New Poll Driven Story “The Rings of Corruption” Episode One Part One

Alright perverts, next part of the story is ready for you to read! You can find, and the new voting for what happens next, below the cut off. And starting now I will be creating a page that has the story in its current entirety which can be found HERE.

Shalheira stands on the edge of the road leaning against a tree. The day had been hot and long and as she drained the last of her waterskin she knew she’d need to resupply soon. Luckily there is a town just ahead, one where she cannot just refill her traveling pack but rent a room at an inn for the night as well.

Of course, there are dangers in entering a town this close to the evil wizard Pixyium’s tower. The Sisterhood had warned her that many of the people that populate the land surrounding his base of operations have fallen under his control. If any of his agents discover that she is a mage working for the Sisterhood of Righteousness they will surely do all they could to oppose her.

She laughs. “How are they supposed to know, though?” Shalheira looks down at herself. She isn’t dressed as a member of the Sisterhood. Instead she wears the garbs of a simple adventurer. While dressed this way the higher ups in the Sisterhood have assured her she can enter most towns or villages with little notice.

The clothes have taken a little adjusting too. Shalheira had spent most of her life in form fitting white robes, the uniform of a mage of the Sisterhood in training. She’d always enjoyed the way the simple garment felt both comfortable AND showed off her slender figure.

Even after becoming a woman fully grown her body had remained fairly flat and free of all but the most subtle of womanly curves. The older members of the Sisterhood had assured her this was normal for a woman of her race. She was a High Elf, and as such the figure of her kind tended to be taller and thinner than most, their females having scant curves.

For a time her youthful fixation on her figure had lasted, especially because so many other of the female acolytes at the Sisterhood had bodies that seemed far more obviously feminine… The Silver Elves were the worse; she had seen members of that race with breasts twice the size of her own head!

But as she had gotten older she had forgotten about her body. Once the study of the arcane arts filled her every waking moment she had little time to fret over what she looked like. Besides, the Sisterhood taught that although natural, pleasures of the flesh were at best a distraction and at worse a way for The Corruption to enter one’s mind and soul. Partially because of this few men were ever allowed to enter the secret training grounds of the Sisterhood.

So she’d thought little of her body till setting out on this mission, her first adventure as a full member of the Sisterhood. And what was different now? Well… for starters her outfit. The adventurer’s gear she wore was far from the simple wizard’s robes she had been accustomed to.

The top of the outfit was a skimpy leather bodice that did little but cover and support her small, nearly nonexistent breasts and left her entire midriff exposed. She wore a pair of panties whose cloth covered her privates, but in the backend was little more than a string of cloth that wedged deep into her ass cheeks. Around her hips was a thick belt and thankfully had built into it a cloth that hung down over her crotch. Her long, slender, pale legs were covered by leggings that were made of a fine net mesh which was attached to the belt around her waist.

If not for the thick green cloak she wore over it all she’d feel as though she were running around in her underwear. But her superiors had stressed that this was how many adventurers dressed, and that their enemies would never think that one of their order would be dressed in such revealing garments. The cloak was her only solace. It was large enough that she was able to keep it wrapped around her body, obscuring how scantily clad she was underneath. She could even use the cloak’s hood to obscure her long Elven ears should she wish to keep her race hidden.

The women that had sent her on this mission had said she would need to blend in, telling her most people paid little attention to adventurers. At the time Shalheira had found this very strange, thinking armor or enchanted robes would have been better protection than an assumed identity. Even if it helped, eventually things would come down to battle and she would wish she had the extra protection. But then the sister explaining it all had revealed a magic ring to Shalheira.

“This is one of the revered rings of protection,” she had said. Shalheira nodded, every acolyte knew of the rings powers and dreamed of being gifted one when sent out into the world. The woman handed it to her, instructing her to put it on. “As long as it remains on your finger you will find yourself protected from all harm. And, if you listen, you will hear the best course of action to take when in doubt.”

