“After the Comet Part 2: Resort Smorgasbord” released!

after the comet 2 cover

The second part of my newest serialized story is finally out! You can find it exclusively on Amazon.

This entry is a bit longer with a lot more sex in it as well as giving some answers to the mysteries surrounding the post apocalyptic world Corey has found himself in.

Corey and his new female ward BT are headed to Bedford Springs to get some answers. They are both worried that they are each the only survivors of the calamity that seems to have changed the world, killing many and leaving them scared and alone. They also hope to find someone who can answer the mystery of the strange biological changes they have both undergone. Corey’s manhood has grown to almost inhuman size, and BT’s breasts have swollen to gigantic size.

As they approach the resort town they both find that the overpowering sexual cravings they both now feel are not easily ignored, at least not for long. More discoveries wait for them in Bedford Springs, and although the answers seem to be what they both feared Corey will soon discover that the new world is one he could get used to, one where the remaining women NEED him think and survive.

This 9,000+ word one handed read contains explicit sexual material and is intended for adult audiences ONLY. This story contains breast enlargement, mammoth mammaries, ample male sexual fluids, and plenty of sex.

I’ll be trying to get the next part as soon as I can, maybe even before the end of the week if things go well!

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