Announcing a new Patreon and the creation of Visual Novel Games!

Greetings all, I am now making visual novel games using Ren’Py! If your interested in gaining access to them, both those in progress and finished, you’ll need to become a patron of my Patreon page. Right now I have to pledge levels set up:

1$ a month gives you access to all the early release, play test needed versions of games.

5$ a month will give you access to all of the early release versions, as well as completed versions of games. And this level will also allow access to ALL previously finished games. Right now that isn’t anything, but with every game I finish that number will grow and grow!

The game I am currently working on:


It is set in a fantasy world that draws from my Alarian stories.

You play an unnamed agent working for the dark, pervers god Baedor. You have been dasked with infiltration on of the Sisterhood of Ritiousness’ keeps, your mission to place a magic ring on the bases commander.

This is my first game so I am trying to keep things farily simple. The plays basicly as a choose your own adventure book, with visual illistrations all the way through. The game will be heavy on erotic mind control and at the moment also contains a little breast growth.

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