Shalheira had nodded and said she understood, but in reality that last bit had been a totally mystery. She’d been traveling the roads of Alaria for weeks now and had yet to hear a voice leading her in the right direction.

Of course, she’d known what direction to take so far. She’d run into no troubles on her journey, not even brigands. As she thought this she absentmindedly fidgeted with the ring, twisting it around her finger. Doing so comforted her, she had found. It seemed to pulse with a warm energy whenever she fell deep in thought, an energy that calmed her troubled mind.


* * *


“So innocent this one is,” a voice says.

“Yes, and so very confident,” another answers. “But why shouldn’t she be, she’s a powerful mage!”

“Powerful, yes, but the school of magic she learned has one fatal flaw: to cast spells she must have the full use of her hands. It would be a shame of someone or something were to arrive and say, oh I don’t know, tie her hands behind her back?”

“Yes!” the other voices said in eager unison.

“Perhaps the bandits she presently thinks of. Oh, we’ll assure they do her no lasting harm. But maybe they can have a little fun with her and leave her a little less innocent… Fill her with self doubts before she starts her mission and begin stirring the strong sexual feelings the ring has awoken in her…”


* * *


Shalheira was so fixated on the ring that she failed to hear the sound of figures sneaking up on her from behind. Suddenly hands are upon her; strong, large, dirty male hands. She begins to scream in alarm, but one of the hands is placed over her mouth as she is dragged back into the woods and away from the main road.

Everything happens too fast. She tries to cast a spell to blast the men away from her, but before she can even begin to gather the magical energy she needs for the spell her hands are pulled painfully behind her back and tied together with coarse rope. The rope is wrapped not just around her wrists, but her hands as well. In the end she isn’t even able to move a single finger.

“What is the meaning of this,” Shalheira yells once the hand is removed from her mouth. She looks about and can see three men, all large and meaty and dirty. One has a bow slung over his back, the others armed with maces and swords.

“Oh, no meaning,” one of them says, giving her a sickening grin that shows off a mouth that is missing half its teeth. “Just that you didn’t pay the toll.”

“Toll?” Shalheira asks. “I saw no posting about any polls.”

“Naw, this ain’t one of them official polls. A little further up the road and Lord Pixyium’s men WILL be asking for an official toll, but we don’t work for the likes of that creepy old wizard…”

“No,” another of the bandits says confidently, “we are free men and serve no lord! Now, let’s see if you’ve got enough money to pay the toll.” He reaches down and grabs the coin purse hanging from Shalheira’s hip. He holds it in his hand, feeling its weight and then whistling in pleasure. “Got to be a small fortune in here!” He looks to the other bandits. “How much you think we take?”

“You know, I’m remembering that our toll just got raised this morning! I’m thinking the whole bag should just about cover it.”

The man holding the coin purse begins to laugh, putting the purse into one of his pockets.

“No!” Shalheira yells. “That’s all the coin I have, and I need it all to finish—” She stops speaking. She had been about to say “finish my mission,” but if she had it might have made them realize she was more than a mere adventurer. These bandits are simple and stupid and hopefully now that they had her coin they will leave her be.

It seems, however, that she has already said too much. The largest of the three men walks up so that he stands before her. He is incredibly tall for a human, standing almost eye to eye with Shalheira. Although nearly as tall as her his body is far thicker than hers, making her feel like a dainty twig next to his impressive girth. Of course, she thinks, his bulk might be fat as much as muscle.

“Finish what, pretty little elfling?” he asks her, his eyes narrowing. She has to turn away as he speaks as his voice smells foul.

“My… my journey. To the town ahead to buy supplies for my next adventure,” she says, speaking quickly as she tries to remember her cover story.

The lager man snaps his fingers. The other two begin rummaging through her traveling pack and the few pouches that hang off her belt. “Could be telling the truth,” one of them says. “She’s got little food in here and her waterskin is empty. And there’s absolutely no loot of any kind. If she really is an adventurer she isn’t returning from an adventure.”

