“The Futa Formula” Released!


A brand new short Ebook it up for sale on Amazon!

Dr. Amala Kalhi is desperate for a breakthrough that will prove she is just as intelligent as her male peers. Besides, the company she works for expects results. And results are just what she plans on giving them, having just created a formula that should give anyone who drinks it a massive boost in confidence.

But the formula, based on the innate confidence seemingly found in all men, might not be what she predicted. Dr. Kalhi is desperate to prove it works and skips right to human testing, trying the drug out on herself. She finds that it has affects that are radically different then those she predicted.

The sexy doctor’s already large breasts are soon swelling in size. But more shocking is whats growing in her pants! Perhaps in her attempt to bottle male confidence she’s created a formula that can give a woman the thing men are most proud of: a cock!

Along with the alarming biological changes she goes through after taking the drug, Dr. Kalhi finds that her libido has been kicked into over drive. At first she has to deal with this on her own, but soon her young blond assistant Jenny reports for work. Soon the doctor’s sexual energies are turned on the young woman, with even more sexual madness to come…

This 8,000+ one handed read is intended for ADULT audiences only and contains EXPLICIT sexual material. It features futa transformation of two sexy women, breast growth, and scenes of uncontrolled lust.

This is my first attempt at a story where futa transformation is the main thing going on. I’ve thrown it into various other stories before, but never have a story centered around it. So not sure how true to the genre I am, but I know I had fun writing it! Anyways, if you read it I’d love to hear any feedback you have.

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