“The Rise of Doctor Akitomi” (a poll driven story) posted!

I’ve been highly busy working on none superheroine  in peril stories*. But I’ve missed the superheroine genre and recently came up with an idea I wanted to write. It started off a short one shot, but while working on the story I had an idea that would make the project fun and hopefully help keep my interest in it (yes, I know, I already have too many half finished projects).

You can find the story titled “The Rise of Doctor Akitomi Part One” over at The Ultimate Superheroine Forum. The story is about 8,000 words, features a brand new heroine (with colossally sized breasts), a new villain (a perverse mad scientist), and fleshy creations full of tentacles tipped with dicks. The story ends on a cliff hanger and then gives the readers four choices of what could happen next. I encourage you register to the site (if you aren’t already) and make a post giving me your vote on what you want to see happen next in the story!

How long with the voting be open? I don’t know… probably until I feel the itch to write the next part, which hopefully will be within the next week. So head on over, give the story a read and get your vote in while you still can!

Oh, one more note for my fan’s of the Heroines Perilous World. I had started two poll driven comics over at The Ultimate Superheroine Forum before my big move. Today I booted up Daz3d for the first time after the move and have started working on those again. So hopefully some time soon there will be new installments to the Gravity Girl comic as well as the Cape Crusher comic.

* For those that are wondering I’ve been busy working on the second Wasteland Slut story. It’s now a little over 20,000 words in and about half done. My plan is to keep plugging along at it till its finally finished up, then go back and get a few more parts of “After the Comet” done.

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