The large man, obviously the leader of the group, grabs Shalheira’s chin and lifts her face up, making her look at him. “Fine, pretty elfling. We have your coin and are prepared to let you go on your way. But you were a little short on the toll, so I think I’m going to make you pay the rest before letting you go.”

A look of confusion spreads over Shalheira’s face. He has all of her coin. The only weapon she carries is a small dagger, and that could be of little use to these well-armed men. She is just about to ask what he wants when the man forces her down onto her knees.

This leaves her staring straight ahead at the man’s crotch, and suddenly she thinks she knows what the man wants. “No,” she whispers meekly.

“Oh yes,” the man says loudly.

Like most who grew up in the care of the Sisterhood Shalheira has no first hand sexual experiences. The Sisterhood teaches their adepts the basics of biology, but they encourage their members to ignore any physical desires and keep all but the most trusted men far away. Shalheira had almost completely forgotten the brief flash of physical urges she had felt when first becoming a woman, but since leaving for her mission those urges had returned.

While staying at the various raucous inns on her across Alaria she had mostly kept to herself, but it hadn’t prevented her from watching and listening to those around her. Observing the patrons of the inns and taverns of Alaria could teach one much about sex, at least far more than the Sisterhood had ever taught. She’d overheard much, including the fact that men frequently preferred women to pleasure their sexual organs with their mouths!

As the bandit begins to fumble with his clothing and reach in to retrieve his penis she has no doubt that was what he wants now. When he pulls it out an overwhelming sour smell of unwashed manliness comes with it, the potent smell making her gag. If all men’s penises smell this awful she can understand why many women seemed to need to be forced or coerced into pleasuring a man this way.

The bandit grabs a handful of Shalheira’s thick, dark hair and turns her head so she is facing his dick. “You know what to do next,” he growls, pulling her head closer.

She stares, her eyes wide. She’s never been so close to man’s organ before, only ever seen them in books and once from a great distance. She finds the sight strange and ugly… A long slab of meaty flesh with a bulbous discolored head that reminds her of a knight’s helmet. Her eyes grow even wider as she sees that man’s shaft begin to swell and grow before her eyes. As it fills with blood it lengthens, standing more erect with every moment that passes.

“Well?” the man asks, “what are you waiting for? Give me a goddamn blow job!”

She looks up at him, confusion and fear on her face. Then turns back to the penis before her face and leans a little close. She puckers her lips and them…. Blows air on it.

The other two bandits erupt into laughter.

“What is this?” the lead bandit says, his voice angry and amused at the same time. “Could it be that you’ve never sucked a cock before?”

Shalheira looks up at him. “Suck? I thought you said you wanted me to blow on it…” All three men begin laughing now, making her feel ashamed of her ignorance. “I’ve never…” she says, her voice trailing off.

“It’s easy,” the man says. “Here, I’ll show you.” With one hand he grabs his cock, which is now rock hard, and aims it at her mouth. With the other hand, which still holds tightly to her hair, he presses her head forward towards him. He forces his cock into her mouth, growling that she needs to be careful with her teeth.

Then he begins to bob her head back and forth, working her mouth up and down his shaft. Shalheira simply goes limp, allowing the man to do what he wants with her body. In the moment it feels like the right thing to do, but later she will wonder about it. It was very strange that she submitted so easily to these men.

Stranger than that was what happens next. The man seems more than happy using her mouth to pleasure himself, but Shalheira begins to feel that isn’t enough. She doesn’t notice it, but the ring on her finger has begun to glow with a light red energy that flows into her. Her body begins to warm, feeling strangely aroused by the act she is being forced to perform on the bandit. She feels the need to longer be passive, to be part of it.

