“After The Comet 3: Resort Savior” Released!


The newest part of the After The Comet serial can be found on Amazon!

Corey continues searching the resort for survivors, eager to find more women that need him and his sexual fluids. And he finds more, giving each what they need to be able to think and move again. The women great him as their personal savior, submitting to his every whim. But as he fornicates his was through the hotel he starts to ponder the post apocalyptic world he lives in. Things are perfect for now, but how long can that last? Only time will tell, but one things certain: there will be plenty of large breasted women and sex all through the journey.

This 8,000+ word one handed read contains explicit sexual material and is intended for adult audiences ONLY. This story contains breast enlargement, mammoth mammaries, ample male sexual fluids, tons of mammary intercourse, and plenty of male on female sex.

We’ve got a cowgirl and a maid in this one, both of them super busty and in need of Corey’s cum. I probably won’t be able to get the next one out quite as fast, but hopping it will be done by the end of the weekend!

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