Heroines Perilous World the Card Game: Predator and Prey Version 0.10 released!

Alright, the newest version uploaded and ready! Here’s the link.

Major changes:

– A new playable character: The Enlarger. She is a supervillain that permanently enlarges the breasts of heroines and public figures and blackmails them for the antidote. She also has the powerful bimbo ray in her deck.
– A ton of artwork added to Prey Action deck. Also a smattering of artwork in all other decks, and The Gasser is now only a few cards from being finished.
– Adaptatron and Brain Master have undergone major balancing since the last release.
– Every playable character now has rules that allow/force other players to join in attacks making multiplayer games much more interactive.
At this point the game is 100% playable and all that is left is minor balancing tweaks as well as the art work!

Also in celebration of the new playable character you will find at the end of the rules a code to get a free ebook (“Champion Girl Vs The Enlarger) from Smashwords!

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