She starts moving her head up and down his cock all on her own. She sucks her lips tight around the man’s shaft, creating a vacuum in her mouth. She presses her tongue up against the fleshy tube that runs under the man’s cock, instinctively knowing doing so will being him pleasure and make him finish faster. She closes her eyes and begins to moan, not sure how the knowledge of how to suck a man off has come to be inside of her mind but enjoying the act so much that she doesn’t stop to ponder its appearance.

“By Azel, she DOES know how to suck a man off!” The bandit’s head falls back and his eyes roll up into his head. He groans in pleasure and then shivers for a moment, unleashing his seed into her mouth. Then he steps away from Shalheira, his cock falling free from her mouth.

She has a dazed, confused look on her face and for a moment her mouth simply hangs open, the man’s cum leaking from her mouth and running down her chin.

The other two bandits look at the Elf’s cummy face with lust in their own eyes, eager to take a turn. But then the ring on Shalheira’s finger begins to glow. All three of the bandits momentary have a glow of red energy appear in their eyes, and then their expressions go blank.

Once his cock is tucked back into his pants the leader waves a hand. “Come on boys, this one’s paid the toll. Time to move on.” All three of them shuffled off, leaving Shalheira behind.

For a time she simply kneels on the ground, confused by all the things she has felt. Her body is aflame with a heat she is unfamiliar with, a heat that seems to radiate from her breasts and her vulva. The heated parts of her body seem to crave attention and knows that if her hands were free they would be drawn to them. On top of that she has been left with a strange need… a need that she doesn’t understand but vaguely feels like a desire to be… filled?

She licks at the cum running down her face. It is bitter and salty, objectively foul tasting. Yet… something about it pleases her.

Finally she shakes her head, as if breaking some strange spell that had fallen over her. Her hands are still bound behind her back and she is still kneeling on the forest floor. Now that she is back in her right mind she is able to stand and press her body up against a nearby tree to get her knife out of its sheath. Soon after that she is able to use it to cut her hands free.

While making her way back to the road Shalheira thinks about everything that had just happened, especially the strange warmth that had filled body. There is a town just ahead, but now that she has no coin she has no idea how she’ll pay for the supplies she needs or afford to stay in an inn for the night.

Not knowing what else to do she begins walking towards the town. She soon comes to a crossroads where a travel stone stands. The stone is tall, standing about the same height as a human, and its front is covered in a large carved spiral. As Shalheira approaches the spiral begins to glow with blue energy.

She waits patiently, knowing a message magically lift with the stone will soon begin to appear before it, written in the common tongue. Stones like this can be found all over Alaria, giving advice and warnings to traveler. Slowly the writing starts to appear before her as if an invisible hand is writing the message in the air. The writing floats in the air, glowing with blue energy and bobbing slightly up and down.

It tells her that the way ahead leads to the town of Rimemore, beyond which lays Lord Pixyium’s tower. The path to the left leads into the Rimemore caves which it proclaims only the bravest of travelers should enter, but if traveled through they come out on the far side of Lord Pixyium’s tower. The path to the right leads deeper into the forest she has been traveling through and away from Lord Pixyium’s lands.

Shalheira is faced with her first real choice. She needs to resupply her stores of food and water, something that would be easiest in Rimemore. But she now has no coin and the town is clearly controlled by her enemy.

She could head into the Rimemore caves. There are sure to be natural springs in there, and she does know a little about how to forage for food in the wilds. She could probably resupply as she travels through the caves. And even if they are dangerous her magic will surely protect her. Any wild cave monsters are unlikely to be able to bind her hands and keep her from coasting spells the way the bandits did. And when she comes out of the cave she’d be on the far side of the evil wizard’s tower! If he somehow had learned the Sisterhood had sent an agent to oppose him surely he’d not be expecting her to come from that direction.

The forest to the right offers the same prospect. She could resupply in the wilds just like she could in the cave. And after following the road for a bit she could leave it, moving through the forest to sneak up on the wizard’s tower from a direction she assumes is unwatched.

Each choice seemed to hold its own advantages and perils. She stands, playing with the ring on her finger and trying to decide which way to go…

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