby pointed ears little bigger than a Human’s. She is a High Elf! Her ears are gloriously long, extending out from her head nearly a hands length. But from the way the man is looking at her ears it is clear this town, like most across Alaria, is populated almost solely by Humans.

The guard’s body is tense, although he isn’t yet pointing his spear at Shalheira. “What brings you to Rimemore, traveler?”

The cover story comes to her lips quickly, and she blends recent events with the lies. “I am an adventurer, passing through this region searching for glory and treasure. But sadly, I was waylaid by bandits not far from here and they have taken all my coin. I’m hoping to find quick work in your town, earning easy coin so I can resupply and continue on my travels.”

When Shalheira is done she smiles proudly. She feels her speech was convincing and that there is no way this simple man could see to the truth: that she is an agent of the Sisterhood of Righteousness.

“Well… You MAY be able to find what you need in Rimemore. We are used to seeing adventurers come through this way. But our town has recently fallen under the sway of a new Lord.”

Shalheira’s chest tightens. Her hands twitch, her instincts telling her she needs to prepare to cast a spell. But even as she begins to tap into her magical energy a soothing warmth spreads up her body, radiating out from the ring on her hand. “Calm…” a voice whispers in her mind. “Hear the man out…” Part of her knows how reckless the advice is, but the voice is impossible to deny. Her hands stop twitching and she allows the man to continue.

“Lord Pixyium has commanded that all women comely in appearance, especially those that are not Human, be brought to his tower. The rumors are that he is building a personal harem of women to pleasure him, but I know not the truth of the matter. What I do know is that it’s my sworn duty to apprehend all women whose bodies are pleasing to the eye.”

At this he pauses, licking his lips and looking at her with sudden and starling lecherous hunger in his eyes. “But, I could perhaps overlook how attractive you are if you were to, say, do me a small favor.” As he says this he moves the hand holding his shield to his crotch, grabbing himself in a lewd manner.

Shalheira’s pale cheeks flush. This man wants me to please him sexually or he will try and apprehend me! Her fingers begin to twitch again, but once more warm calmness spreads through her body. “Remember the bandit,” the voice whispers in her mind. “Remember the way you pleasured him with your mouth. It didn’t require him to use your womanhood, surely that doesn’t even count as sex! Use what you’ve learned once more, use your mouth to pleasure this man…”

Still blushing furiously and unable to meet the man’s eyes, Shalheira quietly agrees to do the man this favor. “But let us go into the privacy of your guard booth,” she says a little louder. “I don’t want anyone seeing.”

“Of course,” the man replies, a wide and expectant grin now spread across his face.

Together the two figures move into the small room. There is just enough room for a small table and a chair. Once they are out of sight of any watching eyes Shalheira begins to feel more confident. She doesn’t notice, but the ring on her finger is once again pulsing with red magical energy, leading her actions although not her thoughts.

“I think I’d like for you—” the guard begins to say, but Shalheira cuts him off pushing him down onto the chair. He lands heavily, his shield and spear dropping to the floor.

“I know what you need,” she says, a sultry grin creeping onto her face. She drops to her knees and moves forward so she is positioned between the man’s legs. Then she begins adjusting the man’s clothing so she can pull his manhood out.

The High Elf feels as though she is watching the scene play out through another’s eyes. She grabs his manhood with familiar skill that is certainly not her own. She’s a woman of the Sisterhood, chaste and innocent of such things! Yet she feels herself give the shaft of his manhood firm squeezes, goading it to become harder in her hand. She feels a strange moist heat between her legs from the sight and feel of his cock growing hard in her hand, confusing her.

Before she has time to think on this feeling she is bending over, taking his manhood into her mouth. Her lips lock around his shaft and her head begins to bob up and down. She sucks him off with the skill of a well practiced whore, using her tongue to stimulate him. She even seems to be making loud slurping noises on purpose, able to tell that he likes them form the way he moans in appreciation back at the sounds.

Then one of her hands finds its way to the man’s balls. She begins to fondle them, lightly at first, but more firmly as time passes. His moaning increases. Before long his hips are thrusting slightly. This presses his swollen cockhead into the back of her mouth, almost making her gag. But she feels herself swallowing; a simple act that quells the gagging fit she felt was coming on.

How do I know to do that? How do I know how to do any of this?! The questions begin to run through her mind, but are soon silenced. The man makes a sound that is somewhere between a groan of pain and a moan of pleasure. A moment later she feels an explosion of thick, bitter, salty cum filling her mouth.

This is only the second time in her life that she has tasted a man’s seed. As she pulls away from the guard she battles between two contradictory impulses. Part of her is disgusted by the taste and wants to turn and spit the bitter tasting fluid out onto the ground. But another part of her wants to savor the strong manly taste of it, letting it sit in her mouth for a time before swallowing it.

As the two opposing impulses battle out she simply kneels before the guard with her mouth hanging stupidly open, a dazed and distant look on her pretty elven face. His cum begins to pour out of her open mouth, running down her thin lips onto her chin then dripping onto the floor below her.

The guard barely notices. He is leaning back in his chair, his arms behind his head. He has a post coital smile spread across his face and is staring up at the ceiling. “Alright, Elf, you best be getting on your way. I’ll let you into town now, just don’t go telling anyone why I let you in!”

“What?” Shalheira says, as if coming out of a dream. “Oh… yes, into the town.” She begins getting to her feet, wiping the cum running down her face away with the back of her hand.”


* * *


In a dark room a glowing image floats before a shadowed figure. The image shows Shalheira getting to her feet, wiping cum from her face.

“Foolish girl,” the shadowed figure says. “I see right through her disguise! She is clearly a member of the Sisterhood, come to oppose me. They drove me from my last domain and I knew it wouldn’t be long before they found me here. But this High Elf… her actions are unlike any I’ve seen from a member of the Sisterhood.”

He watches her through the magical image floating in the air before him, seeing her enter the town. Her body his elegant, tall and slender in a way only found in High Elves. “She’ll make a fitting addition to my pleasure harem. Her breasts are so small though,” he mutters, then shrugs. “Well, that can always be changed if the mood hits me.”

“I should send my men to apprehend her straight away and punish that guard for not capturing her. But her actions have intrigued me. I need to know what she’ll do next…”


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