New Poll Driven Story “The Rings of Corruption”

Alright, I’ve already got a decent number of responses to the tester poll I threw up, so I’m going to go ahead and try doing a poll driven story. My plan is to be writing the story in small, quick chunks maybe once or twice a week to be getting something quick and fun out while I work on a much longer project. I’m going to be open to the choices you readers choose leading to “bad” endings, so some of these stories might end up being rather short! But that’s okay, in my mind I see this project as a way to write a bunch of semi-related short stories with your help.

When I throw up the new section it will be included in the announcement post as well as being added to a master page that will include all of the text together. Sometimes there will be more than one poll added. I am going to set them so they don’t expire, but once I’m ready to write the next part I’m just going to use whatever is in the lead at that time (and maybe edit the story to note that the poll is over.) I’m going to aim for each poll having at least 5 options, but I will set it so each person can vote on THREE different options.

After the break you will find the introduction I plan on re-using for each of the stories (again, keeping in mind some might end up being shorter than others). Each time we start a new one I’ll give you all some options to help choose who the heroine is and what her mission is. You all ready?

The Rings of Corruption

Episode One Part Zero

The gods who have been infected by The Corruption are gathered together in the ethereal plane that looks down on Alaria.

“Alaria is changing,” one of them says in a deep, hissing voice. “The Corruption spreads, growing our influence on this plane of existence. As more of the divine gods are infected and brought over to our side the mortals forget that we were once called ‘demons’ and shunned by their world. They think of us as the same kind of beings as our divine brothers and sister. They call us ‘gods’ and they worship us, giving us the faith we need to grow in power!”

“Yes,” another voice says. “And in time all the gods will fall to the corruption. But we have known since our birth that we are gods just like them, demon was just a name they gave us to shun us for being different. Like them we too have eternity, and in the end they will all be like us. But today, today we will play a game to pass the time.”

“So that is why we were all called here?” yet another voice asks. “To play a game? Tell us, how is this game played?”

“Some of us have endeavored to pour a fraction of our power into a number of magical rings,” the first voice began, explaining. “Through devious machinations we have convinced the Sisterhood of Righteousness that these rings can bring magical protection and might to those that wear them. They have begun to give these rings to those they send out into the world, thinking the rings will protect these chaste warriors as they try and bring good to Alaria.

“But they have been misled. The rings actually draw perversion and the Corruption to those that wear them. It clouds the wearer’s mind, increasing their libido yet causing them to ignore the fact that they are slowly becoming ever more addicted to sexual highs. Every one of the mighty, haughty heroines who go out into the world wearing one of these rings will soon meet their doom, sinking into the deprivation of sexual degeneration.”

“Although this pleases me to hear,” one of the gathered gods says, “I fail to see how this is a game.”

“Because the rings also make it so any of us touched by the Corruption can sway the mind of these women, as well as the minds of any near them. We need only watch and choose how they shall stumble tits first into all sorts of kinky peril…”

Hearing this the gathered gods are pleased. And then they turn their attention to the heroine currently wearing one of the cursed rings. They begin to watch, and they begin to manipulate her mind and body as well the world around her…


The voting is closed and I am now working on the next pert. Here were the winners:

The Heroine: A High Elf mage, one that has spent years studying her magic in the safety of the Sisterhood’s secret keep. Slender and tall with dark hair.


The Main antagonist: A corrupt wizard skilled in enchantments to control the mind.

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